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I Ri RAL SANITARY TI EM.AV, AUOU.ST 7TK. ■ awn_( attain (;ri(Hth-Boscawen, chair- ? i ?l ?i I- ?, '11. vice-(:i.tiriiiaii T, LJ, Firzlllle:¡, E,!w:ll'd E":UB (Bl'IIll\1fa), H_txflu^li, Kdward Kvans (Bronwylfa), NJ' P,.ol)ei-t?:, Owen P, I.1. NV. j?)IIes -Nlr J. Oswell "?'y.?'-i'k. I ?i:).i' .\f.t:K?oins. 11..1. iiv-. Kual.on, reported several cases niea>l._s, scarlatina, one case of typhus, i oic.. ill his district. Alllleces- '?YI?MUti..))s h;!fl bcen taken. The Mrths 1^ the mon t h were 30 females ''i?? '?" ? the nK.ni.h %Yerc )U fC111a Cb ■iKiilfit 24 females and ?<) maks J' tl 11 ??''?.i"t'.?t.!i!? p.jri,?n;?t ye.a'. Num-? I, '1 't tl 1 t' "Ui..?S.:?.u?tl'7,s:imeMi?ttt h la8t yv. iivily a death rate at ?-CUpei-i,(X)(? ?"?' Davics rci?rtt.? s?-cral cases 't''t?ri?utiinni({f(?-j?:???.(;;b??};H(? I 1 1 '1'] f ?' "?''?'? ttt?;,n!'?.L T here were cases of ?'?-?..?i!<t!)!, typhoid fever, ?e., j ,■l ti.mmgh the district, but u? death! '?)\<![)?)a/y)))"tic)lis.ca-.& during thc? ?'L'.?Yc"!)t one fn.)uv. ):.?ping congh. He ?' ?' ?t!) attention to the necessity for a j"'r -"1'pl'ly for Marehwiel* Xumber of giviug a death rate of I I'l-r !.()l:ii 1'1 annum (precisely the same '-i l»r. •!i-lies' district). I  l:El'OI:T. 1 ? li ..1 1 ?. it. idciinie re[iorted that during the '"?")! ')K!tL??nc«nnect(.-d with the ii,. "tl ]) I I 11 ?'?'. I)iit 21 had been e?n- ? ?'?".?i:dd))?at?ta)ufl7(.). He had "1( '1'1' I t' tl ;i letter Irom Mr Tench respecting the :i'¡',¡'t "11:1(' ¡;I'}JII]J!: 11l'ailHlgc :,(:]¡t:me, :lll he ,I", I' 1 1 I' 1 t .1 ..lv'I'i'ii'-nd the ):oard to accept the In' v  "?"ut.:i)md therein. 'J' I ¡ 'p.s letter .statc<?i?t he was desired ■ Vi.'tz-Hugh to say that he declined to ? '1"1 of his property for this pur- I,. '?'?th.: to :).u?nver??ti?n'ith Mr e "ii the .'list ult., Mr Fitz-Hugh was L:,i%-t. t!ie i,ti the fields of 1'1\. 'J ;;eeoi-ing To thc pf?naeccm- :1'"111' .,) "I ,,], ?" .) "'?jnu? s letter, the fanitai v au- ? "!)'? :'t:!kin? to convey it and to build \1, 1 tanks at their own expense, and understandin g that the drainage | 11 the separate system, and ahi,, i'lrz-ITugh and his tenants had fiill i the .sewage free of charge. If Air :1 proposition were agreed t", he >li--uld be glad to meet Mr (Jlennie 1 "i. nts for the site of the tanks, &c. stated, in rcpiyto?ucsti?ns, ■. |,|| '.uthern outfall could be luaile ? .?'t't.i?rhfwh?Ic<f thG sewage i if. "l" 0 the \vh.-i!e of the sewage :ji it making any arrargemcn t s ? n'rthern outfall.— Mr Baugh v need, not trouble a second parson if Mr Fitz-Hugh could, i(!iii tie, ta"e the N% lio'e of. s It would be much better to i 'v'outfall. This ajipeared to be | of the committee, and  it was resolved that a  ineiit be entered into between ? ''?.?'? ?'tt.i'-Hu?h f.'r UtcaCtjUi- I r ii Mr Fitz-Hugh for the aeijui- j Viesitiojicd. Mr < il-.aiJiie being V. Hughes, Brymbo. I To tht- ile for the northern I r.-ed meeting to L, called 1 tLe "it of tlte. ~'n the course of tiie dis- Air Owen Hughes i r:.e separate system as ap- 1 ] I 1 I '?'??u'ict,&]id asked, why the '/? be 'In.h.J by the rattrJ At pivscuv he I-mew of ""?. ntanure iiad to bc?I?cn ;i .'eiuoved in wheel-barrorrs'. • A.. that wheii all the houses wcre ei.iineeteo. with the lnaoi d slop-water to i and keen them pro]»crly ¡ ti.e ?h! s_\>t<m ad'iptcd in- L 'jl '? i ;?' jJan the :-cv.x-r.s would I, ,1 11 1 ? y: ;'?'? y ?r?rin diameter, j L ,It I¡J II t .4. H \t'? „ ,?reriuf land, a.- at pre- :0.1 ¡.'¡' 1 I} t JJ I 1 P "???" '?—— "I- v,hifc]) | a Un T k f? y STAV-'i'Y Io: UNA OK, ??Lic?.?.h.th.w:?tev?- h? been hc.u-dmn?pcct!.? this :n:?tcrh-u!:i the Urban ??uni?ry a:-?h-!rity, ?.J at th? r?juc.t of the (" J. 1 1 Cm.i.v.nan Air ?;u-y inon ?.?.d ?i to ex- plain t.o history of the- proposed scheme from )lie I,i visit tin to the present time, it being ultimately a^-ed that the write again t<> the Urban "Authority requesting a definite answer forthwith. The (■'hairnian said it was really time something should be done, as he understood the district of llliosduu was in a very bad state indeed. There was no other important business. a-



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