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Literary. A WELSH "JAWBIIEAKFR." 'j'?.t.JL?\iu?:))'t]?t' from the ?<u/</??6?)/<? ><l deserves a place i))?nr literary column. ,viul in tlie <JitnthriuAVc.s- that at the Mer'ionethdiire Quarter Sessions the other ??y [!i ?'t'?t Uanfairpwilgwyngyllgogertysilio- o oeh ?as charged with obstructing a higli- -.7. \IU{ the y '"?''?''?'?''???'?"??'y"' ^■V"i'^rtv^Uo''o-ogoch is an abbreviation of the ?!: title of tV ?m.??. Shirley Brooks, whl'J\ .„ ??t.,t))<?th oi Seot and sonie years j wvote in the victor.- '?"?"?'"?? oVn'unadvoelut a f.*v lines evprcssive uf thej .ii'?dtYh..).? experienced m h?hn-,w.u-s to with the curious nrn.e of the hostelry :.r Week< aftewarls anot.a r visitor, who iiV the entry made by the talented editor ;7.?, .?nt tn the !?.a.jy?mev.rs?n ?).i. h" .'f'"?'? ??'? tt?tf.hndthc i < -v rhymes. Th"I' ?hn r?.d the ilViVvaph in'i.n t?-?'?' ?'? ?vc imagined that it was next to impossible tor .<nch  -?'??: ''L!:Htfair?Y.)!ch.wyh?yn?''?crty?Ho- )(. t eh" to ?<"?'?'"?t"?' Yftsuchhas, ?' (tollt!illll too. Am??th? !'W ?.t)'. ;n to compete torcfhel hri^ stmas prizes '? .hv ihe propi'ieiovs of the Pcuplcx ?");<? ,:M i:t?.!?citt)! )??-t's heroine bpIoH?c? ?-t)F.L-c?'i?' t!u» unpronounceable name, .? -h<? t!;? the )"'ct has done his work well ?'?.tt.t'?'??'"?'?'?'"??'?? .r'i't)'???"?'?''???? ???'"?" ??'?'?" u'' ,v -i Ui.ii'k of elision in the last line of ach if ti,e i\-Ilt,ii it, e()nlt,s to) tl)i?, Vv.ili till in the necessary ruinti-iddity-iihlity .'t)!?'r)i:?!f?'????" ?'?'? '?'?'"?'c?'??? tiv (>■reailsi with wonderful smoothness of Heiv w the poem which is entitled N.WCY JONKS OP I.UM'UHL'V, l.l lll.WVMIEUUlilAVLCIILU.N i»vssil.ioi:t».:o. ,)..t).?'J.b'?'" ?M,?'cuthesundimh'< UI' .:h. .1, val(?, wlien the ,;unset t?k 'sW^v- lill Llanli'ris ?' when the sunset h?m isB?' B til durktr shwlow !«lls this heart .since my sweet- beirt X". ■' '• l £ Jones »f I.1anfair)»wlchj>wynj^!rgobwkh- i;!iosi!anerchmgu^ boasts fair ivufuls. but fairer far, Ait- the maids of l-'iiulieris a' they trip upon the \nd Mit' fuirp«t was my swcrtlieart, until she sjud, tmf "? fJrP'-t wa" my SWt'ctheart, u:)tH she Mid, n'L IM'W Nuncy Jones of Llanfair'siliogogo. I > i love,! her dearly, dearly, with heart, and mind, .l.v.i "Mil. i iyielded up iny way and will to her own sweet :if:ol, \r.i nany a gift 1 save her before she said ":Su, Xincy Jones of Lliinfaiv'sHioxo^o. i i s,i;iw,ion's steep and crujary "ide does many a \;viUanbcris stranger* stay fur flecks in the sum- t' time. i-jt artist wooed Iier, and tilei, S.Lie.. XO, of LIanin iI" siiioso.iro. \1\ -uttage home wits lowly, and humble was my lot; five-and-thirty acres was all tlie (ann 1'(1 got, I; i:tttï laud for uiitziiijf, or tiner ground to sow, ■* •> M" tin- like in Llanfiir'siliososo. Wi: ii I sav the painter court her by the winding river the hnusf in order to make really fnr my bride \i\li %,slitii I-&it I iiikttt her, she pertly said, No, bv. nut the mate for X;ujc> Jones of "LLuulyssilio- H,i wails so !i-lnly spoken made tlie shiver to the. h. "t l ist a s hasli.w uVr it. that can never more depart, v: laughed a lit tie s'ailv awl then she said, '• So, so, ■ \ou thoudit to win ilie painter' s bride in JJiuidys- 1 siliiiiu^o. d(V|> sigh was t). :i!u for words stuck in my > tlli" shi' .'ooliy tiirweil 111",11 M, i' hefl, affected not ;i sront: fh.'t??htwj!)J si-liM in sympathy tu hfuj her say. "?"' !w." I KiU Xaucy .InaeJI.lunfu ir s»H< >soj;o. Uiv ni'mter left 1 kmheris when the :Iilitinizi N%-inil.-iI I.I-. I'liill, IVIit-; she rieli ?i lfiives f»Tl tliick around tlie foot s;u-,l,,n's hill I'v Sii'icy Jpin-s iL-ma'tifl 'hind. A wadded wife ■ iihrm Niiiioy Jo'ies of I.Iaiif;dr'sl!i,ijrn^o. I! tIlt- spring time ciime. the summer hi-iit- Viiulii. ',n LTave ti." beneath tlie slmde of Suowdon's lK-i'lit v.. r,ii y .iti'ur I sheil f>.r her wiio lies in deatll so 1" ■ .Viiu-y Join- oi' l.lanfa ivpwU'lisovyngerj" cbwU'li- 'li nlvf-ilii Lo j author <>i the poem says "T may be to state that, t-lie mine of the jilaee from i '??u:?t?r?:i!?\h.'ti].?Hsu"t .Ht invention, de- 1?'i:!K'ku?thuf't: it is as old ?stht:' hi)!s,and ?'i"M')?))nn:ri:?i..)t is:? follows :—'Tlilan- tp..?)?!(h.?\)!t.r(.' ?:i)?)-?)-1)??]r')<d)?uth)r- 't!?n?)i—)?.?.-t,?. \Ù fear the authors"* i "Venation as to the jiropur ]>ronunciation nf! Mi-i'iriAvH;o'.Tti' ll^ii-rtysi]io--(.iLr,)C'h wil) I e; little twice t» ivadei s lniacipiainted with '?\\c?h!?)?))a'?. ')'))c?n.;itt:tl))nrK:,Ta]?h Xt r x w as copied into tlie i a nil the following ]etttr ap]iears in tliat '1"' I ?tm. v "'i the works of th'? ih'l'CUiiTiiua Bridge in |.s-l!i\V( had a slightly different j "?';w.:th?n;)?)t.)'tht-parish mentioned in :'j'! !'i))?i?.t.??\\ ()m- er.inri of it was ')')?.v)!?'?.?.,),?n. iy?!i,,??.). Th(- NN   .?th.. An.) ??[?ftheLn??antit  u.vil always to live there when tN •; ?"?h tuth..?;.?s. IrfMHectSir MM h::l.,¡, Head, i). !.w?r.nt of the n.?tinu' ¡! t t 1 1] ¡ I t -'I tt '? .??'?" '"?" tu th!s,?y th.LtMr tt X"fT?:' •I:|'1 't "n the An^lfsesi side, "'ut- '!I'hd lor '??.?..nt.s -)t?t an unhappy way M '"?'? it.


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