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Sales by Mr. Johnson. ASALE at the Wynnstay Arms Mart, Wrexham. by A. Mli JOHNSuN, wiri take place on Thursday, 18th February, 1860, consitin of 13 Ayrshire in-calf Cows and Heifers an.1 2 in-pig Sows, the property of Miss Ferguson, of Brymbo, (who is leaving the neigh- bourhood) and imported direct from Scotland. The stock are well worthy tLe notice of parties in want of first- class milking cattle, and there is no reserve. Sale at 4 o't.ock punctually. Wynnstay Arm Office, Wrexham. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, hy Mr JOHNSON, at J. the Royal Oak Inn, High-street, Wrexham, on Monday, the 13th day of February, 1860, at five o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions. J.OL 1. All thr.t old established and well-accustomed PUBLIC HOUSE, called or known by the name or sign of the "Royal Oak" aforesaid, and now in the holding oC Mr Richard Owen, as yearly tenant thereof. The above property afford s every facility for carrying on au extensive business, and b -ius; situate in the centre of the principal street in the flourishing anil ritpidly iiiiprov- ing town of Wrexham ("4hl(;u has a (list class Railway Statioa on the Great Western Railway), atfords an oppor- tunity for investment rarely to he met with, and it is believed that no othe'r property in the same street is likely to be in the market for the next 20 year: LOT 2. All that PUBLIC HOUSE, called the Coach and Horses." together with the Girden and appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate in Khosllsuerchru^og, in the county of Denbigh, and now in the occupation of Mr John Roberts, The respective tenants will shew the premises, and for further particulari may be had as to lot 1, on adplication to Edwiu Wyatt, Esq. solicitor, Wrexham, and as to the two lots to the Auctioneer, or at the offices of Mr Hughes, solicitor, Wrexham. Jauuary 12th, I860. Sale by Mr. E. Jones LOCAL BOARD OF THE BOROUGH OF WREXHAM LARGE QUANTITY OF MANURE TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION by MR EDWARD JL JONES, on Thursday the 9th day of February 1860, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon in the Market place, High- Btreet, Wrexham. A large quantity of Manure derived from the sweepings of streets, the cleansing of drains, privies aud ashpits; and other House refuse, now deposited in the yard of the Local Board in Market street. For the convenience of purchasers the Manure will be divided into five Lots of about fifty-five Tons each. Further particulars may be had on application to the Local Surveyor at his Office ia the Guildhall. JOHN JAMES, Clerk of the said Local Board. Local Board Office, Wrexham, 25th Jannary, 1840. Sale by Mr. Humphreys. THE ANNUAL SALE OF FAT STOCK at Llan- j- dyn, near Llansilin, will take place on TUESDAY, February 14th, 1860, at 1 o'clock precisely, wh en the usual number of Prime Fat WELSH WETHERS will be disposed of, from 5 to 10 in a lot, to suit purchase re, and also Excellent PlUME COWS. P.S.—Refreshment will be provided by 12 o'clock. Sale by Mr. S. Griffiths. ANNUAL SALE AT NEWTON, NEAR ELLES- MERE. MR. S. GRIFFITHS beg. to announce that he has been honoured with instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, on the above Premises, on MONDAY, the 5th day of March, 1860, comprising Fat Bullocks, Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Calving Cowa and Heifers, Horses, Colts, &C.) the property of Mr. K. Griffiths. Lunch at 11 o'clock, and Sale at 12 o'clock punctually. Catalogues may be had from the principal Inns in the neighbourhood, or from the Auctioneer, 14 days prior to sale. Auctioneer's office, Overton, Flintshire. Sale by Mr. C. Richards. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. MR. C. RICHARDS has been instructed by Mr C. H H- Wainwright, of Christionydd Hall, near Ruabon, (who is leaving his larm) to offer for SALS BY PUBLIC AUCTION, early in the month of Marcb, the whol e of the valuable Stock of Dairy, Cr)ws and Heifers, Waggon Horses and Colts, smart Harness Mare, &c., Agricultural Implements, Brewing and Dairy Vessels, and part of the Household Furniture, &c. The particulars and day of Sale will appear iu a future Advertisement. Office, High-street, Wrexham, Feb. 3rd, 1860. LOCAL BOARD OF THE BOROUGH OF WREXHAM. TO CONTRACTORS, MANURE DEALERS, AND OTHERS, THE LOCAL BOARD of the District of the Borough Tof Wrexham hereby give Notice, that they are prepared to receive Tenders— For the Repairs, Watering, and Cleansing of the Streets of the Town of Wrexham, and for the Removal of House Refuae from Premises, and the Cleansing of Privies, Ashpits, and Cesspools, within the said Town. Specifications may be seen, and forms of Tender obtained at the Office of the Local Board, on and after the 2nd day of February next. Sealed Tenders for each Contract separately, endorsed "Tender for Street Repairs," Tender for Street Water- ing," "Tender for Cleansing Streets and Removal of Night-soil," &c., must be delivered at my Office, on or before Tuesday, the 21st February next. JOHN JAMES, Clerk of the Local Board. Local Board Office, Wrexham, 25th January, 1860. LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT, 1858. •XTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the LOCAL 'JL? BOARD of the DISTRICT of the BOROUGH of WREXHAM, notwithstanding the Bye-Laws made by them on the Seventeenth day of May last, With regard to the Cleansing of Footways and Pavements adjoining any Premises; the Removal of Refuse from Premises; the Cleansing of Privies, Ashpits, and Cess- pools; when such Local Board do not themsel ves under- take or contract with any person for the above purposes," and without prejudice to such of the said Bye-Laws as aie not affected by this Notice, will, on and after the First day of March now next ensuing, themselves under- take or contract with any person for The removal of House refuse from Premises, The cleansing of Privies, Ashpit-, and Cesspools, for such part of their said District as is situated within 880 yards of the centre of the Tower of the Parish Church of Wrexham. If any person, not being the occupier of a House within such part of the said District, shall, on or after the said First day of March, remove er obstruct the said Local Board or Contractor in removing any matters so I intended to be removed by the said Local Board, he will I for each offence incur a penalty not exceeding Five Pounds; and if any person being the occupier of a House within such part of the said District, shall on or after the said First day of March next, remove or obstruct the said Local Board or Contractor in removing such matters (except in cases where such matters are produced on his own premises, and are removed for sale, or for his own use as manure, and are in the meantime kept so as not to be a nuisance), he will for each offence incur a penalty not exceeding Forty Shillings. Signed by the Order and on behalf of the said Local Boaid, this Twenty-fifth day of January, 1860. JOHN JAMES, Clerk to the said Local Board. SEED! SEED!! SEED! J. BROADHURST, Gardener and Secdsmalt, Rossctt, HAS received a stock of Horticultural and Agrical- ?1 tural SEEDS of excellent quality which he can supply at very moderate prices. All samples will be tested before offered for sale. N.B.—A discount of 5 per cent will be returned for cash. MONEY. I SEVERAL SUMS, in amounts from t200 to £600, to be advanced on Mortgage of ire e ho Id Property.— Apply to Mr T Benoion Acton, Solicitor, Temple Place, Wrexham. LAMP OILS, &c. PURE Transparent Photogene, Patent Belmontine, JL Camphine, French Colzss Oil, Sperm Oil, and all other Oils, AT JOHN FRANCIS', DRUGGIST, HOPE. STREET, Sales by Messrs. Baugh Qif Jones. (Successors to the late Mr Edisbury), Sale of FARMING STOCK, & at T.ALWn. GLASS, near Tryudyn, Flintshire, nine miles from Wroxhaui, six from M >ld, and twelve from Ruthin MESSRS. BAUGH AND JONES respectfully an- 1' nounce that they have becn favoured with in?triie. from Mr. John Lewis, who is leaving his f,rm at Talwrn Glass aforesaid, to olor for unreserved SALg BY PUB- LIC AUCTION, on FKIDAT, the 10th