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w„.t, i„ favour of legalising marriage with The Chairman Well I .lon t sou what the Board lias got to do '•f! 'thi' I ?w the "ther <hw that a Bo?rd of( iuardians had 1???' -?'"?? "??'' ?'? !t ,volution resi.vctinstl.c NN-Ztl- ?,oill" ()Il be- Len Russia anil Turkey, winch 1 "s?t t?,A-t.e)t L) wliit:h I tlioii-Itit, ;i n c t ?;U. = I know ]t has 1,e"u 1^" red to in VuUw of C<"Mnousth?t ?88 boards of .uardiai.s ,«i**d resolutions tmam- inomlv hi favour of the Sunday clo;;mg m Ire-   t¡ke an'  !F.? ..?rdt?t)K-)"'t)t!"J'n'?'??ctore?thye K,r: (RCI1C\l,.t lallghtl'JI,),  1,1,led that as boards ot guardians much 't/?t ?t\?) rt .?? ?uu?n??it w?pcr. ? I;++1P more in ??"' ?""? to v<'t? m favour W Bi! re?rn? t. I)Y ?ii- Itol)ert Th. of tilt' Rill refel'I\" to 'y I1' \,0 lert. ll' ?.t!'t?.  tluM1 1. '"? H'? t?.Ic. Dr. R. C, IM its, Knaboii, applied that his son might .'? mpointt'd deputy-vaccinator, the Chairman ..Lt-t'?i'? i)'? he .Uw:u'? understood th?t the vaccination must he done personally hy the m- ).?jj?;?j appointed. Out of courtesy to Dr. Huberts, the Clerk was instructed to write to tilt! ill?tullete(I t() Avrite to matter.—T. 0. Jones and H. Hcwitt, t?.l-nys ttliolmd absconded from the workhouse and had to lie brought hael; by a pulice utficcr, were ,,filled to he well bjrehed by the schoolmas- ter. T, C. ■[ones .stating, ill reply to the mas- ter. that lie had run away because the school- master "licked him!" (Laughter.)—The ma-it s hooks showed the number in the linu-ie to he 287. against 271 in corresponding n -v last year, and 284 last week. Vagrants relieved 3ii: indieciles -12 schoolboys 22, »irl*-L lilectill. of the P> >;ird was held on Tuesday, when there \)'<' ',rp"eut: :\It'l'h;ls, J-hl!(hes. in the chair: WIltei- ,I ones. Koekc, Mr T. H. Coleman.-Mr Lindop presented his report as follows :— T„ the i¥f/»'X' •!>' tlt' B )('). 1 11 I UCNTl KM-r'N- -i to Sll.l'.Ult 11 If TOlll.ttin.? list 01 ¡ i,)..u.tt.)?.t)..r.n.t. of *U.mi, in*™ ,7.?h.t.: '"?'t?'??'?'? tj'?"?='t the uMing CMlitM! fur IKvemlicr l*ta, wturfi meeting ?.?..ftt.rwnt'??'?"))tt')'!??'?'?: )-))..n)L-H"h?.Y':i'L'nth.T\)!r"(?-st)wt, K.nir c'lililiva of s.')!.?i a,l', hm Ill!' I'tl'st .It'f:mltt'l' I is );rt ]? if :1.2e, Ni,,]I) l?!14 been sent t? ?.!)?.?t.?' .? )':L?t't?.k'?)'?'jhn'); •' -i.'rirtit'f Hug' L IVplar-roail. Robert j ?)7rtit! r ?'?'??'?-?'"? '?'??"'? since flit. !:Ui at N:;venili 'r last. l'.at h -voie l Ann i_ e I'iuot:, j 'nooks, s.iiil |ii •oyiit"are:its t<» he 13. the worst attender in the [ .I.j, :11 Wlr''li .111' Iwloims. Tlie illness of the grawl- licen the for liail attendan,e. I t)Vi) II.I! l:i M'liii'l at all. I S;irali Hriitiths, in. > orkslmv-squiire, Kinuia, M lu>t ■M'liteui' er, \v,i i disclnrged from the Free tsciiool j jrwjular 'tutfiidaiicc, not in school at ail at '111". II • r, WiUi'.iiii i;i'vts. nilor, i'i, rentrefeliu, Jane, v A meilii'al Mititicaie lri> lieen >eiit to me in this Wilfei Smilh. pijie m;ikev, ID, The Walks, \iwv. K! n« >u Fi.'hniavy, h;i.s atremleil school lately 4.1 ilf I lit. s.-K hv a i W .Noil. u JirehviTilit. Mount Yard, riiiirk-" Wilile, sti-ii-si.ii. lint in school at all at present. Tiiii :-a.-e liu- sexcval times oecupieil the attention of the B.<nl. 4, -I.illn Evan-, labniirer. Crescent JSui4 ldit n.js, ratlierine, eU-.vn last An.mi-t: Alary, 7. Wither of tlie-r children nr.- ill school. |i».—,lose»'« VVyim. s kimier. II, Stanley-street, li'icHias. eleven June, was sent to the j-Vev Si-lio! a s!i..vt time a^o. in c,.iisei|nence of the iielf'-iJ taken !>y the Sei.d tir.ai'd, hut lie h:is sinee fer irr.-euLii- arteiitlance. He has been rr-chaitlod since the notice was served. li. Til".mas Hayes, .-hoeniaker, ?! :\lnuut-stret't.; :I.,Jtt, ,f:t4lv N%it., ;It the 1;1,t itit-etill?', t(P )«. ?.?