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—iur—— r Shipping Notices. -¡- WHITE STAR LINE Roya.1 and United States steamers. NOTICE.-The Steamer, of th'   I P..ut?"?!nm?..?d b' Lieut. M,?.?. on both the 0.:twyr(l and Hmaewanl passages. LIVERPOOL to NEW YOR?. Forw&ruing Pasoengei. to all P?? of the Umted Stt"es and C?n?'?. Tm' H?-w?'-?? miani&cent Steamers &reap-  to -?' ?t-ekty? under, cMryingher ?je.;?nt?? ? United ?ate. MaU. Ft?M UVEITOOL. I „ .r,f.Tu?h< Fell. 5th. 1?. i-i-dNiANlC Thursday, Feb. 14th. l iii'KJ Tuesday, February 19th A?KtATK: .Thnrsd&'y, February 2Sth, RRITANMC Thursday, March7th. FRO" NEW Voltl.. tJ K Saturday, Jan. 20th. Jan. 31st. The-? splendid Vessels reduce the passage to the sU'-H^t pox*ible time, and afford to mongers the highest degree of comfort llithevto attainable at sea. Avera" ge ptumtgr- 81 days in Summer, 11 days in V,"inter. teach Vessel is constructed in seven watar- t-zht compartments. The Saloon, Ladies' Boudoir, State Rooms, and £ inok»"-r«WMH ii-P amidships, ami are luxuriously f "Ud fitted with all u.o.temconvemem'es: pAmv,, Ubn?..s. electric bd!s, b?h rooms, barber's Ac. Sah-m nwmxe. lJ. IR, and 21 Guineas; Return Tickets at. rod'" rates. I The steerage acommodation is ?" the very highest C'.r the n.?ms are un.?!iy .).?."?. well ?htt!.Ye?!.?<nd wanned, '?'=?_"?r.s «f this will fir thdr comfort careuiib studied, and t1' wovisioair." unsurpassed. Stewardesses in Peerage toitteiiii the Women and children. i)Taft.; issued N ew York free of churge. For freight, or oassage apply t.. WILLIAM HAW- KINS TILST03. High-street, \M.?u: Mi L. poBKRTS, :r. Town Hm, Wrexh??': Mr ?. ?- S'MTK, Ho! rl. [-MAY. DIEm, A CO., W, Water-street, Liverpool; or to ;i4, Leadenhall-street, London, E.C.   A:N I.J I N E  '?LLANLINE  fiHOY:TE:1' OCEAX J'(,E TO /? :<H<? KST OCHAX PA??AOK TO _? r_? ? M ERICA. s. CANADIAN, ANT) UNITED -•J'A'IKS MAIL. r.WOSSO OJ" TWENTY FlUST-ft-ASS STEAM Kits, i?:.?I.r'?rOOL every THURSDAY, and I:<?.)?;7n:'J:Y .y? H?DAY. H,LJF,, !(< il! 'I»KTLANi>. ad i.ALI IMOIiL. ..i;'?-n?. to i?<??. ??' ^OKK, P?)':??:f/?? .t t» «il "nb in CANADA U-M T»KK NTA'J iV>. ram; ami excellent Aecommouation. tV-on~- rs v !'r. secure their Tickets he-tore leaving fc-,nn>areittet.:t Railway Station in Liverpool by an ai>»^ni,xl A.;«•!« of the Company, who takes charge of tho-n o 'til th»y go on board the Steamer. T-i- CaiMtiku Government grants A^si.sriJJ PAS- Ll',N E. Write tin- Pamphlet 1'1)D Dl-FFKRIN 0>" .MANITOBA." to BllOTHEES & CO., Liverpool, or I'vD*dor,Ierr>> "r t" LOVATT, Aiictionesr, Wrexham. W. OitELN. Junr., 4, Upper Clwyd St., Ruthiti. W, i'ATOX. Wrexham St., Mold. J. I.;>WA!;0, Brymbo. mu Easiness Announcements. A It I D E To K H I V A liy CAPTAIN FRED BURNABY, Royal Horse Guard;. Page 13 says Two vi boots lined with fur were also teii; and ror physic—with which it in as well to l e supplied rhen travellin;; in out-of-the-way ouinine, aiul Cockles Pills, the lat- ter a wont 'tivninable medicine, and one which I luveused on tlv natives of Central Africa with the greatist poHsi!)' success. In fact, the man-ellous l'ift. prod'i'-ri upon the mind and body of an b SllsiK. who wis impervirvus to all native Tli-,(iiclntxi. viiea I administered to him five C0CK1.ES PILL-I wiil never f-i.t.- "nun my memory and a friend of mine, who pa,s,*rr*i through the district many months aft^r N. informed me that my fame as a medicine V)Ill, had not died out. but that the marvellous was even then a theme of con- v Ai on iu U; ¡'azaal' See B'uRWABVS RIDE Tt) KHIVA, Piige 13. a GOOD FAMILY ?IKDK'INR «HE8T ?/?_ with prudent use, has saved many a life, and yet v. think idea nii^ht be improved upon, and reduced to u. m j c simple form. Take some good com- pound, such ,v;. COCKLE ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, and we find tldt the desired end may be obtained wittiout.v.il,-)h weiaht, or little mysterious com- partments or buttles, with crystal st,oppers, Others nd^lic f!>■.> u.-ed, but COCKLE'S PILL:- as tested by thousands of persons, and found to answer theii '■ well, may be set down its the he.<t. Qbvwr R i I) K O KHIVA BY CA.'r iiN FRED BURNABY, Royal Horse Guards. Page 13 says Two cf boots lined with fur were also taken; and •• >r plivsic—with which it is as well to be suppl'txi wcfrti tiavellinsin out-of-the-way placcs —some quinme and Cockle's Pills, the latter a mast invalnab!-? medicine, and one which I have ti -.ed on the natives of Central Africa with the greatest PI oiti: -success. In fuct the marvellous effei'ta jii'J'f't'cii upon the mind and body of an Ata',) hh.-tk who was impervious to all native lnedHner. when I apniinistered to him five COCKLES PILLS will never :1(. irom my memory and a friend of iniiu, who pi'"é¡ through the same district many months aft"-rwari.ls, informed me that my fame as a 'medic*ri-uan' bad not died out, but that the marvellous n. wa. even then a theme of conver- sation i;i c'j b.iz«ar. See B' ?;yABYS RIDE TO KHIVA, Page IS. (1 O C i: L >: > ANTIBILIOUS PILLS j THE OLDEST PATENT MEDICINE. to at Is Hd, 2s Dd, 4s 6d, and lis. ^JOCKIR'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS. In use SEVENTY-EIGHT YEARS. May ha find throughout the United Kingdom. Ell boxjs j-.t Is lid 2s M. 4s (kl, and lis. io", NPJA- oiiMOND STREET, LONDON. !124ce HOLLOWAY'S OINT- MENT. CURE FOR ALL! Ttv Critic .<i' Hewi'dy Bad Bad Breasts, Old W„ :•< a ltd ricrathnx of ali ffPSHEPE is '?' medicinal prej*aration which may be I i-elie(i ul)oii in the ,f aiiovt; aihn. nts as Holloway's Ointment. Rubbed upon surface of the body, ove-, or near the ?H'cctcd p trt.v it di-a'ii'C- irs under the friction of the hand, p.!ntt:.ifci!i4 :it once to the source of the evil, and thus j ?''t\))"it. Tealin^ (.M-nuid, rapidly, siifely and with- out pair; in d! loi^ standing cases, Hollowa\' p))] s!io:d at- n taken, as they purify the Blood :? "x¡.d :t d'nr-.vijd huiiiours from the ystem, COUiJH.-i, COLDS, SORE THROATS, AND BRONCHITIS. This is irresistible in the cure of these throat and pectoral complaints, which when neglected often tsui '•« settled asthma or oonsuinptioii. The Ointment well rubbed upon the chest and back, niirlit and tt!arri:u, penetrates the skin, HIiII thl;, tll:orhl,¡J, i: cir.-ri.hi (ii-'Jctly to the lungs, where, in immediate I[,b.;t with ;:he whole m:w< of circulating blood, it ii. 'jtr,j,!i:«> >;• to jiels all impurities. By these means pu!tc'j«. try complaints may be cured with rapidity e t. DISORDKiJS OF THE KIDNEYS, STONE AND OHAVEL. [a any Ij; the above complaints more benefit may be II :nvi ii i\ iventy-foiir hours, 1)\ adopting the following simple tv.tans, than could he brought ahout in si months other treatment. Iii bad cast s, if the lljj;t-iitly riil)iie(i jilt;, tile slnt]l of the lurk, o-itti- the region of the kidneys, it will quickly immediate relief. Six or eight of the I'i!l.- shoiild lie taki n nightly according to cir- niiiastw;•*<. (•OUT. KHLUJIATISM, AND STIFF JOINTS. Ointment exercises a more obvious control ever Cont and Rheumatism, than anv other ni -Klicir.e. "OL(, need remain uncured, who will in g ud e>.r-.ir:st make a vigorous application of this infallible remedy according to the Printed Instruc- tions .i ftii to each Pot. All settled allies and pains w.ll UkewNc ha banished by the same treatment. KiN DISEASES, SCROFULA, AXD SCURVY. The heiffci?) effects of this peerless Ointment are tirlvV""ien'ul in cases of Kingwonn, Scurvy, and ro'ula or Kina's Evil, and its powers are adequate to the rw. >val "? ?? "?"? inveterate ?kin Disease to which t!~ j human wnie is subject. n^ttiMi't alld mix nhmdd be 1,ed in the iullawiuq complaints.— I', L'l L: g. Burns Bunions ( :!tilhhi: i;:>appeii Hands •lintract -d :iJl( i Stiff Jmnts Corns (Soft) Fistulas I i(,Ilt (ilandular Swellings Luml.ago Piles Rheumatism Sore Nipples Scalds Sore Throats Skin Diseases Scurvy Sore Heads Tumours Ulcers Wounds The (t;ntmcnt::nd Piiis:? sohtutrnuessor H'n.i.?w\v's Ksta!Ji.shme)it:, S?!, Oxford-street, London also by nearly every respectable Vendor of :M (!.U¡U" throughout the iv'lized World, in Boxes and Pot: at Is 1U1, 2s !)d, 4s t!d, lis, 22s, and 33s it 46 l?ti, 2?i !)