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EPITOME OF NEWS. Sir George Grey, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lan. caster, is said to be »enmsly ill at Brighten. Mrs Sunderland is seriously in jispjsed, and unable at present to fulfil j'itr musical u lga^etujnts. It is nut ptoOdbie, sav s the "Army and Navy Ga- zeLtr," that Lord Clyde will arrive in England till the be- ginning of May. I he Lordo of the Admiralty granfed permission to the aitisius of the Davenport dockyard io form them- selves into rule curps. It has 1 ecu determined, for tas facilitation of publio business, that C2 of toe railway anl oLher private bills should originate in the House of Lords. The overtur e which have been made to the British Officers oi the Siku regiment to volunteer for China have not been attended with much success. James Jtlaud, known as Champion Hand," having been identified ai the mati who fired at Air Dunne, at Tullainore, as been committed to the assizes. A Storuoway boat and crow of six men have boea missing since the lOlh instant. Ii parted from the com- pany with our boat- dunug a shower in Byble Bay, Scot- land. A village yokel who gave evidence in the Salford Court of Record last week created considerable mirth by giving himself the name of Lord Tom White- head." Mr Pullard Urquhart, making quite sure that we snail have the income tax re-iniijosed upon us with all its rigour, will ask i'or a little reform in the manner of ases- Bln. Tbo extetisioi of the South Yorkshire. Railway from Chapleiowu to the calbl basin at Sheffield is to be proceeded with forthwith. 'Cue cost is estimated at about £ 40,0o0, A steam carriage for running on ordinary roads, and constructed to hold three persons, manufactured at the Buckingham Foundry, has been exhibited to the Royal Family at Windsor. A dissolute and destitute woman at Bolton, who had been refused admission into the workhouse, died in the street, her death being hastened by neglect and want of nourishment. A Snetland letter states that five intoxicated fisher- men, in crossing Yell Suund to their homes, were drown- ed and that intemperance is the cause of nearly all the deaths by drowning in these islands. Dog fish have again appeared in dense shoals along the north-east coast, particularly off Aberdeen, Banff, and Moray, where they are represented as having sud- denly come on in myriads. John Hardcastlo, assistant highway surveyor, Leedi at ;CIO a year, has been committed to the assizes for embezzling iiii, too amount ol tradesmen's bilk, to which he forged receipts. The Lime tree in Moor Park, the seat of Lord Ebury the branches of which extended themselves to the dia- meter of 140 feet, and were 95 feet in height, was totally destroyed on the 21st ult. At Leeds, a man of respectable appearance, who had induced about 20 tradesmen to send goods without pay- ment, was pounced upon, when packing up at bit lodg- ings, by a number of his creditors, each of whom Seized his owu property and carried it off. A farmer nuned Cluskie, of Ardee, Ireland, who had his hand shattered whilst greasing a threshiDg machine, has died from tetanui. fie refused to submit to ampu- tatation. which, it is said, would have saved hie. life,: Mr Stirling, the Senior wrangler of the year at Cam- bridge, was educated at the University of Aberdeen, un- der Professor Thompson, who was himself second wran- gler in 1845. The total number of gentlemen who have honours thia year is 121, as compared with 131 in 1859. The Odd-Fellows" of Cheltenham have determined to avoid the aproach of singularity, by enrolling tholQ- seves as rifle volunteers. It seems that, as a secret society, they cannot furm a portion of her Majesty's set- vice, but as private individuals they will, of course, be gladly received. At the Mayor of Birmingham's recent entertainment to the members of the rifle crops, about 8000 persons were present. The effect of the gray tunios was some- what sombre for a ball, though partially relieved by the gay dresses of the ladies, and the more lively uni- form of the Hussars and Staffordshire Yeomanry. A painful event has lately occurred at Viareggio. in the Gulf of Genoa, where tho late Duke of Parma, who was assasinated, ii buried. It appears that the chapel and grave where the body is Jeposited were lately broken opeu. and the embalmed remains dragged from their rest- ing place and left exposed. The Gazette announces that the Queen has conferred the Victoria Cross upon Lieutenant A. S. Heathcote, 6th Riflei Troop Sergeant-Major Champion, 8th Hila- sars; Colour Sergeants Waller and Garvin, Bulger Sut- ton, Privates Swaine, Thompson ancl Turner, Rifles; and Private Kirk, 10th Regiment, for acts of bravery in India. The money now being struck off at the mint of Bolog- na is identical in size, weight and alloy, as well at in value, with that of Sardinia, and only differs in the motto. The 1st and 7th companies of Royal Engineers, now at Malta, have attained the highest figures of merit in rifle instruction of the whole British army. The 2nd and 24th companies, at Gibraltar, have obtained the second figure of merit. Tha Duke of Cambridge has compli- mented the corps on these results. Sir Robert Peel has uonmenced legal proceedings a- gainst several of his constituents,including the ex-mayor, for removing an obstruction recently placed by him in the river Tame. A meeting of the couucil has been cal- led to consider the subject, which is likely to engage the; attention of the court at the ensuing assizes. Two of the sons of the Grand Duchess Marie of Russia are in Brighton. The prinojs ard sojourning there for the purpose of learning the Lngltsh language.- Prince Lucien Bonaparte (eomin of the Emperor of the French) is still sojourning on the King's road, where his Impei-' ial Highness purposes remaining some time. The Decimal Association are now collecting some ouri- ous statistical facts respecting the time now spent in teaching arithmetic in schools, with a vie-Ar to ascertain the probable saving of time that would accrue from the introduction of the decimal system. A burglar got into the residence of the Rev. Sydney Turner, inspector ot schools, Bloomsbury, London, from the attic window of an adjoining unoccupied house, and on being detected he escaped the same way. The Times correspondent writes that tne loss of the Spanish army from the commencement of the campaign and from causes of every kind, among which cholera claims the largest share of mortality, is estimated at 6000 men.


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