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QUEEN'S SCHOLARSHIPS.—The list of those candidates who competed for Queon'a scbolarshipa haa just been published. The following national schools in North Wales have obtained a tim-classs:—Carnarvon (2), Tyntwr, Mold, and Holyhead. The following have ob- tained a accon(I-class -CarnarvoD, Welshpool, Conway, Chirk, Gresford, Llangollen, Ruthin, Gianogwen, Whit- ford, and Llandrynog. The first place in the list of the male candidates is won by the Kendal school; the second by Dean Dawe's famous school at King's Somborne. The first place among the lcmale candidates has been obtain ed by Wantage, Mr Butler's school. MR JOSEPH BAKKEH.—Mr Joseph Barker is cipect- ed in this country in the course of next month, and it is Staled that the arrangements are bemg made for a dis- cussion between him and Mr Thomas Cooper. It is now several years since Mr Barker went to reside in the United States, and the working of American institutions seems to have greatly moderated his political views. In a letter dated Providence, United States, December 29," and published in tne Reasoner, he says—" My views on Eeveral subjects arc different from what they were when I loft England. I feel no inclination to labour for extreme measures of reform, either in church or state but for no measures at all by any but peaceful means. Eleven years ago when I should have hailed a revolution and the establishment of a mere democracy in England; now I should deprecate such a violent and a sweeping change. I am satisfied that gradual and peaceful reforms are best; and it is probable I shall never feel disposed to advocate any otner. If I were once more a resident of England, I should join the mod- erate reformers, and seek no changes but such as might appear to be not only practicable but real improvements. I should favour any change with regard to tho election of members of Parliament which seemed calculated to place the legislative and executive powers in the hands of the wisest and best men, but I would favour no other ("an' [Many of eur readers will remember that in the year and 1837, Mr Barker was in the habit of th miTit=? Wrayhlm to lecture on Teetotalism. He was eumter of P?pM 5trout Ch?l, CheaWr.:


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