(], 4s (;(I, Ils, 2-Is, an(! 3.3s Full printed directions are affixed to each Pot and Box, tnd can be had in any language. N. B.. Advice can be obtained, free of charge, hy apti'ying at the above address, daily, between the hours of 11 and 4, or by letter. lz K AYE'S w ORSDELL's PILLS, THE ri OOD OLD ENGLISH REMEDY FOR ALL DISEASES, Cured thousands. Established over 50 years. Is lid, 2s 9d, and 4s 6d per Box. Business Announcements. FRANCIS'S "OICI LOZENGES, FOR CLEARING AND STRENGTHENING THE VOICE, I RELIEVING ALL AFF.:C'IO: Of THE THROAT I HOAR.SF.NKSS, HLSKINESS, SOUK T1I110VT, j LAXATION OF THE IVILA AND TO;\II. TEASING A.ND NKKVOI S COIGHS, Give power and tone, to the Voice in fpeahin;) or si'/i/  njit l 2-olieve th)-oat 0-#?ctiolix it\g, and relieve throat affection* arisiny from any ununual exertion of the Voice, col(li,, and other eavseb. Public Speakers-, and Singers take them With fllUCll benefit a. a preventative ol Hoarseness, and as a re- medy when it exists. A FEW TESTIMONIALS. Mr Fanish, Liverpool" The effect of the Lozenges is remarkable indeed gave me a voice as clear as a bell, and strong." Mr Lewis (Llew LlwyN-o):- I be- lieve that I could not have performed my part (owing to hoarseness) at the concert, had it not been for the ¡ efficacy of your LozengCS." Ali- Hllglies (chorister, Bangor Cathedral, N.W.) Your Lozenges cm pletely restored my voice," Ac. Rev. Mr Roberts, GlanaledThey are excellent for disordered voice ) and hoarseness." A Clergyman (near Wrexham: I "They have It wonderful effect upon my voice." L. England, National School, Appleby, Penritil. ,;I I must say that I have derived groat benefit from your Voice Lozenges. They also did a great deal of good to several of my friends, who were troubled with bad i coughs, and could not sleep. Send another box. j Sold in boxes, Is, Is Ud, 2s M each or per post, j 3s, from the Maker, i J. pRANCIS, M r S | PllAUXACEUTICAL CHEMIST. j HOPKSTHEET. I WREXHAM. .k:o F%tN's, SONS, & <'<?, L'?' iJ pool; and Al'OTHKCAUlF-s' H\u., To?n Hill, Wrex- ham. I 0 -N -E S'S il F A 1, ALL O I N T M E N T (Ti-ade .Mark-registered;, OR EVEny MAN'S FRIEND, BEST APPLICATION KNOWN for Scrofula. Scurvy, Skin Diseases, and Sores of all kuius. It cures Old Sores, Ulcerated Sor> Legs. It ciii-es Ulcerated Sores on the Heat! and Jseek. It cures Blackheads, or Pimples on the I'a.'e. It cures Scurvy Sores, Cancerous I leers. It cures Burns and Scalds, L'ingwonu, Itch, It cures Weak and Watery EYes, It cures Red and Sore Eyelids. j It cures Inflammation in the Eye. | It cures .Moving Specs or Floating Bodies betore the I Eyes, I It cures Cataracts and Partial Blindness. It cures Obscurity of Vision and Dimness. It cures Children's Sore Eyes left after measles. It allays Inflammation in a few hours, ami soothes pain very quickly. Sold in pots at Is lid, 2s ltd, and 4s fid each. THE WONDERFUL BLOOD PURIFIER.  0 ? E S A D C O.' 8 <? U?IVEKSAL PURIFYING MIXTURE. Trade Mark-" Purifying Mixture." For Purifying, Cleansing, and clearing tho Blood from all impurities, arising from whatever cause, and guaranteed to be the best preparation in the World for all eruptions of the skin, blotches, spots, pimples, black-heads, pustules, boils, carbuncles, ringworms, scald heads, sore eyes, erysipelas, itch, scurf, scrofula, scurvy, glandular swellings, cancerous sores, bad legs, ) piles, syphillis, secondary symptoms, and for all I blood and skin diseases. For rheumatism also it is I unequalled for relieving pains and subduing inflamma- tion, and speedily effec,ting a perfect cure. It is agreeable, palatable, and safe, and may he taken at all seasons, and under any circumstances. Sold in bottles at 2s 3d and 4s 6d each, and in cases (containing six times the quantity) lis each by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the United Kingdom, or sent to any address on re- ceipt of 27, 56, or 132 stamps. COUGHS! COUGHS! JONES'S BALSAM OF HOREHOUND, TOLU, & LI X EED-(Rcg-istered). THE MOST AGREEABLE AND EFFECTUAL I j_ REMEDY for asthmatic ?nd consumptive coughs, bronchiti, winter coughs, diJticnlt' breathing, whoopm cough, hoarseness, loss of voice, and all affections of the chest and I lungs. One bottle in most cases effect., a cure, Prise is lkl, 2s fld, and 4s Gd per bottle. JONES'S PATENT VEGETABLE PILLS FOR WIND (Registered), A RE THE BEST PILLS IX THE WORLD for bad digestion, wind and pain in the stomach, liver complaint, jaundice, sick head- ache, pains in the chest, loss of appetite, fbtn- lency, griping, a sense of weight in the back and loins, darting pains in the region of the heart, liver and kidney constipation, pains in the thighs, sometimes shooting down to the calf and feet, suppression and retention of urine, pains in the stomach, and all liver complaints. Thousands have been cured by these Pills, and many who had been pro- nounced hopeless, have been thoroughly re- stored to health by their use. ONE BOX WILL CONVINCE THE MOST SCEPTICAL OF I THEIR EFFICACY. Sold in boxes at Is Ilid, 2s 9d, and 4s tkI each" Sent post free for 15 or ;¡u stamps. Sole man- ufacturers, W. JONES and Co., Chemists, 157' Great Howard-street, Liverpool. REMARKABLE CURES. 2, Birket-street, Liverpool, 2Uth March, 1874. Dear Sirs,—it is with feelings of pleasure I write to inform you of the good effects vour PURIFYING MIXTURE and HEAL-ALL OINTMENT has done to me. About six years ago I was bitten on the leg by a venomous reptile, which nearly cost me my life and I now declare to you and the world, after spending over 1150 in doctors' bills to try and heal the leg, it is now entirely healed, after using only two 4s 61l pots of your WORLD-FAMED OINTMENT and two lis cases of your universal PURIFYING MIXTURE. The truth of the above statement any person who wishes may refer to me. Your very obedient servant, Messrs Jones and Co. JAMES SMITH. Baton Rouge, Louisaria, U. States, July 21st, 1871- Gentlemen,-l enclose you a P.O. order for £2 10s. for one dozen boxes of your Vegetable Wind Pills and Heal-All Ointment. Please send by thejirst mail, and direct as before. I intend to distribute them amongst my friends here. Your Wind Piih are the best I ever used in my life, and your Ointment exceeds anything I eversaw for healing all kinds of sores. Yours very obediently, To W. Jones and Co. EDWIN MCCLOV. Sold in bottles at 2s 3d and 4s (id each, and in cases containing six 2s 3d bottles, lis each, sufficient to effect a cure in long-standing cases. Agents for Wrexham and districts MR. J. F. EDISBURV, Chemist, High-street. J. FitANCIS, „ Hope-street. Rlios Mr MaginjRutliin Mr Rouw Ruabon Mr Ed. Daviesi Holy well Mr Carman I.Iangollen. Mr EvziyL,, Rhyl klr Jones Oswestry Mr Saunders Abergele Nlr Jones i .It E. Williams Corwen Mr Jones Denbigh Mr Jones 10.li2re For the BLOOD is the LIFE,See Deuteronomy, chap, xii., verse 23. CLARKE'S WORLD FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE. THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER AND RESTORER FOR CLEANSING and CLEARING the BLOOD! F from ALL IMPURITIES, cannot be too highly recommended. It CLIIES OLD SORES, ULCERATED SORES IN THE NECK, CntEs ULCERATED SORE LEUS, CERES BLACKHEADS, or PIMPLES OU FACK, CunES SCERVEV SORES, CURES CANCEROUS ULCERS, I' CUKES BLOOD and SKIN DISEASES. CURES GLANDULAR SWELLINGS, CLEARS THE BLOOD FROM ALT. IVIPUUE MATTER. FROM WHATEVER CAUSE AHISI.M;. As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and war- rant, free from mcrfury which all yitU and \IIost I medicines free from anythlO inun'u?ts t? the m?st delicate const! ution of either sex, the Proprietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. ThovMndf of Testimonial*/mi; all part". Sold in Bottles 2s lid each, and ill cases, containing six Bottles, lis each, sufficient to effect a permanent cure in long-standing cases, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors or sent to any address on receipt of 30 or 132 stamps, hy F. J. Clarke, Chemist, High-street, LINCOLN. Wholesale Agents BARCLAY and SONS, LONDON, and all the whole- sale Houses. 1844n A NEW MEDICAL WORK BY HENRY SMITH, Doctor of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Jena, and Doctor of Medicine of the Metropolitan Medical College, New York, b> Examination, IS ill. Just Published, Enlarged Edition. 