day of February, 1660, commencing at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, nunc- tually, the whole of his FARMING STOCK, Imple- ments in Husbandry, part of the IlOUSiillOLD FUR- NITURE, Dairy Vesselq, and other Eifrcts. The Farming Stock consists of 12 Excellent Calving Cows of t arly note, four two-year-old in-calf Heifers, two good Stirks, four strong useful Cart Marea, (two in foal), broad-wheeled Cart with Harvest Gearing, Thrill and Chain Gears, Plough and narro.a. capital Wheel Churn, Winnowing Machine, Dairy Vessels, and part of the Household Furniture, one Stack of excellent Old Hay, (about 10 tons,) now standing on the Mount Farm, occupied by Mr. Bate, and adjoining Talwrn Glass, also 40 measures of goud Fluke and other Potatoes, in lota to suit pu: chasers. Temple Place, Wrexham, 24th January, 1860. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs BAUGH Tand JONES, at the hous of Mrs Evans, the Queen's Head, in the Green, Brymbo, on Monday, the 6th of February, 1860, at Five o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions: All that Piece or Parcel of LAND, situate in Broughton, opposite the residence of W. H. Darby, Esq., now occupied by Robsrt Parry, collier. For further particulars apply to the owner, Mr Peter Cunnah, Brynsion, Broughton; the Auctioneers; or at the Office of Mr Hughes, Solicitor, Wrexham. MATRIMONY. A YOUNG LADY, aged 21, of good education, and .ZJL well connected (with money), is dcairoua of form- ing a suitable alliance. The greatest secrecy will be observed, address A.O., Post Office, Warwick. A MANURE MANUFACTURER wants to appoint Aa few respectab!e District Agents. Liberal terms given, and the Manure sold carriage free. Address, with occupation and references, M. L., Mr. Riley's, No. 21, Mincing-lane, London, E.C. [A CARD] MR. J. WHALLEY, CIVIL ENGINEER, SURVEYOR, AND LAND AGENT. "The Elms," MOLTING TON, NEAR OHESTER. PORTRAIT OF THE REV. J. G. SHORT. PAPER PHOTOGRAPH LIKENESSES of the Rev. p J. G. SHORT, may be had at the Portrait Rooma, Mr P. JONKS'S, Regent-street. Wrexham. NOTICE. THE OFFICES of the WREXHAM LOAN AND IN. JL VESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED, will after this date, be at Temple Place Wrexham, where appiica- tions for loans can be received and repayments made. For proposals for loans and other information apply at the offices of Messrs Baugh and Jones, Temple Place. 27th January, 1860. MR JOHN OUSELEY'S Botanical ye??, No 2, B'?A-.s?M?, Wrexham ESTABLISHED for the cure of Scrofula, Scurvy, E Rheumatism, Bad Legs, &c., &c.. by means of herbs only. I N.B.-As there are some unprincipled persons going about Wrexham and its vicinity, representing themselves as belonging to Mr Ouseley's establishment, 1 beg to say that if such party or parties arc detained, and on convic- tion, I will give ONE POUND REWARD. as I am only seen and consulted at the above establishment. Free Lectures every Evening. ONE SHILLING PER SHARK THE ART UNION OF GREAT BRITAIN. Under the Sanction of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council. First' Prize, Painting, value £150. Second „ „ „ iloo. with 98 other Picture Prizes, Y,5 to X75 each. PR1ZEUOLDEIIS have the privilee of selecting P their own paintings from any Public Exhibition in Great Britain or Ireland. In addition to the above Picture Prizes there will be about 500 other prizes, consisting of Engravings, Sta- tuettes, Busts, Vases, &c, in Parian, Terra Cotta, and Bronze. TicketE.-Price One Shilling.—each ticket entitling the holder toone chance in the drawing,—may be had from all the principal Piintsellers,-Music and' Booksellers, and from tlte office of this paper; or they will be for- warded direct by the Secretary on receipt of an envelope (stamped and directed) together with postage stamps or post office order for the number of tickets required, 39, Princess Street, SAMUEL H, DEAN, Manchester. Secretary. MR. FRED. BULLIN, SURGEON DENTIST, 13, WHITE FRIARS CHESTER AT HOMB DAILY FROM TEX TO FIVE. CONSULTATION FREE. .