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SPORTING INTELLIGENCE. I INCE BLUNDELL AND CROSBY COURSING I MEETING.—TUESDAY. I Stewards: Messrs. Fisher, Hall, Tyrer, Jump, and Rairford. Field Stewards Messrs. Kaye and Anders. Flag Steward: Mr P. Taylor. Judge: Mr Bennett. Slippers: Messrs Hays and Billington. Secretary: Mr E. Halewood. Notwithstanding the upleasant state of the weather, a drizzling rain coming down most part of the day, the sport was very satisfactory. Subjoined is the return:— The INCE BLUNDELL CUP, for all-aged Dogs. FIRST TIES. Mr Hornby's Heiress bt Lord Sefton's Sola Mr Cunningham's Hopbine bt Mr Anders nas Brighton Mr Ander's nas Secession bt Mr Brown nas Mary Jane Mr Crowstnn's Crabsliell bt Mr Moore's Gamecock Mr Brown'<? Bright Morning bt Mr Jones's Just Ex- ploded Mr Brunditt nas Roger bt Mr Rainford, sen.'s Dread- nothing Mr Barlow's Blue bt Mr Mather's Mermaid Mr Higgin's Ghost lit Mr Voller's Venetia SECOXD TIEs,-Heiress beat Hopbine. CrabsheH beat Secession, Bright Morning beat Roger, and Blue beat Ghost. The CROSBY STAKES, for Puppies. FIRST TIES. Mr J. H. Blundell's Be Careful bt Mr Heaton's Host Mr Worrall's Wild Storm bt Mr Cunningham's Belle of of the Campbells Mr W. Blundell's Bermuda bt Mr Johnston's Jemmy Jackman Mr Robinson's Darkie bt Mr Jones's Jerry Lee Mr Isaard's White Lady of Avenel bt Mr Ainscough's Artillery Lord Sefton's Syringe bt Mr Hornby's Huncamnnca Mr Brunditt nas Black Bess bt Mr Hall's Holly Bough Mr Johnston's Jannock bt Mr Rainford nas Merry Begot SECOND TIEs.-Wildstorm beat Be Careful, Darkie beat Bermuda, Syringa beat White Lady of Avenel, and Black Bess beat Jannock. The BLUNDELLSANDS STAKES, for puppies. FIRST TIES. Lord Sefton's Simper bt Mr Crowston's Fiddlestring Mr Anders nas Lizzie bt Mr Hornby's Hecla Mr Jones's Jack Rogers bt Lord Sefton's Shindy Mr W. Blundell's Balmoral bt Mr Voller nas Rasper Mr Tyrer's Tramp bt Mr Johnston's John Knox Mr Hall's Holly Branch bt Mr Brunditt nas Crown Prince Mr Johnston's Jeu d'Esprit bt Mr W. Blundell's Buccanneer Mr Ains ougli's Antwerp bt Mr Worralls Whalebone SECOND TIES.—Simper beat Lissie, Balmoral beat Jack Rogers. Holly Branch beat Tramp, and Jeu d'Esprit beat Antwerp. The FARMERS' STAKES, for all-aged Dogs. FIRST TIES. Mr Brundritt's Bailiff bt Mr Kay's Kiteflyer Mr Jones's Just Lighted bt Mr Johnston's Joint Enter- prise Mr Johnston's Jessie o'Dumblane bt Mr Halewood's Merry England Mr Worrall's Wallasey beat Lord Sefton's Skylark Mr Mather's Mignionette bt Mr Crowston's Scarlet Runner Captain Hamilston's Bedoin bt Mr Kaye's Kildonan Mr Rainford's Blue bt Mr Johnstone's Jabbering Jane SECOND TIES.—Just Lighted beat Bailiff, Wallasey bt Jessie o' Dumblane, Spot bt Mignionette, and Blue bt Bedoin. WEDNESDAY. The meet to-day was at Crossbv; the weather was beautiful, and there was a large attendance. Some ex- cellent running took place, and the decisions of the judge gave every satisfaction. The following is the re- sult The INCE BLUNDELL CUP, for all-aged Dogs. THIRD TIES. Mr Tlomsbv's Heiress bt Mr Crowston's Crabsliell Mr Brown's Bright Morning bt Mr Barlow's Blue DECIDING COURSE.-Bright Morning bt Heiress and won. The CROSBY STAKES, for Puppies. THIRD TIES. Mr Worrall's Wild Storm bt Mr Robinson's Darkie Lord Sefton's Syringe bt Mr Bi-undritt nas Black Bess DECIDING Course.-Wiltl Storm bt Syringa, and won. The BLUNDELLSANDS STAKES, for Puppies. THIRD TIRS. Lord Sefton's Simper bt Mr W. Blundell's Balmoral Mr Johnston's Jeu d'Esprit bt Mr Hall's Holly Branch DECIDING COURSE.—-Jeu d'Esprit bt Simper, and won. The FARMER'S STAKES, for all-aged Dogs. THIRD TIES. Mr Worrall's Wallasey bt Mr Jones's Just Lighted Mr Bulmer's Spot bt Mr Rainfard's Blue. DECIDINO Court-,E.-Wallasey beat Spot, and won. The SECRETARY'S PURSE. FIRST TIES. Mr Higgin's L'zzie bt Mr Halewood's Merry England f Mr Kave's Kiteflyer bt Mr Brown nas Mary Jane Mr Ander's nas Secession bt Lord Sefton's Skylark Mr Jones's Just Exploded bt Mr Butler's Brighton SECOND TIEs.-Kiteflyer bt Lizzie, Just Exploded bt Secession DECIDING COURSE.—Just Exploded bt Kiteflyer, and won. A SILVER CUP, given by the Secretary, for the first four winners.—First Ties. Mr Worrall's Jeu d'Esprit bt Mr Worrall's Wild Storm Wallasey was then drawn, and the cup awarded to Jeu d'Esprit.


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