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Foreign and Colonial. FRANCE. In consequence of the Republican majority having invalidated the election of so many of the Conservatives, a motion was submitted to the F-ench Chamber of Deputies on Monday, on be- half of the Right, that a majority of two-thirds should be necessary for the annulment of an election. M. Gainbetta and M. de Cassagnac were the principal speakers, and their heated < "atory produced a stormy sitting. The motion v, as rejected by 312 to 17*> votes.—A return has been issued of the imports and exports of France for the past year. The value of imports amounts to 3,75(i,368,000f., and that of exports to :Js-t,:23,OOOf., showing an excess in the case of imports of 272,000,000f. The total value of exports and imports together for 1877 is 7,240,691,000f., against 7,f»63,{»57,000f., the similar total for 1870, a diminution of over 300,000,i)00f. The chief general sources of diminution are, in the case of imports, natural products and materials neces- sary for manufacturing' industries, and in the ease of exports, mamiractured objects.—Every- body who has been in Paris during the last few •ays complains of the dulness which now reigns in the once gay and festive capital. There are iew balls and parties, and even the carnival gaieties which precede Lent are tame and spirit- U ss. But all this will be changed, we are told, when the Exhibition opens.The new Pyrenean Railway, intended toconnectthe French Eastern Railway system with th. North-east of Spain, was opened on Sunday. Barcelona will now be in direct railway communication with the great eities in the South of France. (iiiKMAN i. The marriage of the two Prussian princesses, stands fixed for February 18, and will be made the occasion of very brilliant and imposing festivi- ties. ITALY. King Humbert of Italy took the oath on Satur- day, at the Parliament House in Rome, Queen Al nrgaret and the Princesses of the blood being present in the court gallery. The Senators, amongst whom where the princes Aniadeus and 'arignan, and after them the Deputies, then took the oath, after which the new King of Itidy made a short speech, which he closed by saying that he had no other ambition than to Jf"rit the eulo¡{y, "He has been worthy of his father." The death is announced of the Countess of Mirafiori, the morganatic widow of Victor Emmanuel. She was forty-five years of age, and three children by the King, whom she loved tei.derly. It was the news of his decease which iiiitdu immediately fatal the disease (cancer) from which she had been long suffering. She fell into a swoon on hearing the sad announcement from lome, and never thoroughly recovered her consciousness. The universal sympathy shown by the people at King Victor Emmanuel's fui.t. val is said to have created a (leel) impression at th j Vatican. That brigandage in Sicily is far from suppressed may be inferred from the details d the case af Alessandro Parisi, of Palermo, who v/ns captured and spirited away in a carriage i i.i the heart of the city, within sight and hear- ;1:C .f his family and friends, before midnight on i th :!nd inst. The brigands only released him 'n receivmg a ransom of 10,000 lire (about C;f)(t) in gold, or 57,000 lire in paper, after eleven de.ys' detention in a mountain cave, with much s-uff-ring. It is scarcely a matter of surprise that pf-ople at Palermo should now be afraid to ven- hr out after dark. SPAIN. The marriage of the King of Spain, Alphonso XII, with his Cousin, the Princess Mercedes, daughter of the Duke de Montpensier, was cele- brated at the Cathedral church of Latocha, Mad- rid, on Wednesday, with great pomp and ;e .gnificence, and amid universal rejoicings. The day was ushered in with superb weather, ich added to the enjoyment of the spectators to the brilliancy and imposing character of the processions to and from the church. Joy s rung from an early hour, and salutes of ai tillery were fired at intervals in honour of the auspicious event. The whole city presented a cry gay and animated appearance. Rejoicings ei I'lineneed at eight o'clock in the morning, when tie; bands of all the regiments of the garrison padded the various quarters of the city adjacent "c their respective barracks. During the foro- I yci'ii three hundred provincial delegates arrived b. oresent a wedding gift to the King, and Don i'tancois d' Assisse, the husbanel of the ex-Queen II s;vbella, presented to the Princess Mercedes a diadem of brilliants, and to the King a baton of Commander-in-Chief which belonged to Ferdin- and VI. His Majesty left the Palace at half- past ten, and, attended by a niimeroiis" and brilliant suite, went in state to the church tr. await the Princest.. Her Royal High- ness, with the Duke and Duchess de Mont- pensier, arrived from Aranjuez at the Southern Railway station a little before eleven, a ad immediately proceeded to the church, which was sumptuously decorated for the occasion. The ceremony, with high mass and Te Dmm, lasted until nearly one o'clock. The numerous crowds thronging the streets enthusiastically cheered the King and the Princess on their passage to the church, where special