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SUD!>KX URIATH AT IJANOON-ISRCOKD.—A very .liden death took pi.r; at liaugor-isycoed oil "viocday morning. Mr WHH.m) be had been livmg with )ns family for some time at the Turn I "f L'ee, where IK- ht.dt'Mn?vefL from l.syeoed. The prev! '?)- t¡a- ht h.?t spent .tt L-yc?fd,ft the house of liis s ister, and he lingered there till very late, as if lie were loth to leave. After he veai lied home, he at" a hearty supper, and re- j tired to bed, but he was soon afterwards taken ill, and died by s ix o'clock in the morning. He been ailing' for some time, and had had a docior attending him. It was not however thought that he \\a> in immediate danger, and his si'.dileu death has struck everyone with asfcon- iii ient. Much pity is felt for his widow, who has been left t" tlte. (if a family of little ehildren. The deceased was about fifty yearn of re. TMI: KKV. K. HUOIIKS, LIXWH.— This faithful minister of the gospel departed this life "11 th FIt!! inst.. ai 70 years of age. and was i iteri'fed on Saturday, at the Baptist ( hapel Cemetery, Lixwm. He commenced preaching over forty years ago, to the small congregation at tllis place, and in a few years afterwards was onlained its minister, but did not confine his ministry to this church, as far as preaching was concerned, exempt for two Sundays in the month. The other Sundays ]:e was engaged at various sna il Baptist congregations in Flintshire and elsewhere. He was well known among the churches there, for )K' pleached much to them and w:? :d?\)v-- f.utid'?dt" his en??MnM!? during that long period. For the last few years i he had no cl.in gc of any church, and frequently preached tc other denominations, and for many y?.r.s performed the bm i:d service over the graves .?rv i ce ovt,t- the ,rave. of hundreds in the neighhourhoael of Lixwm. He had many friends among all classes of Christians, fL1:ll v:a • highly i-esjiec-ted. At the funeral, the ll.ev. J. Pickvi-iitf, <'oedpoeth, read .suitable por tions <> Scripture and offered prayer at j the residence of the deceased. In the chapel, arid at the addresses were delivered hv the ILe'.s. J. 'Tames. Eugillt, K. Evans, Holywell, J. Pickering, and K. Davies, Middlesborough. LIX'TI'HK AT PUOWOAIITH.—ON Monday ever.- !)?, a lectin<- ??-< dc):\crud in the Briti?;h Work- ¡"iŒ, by the Rev. W. Johnson, ?.A f''om (Jalcatta. The subject of the lecture w;? "A stroll among the ruins of Pompeii." The lecturer gave I ?aph.ic :md eh"[H?nt d'?cnpt!on of the n,Ï¡¡" of thi, .mdent .,jty, illustrated with cveral diagrams. During the evening the choir sar." several pieces. The usual votes of thanks to the lecturer, the choir, and the D. R. Jones, vicar, who presided, and the singing of the National Artheni, brought rt pleasant and successful even- | ing's entertainment to a close.

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