141 p'?es. Crown ,Qvo., Free I)v Post Two in Eliveloi)e, ?'o., Free by Post Two Stamps, in Envelope, DEBILITATING AND NERVOUS DISEASES: THEIR CAUSE, CONSEQUENCE, SYMP- TOMS, AND TREATMENT. The work gives the RESULT or TWE-VTV-EKUIT YEARS' SI-ECIAL PRACTICE for the Cure of all Diseases of the Nervous System. Nervous lability, .Mental and j Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the He?d and Ears, Indecision. Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Loss of Energy, Pains in the Back, Constipation, Blushing, Hysteria, Timidity, Self-distrust, Dizziness, Love of solitude, Groundless Fears, Muscular Relaxation, Ac. It is a GUIDE TO HEALTH, STRENGTH, and VIGOROUS OLD AGE, invaluable to the Nervous, sedentary, Dyspeptic, and all those whose constitu- tions have become debilitated and relaxed from Ir- regularities of Life, Intemperance, Climate, Aae, or Disease, or from Over taxed or Abused Energies, whether of body or mind. (Jives Instructions and Ad- vicei for the Treatment of Nervous and Physical De- bihtj Local and Constitutional Weakness, Premature Decay, aiid all Disorders resulting from loss of vital foree, Also by the same Author, by Post Seven Stamps in Envelope, ON DISEASES PECULIAR TO WOMAN ? THEm AUSE, SYMPTOMS, AND (THE: I Thiswurkis?Tttten for the use of Females It is a Guide to the Cure of a class of aUments to which the Female Constitution is peculiarly liable. NOTICE • Consultation* free by letter. NOTICE.—The above Medical Works will he sent direct from the Author, in an Envelope, on the receipt of the amount in stamps. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY INVALIDS. CONSULTATION BY CORRESPONDENCE. THE AUTHOR OF THE ABOVE WORKS will Tfor the beneSt of country invalid-, on receiving a description of their case, send his opinion, Free of Charge, with advice and directions for restoration to Health. A Confidential form of Correspondence containing Questions. &c., to assist person-i in describing their case, will be sent, post free, on receiving a directed envelope. ADDRESS HENRY SMITH, 8, Burton Crescent, Loudon, W.C. 13z Business Announcements. THE OLD SWAN BREWERY. i. ABBOT STREET, WREXHAM (FOR PRIVATE FAMILIES OXLY), EDWARD LOYATT, PROPRIETOR, AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, Aynt for the Provincial Insurance Company, Tipper's Cattle Food, the Wrexham Tent Company- !K»3p (GALVANIZED IRON ROOFING. A THOUSAND SHgETg IN STOCK, VERY CHEAP. GALVANIZED IRON CORN AND HAY STACK COVERS. GALVANIZED IRON ROOFS, CHURCHES, CHAPELS, SCHOOLS, Ac. GALVANIZED IRON CISTERNS. IRON HURDLES Very Cheap. From 2s per yard. CONTINUOUS BAR FENCING From 2s. per yard. C ABLE STAND AND WIRE FENCING, From Is per yard. GALVANIZED WIRE NETTING, For Fowl Runs, Game, Ac. ROOFING FELT—VERY CHEAP. S SOTHERN, 21, CHARLES STREET AND 25, HE,Ml LAS STREET, Wit I-XHA At. 630  -N'V- I E R C E W. W. PIERCE' FAMILY AND DISPENSING CHEMIST, AND I ITALIAN WAREHOUSEMAN. 4 N E W STREET, MOLD. I KtiVATE RECIPES MADE UP WITH ACCURACY AND DESPATCH. I Agent for Homiepathic Medicines. Price List of I HORSE AND CATTLE MEDICINES. Physic Balls 8d. eac' (;s. per dozen. (!O?i(lition mtto. 4d..k Uriue dittI. 4d. .s. — Farcy diUo. 4d. 3s. — Cough ditto. 3d. — 2s. Condition Powders. 2s. per pound. Alterative ditto. Is. Üll. CATTLE MEDICINES. Cleansing drinks for Cows after Calving, Sd each. Alterative ditto for Yellows, Garget, Fevers, Ac., Is each. Diarrhea Mixture, for Scouring Calves, Sheep, and Lambs, in bottles, Is and 2s od each. Gripe Mixture, for Horses, in bottles containing two doses, -Is (iLl each. Driftield Oils, for cuts, wounds, bruises, swelling"s, <fcc., in Horses, Cattle iii(I Slit-ep, in bottles, at Is and 2s lid each. Application for Thrush in Horse,, and Foot Hot in Sheep, in bottles, Is tid each. 2514c TDlBER SLATES BRICKS TII.ES CEMENTS LATHS SEWERAGE PIPES And all other Building Materials jat E JJEKEMTH JONES'S, TIMBER YARD and STEAM SAW MILL, CHARLES-STREET, l*W WREXHAM. BILL POSTING BILL POSTING T H 0 M A S ILLIAMS, PICTURE FRAME MAKER AND GENERAL DEALER, It), Queen Street, Wrexham, Begs to inform the General Public that he bus made arrangements to Post or Deliver Bills in Town or Country. Advertisers may depend upon having their Bills properly posted or promptly delivered. 2t)55b JYJIGHAEL JJENRY QUMMOW, HOUSE AGENT. Rents collected upon the most advantageous terms. Also, Agent for the London Plate Glass Insurance Co. AGENCIES WANTED. Ad dress—5, STAN LEY- STREET. life CHARLES JJLAEKE, BILL POSTER FOR TOWN AND COU-N-TRY, TOWN CRIER AND NEWS AGENT FLINT. Agent for the sale of the WREXUAM ADVERTISER at Flint, Bagillt, Northop, and surrounding district. RELIEF FROM COUGH IN TEN R ?AIINUTE?;. HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF HOPEHO TTND. Is the most certain and speedy remedv for all dis- orders of the Chest and Lungs. In Asthma and Con- sumption, Bronchitis, Coughs, Influenza, Difficultv of Breathing, Spitting of Blood. Whooping Cough, Hoarseness, Loss of Life, &c., this Balsam gives in- stantaneous relief, and if properly persevered with, scarcely ever fails to effect a rapid cure. I It has now been tried for many years, has an estab- li, shed reputation, and many thousands have been benefitted by its use. IT HAS A MOST PLEASANT TASTE. IMPORTANT TESTIMONIAL. W'A/?M, C/i???!);S'/x?f!<y, Oc?&o- 11?, 1S76. —?-,—/ f'are given ?M,' .&!?.MM a ?M-.W)M? tdal, and, haviny found almost INSTANT KEDEF, 7?tf!M)V- commended it to several others, with the same rM!fM. I shall have pleasure in spreading the name and repu- tation of such a valuable household 'reniedy. I am, yours, ?c.. GEORGE CIVIL. Mr A. Uayman, Chemist, Neath. ?)-?. t/<!)/))!aK, C/M?!?, A'M?. In the Nursery it is invaluable, as children are fond of it, and take it eagerly. Immediately it is taken coughing ceases, restlessness is gone, and refreshing sleep ensues. No lady who has once tried it, would ever afterwards be without it. Prepared only by A. HAYMAN, Chemist, Neath; and sold by all Chemists. Price Is lid and 2s 9d per bottle. Sold by J. Francis, J. F. Edisburv, J. Davies, Jar- vis, and W. Ru?J?nft, chemists, Wrxham, 2tt80r | ESTABLISHED 1789. | r IV!L :HE: :R C E. -II I CABINET MAKER, UPHOLSTERER, AND || (ŒXEIUL UNDERTAKER, ¡ ??/7?? STREET, WREXHAM. |  AGENT TO THE PATENT METALLIC Am-I TWHT COFFIN COMPANY, LIMITED. f TB1HESK coffins are covered with white, X black, and crimson cloth or velvet, am) S every design of coloured and metal furniture is | I used. They are only ? the weight of lead coSins p 3 and are more durable. The expense is so small tj jS that they can be used for all funemls except those  of the very poorest, | ? Various sizes kept :u stock m'k 11 w! c; i__ t'?!'tt??'??/?.L.j<!?3?xu??-.?m??zma?a!?'?BB?Lfm!?.- ———————————————————————— —————————————— V OCKYK!! S SULPHUR HAIR RESTORER, JLj will completely restore in a few days, grey or prematurely light hair to its original colour without the slightest chance of injury. The Hair Restorer is the best ever offered for sale. It effects its object satisfactorily, producing a perfectly natural colour; thoroughly cleanses the head from scurf, and causes the growth of new hair. Sold everywhere by Chemists and Hairdressers, in large Bottles, Is titl each. Be sure to obtain LOC'KYER'S Sulphur Hair Restorer. !r:n CRACROFTS Ali EC A NUT TOOTH PASTE. By using this delicious aromatic Dentifrice, the enamel o. the teeth becomes white, sound, and polished like Ivory. It is exceedingly fragrant, and specially useful for removing incrustations of tartar on neglected teeth. Sold by all Chemists, Pots, Is and 2s (id each. (Get Cracroft's.) 923j SULPHOLINE LOTION.—An external remedy for Skin Diseases. The most obstinate eruptions and Pimples are subdued by Sulpholine. and a clear, healthy skin developed. Those complaining of tender, reddened, and irritable skins, or affected by the sun, rough winds, Ac., and even sufferers from Constitu- tional Skin Diseases will (lei-iven-eitt lienefit and com- fort by using Sulpholine Lotioit; which has powerful conserving and salutary action, removes the effect of constant perspiration, and maintains the cuticle in a free, healthy condition. Bottles, ti 9d each sold by all Chemists. !r2:)r PEPPER S QUININE lIl IRON TONIC will re- move Indigestion, Flatulence, constant Heart- burn, Weakness of the Stomach, Sinking Sensations, Nausea, Ac. Quinine Iron is the most effective treatment in all complaints arising from derangement of the Nervous System. 