places were reserved for the Foreign Diplomatic body. and thespecial Envoys bent by the different Courts of Europe to con- gratulate the King on the occasion of his mar- riage. On leaving the church on the conclusion of the marriage ceremony, which was performed with great pomp and splendour, the King and Owen returned to the Royal Palace, by way of Puerta, del Sol. The procession was of a splendid and imposing character, the royal cortepe including all the foreign ministers, the special envoys, and many of the grandees of Spain. The afternoon and evening were devoted to rejoicings on an extensive scale, which will be continued for several days, and in the evening there was a grand diplomatic dinner. The Earl of Rosslyn, the representative of England, was received on Monday by King Alfonso, and de- livered an autograph letter from Queen Victoria to the Duchess de Montpensier, and a tine bracelet for the Infanta Mercedes. The noble Earl also presented to the King, on be- half of the Prince of Wales, in an oak case, a splendid Indian scimitar, with a hiltandscabbarel inlaid with turquoises and sapphires on massive ltI¡d. BELGIUM. The estimates of the Minister of the Interior has asked the Belgium House of Representative* j for a grant of 125,000 francs, principally for the construction of fen-tifications along tlie Scheldt. A shocking murder has just been discovered at Antwerp. In a dirty room, resided a couple of the name of Mestdag, who were known by the neighbours to live on very had terms. The woman was 22 years older than her husband, who is an idle, violent, drunken fellow. The last time she was see!, alive was on the 12th of August, when one of her daughters looked in and found the ill-assorted couple engaged in one of their periodical brawls. The daughter wanted to in- terfere, hut, on being told that if she did she would be treated like her mother, she went away. Next day she returned, when her stepfather told her that he did not know what had become of his wife she must have gone away. Since then nothing has been heard of her. The husband professed great anxiety to find her, and gave every assistance to the police; the house was searched without any result. At last the police had the water-closet emptied. Somebody re- collected that soon after the woman's disappear- ance he had been-icet) throwing in a iiiiiiilit--i- of buckets of water. It was then that 1251 pieces of human flesh were discovered, to- i gethcr with I-! locks of human hair, but not the slightest trace of bones. There could be n? duuht ¡ whose body had been thus cut up mto small pieces. Mestdag was arrested, but until now denied any knowledge of the revolting crime. RUSSIA. A circular letter, referring to the difference** I between the Vatican and Russia, said to have be> n issued by Cardinal Simeoni last October, but hitherto kept secret, is published by the Parisian Month'. From this document it seems that last June the Pope directed the Cardinal to protest publicly against the treatment of the Catholic ('hureh in Russia that the Russian Charge d'AiiV.ires begged the ( ardinal to c,.zifiiie Iii -.If to a memorandum to be communicated to Prince (iortschakoff; that a detailed statement of grievances was consequently drawn up, but that i'vinee Uortsehakoff refused to take any cogni- sance of it, whereupon the Vatican issued a eii- to the Powers with which it holds diplo- matic relations, theiuemcirandum being appended. THE UNITED STATES. Numerous commercial failures in the principal' towns of the United States are reported. A j New "York telegram reports another raid by Mexican Iieiians into Texas, the raiders killing-, two men and carryi: off many horses and Cttttie. The hatred of the American workpeople towards their < hinese competitors culminated in a riot at San Francisco on Thursday week. A j m.inlier of Chinese immigrants, who had just: lam led, had to bo protected by police and troops i from an armed and the rin" g-i leaders of which were talcen into custody. INDIA. The Secretary for India has forwarded a patch to the Viceroy acknowledging his services and the services of those who acted under him in coping with the recent famine, and instructing him to appoint a commission to collect infor- ination to assist the Government in limiting the range or mitigating the intensity of famines. The Akhoorul of Swat, according to a despatch | from Calcutta of the 17th instant, is dead. He was a kind of Pope among the Mahometans, j and was regarded with great veneration by them, especially by those on the Pi-oittie)-. During the rebellion in India, lllallY of the mutineers took refuge in Swat, which is a moun- tainous district to the east of Cashmere, in- habited hy the Yusufzee Afghans, of which very little is k;;own even to Ang-lo-lndians. THE CAPE. A Hindi more serious aspect is now assumed hy the Kaffir outbreak. Latest advices from the ('ape state that the Caikas have joined the Galekas. A severe engagement has been fought at Komgha. in w hich the imperial forces were successful. Martial law Itwl been proclaimed, anil volunteers were said to be eagerly enrol- lli

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