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WREXHAM.—THURSDAY. WREXHAI.-THCRSDU. White wheat (per measure) old. Os 0(1 to Os 011 Ditto ditto new 7s Oil to 7s M Keil wheat, old (per hush 75ths.) Os (M to Os Oil Ditto „ new 7s Od to 7s Oil Oats old (per bushel of 4Glbs) f)s Od to Us Oil Ditto neiv 3s 3d to 4s 3d Seed do Os Od to Os Od .Malting barley (per :¡"f}ts). Cs 441 to tis 7d (Grinding do. per tiOIbs). 4s !Id to 5s 3d Potatoes, new (per I.Allb) 5s Od to (is 0d Butter (per lb.) of IS ox.) Is &1 to Is 1011 lieef (per tb.). Us {HI to Us HId Illtton(perlb.). Os Dd to 0s lid Pork(perlh.). 01 7d to 01 Mj Veal (per Ib.). 01 7d to 0s ?d? Lainb (per lb.). Os Od to Os Od Fowl (per couple). :Is fill to 4s lid Dueks 4s titl to 5s OIl Turkeys, cocks (per couple). 0s Od to Us Oil Ditto hens, lis Od to Us Od Geese, (per lb.) Os !)d to Os lUll 1-:1;s 7 to JO for a Shilling. MOLD. 11 WKDNESIUY; White wheat, per hobbett, OO, Oil to Oils red wheat, los 6d to ltis litl oats, 7s tiel to 8s lid malting barley, 13s Oil to 14s tid; potatoes, per 2(Wilis, 1.5s 1):1 to 14s hutter, per Ill, Is (id to Is 7d; 10 to 12 for a shilling. CHESTER. CORN, Saturday.-There was a fair attendance at to-day's market, but only a few samples of English wheat on offer. Prices were without change, red being worth 7s 31 to 7s (id per bushel. Oats and bar- ley in small supply at last week's rates. Indian corn steady at the (Iiinititioiis. Old. New. Wheat, white, psr 75111 tis Od to Os Od.7, fid to 7s Oil Ditto, red 0s Oil to 0s 0d.7s 3d to 7s fid Barley, malting, 3Sqts. 0s Od to 0s 0d.. (is (id to (is '.Id Ditto, grinding, (jllb. tis Od to 0s 0d.4s 3d to 4s 1:11 Oats, per 4(ilbs 0s Od to 0s 0d.3s 2d to 3s (id Beans, per Sol') (I:i Od to lis 0d.()s Oil to 0s thl Ditto, Egyptian, per -lxUlhs lI:i Oel toO"od.:¡;¡sO¡J to:!Ç¡stj¡J Indian corn per 4«01bs..31s ltl to32s Otl.ili; lid t0 30 i)d OSWESTRY. WKDNKSDAY. -The following were the quotations Wheat, 7s. Id. to 7s. (id. per hushcl barlev (nialtin-), (is. (ld. to (is, !I¡I. oats, :ti. till. to ,Is, (id. butter Is lid. to Is. 7(1. per lb. 7 to 9 for a shilling fowls, 3s. Oil. to 5s. (id. per couple ducks, 0s. Oti, to Os. Od. per couple geese, 4s. (Jll, to (is. Od. each turkeys, 0s. 1)(1. to 0s. Od. each potatoes, 10 lbs, to 14 lbs. for i shilling. RUTHIN. TI-ESIUV.—Red wheat per luibbett new, Irs. to 17s. i Oats, ditto new, 7s. (id. to !)s. .Malting bariev ditto, Lis. (el. to I Is. (d.. Urmlhn, .I.ttll, ](b. tll lIs, Butter, Is. S,l. to Is. !)d. per lb. Beef, 8d. to IOd, .Mutton, !)d. to lOd. Pork, Sd. to !M. Fowls, 3s (id to 4s (id par couple Ducks, 3s. to 4s (id; Geese, {Id per 11). liggs, 13 to 14 for a shilling. DENBIGH. WEDNESDAY.—Wheat per hobbett, losOd to 17s Od oats, old Oils to COs ditto, new, is 0,1 to lis Od barlev, I lis lld to 15s lid; plltaaes, l"s 0<1; butter, per lb, Is Kid i to Is lid beef, ill to 101[ mutton, &1 to llld: veal, lill to ktl; pork, (id to t'll fowls (per couple) 3s Od to 4s I (lucks, 4s. Oci geese (per lb), Od. Eggs, 9 to 10 for a shilling. ELLESMERE. I rt Lsn.U.—Vi heat, 7s. 0.1, to 7s. (Id. per lmshel barley, tis. Od. to (is. (id. oats, 4s. 0d. to 4s (id S to 9 for a shilling: butter, Os. UtI, to &. 4d. per dish of 24 07.. fowls, 4s. Od. to 5s. (id. per couple ducks. 4s. fid. to (is. fid. per couple seese, 0s. to 0d. per lb. turkeys, Od. toOd. potatoes, 5s. Oil. to Cs. Od. per liusliel. WHITCHURCH. FrtiDAY.—Wheat, 7s. 6:1. to 8s. Od. per bushel barley, t;s. lIel. to (is. (id. oats, 3s. 9d. to 4s. 3d. eggs, 0 to 10 for a shilling butter, 2s. 4d. to 2s. fid. per dish of 24 oz. fowls, 4s. (id. to 5s. Od. per couple ducks, (is. (id. to 7s. tid. per couple geese, IO!,(L. to lid. per lb. turkeys, !Ud. to Wiel. per lb. potatoes, 5s. fid. to (is. 8d. per measure new potatoes, 0 lbs, to 0 lbs. for a shilling heef, Sd. to 11)<1. per lb. mutton, 4(1. to 10(1. veal, 7d. to Ud. lamb, Sd. to 911 ti. per lb. SHREWSBURY. CORN, .Saturday.