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I IRON. REPORTED FAILURE IN SOUTH WALES.—The Echo contains the following:-A petition for the winding-up of the Llynvi, Tondu, and Ogmore Coal and Iron Company (Limited) is to be heard on the 1st of February. MIDDLESBOROUGH, Tuesday.—The attendance on 'change to day was good, but the tone was very depressed, and business was as usual, almost nil, makers and consumers still being unable to agree upon prices. The ironmasters at their private meeting to-day resolved to uphold prices, which are on the basis of 41s. less commission for 3, G.M.B. A lower rate would give them no profit. They had intimation that nearly the whole of the iron over which merchants had con- trol was sold, and they confidently expect that the end of the month will also see an end of the straggle between them and buyers. Iron is gro. ing into Connal's stores at the rate of 300 ton a day, and makers' iron stocks increase enormously, notwithstanding- the great reduction of make. In no department of the finished iron trade are there any changes. WOLVERHAM PTON, Wednesday.—Remarkable firmness characterised to-day's market. Leading buyers looked for a drop of 5s per ton in sheets, consequent upon the reduction ordered by Mr Chamberlain, as arbitrator in workmen's wages. But makers would not give way at all. The minimum quotation for singles was s;7 17s 6d to k8 2s Cd. Marked bars are unchanged at S8 10s, and common bars at a minimum of £ lj 10s. All- miire Staffordshire pigs could not be bought under from E3 17s üd to i;4 2s (id. BIRMINGHAM, Thursday.—The recent reduction in the wages of the millmen and puddlers did not produce the slightest effect upon the quota- tions of any description of iron to-day. The men appear to be quite satisfied with the award of the arbitrator, but ironmasters appear to consider that the reduction is not sufficient to warrant any alteration in their quotations in favour of the buyers. Prices therefore remain unaltered in every particular. A meeting of colliery proprie- tors was held here to-day to consider the proposed amended Alines Drainage Bill, and to take action against the clauses that appeared to be objection- able and inoperative. WAGES IX THE IHOX TRADE.—In consequence of the refusal of the workmen of the Avonside engine works, Bristol, to accept a reduction of 12 per cent. in wages, work has been stopped. 1,030 persons were employed.—An interesting discussion between masters and men in the Staffordshire iron trade took place on Saturday at Birmingham the employers contending it was imperatively necessary that wages should be iin- mediately reduced to the lowest point, while the representatives of the men showed the difficulty of living at the present wages. Mr Chamberlain's award on the claim for 12, per cent. reduction was given on Tuesday. He recommended a re- duction of 7i per cent. In several Staffordshire works the men have agreed to lower wages and longer hours.—Between 300 and 400 ironworkers and others formerly in the employ of Messrs G. B. Thorneycroft & Co. were addressed in Wolverhampton, on Saturday, by Mr Lysaght, the new proprietor of Messrs Thorneycroft's Works, and were told that applications for em- ployment shoulel be made to Mr Richard Dodd, ironmaster, to whom the sole management of the works had been entrusted, and who would re- start them with all practicable despatch.


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