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GOOD ADVICE.—Mr T. Brassey, M.P., in the course of a lecture delivered in London, on Mon- day evening, on the comparative efficiency of England in foreign labour, remarked that if the workmen of this, country allowed themselves to be deluded with the notion that by working at half-speed they would prevent over-production, British industry could not contend successfully against the free and vigorous efforts of our kins- men in America. The only result of such a suicidal course must be that the people who im- pose no artificial restrictions on their powers would take our place in every open market. FOREIGN COMPETITION WITH ENGLISH MANU- FACTURERS.—We have heard so much lately of foreign competition with manufacturers sup- posed to be peculiarly English, and of the intro- duction of foreign goods at cheaper rates in to our own market, that it is pleasant to be able to give an example on the other side. We learn that a leading Birmingham firm, in one of the hardware trades, has recently booked considerable orders for the Continent, for articles which have not, to any amount worth mentioning, been hitherto made in this country. If it is possible, as we are told it is, to place these goods at their des- tination, and after paying import duty and the cost of packing and carriage, to show a moderate profit on the transaction, we may lie encouraged to believe that the benefits of competition are not exclusively on the side of foreigners.—Bir- M?//tf!'? Post. '?l-fE LONDON MASONS' STRIKE.—On Saturday the Masons' Strike Committee paid about the same number of masons as have been on the roll during the past three or four weeks, that is to say, about liOO, The number of men receiving the lOd an hour is increasing, and several on strike assert that they have been offered work by foremen who undertake that they shall re- ceive that sum if they arc satisfied to receive it without its being entered on the books of tlieii- frm., in the usual wav. The committee have received highly satisfactory evidence of the increase in the number of masons at work at lOd an hour, for the amount of local levies received last week has been much larger than any yet paid in. The committee have sent back to Ger- many four men, but ten others have arrived from I >ussi-ldorf. They have also sent home some 38 others to Scotland and the provinces. The general trades council in Bradford have re- ceived a delegation from the strike committee, and have given them great encouragement. The council has issued an appeal to the trades generally, and has sent out subscription lists, which are obtaining considerable support. After discharging all the expenses of the week the committee have a satisfactory balance on hand. HOME INVESTMENTS VERSUS FOREIGN.—At the present time, when more than usual atten- tion is likely to be directed to Tramways Securities as a sound and progressive Home In- vestment, it may he instructive to point out what have been the results to those associated with the leading Companies from their formation, and from a study of the various Registers of Shareholders, it is surprising to notice how large a number of the original ci upon the lists. The following list will show how this steady faith has been rewarded The original ("apital of the Dublin. Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hull, Liverpool, London, London Street, and North Metropolitan Companies amounted to £ 2,070,000 and the value of this Capital to-day is £ 3,10S,03.">. The above figures speak for themselves. They show that an investment of £ 2,070,!)00 of capital at home (or le, than either of the last Loans to Honduras and Costa Rica, and about one-eighteenth part of the money entrusted to the tender mercies of the Peruvian Governnenit) has, in a few year, under the protection of English laws, produced a profit of 4!)--ii per cent. upon the capital, in addition to a good dividend yield while those who placed faith in miserable foreign Republics have lost no less a sum in the three Loans above-mentioned than £ 38.72'.Vr>00. The rtdiiis of Tramway Shareholders is, I am j glad to say, steadily and surely widening, and it is evident that small capitalists who have hitherto held aloof are at last realising the merits of these Securities. To anyone having, say 1'1,000, to em- ploy in undeveloped Tramways, I would re- commend a, selection from the following:—Anglo- Argentine, Hull, Belfast, Provincial, Swansea, Tramway Union, Wolverhampton, and Tramway and General\V(ll'Iu¡Company.-FI'oín thcJainutri/ (Circular «/Mv WILLIAM Armor, It), ToLcnhouxe Yard, Lonodn,E.O.

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