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I ■ THE GRAXD DUCHESS STEPHANIE OF BADEN The death of the Grand Duchesj Stephanie of Baden, by placing the court of France in dee;) mourning, will not only dim for a season the gaieties of the French capital, but will really create an emotion of deep regret among those classes who had an opportunity of estimat- ing the peisonalqualities of the deceased. Still more poignantly will her loss be felt in the Grand Duchy of Baden, where her serene highness had obtained the de- voted love of the whole population, no less by her high intelligence and lofty virtues than by her numerous charities. The Grand Duchess Stephanie was introduced to the aequaintance of the Baden people some 54 years ago; and it may with truth be said that during that long space of time stio had never ceased for a single day, whether under the hurricane of misfortune that for a time laid low the greatness of her family, or after the return of happier days, to be the object of th.- warm affection and profound respect of every nousohoid. Espoused in 1806 to Prince Louis.Charles Frederick of Baden, Stephanie Louise Adrienne de Beauharnais, daughter of Mdlle. Lezay-Marnesia and General Beau- harnais, was the niece of the Empress Josephine, and in the deed of adoption relative to the Beauharnais family was declared to be the adopted daughter of Napoleon 1. The people of Baden beheld in her, therefore, tlt: daugh- ter of the puissant monarch before whom all Europe then trembled, and the near kindred of that princess, so justly beloved, who knew how to transplant to the throne all the virtues of the wife and woman. On the fall of the empire, the people of Baden again united themselves to their sovereign; and when death overtook the Grand Duke in 1816, they joyfully accepted the sway of her who was henceforwards remembered as "the good Duchess." The Dowager Grand Ducue33 leaves a numerous family, happily combining the noble qualities of the old Fienc-li bloodof the Beauharnais with those ofthe princely Btock of the house of Baden. Her eldest daughter, the Princess Louisa-Amelia, became, in 1830, the bride of Prince Guatavus, of Wasa. The Princess Josephine I Frederica was married to the Prince of Hohonzollern- Sigmaringen in 1834. And the Princess Maria Eliza- beth adds to the lustre of the court circles of both France and England as Duchess of Hamilton, consort of the nobletnai whose family can boast of having long in- herited ducal rank in three several kingdoms-being Dukes of Hamilton in Scotland, of Brandon in England, and of Chatelherault in France. Though death thus carries off, one after the other, the membersof the noble and illustrious house of Beauharnais- Bonaparte, and though time may bereave us of all the living reminiscences of that grand epoch and that court of monarchs. still neither the one destroyer nor the other sweeps off traditions; and the virtues of the Grand Duchess of Baden will flourish again in her children, just as we bshold the political genius of the First Empe- ror, and the grace, the goodness, and the maternal devo- tion of the Empress Josephine, blooming and bearing again in Napoleon III. and the Empress Eugenie.


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