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OBITUARY FOR 1863. Our record of death's doings" for the year which is just drawing to a close is, we fear, both long and sad- Taking the upper ten thousand first, we find that their ranks have been thinned during 1863 to an extent far in excess of the annual average. In the catalogue of Royalty departed, we have te chronicle only II. single death, that of I1 rcderick diaries Christian, King of Denmark, whose name must hence forth disappear from the Almanach de Gotlia. Among the members of the peerage of the United Kingdom there have belJ1 no less than thirty deaths to be set against sixteen deaths in the previous year. The list is as follows The Marquis of Lansdowne, the Earl of Cottenham, the Archbishop of Dublin, Viscount Temple town, Lord Wateipark, Lord Reay, Lord Clyde, Viscount Massaree e, Lord Seaton, Lord Hat- herton, Lord Sandys, the Duke of Grafton, Lord de Sammarez, Lord Downes, the Earl of Lauderdale, Lord Macdonald, the Duke of Hamilton, Lord de Freyne. the Earl of Momington, the Marquis of Norman by. Lord Sudeley, Earl Beauchamp, the Marquis Towa- shend, the Marquis of Huntly, Lord Lyndlmrst, Lord Sinclair, Lord Chesham, Viscount Midleton, Earl Poulett, the Earl of Elgin, the Earl of Charlemont. Three out of the above titles, namely, the baronies of Lyndhurst, Clyde, and Downes, have become extinct, and the earldom of Momington, has become merged ia the superior honours of the Duke Wellington. The baronets deceased during the year number thirty five the following are the names Sir M. Bruce, Sir M. Blakiston, Sir J. Outram, Sir R. Hughes, Sir G. G. Lewis, Sir J. Louis, Sir R. Bateson, Sir W. L. Wraxall, Sir J. W. Pollen, Sir A. Warren, Sir C. E. Eardly, Sir A. Campbell, Sir A. Armstrong, Sir Isaac Grant, Sir J. R. Dashwood, Sir G. Bonham, Sir W. M. Stanley, Sir R. A. Anstruthcr, Sir T. Sykes, Sir H. Nugent, Sir J. G. Sinclair, Sir F. E. Scott, Sir T. G. Skipwith, Sir F. W. Slade, Sir H. Martin, Sir G. B. Warren. Sir T. P. Glyn, The Rev. Sir G. Shiffner, Sir St. Vincent Cotton, Sir D. Cameron, Sir A. Nicolson, and Sir F. H. Gilbert. The last four mentioned titles have become extinct. In the House of Commons the following deaths have occurred The Hon. William T. Bernard, (Bandon), Captain Gladstone (Devizes.) Sir G. C. Lewis, Bart. (Yadnor, &c), Mr. Western Wood (London), Captain Gordon (Berwick), Mr. Francis M. Calcutt, (county Clare), Captain J. S. Willes Johnson Montgomery Burghs), Mr. Beriah Botfield (Ludlow), the Right Hon. Edward Eilice, (Coventry), Mr G. W. Hope (Windsor), Mr. J. H. Langston, (Oxford), Mr. William Cnbitt (Andover), and Mr. George Potts (Barnstaple). From the various orders that compose the knightage the following names will have to be struck out Sir Charles Aldis, K.C.B., Sir Henry William Bellairs, Sir Henry William Bruce, K.C.B., Sir James L. Caldwell, G.C.B., Sir John Campbell, the Right Hon. Sir Cresswell Cresswell, the Hon. Sir George Elliot, K.C.B,, Sir George Leigh Goldie, K.C.B. Sir Robeit Hagan, Sir Hugh Halkett, G.C.H., Sir Johm Hanbury, K.C.B., Sir Henry Hope. K.C.B., Sir Joshua Jebb, K.C.B., Sir John Spencer Login, Sir Thomas Erskine Napier, K.C.B. Sir James H. Plnmridge, K.C.B., Sir William G. Power, K.C.B., Sir Henry Roper, Sir William Henry Sewell, K.C.B., Sir William Stevensan, K.C.B., Sir Warwick H. Tonkin, SirWilliara Wightman. Other members of the aristocracy who died during the year were as folliiws Viscountess Boyle, the Hon and Tev. Thomas R. Keppel, the Hon Mrs. Fitzgerald, Dowager, Countess Ashburnham, the