923z I PEPPER'S QUININE and mox TONIC. -The ir Remedy in all Wasting Diseases. So]dby? Clwmi,st'l in Bottles containing 32 doses, price 4s f!d next size Bottle, Us and in large Stone Jars, 22s. The sinature of J. Pm'pER is on the label in red ink. !!23z PEPPER'S QUININE and mON TONIC Purines and Enriches the B!ood: Strengthens the Nerves and Muscular System Promotes Appetite and improves Digestion Animates the Spirits and Mental Faculties, Thoroughly recruits the general Bodily Health, and induces a proper healthy condi- tion of the Nervousin(I Physical Forces. 923z -I TARAXACUM and PODOPHYLLIN.—A nnid Teoiiil)in:ttion for Derangement of the Liver, parttcuMy when arising from slight congestion. By gently sttmulatin? action of the liver, and subtly moving the bowels, the drowsy feeling, with sensa- tions of fulness, head-ache, pain beneath the shoul- ders (at the chest) after eating, unpleasant taste in the mouth, and other indications of dvspepsia are re- moved. Taraxacum and Podophyllin is much safer than calomel or blue pill for removing bile.-Prepared by J. PEPPER, 237, Tottenham Court Road, London, whose name is on the label. Bottles, 2s 9dand 4s 6d each. Sold by all Chemists. 923z Business Announcements. PER UV I AN GOVERNMENT GUANO. THE PUBLIC ARE HEREBY INFORMED THAT THE PERUVIAN GUANO COMPANY, LIMITED, 57, OLD BROAD STREET, LONDON. (By the terms of their Contract,) are the SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE Agents of the Peruvian Government for the IMPORTATION and SALE of its GUANO which the PERUVIAN GUANO COMPANY, LIMITED, ALONE now receive direct from the Deposits, and sell GENUINE, WITHOUT CHEMICAL TREATMENT OR ADMIXTURE OF ANY FOREIGN SUBSTANCES, The CONTRACT of MilSsUS DREYFUS BROS. & Co., having CEASED, they, their Agents, Messrs. J. H- SCHHODEH &- Co., and their local Sub-Agents, No LONGER represent the Government of Peru. H. SCHRODER A- Co., GIANO COMPANY COMPANY (HMnM)) ALONE, and no other pn¡ons, Hrma, or THE PERUVIAN companies are the Agents for the Sale of Peruvian Government Guano, the price of which is fixed strictly oi Anahsis made irom ach cargo by Dr. ASG. VOELCKER, CHEMIST OF THE ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND. The Cargoes are Sampled by independent parties—viz., the Dock Companies, or Sworn Weighers, in the presence of the Peruvian Consul, or of a representative of the Peruvian Fiscal Inspection. Consumers have thus every guarantee of the genuineness and value of the Guano bought from THE PERUVIAN GUANO COMPANY (LIMITED). Every facility will be given for iuspectingCargoes. Copy of Official Analysis ef each Cargo by DR. AUG. VOELCKER, and further particulars may be ob- tained on application to w. A. RAU, Sole Agent of the Consignees for the Sales in the United, Kingdom, 57, OLD BROAD STREET, LONDON, E.C. The Guano imported by the PERUVIAN GUANO COMPANY, LIMITED, can likewise be obtained:- At Glasgow, LeithA In. Scotland. from Messrs LAIRD &AnAMSO?, Dundee, Aber-V From .Messrs AI.EX. CROSS & At L,i. ve)pool, j 2, Adelaide Buildings. 2, Adelaide Bitilding.-?. At Gal way) In Ireland, Gloucester i. At Gal otty t) Glo?tcesterfrom llmsrs Fox, ROY, &Co. Sligo from lieid 'I. NOLAN I Falmouth Office, PI.mouth. At Cork, from .'M?sM MACKENZIE ? SONS, Limited..S?f/'n?fn? I At Bt'lJá¡;f aull l fonn Messrs (' Hn-s r. S At ?;'H from Messrs KE!GHU:Y,MAXTEn?CO. At Belfast and lformM„„sr. uf. s<oll. v -s Londonderry j I.At.LYeu?caNtle-ztl)on-Ty7?e, from Mr J. CAMERO SWA?. 2547be PERUVIAN GOVERNMENT GUANO. Messrs. DliEY FUS, BROS., & CO., Contractors with the Supreme Government of Peru, hereby Give Notice that by virtue of their Contracts, they continue to offer PERUVIAN GOVERNMENT GUANO. Chosen and imported by them direct from the best deposits of Peru, and FREE FROM ANY ADMIXTURE or CHEMICAL TREATMENT WHATEVER, through their sole and exclusive Agents, MESSRS. J, HEN II Y SCHRODER & CO., PERUVIAN DEPARTMENT, EAST INDIA AVENUE, LONDON, E.C., Depot at BIRKENHEAD, under the control of J. H. SCHRODER and Co., Peruvian Department, 13, Romford Place, Liverpool. OHLENDORFF'S DISSOLVED PERUVIAN GOVERNMENT GUANO. SOLD WITH GUARANTEED ANALYSIS. Delivered in a fine powdery condition, free from stones or lumps. THE PRICE HAS BEEN REDUCED BY Xi PER TOX, Further Particulars on Application to OHLENDORFF & Co., 15, LEADEXHALL STREET, LONDON, E.C., Depot -it BIRKENHEAD, under the control of J. H. SCHRODER and Co., Peruvian Department, 13, Romford Place, Liverpool. 2638 THE L I V E R WESTMINSTER BUILDINGS (LATE ART EXHIBITION,) HOPE STREET WREXHAM. J. FRY wishes to thank the Public ef Wrexham and district for the liberal support they have given him, and hopes by continuing to sell the BEST ARTICLES at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES, to merit a contiuuance of that support. I also hope the Public will be able to properly appreciate the SUDDEN DISCOVERY on the part of some that they can offer Goods at much LOWER PRICES than before, and I ask WHO CAUSED IT? AND WHO WILL YOU SUPPORT! JOHN FRY, PROVISION MERCHANT, 2921c HOPE STREET. RICHARD EVANS AND CO., THE LABORATORY, WREXHAM. PURE AERATED MINERAL WATERS, SODA WATER, GINGER ALE, SELTZER WATER, LEMONADE, POTASS WATER, VICHY WATER, GINGERADE, MAGNESIA WATER, LITHIA WATER, EAlf D E S E LT Z IN FRENCH SIPIIO NS. NOTE. These DERATED BEVERAGES are prepared from WATER supplied by our DEEP ARTESIAN SPRING QF THE PUREST QUALITY. Delivered in Town or Country. PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION. 1870j GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, OR VEGETABLE TONIC. APPROVED AND REGISTERED ACCORDING TO LAW. CONSISTING of Quinine and the active principles of Sarsaparilla, Saffron, Lavender, Burdock, Liverwort' Gentian, Ac., prepared scientifically in the proportions most desirable to ensure its perfect success. The great object of the Quinine Bitters is to set in order the main springs (as it were) of the mechanism of the body, and to remove the various causes which produce such painful effects in the human system. They assist digestion, promote and facilitate circulation, strengthen the nerves and muscles, purify the blood, brace up the system in short, bring the whole body into a sound and healthy condition. Being gifted with a highly tonic and digestive properties, they are specially recommended as an effective cure for depression of spirits, sensation of sinking in the stomach, bilious headaches, nervous relaxation, muscular weakness, wasting of the tissues, disturbed sleep, heartburn, cramp, pain in the stomach, &c. For all affections of the chest, such as hoarseness, cough, spitting of blood, asthma, &c., their effect is acknowledged and appreciated by those who have tried them. This remedy does not injure the teeth as it is composed exclusively of ingredients of a vegetable character, the action of which on the human system is mild but efficient, and adapted to all ages, from the infant to the adult, and to every variety of temperament and constitution. Tiiey can in no way injure the stomach, and the benefits derived from their hse is not the result of a temporary and injurious stimulant of the digestive organs, but they effect a radical and lastin° g cure by restoring the normal functions of the stomach, and acting in consort with nature to expel disease. Experiment will serve to establish it as a household remedy. As the Quinine Bitters act on the constitution generally the patient is cautioned not to be too sanguine of immediate success, and the patentee does not profess that they act in a "miraculous manner" or that the first dose cures," or in ten minutes," Ac., as may be often seen advertised but they will after a fair and continued trial, show their beneficial effects, if taken in time. The 4s fid bottle contains as much