#' o THESE 'R A -i,-Z —— WHAT shall I do to get rid of them ?" Pun. TV CllASB a PACKET of WARD'S RAT POW. DER, and in a few nights your house will neither by troubled with ltats, Mice, nor Beetles. There is not a ship, Warehouse, Dwelling, or Farm Yard but is infested-then why not try a Packet cf this Powder ? You will find it worth its weight in gold, 3d, 6d, and Is a Packet. To be had of JAMES KRXRICK, Chemist, &c., Town Hill, Wrexham, wholesale depot, Mitre Street, Aldgate, City, London. JAMES F. EDISBURY, FAMILY$DISPENSING CHEMIST, No. 2, HOPE STREET, WREXHAM, BEGS most respectfully to inform the inhabitants of JD the town and neighbourhood that he has succeeded to the business lately carried OR by Mr. J. DAviza J. F. E., sensible of the importance of Dispensing Medicines, begs to state that he will give his constant personal attention to the preparation of all Physicians, Hrescriptions and Family Recipes entrusted to his care, and hopes, by so doing, and by a careful selection of Drugs and Cnemicals, combined with moderate charges, to merit a continuance of the support bestowed upon his predecessor. Every Medicine embraced in the Pharmacopeia of the Royal College of Physicians, as well as every new remedy that the daily advancement of Medical and Pharmaceu- tical Chemistry necessarily demands, will be kept in stock. A select Stock of PERFUMERY and PATENT MEDICINES always on hand. JOHN DAVIES, CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, No 2, Hope Stroet, Wrexham, lugs to return his best thanks to his numerous friends and customers, for the kind patronage and support aecordd to him during the past 16 years he hss carried on the above business, and to inform them that he has: retired in favour of Mr. JAMES FisHER EDISBURY, whom he can, confidently recommend as his successor. FREEHOLD PROPERTY. CEFN MAWR, IN THE-PARISH OF RUABON. To BE SOLD BY AUCTION, at the Queen's Head Inn, Cefn Mawr aforesaid, in the month of March, 1860, in two Lots, and subject to-conditions to be then produced, unless disposed of in the meantime by private treaty, of which due notice will be given LOT I.-All that MESSUAGE, or Dwelling House (formerly in two), consisting of a Kitchen and Bedroom, and another Room used as a Shop, and a Stable Bake- house, Coalhouse, and Yard, in the occupation of Peter Kelly, bounded on the cast by a garden belonging to Mr John Hughes, and on the west by a house belonging to Mrs Evans, and on the south by the road leading from Rbosymedre to the bottom of the Cefn. LOT II.-All those three useful and convenient MESSUAGES, or Dwelling Houses, Pigstye and Yard, in the respective occupations of Richard Jones, Job Jones, and William Bellin, two of which Messuages consist of one Kitchen and Bedroom, and the other of a Kitchen two Bedrooms, Pantry, aud Cellar, situate in Cefn Mawr in the Parish of Ruabon, bounded on the east by the King's Head, on the west by property belonging to Mr Henry Parry, on the south by a tramroad leading from Mr Jonathan Jones's Quarry to the King's Head, and on the north by a garden belonging to the said Mr Henry Parry. For further particulars and, to treat for the same, apply to Mr Samuel Lewis, of Penbryn Hall, Ruabon, or to Messrs C. and W. Richards, Solicitors, Llangollen. AGRICULTURAL JMPLEMENT S FOR THE WINTER SEASON. Bentall's Prize Root Pulpers, Samuelson's Single an,1 DouMe A-jti-ra Prize Tump Cutters, with Patent Plates to Cut for Lambs and Calves; Richmond and Chandler's, Smith and Ashby's, Hodenhurst's Prize ChaflF Cutting Machines and Corn Crushers. Agent for J. and F. Howard's Patent Prize Ploughs and Harrows, W. Q V E R T O N, IRONMONGER, WREXHAM. NOTICE OF k E 3t O Y A L. u JJ O S E S W R I G H T BEGs to inform his friends and the Public in general, that ho has REMOVED from the Shop in High-St. I to more commodious Promises in CHURCH STREET, lately occupied by Mr. J ohn J ones, Bee Hive, M. W. begs to return his sincere thanks to those friends who have so liberally supported him for upwards of 19 years, and to assuie them that no exertion shall be spared to secure their future favours. Ni M. W. has just returned from