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ARSENIC IN PAPER HANGINGS.—Three of the chil- dren of Mr H. Felland, living at the Quarry, Sheepot. wall, near Tipton, have been all but poisoned. On removing to a new house the children became strange- ly and unaccountably ill. They all appeared suffering from the saino complaint, nor could they well explain how they felt. At nights they were worse than in the daytime, and always very restless, the muscles of the face being marked by a kind of twitching. Medical as- sistance was procured, but without effect, until Dr RJ. lenden discovered that they were suffering from the effects of poison continuously received into their system, but from what source he could not ascertain. He, however, subsequently examined the bed room, and finding the walls covered with a green-coloured paper, tore off a piece, in which he discovered an extraordinary quantity of arsenic. The room had just been papered, and a fire was kept in it. The children had, therefore, been inhaling the deleterious evaporation which neces- sarily issued from the paper. They were removed into another room, and are now fast regaining their usual health. The doctor states that, from an analysis made, a small bit of the paper contained sufficient arsenic to poison any grown person. HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT AND PILLS.—Hooping Cough. —This harragsiog disease now Very prevalent and largely swelling bills of mortality, is sure to extend its dominion, for its contagiousness contaminates all children previously unaffected. Fortunately for humanity this alarming dis order is now fully placed under control by Holloway's Ointment, which allays the nervous irritability, and checks the disease. Children of all ages and constitutions are daily saved by rubbing this Ointment on the spine aud chest; its virtues penetrate the skin, enter the blood, re- press irritation, prevent inflamation, moderate the cough, the little patient should take Holloway's Pills to avert fu- ture pulmonary dangers. Both, used simultaneously, soon quell the severest conghing fits. As some doubts existed as to the truth of the intelli- gence of General Garibaldi's marriage with Mdlle. Jose- phine Raimoridi at Fino, we may state that the Corriere Mercantile of Genoa of the 27th confirms it by quoting a letter from Como. Count Posse. Lanbertenghi, a cousin of Silvia Pellico, was one of the witnesses for the bride; M. Valerto, a deputy of the late Piedmontese chamber, was the general's witness. During the last few days a gallant son of Mars, who frequently presides at religious meetings in Leamington, has recently had a clergyman visiting him. The latter became enamoured of one of the daughters, and all elop- ment was the result. No tidings have yet been receiv- ed of the whereabouts of the happy pair. The lombardia of Milan states that Chioggia, near Venice, has been fined 20,000 florins, because, some days ago, a tri-coloured flag was displayed in the streets. General Fanti retains the superior command of the troops in Central Italy at the same time that he is Sar- dinian minister of war. He leaves his staff at Bologna, and in person occupies the war oflioe at Turin. The Rhone steamer for Gibraltar, has put back to Falmoath, with the loss of thres boats, which, with part of the cargo, were carried overboard, and the decks were swept- _.0 fa

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