—Our market to-d?y was but thinly I attended. Wiieat sold slowly at former rates: there was, however, a fair enquiry for white varieties for seed purposes. Barley, with a better supply, realize (I last week's extreme rates. Prices were as follow White Wheat, per ï5!bs. 8s 0(1 to Us ild Rc(ll1itto, 7s 3d to Ss]0d ?Rddit(tmo, ating), per :M?u:trts. (is Od to (is M Barley (malting), PCI' J'illuarts. 6.q 0(1 to ;.q 1;11 Barley, grinding, „ 4s Sd to 5s Od Oats, per 2 £ 51bs 18s Us to 27s lid Beans, per 2231hs INs titl to 20s Od Peas, per 225ibs INs Oil to 20s Od Ialt, per iiul)eri:tl bILillel !)s Od to 9s (id LIVERPOOL. CATTLK, Monday.—There was an average supply of cattle on offer, but sheep were fewer by about 7(M than last week, the numbers being 1843 beasts and 5604 sheep. The sales were not so brisk, as there were few buyers in attendance. The best qualities were in demand; middling and inferior a slow trade. No foreign stock on offer. Prices Best beasts, N!,d to Hl1 per lb. second best, lid to 81(1 sheep, ild to lO Vd. CORN, Tuesday.—Ac to-day's market the tone was quiet, but wheat met a moderatecunsumptive demand at about Friday's currencies-a decline of Id to 2d per cental on the week. Flour, with an average request, rule(1 steady in value. Oats were again very inactive though otherwise unchanged. Oatmeal closed flat and a shade easier. Egyptian beans and Canadian peas moved fairly at previous figures. Malt and barley had but an indifferent sale at late rates. Indian corn, with occasional symptoms of weakness, experienced a moderately good inquiry. WHEAT. PE.IS:-Pel' (jr. q d s d Enalish liiUlh s II s II Camllliall 36 9 37 0 Red, old 0 0 0 0 FLOI'R Do.. new. In 3 11 10 English & Irish—Per 2S0Ib White, old.. 0 II 0 0 Superfine 48 0 50 0 Do., new .11 2 11 3 Extra 51 055 0 American, red 11 5 11 11 Fine 0 0 0 0 Do., white.. 12 3 12 9 Seconds. 0 0 0 0 OATS; Per 451bs Californian & Eng. and Scot. 3 10 4 2 Oregan 46 0 4,S 0 Irish mealing. 3 5 3 6 French 46 0 55 0 American 2 10 3 0 C-nadiaii-per birrel BARLEY: Per 6lllbs Sweet 2:1 030 0 F,nglisli 0 0 0 0 Bxtm -m. 30 <>32 0 Scot an(I irisli 4 0 4 0 OATAIAEL:-Per 2401b 'I C,ma<lian 4 5 4 71rish 31 0 33 0 BKANS: Per qr. Canadian 30 031 0 English 43 0 46 0 INDIAN CORN. I Sc. &. hish 4st! :1:3 0?' 0 Ameriean-per 4HOlb Egyptian4S01b YeHowm'xd ??i 0 i) 0 Saidi & Daira 32 (1 *3 0 European I Behera,3J ti :? 0 Ibmi!, &c. 32 H *i Mazagan 31 (i 32 0 (ialatz 37 (; 3S LONDON. CATTLE, Monday.- The imports of foreign stock in- to London last week amounted to 13,S21. In the cor- responding week of last year we received 7,527 in 1870, 12,24,5 in 1875, 0,871 in 1874, 7,072 and in 1873, 0,453, At Liverpool '2<2 head of cattle and l.O.lll sheep were received from American and Canadian ports. The cattle trade was dull in tone. Supplies were short, hut amply sufficient for all requirements. From our own grazing districts the deliveries were limited, and the quality and condition about up to the average. Throughout a heavy dragging trade was experienced, causing prices to rule deciilely below those of Monday last. The best Scots occasionally made (is., but 5s. Sd. to 5s. lOd. per Sib. was the more general top quotations. From Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, and Cambridgeshire we received about 1,500 from other parts of England aboutjSOO and from Scotland 220 head. Of foreign there was a fair supply, includ- ing some choice Americans, as well as some Spanish and Danish. There was a very dull market, at de- pressed currencies. The sheep pens were sparingly tilled, but the number was quite up to requirements. Sales progressed