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FOOTBALL. THE WELSH CHALLENGE IUJ\ NEWTOWN* V AUKIITSTWIJH. -Won by t!.i foi'i: by four goals to none. CrviL SERVICE I\ Ditnns.—The Druiis have scratched to the Civil Service, ,%viilg t,- Tli,.ir being able to obtain a suitable piece of ground. RUABON* v. CIIIIJK.—This match wa- played on thi Ruabon ground. There was, however, .-oine dispute as to which won the game and it ha, been laid lie: >e the Committee of the Association, who are to sett!" it. CoRWEN" v. WUEXHAM.—The Corwen rr.d Wr- ham clubs met at Corwen, the game, after a eio.-e an exciting contest, resulting in favour of Wrexham by two goals to none. Wrexham played with n ver;> young team, only two of last year's member- playii but we are pleaed to learn tii,,it ,e% i-iil (if tile hands intend buckling to in order to get thoroughly in harness again. LLANGOLLEN* V. AIOLD.—The ties between th-e clubs were played at Llangollen. Llangollen winni! the toss chose to defend the town goal. Alold havir«.' kicked off, the ball was immediately run up to their goal and in spite of every exertion of their backs kept there. A good shut by T. Roberts placed a goal the credit of Llangollen who also kicked anotk: shortly after. The ball was again kick-d off and w;> taken down to the Llangollen goal and a long -h t resulted in a goal being the only one obtained by Alold throughout the day. The ball was ,-oon going again and quickly taken up to the Mold goal and a good shot by W. Roberts made another goal— (3—1). Ends were now changed and both -ides set: • work in earnest, but it soon became evident th. Llangollen were too much for tli,-ii, tli-- ball had scarcely been started when lv Jones made splendid long shot resulting in a goal—(P— piicklv— followed by two more by LI. Edwards -<•'> -li— tV:; another by E. Roberts, followed by another t*o;ii 1.1, Edward,sniaking eight in all another was during the discussion which followed, tim1 wa- call- 1, (We afterwards heard it was not allowed by the umpire), thus leaving Llangollen victors bv eight, t1 one. The passing and general play ,<f Llaugolle: showed a great improvement on la-t year. LLANEitcn IIVOI •(; v. FORESTKKS." — 'J'he-e vh being drawn in the first tie. the nntcli w is pkm- i ••* the ground of the latter at Stan.sty Park on Saturd. From the fact that in home and home ph'.y.. t last season, only one goad was scored by the Forest- s. it was expected that the match would close one, but it was generally believed that th- esters being much the heaviest would ii-i!l. F\ kicked off for the visitors, the captain of tlv h"H • team having won the toss electing to iihi.V dovvu M ■ first, the difference however bjing very slight. Foresters getting hold of the ball came ri-dit. d the tiehl and made a good shot at goal, bus vh- was kicked out by the goalkeeper. For about te-i minutes the play was very even, and then the }¡" team secured the lir-t goal. On the ball again bei: kicked off, the Llanerchrugog men worked h-ird t retrieve, making several good shots which hov.v-*• failed. After half-time, the i had all th\.1: of the game, completely hemming in their opponent-, who occasionally ma le some good runs up the It e but their wings getting belillitl tit, backs, several free kicks were The sliot, of the visitors at the Forester. goal w-. constant, ovel- and each side but 1, >t thro"j until seven minutes before time, when thev -1 in passing it through amidst great applau- ncitir '■ side again scoring. The teams meet a,'aia "ii Llanerchrugog ground, and it is probable that ■ their own ground the Llanerchrugog will win ea-iiy. A MATCH will be played to-day (Saturday) betv.ve the Bangor and Wrexham Clubs, at Wrexham h" off at 2.30 p.m. ALBION* v.C.vMattiAx, WKEXH \M. -A match K-twe y these clubs was played 011 Saturday, on the i:roun>^ the former, and after a rough gam" 0:1 the part of t Albion resulted :11 a draw. GROSVEXOK V. HOLT FAIIXDOX. A MAT-* was played between these clubs on the ground of t ie latter on Satarday and resulted in a victory for r," visitors by four goals and one disputed to none. CONCERT AT -A Y ,successful concert wa- held ill the Board S,che '| 1. I I 1 I' 1 't tl t" proceed s going toward s the better lighting of the st: | lamps. Many of th" singers arc in high repute m neighbourhood, the most popular performers being J. Evan-, Miss Jones, Aliss Evans, Miss Christie, H. Edwards, of Oswestry, and the tilee I ;noii. C 'lj" prising a portion of the Oswestry Britannia <» under the leadership of Air John Alorris. ".bvaa". The chair was taken by the Vicar, the lie.. I I and a good programme was gone through. liKonaiTox PETTY SESSIONS, Thur:i,J:¡y, I, for" W. H. Gladstone, Esq., R. Frost, H. Ialldoek, alltI \Vrn, Hancw,k. I —Ephraim Swiunerton, charged by A. S. Mebr..n:. with being drunk and It Saltncv on t.a 5th October, fined os ami costs.—Tair.es H<a'c}< ellill-e(I A. with being drunk :i.1 disorderly at the Anchor Inll. Saltncy, on the • He had been turned out of the Anchor pist l'1' I viously. Fined ."is and 7s (id costs or :->1'\1'11 ;j;¡y::1 detault. Thomas Hopwood, for whil"l Mr appeared, was charged by i'.C. Thos.ones v. J' being, Oil the 11th of October, 011 land in the o.'e > patiou of Mr Cooue, near Ewloe, in which he hunting with a dog. They rose a hare, which he hunted, but missed ir. When defendant :-aw wifn< he ran away, ami witness then went to defendants house, where the dog came a few minutes a:■<1 1 \1 VII' I, ward s. Air Ellis put some questions in whie:i ■ e attempted to throw the blame on a young ma.1 named'"atherall. The defendant was lined and costs. Air Gladstone did not sit in this ca-e. There was no other business. TIME TABLE <>;• THK WREXHAM ]'»i-r::KT Tr. WAY"; COMPANY. .New Inn I'P »' (' ."ill, :UII, a,1II, p.m. p.m. 10.0 11.11 !III ,15 :0 :¡, F¡ ™ Swan ar. ij) ;?,i :1.:15 J:!l)i,1I ti.,¡ "j (ilt?p) 1)(?AVN a.m. a.m. p.m. p.m. p.111. p.m. p. 111. p.m. p.m. i o.l.j 10.15 12.1.-) 2.15 3.0 3.45 11", 5.30 (5.1,* New Inn (arr.) !I,:O 11.11 I:Ui ,j;; ;I.:j .I.(J ;¡,O ti. fUjl1 <'ars marked (J 011 Thursdays only. On Saturday- additional Cars will be run aft-'r 3.0 p.m. under: Leaves New Inn, lib 's 4.45 5.30 ii.15 7.0 Leaves Swan !nn.