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RUABOTF PEITY SESSIONS. TESTERDAV.—Befjre Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart., M.F., and II. W. keredith, Esq. Air ivenrick, of Wynn Hall, appeired in court for the purposa of complaining that the British Iron Com- pany lia,l laid down a line of rail aer,)ss the road some- where near Wynn Hall. No information had been laid —the magistrates decided that they could not act in the matter. TKUEE MONTHS DRIN-K. -Rich iri Thomas, butcher, was summoned by Margaret Williams for being drunk and disorderly, on the 2nd of January. Defendant de- nied being drunk on that particular day. Complainant said he was, and he had been drunk for three months. It was about twelve o'clock in the day when she saw him, and h« was very abusive with his tongue. A wo- man was called by the complainant, who said she had seen the defendant dtunk but was not sure tbptit was on the 2nd ult. A man named James Dauiel was cal- led by the defendant, and stated that he saw the de- fendant between seven and eight o'clock on the evening of the 2nd of January, when he was quite sober, and be did not appear as if he had been drunk at all. Sir Watkin siid there were two oaths to prove that the de. fendant was drunk, and only one to prove that he was sober, and that between eeven and eight o'clock at night. Fined 5s and 8s costi. Sir Watkin advised the com- plainant to call the police if such a ease should occur again as their evidence was very valuable. TRUSK AND NEGLECTING HIS WORK.—James Stock- dale was summoned by Mr Jukes, of the Ponkey Iron: Works, for being drunk and neglecting his work. Mr Jukes, junr, stated that the loss they had sustained by the defendant's drunkenness was about £ 25. Defendant said the rules had never been read to him, nor had he ever seen any at the Works. The manager was with him drinking too, so he thought it was all right. There was 19s Gd. wages due which was ordered to be stopped, and the case dismissed. There were seven cases of bastardy on the list, but some of them had been settled before the court met. OSWESTRY. BOROUGH MAGISTRATES COURT, FEB. 2.-Before the Mayor, T. Phillips, Esq, the cx.Mayor, r. JoneB, Esq, and R. Venables, Esq. The court was oceupied for the space of five hours in the investigation of a number of charges and cross charges arising out of an unseemly disturbance which took place on Saturday night last, upon the Bailey Head, in this town. In the first place Mr Fox, auctioneer, charged superintendent Sykes with an assault, and also with being drunk, and these charges were first gone into. The reply was a cross charge by superintendent Sykes of an assault upon him whilst in the execution of his duty, by Messrs. Fox, Lowther, Jones, and Williams. The evidence was voluminous and conflicting; after a long and patient hearing the magistrates gave the following decision:—The charge of asaault against Sykes was dis- missed. The charge of drunkenness against Sykes dis- missed' The charge of assault against Lowther and Jones dismissed. Fox and Williams convicted of an assault on Sykes and fined 5s and costs. Mr Jones, solicitor, of Wreiham, appeared for Sykes and Mr Bull for Mr Fox and the others. ELLESMERE. THE Fun.ln ccmsequence of Shrewsbury fair hap- pening on the same day, together with the unpropitious state of the weather, the fair here, on Tuesday, was but scantily supplied with stock and buyers, and but little business was transacted. Prices in every respect were about the same as they were a month ago. THE ROYAL- OAK INN, HA.MPTON BANK.—On Wednesday next the, annual coursing meeting will take place at the above inn, over the grounds of Earl Brown- low, by the kind permission of Ciptain Cust. Imme- diately after the coursing a dinner will ba provided. CORWEN. JANUARY FAIR.-Th.s fair, which was held on Thurs- day, the 26th ult., was well attended with cattle. Buy- ers lrom different parts of England were in attendance. Fat bullF, according to age and eize, realized from S12 to £18 a head. No less than fifty bulls, and nearly as many cattle were sold the previous night. Few good horgea woro in the marker. Pigs of all ages sold at high prices. MELINYWIG, NEAR CORWEN. ¡ INQUEST.—On the 28th ult., an inquest was held at the above place, before Mr W. Williams, deputy-coroner for the county of Merioneth, and 12 respectable jur3omen of whom Griffith Evans, Esq. Bodynlliw, was foreman, on the body of John Wynne, Llwynsandy, an old man, about 70 years of age, who died suddenly on the morning of the 25th ult. It apppears from the evidence of his (deceased) daughter, with whom he was living, that the deceased eat his supper as usual on the night of the 24th, and that he went to bed between ten and eleven o'clock. Nothing was heard of him afterwards until eight o'clock the following morning when a little boy about five years of age, who was sleeping with the deceased, called his mother up and told her that his grandfather was dead. Verdict Died from the visitation of God." RUTHIN. The subscription for the testimonial intended to be prosented to Mr John Edwards, of Ruthin, draper, ia progressing most favourably there being a considerabl e amount already in the bank.

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