as two 2s 3d bottles, thereby the purchaser may save a shilling. The following testimonials from medical men will be Testimonials have been received from people who read with interest:- were never expected to recover. DEAR Sm"1 have examined your Quinine Bitters The Grand Hotel, Brighton, July 28th, 1S76 and find them to be quite free from all minerals, and am also pleased to add that have been very DEAR SII,-I feel it is my duty to the public and efficacious in numerous instances that they have come yourself to inform you that I have derived immense under my immediate notice, for general debility, a benefit from your Quinine Bitters, or Vegetable Tonic. tonic indigestion, Ac. I have frequently recommended I have been for some months a victim to head-aches, them with marked success. Signed, pain in my back, and I believe a general derangement S VML EL J..1. KiRBY, M.R.C.S., (Eng.), & L.S.A. of the liver. I am happy to say I now feel well, but I 2. Hanover-square, Kennington, London, Ttt, e 1-7 take a dose of your Bittew" occasionally, when my 2, Hanover-square, enn1l1,LOn, .OI( 0 "'r .1 ',appetite fails. To Mr GWILYM EVANS. Llanelly, South Wales. appetite fails. Yotii-.i faithfull-. ROBERT FOSTER. DEAR SIR, Your "Quinine Bitters" have been found t(i be of universal service in many cases in which i To MR GWILYM EVANS, F.C.S., M.P.S. I had recommended them. I have prescribed them ■ December 14th, 1877. and proved them to be efficacious for the following DEAR SIR,-I have been suffering severelv for a long maladies difficult and painful digestion, affections of time with indigestion and nervous debility and their the liver, and nervous debility. They seem to have attendant inconveniences. After tryin<* numerous re-I been mixed in very "happy" proportions. (to no purpose) I tried your Quinine Bitters, travelled considerably, I am in a position to say tIlUt the result is I am now a healthy man. Had I tried they :ire everywhere spoken of highly. it sooner, I believe I should have escaped many rest- Yours truly. T. W. Jones. ¡lyss nights and many pounds in money. Publish this Another doctor wrltes'to say that h- coiisid l's tile for the benefit of others. Quinine Bitters an elegant pharmaceutical preparation I Addles* -TlHHOmMnAs i iR.TE.fErs, which produces a .sound stat;, of the lungs and broil- cllial tubes, and a pure condition of the blood, by re- Decorator and Valuer, energizing the whole system. Forestfr's Anus, i,lailcii)-. late of Fishguard. For want of space no more testi_ moni, als c:iii be inserted. A list on appiication of all first-class chemists or direct from )11: GWILYM EVANS, Pharmaceutical and Analytical Chemist, Llanelly. Any chemist can order these free of expense, with their other goods from the wholesale agents Messrs j! Barclay and Sons, London Evans, Sons, and Co., Liverpool; Rowers Brothers, Chester PiIliIig and Graham, Manchester, Ac., Ac. 2131be AGE:\TS.MIt J' FRANCIS, and MR J. F. EDISBURY, CHEMISTS, WREXHAM." E LLTS'S RUTHIN WATERS. -0. pURE ÆRATED WATERS. RUTHIN WATERS.-CRYSTAL SPRINGS. J- SODA, POTASS, SELTZEU. LEMONADE, SOI)A,  LITHIA, and for GOUT LITIHA AND POTASS. Corks Bmnded, R Ellis ami Sons, Ruthi?,"and every bbe] hears thdr tra(le mark. Sold every- where, and wholesale of R. ELLIS A SON. Ruthin, North Wales. ;t21e P" NEUMODYNE. The Positive CURE for CON- I SUMPTION in all its Stages, and a true Lung Healer. PNEUMODYNE CURES SPITTING of BLOOD. CURES TUBEIiCULES. CURES CONGESTION. p Nl"lt'llODYNI- CURES ASTHMA. CURES DIFFICULTY of BREATHING, CURES HACKING COUGH, Ac. 1. p NEU M -n-ep;.i-eil froiii the Prescription of a Physician of high standing. PNEUMODYNE. In Bottles at 2s 9d and 4d (id of an Chemists and Medicine Vendors. Central Depot 293, Euston-road, London, N.W. 2784r JOSEPH pENTON & SONS, Manfacturers of Crucible Cast Steel Castings, Patent Colliery Wheels, Axles and Pedestals. Colliery Cages, Cage SlHes and Guides, Winding Pullies and Frames, Rail Ciossings. Points, &('. SYKES WORKS, SHEFFIELD. Please address inquiries and order MR W. GAMBLE, 13. QUEEN ST., WREXHAM, and the same will have prompt attention. 2220b SEWING MACHINES, BY ALL II MAKERS. PnICE FImU £2 EACH. I Weekly Payments take, I MACHINES KEPT FOl HIRING OUT BY THE DAY OR WEE", ¡ OIL, COTTON, THREAD, SILK, Ac. MACHINES CLEANED AXD REPAIRED. S. SOTHERN, I 21, CHARLES STREET, WREXHAM. 1349a HIGHLAND AND LOWLAND. FINEST OLD IRISH AND SCOTCH MALT WHISKIES, s. and 42s. per dozen. Being the production en tirely of the.old-fashioned Pot Still, these whiskies are rendered soft and mellow by the addi,tion of age only. THOMAS ^yiLLIAMS, WIXE MERCHANT, T 0 W N HALL, WREXHAM. 27iS4e „ THE CEFN AND GARTH STONE CO., J LIMITED, ARE prepared to deliver BUILDING STONE, in Block or Dressed to order. Engine Beds and Grinding Stones of all descriptions. jl Rubble Stone of excellent quality. Address for particulars to the Offices, at the Garth Trevor, near Ruabon. 2987b Business Announcements. E. pARKINSON, PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST, NEW STREET, MOLD, BEGS to return his sincere thanks to his numerous friends, and the public generally, for the liberal support awarded him for a large number of years, and to draw their attention to his |LARGE ASSORTMENT OF PICTURE FRAMES in 'great variety of mouldings and patterns. 1 EVERY ORDER PROMPTLY AND NEATLY ¡ EXECUTED. 2574e BILE, WIND, INDIGESTION. D R. KIN(x"; PILLS. The Best REMEDY for BILE, Wind, Indieestion, Headache, Sickness, Torpid Liver, Giddiness, Spasms, I Nervousness, Heartburn, and Debility. D R. Klycs PILLS. ONLY two Medicines really act upon the Liver; one is Mercury or Blue Pill, the other Dandelion. Thousands of Constitutions have been destroyed by Mercury, Blue Pill, or Calomel. The only safe remedy is DR. KIX(j'S DANDELION AND QUININE LlVER PiLLS. Which act very gently on the Liver, giving immediate relief in all cases of Bile, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Loss of Appetite, Giddiness, Spasms, Heartburn, Flatulency, Nervousness, Gout and all Disorders of II the stomach ami bowels. Is lAd, 2s 9d, 4:, fid, 'and I Is, per box, of all medicine vendors. ESTABLISHED 1797. 922c THE NEW LANCASHIRE STEEL PEN AND ALL OTHER PENS, Manufactured by EDWARD VOORSANGER, SOLD BY CHARLES G. BAYLEY, THE CROSS AND CHURCH-STREET One of the Agents for Oswestry. m ONTAUBAN',I Guaranteed Pure Cocoa CHOCO, LAT1NE. MONTAUBAN'S Economical. CHOCOLATINE. MONTAUBAN'S Try a Sixpenny Tin. CHOCOLA- TINE. MONTAUBAN'S See that vou get it. CHOCOLA- TINE. VERITY'S Bronchial and Pulmonary remedy for V Coughs, Bronchitis, Consumption, Asthmn, &c., agreeable and must efficacious. Is IM and ? :,d, 3?), Warwick St. W. & all Chemists.— POULTRY^.—If you want your Poultry to LAV well, PAY well, and THRIVE well, use x well, AR031ATICCO.?IPOU?ND for PO UI,TIV, GAME, &c. Sold in Is, ? M, 5., 10s, and ?)s Tins by Chemists, Corn Dealers, Ac. 10s and 218 Tins Carriage Paid to any Railway Station. Paragon Poultry Corn and Meal, Us per cwt. 2 Cwt. Carriage Paid to any Railway station in Great Britain. E. T. BROW, 31, Dean Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne. EAU. X-BONNL.q, Natural SL, Iiiie Sulphorous Water J of the Basses-Pyrenees, long favourably known and extensively used in France in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, consumption, quinsev, and all affections of the throat and lungs, may now be had of all chymists. Each bottle bears an English label with directions for use. A pamphlet and copy of Professor Attfield's analysis, sent post free, on ap- plication to the sole wholesale agents, STEBBING A Co., 6, Martin's-lane, London. KIPPERED MACKEREL in 1 and 2 Ib Tins Fresh English Markerel, Digby Chicks, Kip- pered Herrings, Yarmouth Bloaters, Oak-Smoked Herrings a la Sardine. Potted Meats, Game and Fish in Fancy Tins and Jars. Wholesale only.from MACOXOCHIE BROTHERS, RAGLAN WORKS, LOWESTOFT. (The largest Fish and Meat Preserving Factory in Great Britain.) 