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————— Tm: CIJO has now sixty boys on boarel. <)VEU AGRICULTURAL SHOW is to take place on September 14th next. BALA is about to be supplied with water from Llyn Areiiig. THE PRICE OK GAS IX CHESTER has been reduced to 3s t'd per thousand feet. BASUHUKCH STEF.PLE CHASES have been fixed for Tuesday, the 2nd of April. CONWAY JJRIDGE BILL ha.s complied with the standing orders of the House of Commons. THE CARNARVON LOCAL BOARD are applying for £-1000, with which to extend their gas works. SLAPU, the spiritualist, after being sent twity from Vienna, went to Berlin, where he has like- wise been denied permission to s tay. THE BANGOR AND CARNARVON RAILWAY, the up line of which has been closed for some weeks, owing to a landslip near Port Dinorwic, was fully ro-opened Oil Friday week. THE Hos. W. O. STANLEY, Penrhos, Holy- head, in addition to giving £ 3,000 towards the restoration of the Parish Church of Holyhead, has now eiven a further sum of £ 1,000 towards the Sailor's Hospital, to which he had already and lie has also endowed the Sailors' Home with t500. AN ATTEMPT was made the other evening to upset a train on the Holyhead Railway. Home evil-disposed person placed what is called a rail- way chair, a piece of iron 22 inches long and weighing rlti lbs., on the metals near (lueen's Ferry Station. A train passed during the night, and the consequence was that the life-guard of the engine was hrokjn. and the chair was cut into three pieces. The authorities are on the alert. THE WELSH CHURCH IN CHESTER.—The an- nual meeting of the committee was held on Tuesday, at Chester, the Lord Bishop in the chair. The secretaries reported that they had prepared and issued .500 circulars, appealing for pecuniary support, which were distributed in the city and principality. Although the response had not been all they could have desired, yet con- siderable assistance had been given, and they hoped that much interest had been evoketl which might prove very beneficial and helpful. At the close of 1877 a debt was due to the North and South Wales Bank of £ 90 13s. Subscriptions and proceeds of tea meeting and offertory, &c., during the present month had realised k.-)g 8s M, leaving a balance due of t32 4s 3d. There was also an unpaid account of the gas company for S10 10s iíd, which, with other small items, left a debt of £ 45, or thereabouts. It was decided to make yet further efforts to get rid of this encum- brancel



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