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THB PROPOSED OXFORD-STREET RAILWAY.—A public meeting of the inhabitants of Oxford-street and the neighbourhood was held at the Court-house, Maryle- bone-lane, 01 Wednesday night, for the purpose of con- sidering the advisability of opposing a bill. called the Oxford-street and City Railway Bill'" which it is pro- posed to introduce into Parliament during next session. It proposes to give power for the construction of an un- derground railway from the Marble Arch t. Farringdon- street. Mr Peter Graham, whe occupied the chair, pointed out the great inconvenience to which the inha- bitants of Oxford-street would be subject if such a bill were passed. Mr Burgoyne moved the following reso- lution That the making of the proposed Oxford- street and City Railway would te destructive to the trade of Oxford-street and ruinoas to a large proportion of its residents." Mr Field seconded the resolution, which was agreed to unanimously. Messrs Michell, Gotto, Whitmore, Hindley, Galsworthy' and others, ad- dressed the meeting in opposition to the scheme and resolutions were also adopted, calling on the Metropoli- tan Board of Works, the vestry of Marylebone, and the vestries of the adjacent parishes to oppose the bill by all the means in their power. A MAN SHOT.-Great excitement was occasioned in the parish of Homsey on Wednesday morning by the fact that a young man of the name of Banks was shot in the Hornsey-wood-lane, Seven Sisters-road. It would appear that the deceased, in company with a young fellow of the name of Lamb, went out on Tuesday for a litile sport, the young man Lamb carrying a gun. When on tha railway bridge near Hornsey, the deceased got on a heap ef sand which was lying on the side ef the road. At that moment the young man Lamb raised his gun to shoot at a small bird, but it being out of reach he lowered it, and at that moment the deceased ran down the heap and received the whole charge on the right side just under hfs heart. Tha decrased fell, ex- claiming 96 Harry, Harry, come her," and then expired. Dr. Barker was immediately on the spot and pronounced life extinct. On examining the body it was found that there was a hole in the side about the size of a crown piece. The young man Lamb was then taken into cus- tody by Police-constable Moore, 212 N, and when at the police station Lamb was charged with feloniously caus- ing the death of John Banks. He was eautioned by Inspector Langdon as to what he said in answer to the charge, when the prisoner replied thut he was about to remove his gun, when the gun wen off, and the man dropped. He was sorry for what he had done. Infor- mation has been forwarded to Dr. Lankester the coro- ner for the district. {


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