very slowly, and the prices realisell were below those of Monday last. The best Downs and half-breeds changed hands at 7s. to 7s. 2d. per 81b. Calves and pigs were dull and week. At Dept- ford there were 200 beasts and about 8,000 sheep. Coarse and inferior beasts, 4s. (id. to 5s. second quality ditto, fjs, to 5s. (id. prime large oxen, 5s. (i(t. to 5s. HIl. prime Scots, I)s. SIl. to 5s. led. coarse and inferior sheep, 53. (id. to (is. second quality ditto, I (is. tolis. (id. prime coarse-woolled sheep, (is. Hd. to 7s. prime Simthdowns, (is. lOd, to 7s. 2d. large coarse calves. 5s. to 5s. (id. prime small ditto, 5s. Nil. to (is. 2d. large hogs, 3s. (id. to 4s. neat small porkers, 4s. to 4s. (id. per 81b. to sink the CORN, Monday. The arrivals during the past week have heel1--Enlish wheat, 1,021) quarters Irish, til quarters foreign, quarters. Exports, 5,087 (ju.-irters. There was a small supply of English wheat at market this morning, and many of the samples in poor condition. The trade ruled low. it a decline of I", to 2s. per quarter on the week, Of foreign the arrivals were fair, and with a moderate attendance of millers a quiet retail demand was experienced, at Is. per quarter less money than was obtainable last J<1n-1 day. Country Rom, 1.?,557 sacks foreign, 5,13!) sa"k and 0,070 barrels. A tliill trade, at a reduction of (id, per barrel, and a 1-. per sack. English barley, 4900,1 quarters Scotch, 544 quarters foreign, 14,12S quar- ters. Malting varieties were firmly held, and quite as dear but grinding sorts sold slowly at about late rates. Malt English, 21,li45 quarters Scotch, 152 quarters exports, quarters, In lilllite(I Teqnest, at last week's prices. Maixe, 44,154 quarters. Under the pressure of large arrivals, both round amlflat corn receded (id. per quarter, with a sluggish demand. English oats, 002 quarters Scotch, 28 quarters for- eign, 22,909 quarters; exports, 1211 quarters. The trade ruled slow, at a decline of 3d. to (id. on all var- ieties. Ensrhsh beans, S24 quarters foreign, 4,207 quarters. Unaltered in value, hut with little enquiry. quarters: exports. 1.9D1 quarters. A dull trade, at former currencies. HOTS, Monday.—Messrs Bakers, White, and Morgan i-eli,)rt :-There is more inquiry for the better classes of East Kent bops, and prices throughout remain tirni, although an advance has not been established. Choice Americans sell freely, and yearling Americans are at- most entirely cleared off the market. There is no change in foreign hops. East Kents, £ 4 HIs to C7 7s; Mid-Kents, —3 15s to t(; Weald of lveuits, i-3 10s to £ 4 10s Sussex, £ 3 5s to £ i 4s Farnhams, :C;-) to L'ti IUs; Worcesters, C4 10s to £ 0 th; Alsace, £ 3 8s to £ 3 15s Lorraine, £ 2 18s to £ 310s Burgundy, £ 3 3s to £ 3 15s Bavarian, £ 3 10s to £1 Ids choice do., Z,5 to Bel.'ian, i:2 Ss to L2 Ifis; Ameriean,£2 Ks to £4 10s. WOOL, Monday.—Tlie wool trade remains quiet, and prices show no material variation. The tone is mode- rately firm, holders as a rule showing no disposition to press saies. The public auctions of colonial w ool, for which up to date there is an estimated supply of 48,0ill) hales, are fixed to commence on the 19th of next month. Current prices of English wool -.South Down hoggets. Is 3d to Is 4il per Ih. half-bred do., Is 2,II to Is 3.1 <1; Kent fleeces, Is 2d to Is Id Leicester do Is 2d to Ls 3d. I to 1,, 4(1 ],eicestei- ( 1 CORN, Wednesday.- Business in wheat lillli ted at last Monday's prices. Flour quiet. tht slow trade at late prices. Dull market for maize. Beans and peas with downward tendency in values. Supplies- British Wheat, 410 barley, 1,090: oats 950. Foreign: Wheat,25,210: barlev Iii, HiO: oats, 3(5 090- maize, 23,840; flour, lo.ttiO barrels.


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