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------OSWESTRY. -----I


OSWESTRY. I WESLEY AN MISSIONARY MEETING. I A meeting on behdf of Wesleyan Missions was held in the chapel, Salop-road, on Monday evening. The proceedings were commenced by singing and prayers, after which Mr J. r. Jones, vrr.o was appointed chairman, after a few remarks, called upon The Rev A. I-reemaa to read the report of the pro- ceedings of the society, Un said that the total amount received during the yesr of 18 j9, C::1. behalf of \V esIeyao Missions was £ 129,076 His lid.-An increase of YG,013 on the income of tho pro seeding year. The Wrexham district had contributoi! £ 17 lis 3d, and £ 3 Is, in Christmas ororiags. Tho society sent out during the year 32 missionaries; 7 lad dId, including nearly ail the missionaries on the Siena Leone institution. There were o09 central circuits; 3,936 places of worship; mis- sionaries and assistant missionaries, 659 paid agents, 1,000 unpaid agents, 12,157. The number of church members was 128, 165-an increase of 6,886; of scholars, 217,100; and 8 printing establishments had been erected. The Rev Mr Wheeler spoke of the glorious character of the work they were met to promote, rlaving received grace themselves, it should be the busness of Christians earnestly to see to make others partakers of it; aiid he trusted that they would increase their prayers for the success of the missionary cause. The Hev J Lockwood remarked with pleasure upon the unity which prevailed among christians of all de- nominatrons in Oswestry, and upon the increase of this unity throughout tho country, especially in tha metro- polis, where highly successful servicca bad been held irt the theatreq) ministers ot the Established Church and of Dissenting denominations preach alternately. lie thought most people would be surprised if they were aware how large a proportion of the liible was devoted to denunciations of idolatry,—which was treason against the Unity of the Most High, by setting up gods many and lords many, instead of the living and true God. The rev. gentleman then spoke of China, which he said contained one third of the total populotion of the globe. He spoke of the various systems of religion which prevailed in that country, and the evils which at- I tended each; and concluded by reading an extract from the published report of tho society, which gave an ac- count of the wonderful success of Wesloyan Missions among the inhabitants of the Feejee islands. The Rev Seth Dixon then made a few appropriate re- marks, in the course of which he took to himself praise for having secured the services of so excellent a deputa- tion, who, he said, was the son of one of the earliest mis- sionaries to China. Some thirty years ago he (the speaker) wished to become a missionary, and though circumstances prevented it, hii interest in missionary labours was by no means diminished. The Rev B. Moore Harvard, who attended as a deputa- tion, having been introduced to the meeting in a few words by the chairman, next arose. He said that his friends had been mistaken in speaking of him as a deputa- tion. He had only attended in place of a deputation, as Mr Scott, who had been advertised to attend in that ca- pacity, had made a previous engagement for the samo evening, which he had forgotten at the time when he agreed to come to Oswestry, and was consequently pre- vented from being present. The rev. gentlemen then delivered a lengthy address in support of the missionary cause. The Rev. A. Freeman proposed a vote of thanks to tho missionary collectors. He mentioned in the course of his remarks, that the Oswestry district had subscribed flti 9s 8d during the past year. The motion was seconded by the Rev. II. Moore Harvard, and carried unanimously. A vote of tbanks to the chairman was next proposed and carried. The doxology was then sung, and the meeting broke up. Sermons were preached in tho Wesleyan Chapel on the previous day (Sunday), in behalf of these mis- oions, by the Rev. Seth Dixon, superintendent of the cir- cuit.—The collections made on Sunday and after the meeting amounted to XS 6s. The juvenile offerings were about £10. ELLESMERE. I DIXNEE.—In accordance with the annual custom upwards of 100 gentlemen assembled on Friday last, at the Bricklayers Arms, Scotland Street. Tho com- pany was presided over by Mr John Allison, wine mer. chant; Mr John llampson, draper; Mr Charles Mad- docks, farrier; and Mr Nicholls, Talbot Hotel, Spar- bridge. When ample justice had been done to the repast, Mr Allinsoa proposed, after the usual loyal and patri- otic toasts, the health of Sir Roger Kynaston, Bart., of Hardwick, which was suitable responded to by Mr Per- kins, Willow-street. Messrs Bowey, Cooley, and Jones enlivened the meeting by singing several firet-class songs. The company broke up shortly before 12 o'clock, after the health of Mr and Mrs Ralphs had been drunk, with thanks to them for the excellent spread they had provided. RIfLE CORPS MEETING.