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HOME INVESTMENTS.—^The Lirrrjwol Courier has the following paragraph :— Home Enter- prise.—We understand that Mr William Abbott, the well-known stockbroker of London, has to- day taken, on behalf of various capitalists, the shares of Eherle's Hotels and Restaurant Com- pany, Limited." This undertaking is well- known in Liverpool, and the placing of the shares shows that people are to out more eagerly for the means 4-f money profitably in hoiiit* uiuiort.ikiit^. J,i\ci" pool, of all places, possessing as it does a large itinerant or shifting population, ought to aflord "ood scope for the operations of a company of 1'}' I' 1 thi" kind. The capital is Market Rennc. AMATEIR CONCERT AT KHOS- — On Monday evening, an amateur concert was given at the Rlios Schools, in aid of the debt of £ 170 remains ing on the Parsonage. Mr E. Evans, Bronwylfa, presided, and there was a very good audience, thr ladies and gentlemen present including :11'. and Mrs Jones, Vicarage; Mr ami Mrs Fitch, Evans and party, Bronwylfa, the Kev. J. Jones Gardden Hall; The Misses Turner, Gardden; Rev. M. Hamer, Wrexham Misses Forshaw. Miss Hughes and Party, Fennant: Rev. J. Rees, Firtree Cottage; Mr Woodford, Miss Thelwell, and Party, Pentrebychan Miss Greville, IeY. R. Jones, Mr and Mrs Baker, the Schools; Mr Magin, &e. A very attractive programme was excellently rendered, the ladies and gentlemen who took part including, in addition to an effective Glee Party, Miss Evans, Miss Jones, Miss Grant, Rev. J. Jenkins, Mr Daniel Roberts, Mr C. Simpson, Mr Matthew Jones, Mr W. C. Hughes, Master A. K. Evaus, J\)a.'ter A. E. Jones, &c. All present enjoyed a thoroughly good entertainment.