Hon. Mrs. W. H. Yelverton, G. A. C. Dashwood, Esq., the Hon. Miss Stapleton, Lady Kathleen Tighe, Dowagi-r Lady Bolton the Hon. and Rev. Adophus F. Irby. the Hon. and ve y Rev. Dean Pakenham, the Hon. Robert Curzon, the Hon. Mrs. Cavendish (mother of the Duke of Devon- shire), Dowager Viscountess Andover, the Hon. Herbert A. Moreton, Miss Lousia M. Tollemaclie, the Hon. Charles Bruce, the Hon. Samuel Crichtour the Hon. Samuel Talbot, the Hon. Mrs. Planatagenet Cary. Dowager Lady Foley, the Hon. Lady Rushout, Via- countess Gough, Lady Olivia Sparrow, The Hon. Lady Maude, Dowager Lady Headly. Lady Elizabeth Borough Dowager Lady Kilmaine, Edward Fox Fitz Gerald, Esq., Major the Hon. H. Powys-Keck. Lady Frances Wade, the Hon. Mrs. Calliphronas, Mrs. James D. Brahazon, Mr T. C. Robertson, Lady Monson. Lady Margaret Jane StuaH, the H,)n. f,,nn-I The Dowa-er Lady Bunbury, the Hon. H. Nelson, ttw Dowager Lady Poltsmore, the Hon. lietrge lon^onby. Lady Elizabeth Dawson, the Dowager Lady Milner, the Hon. Mrs. Stratford, the Hon. Captain H. LidAell, Lady Sophia Hoare, Lady Amelia C. Marsham, Mr. Charles W. Beauclerk, Lady Seaton, Lady Catherine Wigram, the Dowager Lady Stanley of Alderley, Captain the Hon. Charles Sinclair, Robert H. Southwell, Esq., Lady Camilla Sinclair, Mr Joseph Weld, of Lulworth, Mr. John Labouchere, the Hon. Mrs. Musgrave, Lady Westbury. Vere Fane, Esq., the Dowager Lady Kirk- cudbright, the Dowager Covntess of Verulam, ME. William Beckett, La'¡y Beevor, Mr. T. A. Grattaa- Bellew, Mr. George -Fludyer, Mr George Forbes, Mr. Anselm, E. Guise, Mr. John White-Jervis, Miss Car- oline Lamb, Captain Francis Price, Mrs. F. W. Ord, Mrs. E. M. Brownlow, Mrs. Childers, the Dowager Lady Broughton, Mr. W. Gornier, Miss Catherine Scott- Douglas, and Cuptain Edward Wilmot. Besides the Archbishop of Dublin (already mentioned two members of the episoopal body have dIed during the year, viz:, the Bishops of Gibraltar and Quebec. Amongst the other notable personages whom deatk has carried off, first and foremost stands the name of William Makepeace Thackery, whose recent loss we are all mourning. Besides him we have to chrotncle the deaths of the Venerable Archdeacon Bonney, Mr. Justice Wightman, Professor Cockereil, R.A., Mr. Augustus Egg, A.R.A., Mr. James Wm. Gilbart, F.P,& (founder of the joint.stock banking system), Mr. Jamem D. Harding (artist in water colours), the Rev. Frederick Wm. Hope (founder of the Zo dogical Professorship at Oxford), the Rev. Alexander M'Caul Mr. Wm. Mulreadj R.A., Miss Julia Pardoe, Mr. Apsley Pellatt. the Rev. Dr. Raffles (of Liverpool), the Rev. Andrew Reed, the Rev. Dr. Russell formerly Head M ister of the Charter- house), Mrs. Thomasou (author of the Memoirs ol the Duchess ef Marlborough"), Mr. William Tooke. F.R.S.. the Rev. Richard A Wilmott. the Rev. Frede- rick William Faher, the Rev. Josiah' Forshall, Mr. J. HE Grfeen, Mrs. Francis Trollope (the novelist, Mr. William B. Turnbnll, Mr. James T. Wilmore (engraver), ancl the Rev. Henry Drnry. In the list of distinguished foreigners who have died during the year are the names of Mons. Billautt (the French Minister). General Pepe (of Neapolitan fame), the French General Bedeau, the Rev. B*. L. Beecher (fatl) r of ",j B .her Stowe).Delacroix (tha historical paint-vi. id r ";a Viceory of Egypt, Jacob Grinam D'sf. Sa "i*'l Houstoun (the American genera', Mi -ur.e Lamartme, Cireneral OTidino; i.-i YerTipt (tile eminent winter), Alfred V ^t^r V (the i oet) William Lowndes Yan- cey (of Alabama). ——— -——————

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