—The adjournod rifle corps meeting was held on Monday last, when there were pre- sent-C K Mainwaring, E-q. I Captain Cust Rev.1 D j Day; ltev J Peake It a Evans, Esq. G Salter, Esq. j H H Rail;iles, Esq.; Messrs Lea, Moorhouse, W Lloyd, Seraton, LangfurJ, Cooley, Jenkins, Bickley, Jun., i Stant, &c., &c.- W 11 Randies, Esq., bailiff, having been appointed chairman, he proceeded to inform the meeting that they had then twenty-six mein bers on the list, and that there were 16 names requiring assistance.— Captain Cast thought that they should have thirty effee- tive members before they went into the other list.—Mr Mainwaring and Mr Salter concurred in the captain's views.—Captain Cust was of opinion that subscriptions should be asked for from the neighbouring gentry.—Mr Day proposed, seconded by Mr Oust-That the following gentlemen of the Provisional Committee be requested to collect subscriptions in aid of the movement, and procure additional effective members—Messrs Muurhouse, Jun- kins, Cooley, and Randies—Mr Day also proposed, seconded by Capcain Cust, that Mr G. It. Shewton and Mr J. Wilton Langford be adied to the Provisional Com-. mittee, which resolution was unanimously carried.—On the motion of Mr Salter, tho meeting was adjourned to next Monday, at half-past ten o'clock, to receive the re- port of the gentlemen appointed to collect subscriptions, &c. The meeting then terminated. I WORTHESBUUY. LAYrNG THE FOUNDATION STONE CF THE NEW WES- LEYAN REFOHM CHAPEL, SAlti BitiDGE.Ilaiiy and pleas- ing were the anticipations connected with the above inter- esting event, which was announced to take place on Friday January 20ih. The morning of the day was character- ised by a cl mdy sky, which seemed to be the precursor of an unfavourable and wet day. But between 10 and 11 o'clock the clouds gradually began to disperse, and by noon the sun poured forth its chevriug ray?, and dispersed the gloomy apprehensions, which the early clouds had given rise tu in the minds of the people. At half-past two (being the hour announced for the certtmony to take place) the peo- p]e begau to collect in large numbers oear the spot, and in a very short time a great number were assembled; when the congregation engaged in si»ging and prayer, after which a bottle in which was desposited a plan ot preach- ers' appointments in the Wrexham circuit, a new silver eoin, aM a roll of parihtnent with the following inscription theron Wesleyan Reform Chapel, the first stone of this chapel, was laia by Mr Seth Morns Jones, of Wrex- ham, bn the twentieth day of January, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred aud sixty, and iu the twenty-third year of the reign of Her Majesty Victoria Queen of Great Britain and Ireland. Behold I lay in Ziou for a founda- tion a frtone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation." Other foundations can no man lay, than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ." Names of trustees: Henry Ledsoa, Thomas Griffiths, Thomas Rilph, John Ledson, S M Jones, circuit steward." This was placed in the wall beneath the stone, which in an admirabls manner was then laid iu the name of tho Trinity by Mr S M Jones of Wrexham, who spoke on the great importance of the event which bad then taken place, and trusted that that house of prayer upon which in embryo they now had the happiness to gaze would be made a blessing to this and sueeeeding generations. AVer this Mr Bolt, of Wrexham, delivered au able and appropriate address on the doctrines and discipline of the Wesleyan Reformers, and stated the reasons why the chapel was about to be erected, when these highly interesting proceedings were brought to a close by siuging and prayer. In the eveuiug a meet- ing was held in the house of one of the fiteude, (which was filled to overflowing) and short addresses were deliver- ed by several friends out of the neighbourhood, and from Wrexham. We may add that it is not yet three months since the Wesleyan Reformers commenced to labour in this locality, and their eiForts have already been productive of much good; and there isa prospect of much greater use- fulness and abundant prosperity.—Communicated.

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