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I AGRICULTURE A A ALU ABLE Cow.—The Earl of Dunmore has lately been offered 10,000 guineas for his hand- some two-year-old daughter of the celebrated Duchess 07th and (ith Duke of Geneva. The heifer is nearly eight months gone in calf to the beautiful young Oxford Duchess bull now ill j service at Dunmore, and the only condition ac- companying the above extroarelinary offer (made by a well known English breeder) is that the animal should produce a live heifer calf.—Court (Jtrchtr. CATTLE IMPORTATION.—On Tuesday, the Dnke of Richmond and Gordon received a deputation of cattle importers, who urged upon him the desirability of omitting from the promised bill the restrictions on the trade recommended by the Select Committee of last year. They stated that the existing regulations operated greatly to the prejudice of trade. The Duke declined to say anything about his measure before he intro- duced it in the House of Lords, but promised to consider the representations made to him. THE CORN TRADE.—The Mark-lanc Mrpresx says- The rainfall during last week was in- significant, and we have had some bright clear days, with mild spring-like temperature. Some slight improvement has been noticeable in the condition of freshly-thrashed grain, while winter- sown crops appear on the whole satisfactory. Imports of foreign wheat into London have con- siderably fallen off of late, the total of last week's arrivals being about 30,000 qrs. Business has been almost at a standstill, pending the develop- ment of the course of political affairs with regard to the East. The effect of peace upon prices has been discounted to a considerable extent, and there is little reason to suppose that the reopen- ing of Black Sea ports would produce a selling panic in our market. Our supplies are also likely to be restricted from all sources for some time to come and as the requirements of other nations, notably of France, will have to be satisfied, a large proportion of whatever accumulation of grain there may be in Odessa will no doubt find its way to Marseilles. Trade remains dull, no effect having apparently been produced one way or the other by the Queen's speech up to the moment of writing." THE PRICES OF IMPLEMENTS.—"A Fanner" writes as follows to the Mark-Lane JJ.rjtrcxx Between foreign wheat and foreign meat the British farmer is hardly likely to gain profits that will admit of his paying a fancy price for any requirements needful for the successful carry- on of his business. Now, it appears to me that the agricultural implement trade is by no means doing its best to meet the times. Fuel is to be had for half the money it was oak and ash tim- ber are down in value something like forty per cent. iron is also cheaper; and if, notwithstand- ing these patent facts, the makers cannot see their way to make a considerable reduction in present prices, however anpafateable it may be to them to do so, it is strange indeed. The wages of their artizaiis must be reduced. Pork at 6d. per lb., good flour at 2s. 3d. per stone, sound drinkable beer at Is. a gallon, and coals, lamp-oil, tea, aid sugar, at equally reasonable rates, will remove all hardships from such an ar- rangement, which the ixiostiigiiificant fact that our ironmongers' shops are half filled with articles of foreign manufacture seems to render advisable. What is to hinder reapers, carts, ploughs, &c., being imported from the same sources V Clearly nothing but the production of the articles in question at such reasonable rates as will keep the foreigner out of the market. Recollecting, as 1 do, how derided the landowners and farmers of England were, a round number of years since for raising the cry of Protection to Native In- ) dustry," I must confess I never expected to live long enough to see the same revived by the very class that at that date were won over to Free Trade principles mainly by the exhibition of a large loaf placed beside a small one. Free Trade I is no doubt right if we can get reciprocity with it. ê —————



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