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———————— LEAD.I


———— ———— LEAD. I REPORT FROM THE DENBIGHSHIRE CONSOLI- DATED MINE.—We are delighted in being able to inform you that the much desired and long anticipated communication between Parry's and our lower workings has at last been effected. The difficulties we had to encounter were very great. In the first place the ventilation was ex- tremely bad; so bad, indeed, that it was with the greatest difficulty that the candles could be got to burn. In spite of this the men went to work with a wilL We drilleel holes from both sides 40 in. in length, into which we put 10 charges of dynamite, and these had the desired effect. To give you some idea that we have not been idle we can state that during the last week there have been about 140 blasts, and when the de- fective ventilation has been taken into account, you can readily understand that extraordinary efforts have been made, and we are but stating the truth when we inform you that we, and es- pecially the men who have been at work here, have experienced the ill effects upon the dystem in consequence of breathing the foul air. Then, again, we have had the water difficulty to con- tend with; twice has the water from the old workings broken in upon us, filling the levels, and coming half-way up the sump. All this hall to be wound and pumped up the sump, and, of course, greatly retarded our progress. Our troubles, however, now are over. The western end of the mine is splendidly ventilated, and so are the workings at Parry's. All our stuff ob- tained from the latter will be taken to our lower level, and so also will the water, and we shall thus be able to dispense with the engine, engine man, 2 landers, 3 men pumping from bottom of sump, two fan boys, not to mention the saving in wheeling and filling, coals, oil, &c,P,. PRINCE, in the Min.imj World.

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