1 AAA PATTERNS of NEW SILKS or Dress -LvW Goods free. SILKS from 1 GUINEA to 20 GUINEAS. Write to D. NICHOLSON and Co., 50 to 52, St. Paul's Church Yard, London, E.C. Estab- lished 1843. THE Every-Day DINNER SERVICE. Set for T12. £ 4 15s. A marvel of good taste, economy, and indestructibility. TOUGHENED GLASS in great variety. Prices and patterns free by post. JOHN MORTLOCK, 202, 203, & 204, Oxford Street, 30 A 31, Orchard Street, Portman Square, London, W. £ )l H.P. Horizontal STEAM ENGINE and vertical ?2 BOILER, ?50. A quantity in Stock and in pro- gress. Particulars of N. G. WILCOCKS, Engineer, Back Street, Bath.  FROESCHEFs MARKING I?K PENCILS. oio Most simple in its use. No prepamtion, Patentee and Sole Agent, ASCHROLL, Scott's Yard, London, E.C. Importer of the Lyra Lead Pencils and Camel Hair Brushes. I Now Publishing. THE NEW PHOTOGRAPHIC ALBUM. ALBUM A DU   M°.S A  DIFFERENT DESIGNS ?U From Missals of the Middle Age at I THE BRITISH AND PARIS MUSEUMS. Of the Principal Stationers and Booksellers. Copyrighted and Stamped with the Publishers' initials. T. J. S. S. & Co.. HE P E RT H DYE WORK S -t (Established 1814). P. and P. CAMPBELL, General Dyers and Cleaners, Perth. Receiving Offires:- London, 475 & 476, Oxford- street Ditto, 27, Sloane-street, Belgravia Leeds, 4 & ii, Trinity-street Liverpool, 85, Bold-street I-EdiiiIJùrgh, 31, Cock- bum-street GI?igow, Sauchieh?H- street I Dundee, 33, Nethergate Dublin, 20, North Frede- rick-street And Branches throughout the Kingdom, the ad- dresses of which and any other information imme- diately supplied on application to the Works. Cata- logues post free. c ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS is war- ranted to cure all discharges from the Urinary I' organs in either sex, acquired or constitutional, Gravel, and Pains in the back. Sold in boxes, 4s (id each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors or sent to any address for 60 stamps by the Maker, F. J. Clarke, Consulting Chemist, High-street, Lin- coln.—Wholesale agents, Barclay and Sons, London, and all the Wholesale Houses. i)93z BRASS, REED, STRING, and DRUM and FIFE BANDS, PIANOFORTES and HARMONIUMS supplied at H?o?M? Prices, at J. MOORE'S, Buxton-I road, Huddersfield. Prices with drawings of every instrument post free. Music for any kind of Band. Patronised by the Army, Navy, Rifle Corps. Second- hand Instruments bought or taken in exchange. CONOMY IN FUEL, PERFECT COMBUSTION J'J CAN ONLY BE OBTAINED BY MEANS OF A SHALLOW FIRE, CONSTANTLY FED AS THE FUEL IS CONSUMED. Extract from letter from the Astronomer Royal. Walker's Patent Self-Feeding Stove effects its pur- pose exceedingly well, at no cn-eat expense, and with very little trouble. IT IS BY FAR THE MOST i EFFICIENT AND CONVENIENT STOVE FOR MAINTAINING A CONTINUED UNIFORM HEAT THAT I HAVE SEEN. G. B. AIRY, Royal Observatory, Greenwich." May be obtained through any ironmonger. T. WALKER AND SON, Oxford-street, Birmingham. } SEWAGE ^'REATMENT. THE NATIVE (a;AO ('mIPAY invite T'UOWN A U T H 0 R I I E S to visit the AYLESBURY SEWAGE WORK'S. ORDERS to VIEW can be obtained at 9, Victoria Chambers, Westminster, London, S. W. FArDIEHS should make their own ARTIFICIAL i IIAN LTRPS, and save fifty per cent. n" testi- monials from all parts it has been proved a good Manure, can be made suitable for all Crops without Machinery for about £ 2 per ton. Tiiis Manure can be prepared by any Labourer, Ingredients procurable ■ at any Market Town. For receipt and full instructions a small charge will be made. Apply to W, OWSTO.V1, Manor House, Granton, York. MANCHESTER, LIVERPOOL, AND NORTHERN COUNTIES. HORSE, CATTLE, PIG, POULTRY', AND GAME CONDIMENT, used in Her Majesty's Stables and patronized by the leading Agriculturists in t'te?! Kingdom. AGENTS WANTED apply, J. p);? Wigan, Lancashire. O CORPORATIONS, LOCAL BOARDS BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS, STONE- MASONS, PAMORS, AND OTHERS.-JOHN FLETCHER & SONS, Engineers, Ironfounders, Ac- Eagle Foundry, Booth-street, Salfovd (50 yards from Blackfriars Bridge), beg to invite attention to their LAMP PILLARS, GULLY GRIDS, for hWiwavs streets, passages, &c.: MANHOI?E COV?{S for streets, VENTILATING GRIDS for sewere, STORM sewers, GRIDS, GLUTTON STORM GRIDS, AREA GRIDS COAL GRIDS, SASH WEIGHTS, &c., thousands of which are now in use. THE ALIOMAHC GAS LAMPS makes its own T,as as it burns, equal to and cheaper than coal g THE SUN GAS ?IACHiN?, for making gas with- Toitt coal, requires no skiUed labour. Can be set up anywhere. Apply to the Sun Company, 115, South- wark Street, London. LATES, Slate Slabs, Stone, Tiles, Bricks, Cement, IO Stoves, Ranges, Gutters, Nails, Marble and enamelled Slate Chimnies. ASHTON A GREEN, 11, 12, 14, and 15, Bury Street, St. Mary Axe, London, E.C. Branches 77, and 7S, Victoria Street, Bristol, and 11, Westland Row, Dublin. Catalogues on application. A CHE S T OF TEA for Ss. Alt contains 16 lbs net pure Strong Congou, less than Is 7d per lb, but worth, s 6d retail Carriage not paid Cash with order. Never at the price before. Half-pound sample by post to any part of the Kingdom for 15 stamps. JOHN MIXER & CO., 95, Newgate St., London, E.C. Estab. 1S51. EGERTON BURNETT'S ROYAL SERGES Repeatedly Supplied to the ROYAL FAMILY direct. The Court Circular, The Queen, Civil Service Gazette, Myra's Journal, < £ «., d c., testify to the superiority of Ejjerton Burnett's Serges as par excellence the material for Ladies' weal'. Woven from the finest wools they surpass all others ill durability. Neither salt, water, nor rain will affect them. Orders daily received for these excellent Goods from all parts of the Kingdom. Prices from Is 21li per yard. New Mixtures for Autumn. Extra Milled do. for Gentlemen and Boys' hard wear. Pattern Bool-s Ca i-riaile paid on all parcels over ±2. EGERTON BURNETT, Woollen -Nierchaiit, Wellington, Somerset. LAMPLOUGH'S PYRETIC SALINE is most agreeable and efficacious in preventing and curing fevers, small pox, and eruptive complaints. It instantly relieves the most intense headache and thirst, and if given with lime-juice syrup, is a specific in gout and rheumatism. 113, Holborn-Uill, E. C. Business Announcements. NOTE." ON CONSUMPTION and WASTING DISEASES successfully treated with "JJ/U- RATED OIL," with Canes shewing the hum, tUati in- crease in weight produced by d. By G. OVEKKND DKKWRY, M. D., Physician to the Niitiouid Free Dispensary for Consumption and W:istil!g diseaws, Gower St., W. Published by Diprose and liatrl.l.i'l, London. AUTHOR'S NOTE. The further resuks wl.icii I have obtained dccidedly strengthen me in the belief that more is to he expected from the useof Iljdrat'-d Oil' in Consumption, than from any remedy yet dis- covered." Popular Edition, Post Free tid of J..M. Richards do Co., (ft. Russell St., London, W.N. ROUGHS, COLDS ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, and NEURALGIA, DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE, A few doses quite eftei tnal.—Caution.—T he exllM- ordinary medical reports oil the etlic.'UrV of Chlorodyne render it of vital importance tllal the public should obtain the genuine, which is protected by a Government stamp, l.carirg the words "Dr J. Collis Browne Vl.hloro'l_\ See decision of Vice-Chancellor Sir W. Page Wood, the "Times," July, Kith, 18(54. Numerous testimonials from eminent Physicians accompany each bottle. From W. C. WILKINSON, Esq., F.K.C.S., Spalding. I consider it invaluable in Phthisis and Spasmodic I Cough; the benefit is very marked. Dr. M'Millman, of new Gallowav, Scotland. I consider it the most valuable medicine know. Sold in bottles, lid, 2s M, A Is'id by all Ciiem.'scs Important to Keepers of Valuable Horses &- Cattle, Sheep, Ac. THE M A (t I C M I X T U R E." TAn infallible remedy for Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Dogs, and Poultry. For all kinds of Inflam- mation, Colic, Retention of I rine, Coughs and Colo's. E. HORNBV, Stockport, Inventor. In bottles 4s M, 8s, 21s, contains six small ones. London Agents— Sutton & Co., Bow Church Yard., E.C. T-i F,, GREAT CURE for CONSTIPATION and X PILES. This remedy never fails to do what is re- quired of it. (5 Stamps. Address JAMES CRAIG, MAIN STREET, KI;.SY'IH, N.B. How TO INCREASE YOUR INCOME .CiO p. r WEEK in a genteel manner, without risk. Send your address and we will inform you how e:ther sex may become rich honc.