('t'J tile (.f Haves sou, Abel. L'Inlin Jones, tiniher laller, Cutlev's-entry, a -.?j];!r "ir-lev w.is made with regard to Jones' pranil- Nlit.1 t,l I"lames Dojle, lahonrcr, Market street, Tiicmia-s, tliis month. N(?t in school. I h .e tlie honor to be, tiTtleiu- n, junv oheilient ??!)t. ) ■hdi ..nd, 187N. -I. LIMMIP. In else No, certitieate HI irantism signed by Mr William Bott, ,h"Ú] the child to bo is last December. tile ellil(i tii l?!, I.) I;i?,t 'I111]:l' were J'ea. and the Chairman stated thai iie had received an acknowledgement in 'in Mrs Pry ce-.l ones in reply to tlie vote of r iii.inlence passed the Board in reference to the death of her late husband. The Clerk that with regard to the election of a member to occupy the sent at the Board i" ive reil vacant by tlie dei-eaie of Mr Pryce- ■inii—.Tiiere appeared to be some little difficulty in tiic matter, and he thought a special meet- hu '.v.mid be required for the purjio.se of such rid iinn. Mr -litill" was requested to w rite to tlv Diipai'hiieiit for instructions.- A discussion ne a took place in reierence to the new regula- tion re. jiiirni^' a child on its filtering school to have given him a'nook to be supplied liy the, Kdue'ttinn Department called "The Child's School Bo..];, in winch must be entered a • ■crh/icate of its birth, with the name of the • IhM, t.'ie number of attendances, and the >trjli"i?' passed during the year, the child's ai;e at jias-nig such and such standard, &c.— The I 'h.-unnan said Mr Fyfe, British School, wanted to know if the Board would agree to '!n- managers making arrangements with the I:" .tl'ar; Mr .1. Bury, to supply certificates, which lie would undertake to do at 3d. per iii't'ii. the cost to come out of the school funds, h the Board obtained tlie certificates they not pay more than 2d for them, hut Mr ?ti!?! agreed to do the work f'?':}d if the ?«'i would allow such an agreement to he I Ili ;i,,i-veliieii t to I)c ™W\M! into, as it required an acknowledge- Jiii'iit from the School Board (so Mr Fyfe said) i;u h iii I)i ] It Ile tiiat "uch an he made.—Mr H'ii;ke thought it would be a very good thing !i.'ve the particulars as to age. < £ c\. in the school-hook, and there would then be 1 il-imittiiess about tlie matter that would I'-inl'T it mure satisfactory to deal with; in i::l'o, th hook would he a certificate of character ii'i'ii 1miv on Ins leaving school to go to Ni"(,i-k. lie tlnmght tlie cost of flu- certificates ought to (-.oil it, out of titeachool 'amis, ami not ..ut of the rates. The Act! really only mniired the certificate of birth ill tin- case of new admissions into the school tin"- the bt .laimai'v. of the present year, hut, \] I.' llr>rt'wislm,l to have the ages of all the, the school, and would require about • il;^s.— Mr Kocke said he should leave it v fnc schiioj maiiauers to take theii- own t'lr;> i-oidd obtain the ccrtilicates t!u- better.—After some further 'I.S.US.IHII. it was RESOLVED, with regard to the I' 0 '(ni-t .prcieiYt .1 by the Chairman on behalf -br J'y/e, to leave the matter to the dis- ''?'?''tf)r sehool inanage'i's, the Clerk '?"tt.- th?t tit?y \r..t?at"ld?rty to make ¡kp' t 1 f' t ;1armiigenients, and, of course, to pay t1'" I'ggistinr whatever sum they liked.— "? said lie ?h?.th] hav e to ask the ";Ij"" "']-' I 1 tl .?'?:uit,?,?.?,.t.?].,? which the 'I 1 1 1 '?'" Wrexham would have to duly 'ir. tur tile lioai'd's exjienses during the "")' \1" k I f'] ??"y?r. Mr 15. k e la spite of the 1 Vigilance Committee ( Laughter.) »(,K ()!i. yos! The Chainnan moved '<()!). yes' The C!):unnau moved application for the required sum of '.I,!) "I' 'I' 1 \Y-p '1 me,.].- to ti)e Town Council in due '["?'?"?.!ssecondedhyMrHocke, and '• fin-re was no ot'ier |.ub]:c business. ——————