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SALTA laB. Putting aside the gigautic siza of the estab- lishment at Saltaire, it exhibits so many other points of in- terest, that all who go to Bradford or any any other neigh- bouring town in thriving, far seeing, hard fighting York- shire, should visit it. The expenditure which was ven- tured on, to economeis labour, to obtain completeness, and to ensure the comfort of the 3,000 persons who are engaged in the works; will surprise many; but the wisdom of it, even in a financial point of view, soon makes itself evident. Our readers do not require to be told that the title which the mills and rising town bear give us the name of its enterprising founder, Mr Titus Salt, bt, p. and that of the locality, the beaatiful valley of the Aire' in which it is built. It is a joke against the Prince Nann. ieon, that in an account he gave of the Paris Exhibition of leon, that in an aceount he gave o(the Piiria Exhibition of 18oo he pointed out that Mr Titus had exhibited some magnificent samples of øalt I The place of which we are speaking is indeed a magnificent exhibition of Salt, and it is to be hoped that he may long live to enjoy the honou it has deservedly gained him. The budding, for the wcrk, cover 6^ acres The main range of h?Idi?-a fine substantia' piece of work, &r.prouf,d highly? ditable to Messrs. Lockwood and M?,- the &rchitl?cto -e?d. 550 feet long and 72 hi,h; .uda?tbe t? storey runs over the central archway, aud reache th.wb? lenbth of the mill, we get a room odO feet in length the longest, perhaps in Europe and, looking from oue end to the other, a fide bight it is. The wettviDS shed, however attached to the mill, eclipses that in area; for here we uue in one apartineut two acres-room to dine com- fortably 7,000 persons. In the combing shed, of halt its atea, Mr bait did dine 3,500 persons, wheu the build- ing was first brought into use. Men, women, aud child-  at work lhronghont the buiidiog; steam engines "I 1 n?n U& A)&au norse power collectively give motion by two miles of shafting to 1,300 looms and when we add that the daily produce of these is 30,000 yards, or 5,000 miles annually, and in other words, that the length made in a year and a half is more than enough to reach from one side of onr globe to the other, if there were a holo through the middle, the skill, energy, and capital required, to carry on such an undertaking, will be'str ik- ingly evident.-Builder. A. medal is about to be struck at the Paris Mint to commemorate the signature of the Treaty of Comme' rce between England and France,

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