->tey ana secure hai>;>iri-s No capital required. S-:nt .free. Address NOVELTY COMPANY, Eceles, Manchester. C' ONJURls(l-r-ilj(;I-J'I )\'S, GA.MES~^d ?/ M()i)HLENGi\K.S;it.Who)c?IcPr:L-n. ?? Catalogues, f?., Conjuring Tricks, 400 Illustrations, li stamps. Toys, Games, Ac., UO Illustrations, 4 stami*. Ioùel Engines & fittings, 80 Illustrations, 4 sti). HAMLEY'S, n, Fiigh Holborn, London. LONDON'S CHEAPEST MARKET. CARPETS and FURNITURE, SILKS, DRAPERY, MOURNING, Ac. PATTERNS AN:> PARCELS CARRIAGE FREE. ALMANACK AND PRICE LIST I'(); FREE, M I' E N A B 1, 1.' s 0 N S i Contractors to the School Board fur London, 103, 104, 105, Whitechapel, and 2, 4, 0, S, 10, li, and 29, Commercial St. Postal Address—Whitechapel, London, E. OUSE PROPi?'i?' WA'.fKl)—L'?t(? and H ?0 miles round. A few thousand pounds to in- vest in Freehold or Leasehold, or ground rents awl land. J. HENHY, Esq., 4, Priory Road, Kilourn, London.   RAIN-PROOF CHAPES. The onh- BI:t'T Cras J? which REALLY WILL NOT SPOT with ?AiN, are stamped RAIN-PROOF" and a GUARANTEE is attached to EVERY PIECE. PACKET JEWELLERY." Useful and fancv JL Artic1e WHOLESALE OXLY! Goid silv? Gilt, Plated and .Mourning Goods, Heads, Combs, Brushes, Arc. SAMUEL HARRIS^, Bead .Mcrcbumt, 154 and 155, Houndsditch, Loudon. w u :wd Co., l?t Patentees, j' 373, OXFOIW ST. I LONDON. W. i) INCING and S.A USAGE i f P MACHINES, M .sticators to assist digestion, Knife Cleaners Mills for Coffee, Peppi- r, Cocoa, <&c. The new Wheat Mills, C(ii-Yet Roasters, Vegetable Slicers, and other labour saving inventions. !t!:)stmted CabIogues post free. BO N D'S M A R K I N G I N K.—C A U T I O N. J) To Wholeside and Retail Dealers,-Take Notice that on Kith November, 1877, in an action Hickisson and Another against Murphy," judgment was given for Plaintiffs with damages and costs, and a PER- IIETUAI, ISJIISCTION granted RESTRAINING the said Mrs MURPHY and her Agents from LSI NO the word "BOND" upon any Labels manufactured by, or for her; or from any way representing the Ink manufactured by her to be Bond's Marking Ink. J. Hiekisson, Proprietor of the Daughter of the late John Bond's Crystal Palace Marking Ink, 75, Southgate-rd., London. USIC.—SING, 0 RIPPLING RIVER by J. ?I.B. WEKERLIX. This Song, w hich has achieved such popularity on the Continent, is now ready with English words under the above title. In E. b for Soprano or Tenor, in C for Contralto or Baritone. "But the effect produced by Wekerlin's "sing 0 rippl- ing river,' is beyond description it was twice encored amidst literal thunders oi applause: the audience seemed electrified. It reminded us of the exciting reception of 'The Lover and the Bird' in its early days indeed it is a similar kind of song, brilliant anil showy, with an exceptionally taking melody." Easy compass: post free for 24 stamps. London: ALF. PHILLIPS, KILBURN lil)., N.W. N.B.-Tlie Music of allpllblidters sent free by return of post for half price (nett works excepted). 15,000 works kept in stock. Address as above for all music in future required. I^LK.NITLKK, CARETS, &c. Uru?eJs, 2<. 4M. 1. 2s. M. 3s. 3d. :md best 3.s. Ud. none In?hpr or better, Tapestry do., Is. IIJ}à. ,£;JiJ,OOO of Furniture, Bedsteads and bedding at very reduced prices. All Goods warranted, packed and delivered free to any Railway Station.—WM. WAIE. Wholesale, Export and General Furnishing Warehouseman, 131 to 139, Newington Butts, London. New Illustrated Priced List Gratis. MOR LEY & Co's Solid Walnut BEDROOM _i?j SUITES. No veneer, Warranted, Comprising Wardrobe, Toilet Table, Drawers 22 by 16, (. liss Wash- stand, Dedside pedestal chairs & towel raiis, packed free for 12 Guineas. THE BEsT and CHEAPEST in the World. Designs post free. MOllLEY and Co., 56, Wilton Itoad, Pimlico, London. VENETIAN BLINDS made and painted by Ma-  chinery, at M per foot. IHustrated list five. I R. Green and Co., Kilbura Blind Works, Canterbury Road, London, X. W." N AS. I PORTABLE I VAPOUR BATH. ¡ i WITH this simple apparatus %V one may enjoy the luxury of a Vapour Bath for the almost incredible expense of 4d. No family should he without one. Prospectus post free. S. NASH, 253, Oxford-street, W. BRADFORI)I.SJOCRNAL of SPECIALITIES for J) ISíï includes a full description of the New Patent Shuttle Washing Machine, Xcw Churns, New- Bone Mill, New Potato Washer, AT., and also further particulars and the reduced prices of the Vowel Washing Machines free by post. T. BRADFORD and Co., 140, HI, 142, and ??. High Holborn, Lon- don Cathedral Steps and Crescent Iron Works, Man- chester also No. 130, Bold St., Liverpool. Catalogues free on application. IMPORTANT to USERS of STEAM POWER. WH. PL ATT An COMPANY, AHTOX- We UNDER-LYNE. Manufacturers of ev" description of ENGINE AND PUMP PACKINGS specially made for and adapted to MARINE, Loco' I MOTIVE and STATIONARY ENCINES, STEAM HAMMERS' PUMPS, AC. Best and cheapest Packing made- Samples and prices free oil application. Post Free for Five Stamps, from MR T. CONGREVE, PECKHAM, LOX DO X, "CON SUMP T IONT ITS ONLY SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT." (New Edition) with many Interesting Cases of Cure. IRON HURDLES. mo HURDLES^ AB kinds Jt_ of Iron Hurdles, Continuous Fencing, Fielil.,in(i Entrance Gates, Manufactured by BAYLISS, JONES, and BAYLISS, Victoria Works, Wolverhampton, and 3, Crooked-lane, King William-street, London. Catalogues free on application. NIXK\SlÜ.ACI{ CLE-KNLIN ESS, W. G. NIXEY.;O: Refined Black LEAD. -Used without waste or dust. ( Sold everywhere. Ask for W. G. NIXEY'S BLACK LEAD, and see that you have it. 12, Soho-square, London. CAI'TIO-N.-Iliei-e ai-c several imitations. HOT WATER APPTK.VrUSB01LKHS,ana jLJL Pipes complete. From 50s, for every green- house. Send two stamps for a catalogue with 100 Illustrations. J. MUSSETT, Winstanlej-road. Clap- ham Junction, London.  -4 1^ OOFING <ah"utiKed<rm?t?t Iron, a liqulda- It) tit),l ;i,)toIl?,, ii,lw 7, :Uld? lengths, 2ft wide, isssy to tlx. Also several tons good second-hand;;t m .MI'llREYS',3(>. B-'rou?h Road Station, London, s.E. EVERYONE WHOHASAUARDEN SHOULD II mu:) OTT'TON'S A .? ATi? r' ?1: f' n??or?s?.'?iew'Md j S Lq-t?atly edition devoted to instructions on the cultivation of Vegetables, Flowers, and Pot'itr-s. Embellished with a HANDSOME COLOURED PLATE and HUNDREDS OF ENGRAVINGS, Price Is., or Post Free Is. 3d. LT T T () N 's S I' rTnG C A T A L 0 t7 E I a Contains Priced descriptive List I Of ALL SEEDS and POTATOES. Gratis and Post free on application. ALL WHO HA n: GARDENS SHOULD SOW S l: T T 0 X 's H O Ml 7, R <rw N SEEDS. SPECIAL COLLECTIONS FOR I SMALL GARDENS gUTTON'sj s Sl!TTUX'S! !bCJ ITruX'1 !? gl'TTON's S UTTOX'SI ks FTTOX'sl k-S- gUTTON sjj S- UTTON's: j gUTTON's i C? L'TTO;S ? ? SUTTON's; SUTTON s Ii S s-I U'I'TON' "%TEGF.TABLE > hE\), THE COTTA(. E COLLECTIONS, A, 2s. (id. B, 5s. THE VILLA COLLECTIONS. C, 7s. (id. D, 12s. (id. Laraer Collections. £:! 2; ;¡ :1". s ",TTON'. FLOWER SEEDS. THE COTTAC E COLLECTIONS, E, Is. (Id F, 2s. (id. THE VILLA COLLECTIONS, G, 5s. H,7s.t!d. 'olIe(.tiolls. 10s. (id. ami 12s. 20s. VALUE CARRIAGE FREE. Friends and neighbours com- bining: their orders will he supplied at a great reduction. iSEEDS. SEEDH, SEEDS. jSEEDS. SEEDS. SEEDS. 'SEEDS. ?SEEDS. :SEEl>. ¡ SEEDS. WEDs I iED: I ?SEEDS.! I ? C?UTTO?A?s???. < TheQueen's( i{KAnt\<) 1 SEEDSMEN, | j THE ALLIANCE SOCIETY, 51, Moorgate Street, London, E.C. To INVESTORS: 5 per C'nt. IlIteret Bonuses and Drawings. To BORROWERS Advances free of Interest. Prospectus on application to the Secretary. AGENTS WANTED. -1 THE PETRIFYING SILICATE PAINTS PRO- i TECT IRON from CORROSION WOOD from DECAY. Do NOT BLISTER, ARE NON-POISONOUS, BRILLIANT, DURABLE, ECONOMICAL. For HOUSE, SHIP, and GENF.RL USE. Manufactured in all Colours hy the SILICATE PAINT COMPANY, LIVERPOOL. Business Announcements. -J- "r.. ?YM!JAKT!C APPARATUS for SCHOmw' B? VOLUNTEERS, SOCIETIES, AND Pun-iTi FAMILIES. mustr?dPro.spt.f.tus pot free Cnutt? SPENCER, I, Ambler Rd., Finsbury Park f(lik(lon. P.-itd. 20 Years. Contractor to. Her Department for Military Gvinnasia c EIZLI.N WOOI,aii(i OJJKMAN NEEJ)LFJ WNI?Iv J Imported direct by j ? utAfe*.». Inn, Y„ sw„,ilrtli t It I l.o.Nl)o., I PERFORATED CARDBOARD, CANVAS, FILOSFIT.- '« j Price List pot free. c | SINGER 1 SINGER SINGER • E I N C AT THE REDUCED I'itlCKS Cin only he had in Wre\lmia 1 tli ■ s:Y'l f?tuiuit; Company's Branch <);), « ??f!)'rj' "1' -'TREET. 2.000,000 already ,ol,i s',u' "'?' 'n ?4 4s at 2s 6ù per wee?. 1-? I,Pr et,.nt. 'sromtt fw Cas'i. CAUTION.—Beware of t)?W who ™ advpri^io, ¡ M?:?, .nd only ofier ?n imitaii* 2Iï:;7h tSKjJU f" .JAMEs LfNS-w a Donegal Pl^acve 'l-i i c -^V. ) T IN ENS. forward ?.  1 Carriage paid o:l p.u.0J;- (j'old ¡ upwards m value. i ( DAMASK TAELE LINENS Di«kp»C Sl/n:T!S, y rr!N,<» I PTLI.OW LINEN, shikti.vIs, TOWKI i INCS j ^ery descriptions of L?? FAERICS for H:?, Manufacturers ,,f P!„in H..n?ti?,(..[ ,„„; | j Embroidered Cambric HimkerclnVfs. PR.'CE LIST AND PATTERNS POST Flif'p. I JAMES LIN SAY A CO., Linen Merchants' Belfast. ??GSFORD'S OSWEOQ I PREPARED <oR? TH; OTUGINA:, OF Aa SIMILAR RKI:I'ANUMS FOR Puddings, Custards, Blanc Man" -'e and infants and Invalids' Food, Ac., Has been awarded the FIRST PlUZE MEDAL 0\ EVERY OCUASIOV OF EXHIBITION. Sold in Retail hy BENSON AND Co., 11, Hii-ii-str^t I Wivxh'im, I AND WHOLESALE í:Y TIlE 0 S W EGO c o r.r p V v- i > j i4, rp)(-r Thames Street, London. J. H. FAXON, Sole Agent for Great Britain.  B?Ut-S GOUT AX? RHhu?AUr??'? Price hlkl and 2. lid :per THIS prcp?t;.);) is nnf?f the i?elleflt:, the Ts(!ienm. of mn?rn <-h..)n?tr" has coZmV.-r 1 mankind; for d,.r? the fir,t't ,?r,"t;? pre?nt c<utu? ? speak of a ti.„ !? ? considered ? n.m?.-e hut u?v the <-?.<?. 'oÎ thfs medicine is so MY demonstrated, 1., „\l nhc^d te.thnLnh from j)t ;'St)ns in ev,.rv nlnk !!f "? t? p.h.. ?, pr.h.?\h,. as :.?:; most important discoveries of the present :?? T'?e Pills require no constraint of diet ?rfJ(,n"f!r.' ment dnnug this u.? ?nd are certain to pr?t,. disease attacking any vital part. °'' Mwiidne or ??"? through anv (-IlemLqt. -'?)' THE PERFUME of PURITY. CONDY's OZONISED WATER (fr-r t.ti'et j,»rpt«n) 'rem.,ves fi]) impllrt:' tastf" from the mouth, heightens 1 the brilliancv of the >.e. softens the skin, and strengthens the voice -Of'ad Chemh-u, or direct from the City Depot, Ol, iiUt.en Vicwriu. Street, London, E.C. CaiUum. Every bottle uf this article andOim's should ,ie:ir the fac simile signature of H 1101,L?TANN of ilnit3. i.-n.?dM Condys," by unscrupulous Chtm ? for the sAo of extra profit. VTC?TjTiV?'?? '"K??r'Tt'5. VIOLI-INT?S t,-? L-5. STRINGS 3d. 4d' 5d, fid, andvil. J. W. CHATEli, Importer, s'i, chvton-street' WI. D 0 U G I L L S ('e.?hrtt?! WBRI ASS and !n< MKDSTE4DS PERAMBULATORS, WASJflXK M.HHIM'S Illustrated Price Lists. MilMiill, Leeds. CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR'S PRESENTS THE A 1 G t. M P A R T E R |; i- (Registered.) 18 DIFFERENT COLOURED FLORAL DESIGNS with Title and Index Pages. Royal 4to size bound in Russia or Murom. SIXTH EDITION, REDUCED PHICE, FROM ijs. Of the Principal Stationers and Booksellers. N.B.—Each Hook is Stamped Copyright with the Publishers' Initials, T. J. S. S. A Co. W. AND T. J ONES AND Co.. London. Oil ..Merchants, Petroleum Importers, and Dn. salters. "W.S.J." MACHINERY OIL. "White Star," "SOUTHWARK SPERM CANDLES," Sold by all Druggists, Grocers, Ironmongers, and Oilmen. "mHE OIL ?IKHCHANTs ? DRY:LlEH" 66 T PRICE, BOOK." nYW.it.tyenh:)?p.h.r.?. 9S, Southwark-street, London, S.E. New Edition. Post free 2s fid. JMPORTAVT INFOll M A T KIN. DR. KOBERTSS CELEBRATED OINTMENT, Called the POOH Confirmed by more than Sixty Years' experience an invaluable remedy for Wounds of every description. Burns, Scalds, Bruises, Sore and Inflamed Ejes. :.nd Scorbutic Eruptions. sold in Pot. at Is I ul, i- !•< lis, and 22s each. Also, his PILIiLÆ ANTISCROPHUL.E, One of the best alterative medicines for purifying tlie hlood and assisting nature in all operation*. The) form a mild and superior family aperient, which may be taken without confinement or change of diet. Sold in Boxes, Is Ud, ii(l, 4s (Id, lis. Prepared from the Original Recipe of the Larwill, Lyme Regis, one of the best renu dies in the worki for the cure of Dropsy, Bilious Complaints. Ir cipient Disease of the Heart, Lungs, Arc. They are "f the greatest utility in Female Complaints, .-mil tlieir operation is easy and gentle. Sold in lio\e-. id [I'1 Sold by the Proprietors, BEACH A EAKNK'OT'I. at their Dispensary, Bridport; and by all ivspi a.d e Medicine Vendors in the United Kin-ilein Colonies. 171" Money. THE CAMBRIAN LOAN AND INVEsT.MK.NT COMPANY, LIMITED, J" t "'11'. IS preparell to advance any sum from i'o to ±ail:[ t upon personal or other security, for periods ot from three months to two rpayable by \WCK1>, monthly, quarterly, or other in-F ;!nieiits. t.ood OIIJS discounted on advantageous terms. Hie stricte-t confidence observed.- Applications to be wide to the Secretary, Mr James Price. (itticcs. Suii.mer Hill, mar 1 f J'" I. 11"1; 11 .,1 11" lilt! Wrexham. Forms of application furni_shed tree, aim if applied for by post will he forwarded on receipt »i a stamped directed envelope. 01,1 MONEY immediately advanced to ?'V !? 1.f from i'50 and upward*, upon every description of security, comprising real and persona, estioe- '1"" (I ,[1" fanning stock, reversions, ennuiUcs. Inriiitiire out removal), life policies, ami any other tamJMc sonal security. No th,n?es )')?.!<' or t-o?mi:'?"'? taken, .md the strictest ;c:t't'y win ill aU eases '?' o" f I' '1lrl f"h',l,¡ "j ?ryc.i. Interest as fo noY.v' On f'?h?i? kiWk-llohls ?om 3 per cent, per ?'iU'Hr.. prisnaio security hotu 4 per cent, per annum, ?:!)e) secluitK'j t. 'II' lI"'Ui";II¡ at equally reasonable rate. Applicants are to :ro;?Y'))t tllt iirst instance :A letter. COIltJoIlilU  ):)) "I"\{"('II" particulars, in order to sa.e i:mi«cessary' Ivell'-V. Frederick Mav kins, Esq., !), Givat 1,1l' 11 BioouMbury, London. W.c. -1' I%/iÎ)EY LENT -? IT.RsilNAl. «i OTHKll IyI SECURITY. ?TiH. H WREXHAM LOAN VXD )\\i'?' J.. l. t 11'11' "1'1\' '1.111 COMPANY, .mnt" prepared to Sill,, from ?ato £ 500 upon Per?'ua) or other Seciiritj, 1'' Pdiods"f 'rom three months or two years repay bv Weekh. l"nth)y, (;u:t;'hrh. or other Instaliui lit-. ?«od Bills j??o).iit"d on advanta^i-oas t'.?' Tne strictest conlidonc observed. A)'p)ir.?? t" made to the Secretin Mr John I'-V (}ait: Ticple Place ?'ver th" Conntv Court Wrexham. Forms of :.t')'??Li.w furir-hed flee.. f if np-'hed f<? bv post, ? i)! h? forwarded on rei-t 'rL'?. a stampeil directed envelope. -Whe,.lloil!)! till" pose of making advances and receiving rep.?tiM?'' from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 1 I ItfONEY MONEY MONEY ADVANCES immediately wards, on application to N, S. HAnT. 52, TOWER-BUILDING, WATEK-STKEKT, Livi.iti'ooi • r. J, AU h.(Hsch<)h?rs. professional gentlemen, cai I1'^ pri??.M(r?'wt!er:.tr:t.)'niL-?,fannt?..tn')?t" requiring temporary advances in -t :-ot(''l'I'Y. at :i modenite rate of interest, and repayable l>> ■' inst:t'ne?tst?suitt!ic'r respective incomes, si'.o •( apply at the above address. No sureties required. ;< No charge of any description unl, ess tli.t IIPM •. :ul vaneed. AH genuine I,tll',41,Ill,, or by letter, promptly atteii'led to. H'II 'r" W- ?.tOXHY TU L!?f '? H"'?'??' j?JL .))V.?<?:AXK.'???- ,?'?. ?..f sureties T?.st.i.??pnv;?-?.'? £ i0 to t'2,<KI!i re: iily to be advanced ,I,I,. III .mn.?.suit-<;eutL.n.??; L..h. ."u"?? ho?)<.rs." ?-s.iuu..[(;.?t'c'?.?' ',?.. holding pcnnun?t ,tnati" '? ?,\t,? into business, and others, upon IW". t in .• h..ir h?'t?iSiUt-??nd others. u)???;t? '??,?, own security, W¡thOH qiii*t,'Lli, to Farmers, Cowkeepers, Car Pi'o;>in V t .1 .?! upon thCtrc?-rts ?ith<?t .?" ??.?.?? tlwir own undertakings, without ? f ?i.n.f-? surct'M, which can be repaid '"? ,h. other t?TtM M may he ;?T?.'d "). < x''t ,?"? sm- year and upwards, to enable t'!?' ti ilH'l'l'a ? t]u.jr st.K.-h? Md render t)?m every t,np.?r? accoinmodation. hxectitii)iis (i lit,r ll:,itl Distance no ohied. Every infor ■ >n ?,i;j, Dist?uM unmeet, ???"????i???'? afforded. The nank having ar?<. ? j,] no good application refused. No eon. ,v;th aii> other .mce in England. Apply pi» ]]v (or if by letter state amount required), to Lt.?'"?' ??.?-.27. ??t, South John-street, Liverpool. IJb