London, where he has bought a large Stock of DRAPERY and MILLINERY GOODS, which he now offers to his friends and the Public at very small profits, at the MANCHESTER HOUSE, Church Street, Wrexham. The Stuck consisls of Woollen Cloths, Moleskin, Cord, Velvets, Twaeds, Cjtton Sheets, Counterpanes, Shawls, Silk Handkerchiefs, Prints, \Joburgs, Alpiccas, Moreensand Woollen Plaid, Oilcloth, Check, Gingham, Flannel Stays, Holland, Hosiery Gloves, Socks, Victoriiies, WooUeii Jackets, Cloth Mantles, Ribbons, Dress Caps, Cup Fronts, Silk Velvet Bonnets, Straw and Blacic Satin Bonnets, Flowers, Bonnet Shapes, Hoods, Sleeves, Collars, Skirts, Umbrellas, Cloth Caps, Shirts, Window Blinds, Belts,Felt; Hats, Straw Hats, &c. Mantles, Dresses, and Bonnets, made to Older. B An early call will oblige. Dec. 23, 1859. THE QLD-ESTABLISHED GROCERY AND pROVISION SHOP, 121 HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. THOMAS PHILLIP PONTON BEGS to inform the Inhabitants of Wrexham and its Vicinity, that he ha3 succeeded Me Roberts, Brothers, Bin the above Business, and continues to supply cv?ry ardete for f?aniy ue of sdnh quality and at such moderate prices, which cannot fail to give general satisfaction, aid waici he trust* will saout-o to hita aeon tinuance of that support so liberally conferred on his predecessors. Oct. 28th, 1859. N E A T QARS FOl HIRE OLD ESTABLISHED TEMPERANCE EATING-HOUSE, ABBOT.STREET, WREXHAM. 0 ?, i t -I T. HIDEOUT, BEGS to return his sincere thanks to the public of Wrexham and the surrounding neighbourhood, for the .U liberal support that has been accorded to him since his commencement in business, and further adds that nothing shall be wanting on his pirt to ensure the cointjrt of those parties who will favour him with a call. A GOOD SUPPLY CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Tea artics contr-tacod for, and Schools supplied, on the shortest notice and on liberal terms, TO BE SOLD-A Bargain-a novel constructed WHEEL PADDLE BOAT, with Oara and Sails complete. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. E. POWELL, IRONlVIONGER, TOWN-HILL, W REX II AM, BEGS to inform his friends and the public generally, that he has in Stock a large variety of AGRICULTURAL -D IMPLEMENTS by the following Makers:- Piichmond & Chandler, E. H. Bentall, Sacouelson, Ho wardi, W. and J. Rodenhurst, & Fry, comprising Ploughs, Harrows, Scarifiers, Cnutf Cutters, Corn Crushers, Turnip Slioers, Graters and Pulpers, all at Makers' Prices; also Kitchen Ranges, Register Grates, Stoves & OJ every 'description. A large assortment of Scales and Weights. E. P. begs to intimate that he has just received a fresh supply of Parafin9, Phatogen, anr and other Lamp OILS. • No. 6, TOWN-HILL. WE, as Executors of the late Mr. WILLIAM SIMMONS, are requested by his Widow to present her respectul thanks Y T to the numerous employers of her late husband, for the kind patronage and support extended to him. All regards the business and contracts on hand at the time of At. SIMMO.VS' decease, we beg to state that we have entered into a very satisfactory arrangement with his Son-iu-law, Mil. JAMES Nf-kit riN, of this town for carrying on the same, and we beg respectfully to recommend MR. MARTIN, as Successor to the business of the late Mr. SIMMONS JAMES JACKSON, Executors of the late Mr. William WILLIAM b'E?MORE, ) Simmons. Wrexham, August 5th, 1859. JAMES MARTIN, PLUM B E R) PAI N TE R, AND G L A Z I E R WREXHAM, BEGS most respectfully to inform the nobility, Kentry. and -?nc generally, that he has made arrangements with Btbe Executors of the late Mr. WILHAM SIMMONS, 'or carrying on the business formerly conducted by him, as PLU1BER, PAINTER, and GLAZIER. He begs also to add that no exertion shall be wantin?M ?s Par?o finish the work now on hand, and which may hereafter be entrusted to him, with first-rate Materials and with the best workmanship. He has had twelve years' experience in the above trades, and hopes to be able to give every satisfactioo. W The bnsiness will be conducted as usual, on the premises occupied by the late Mr. Simmons, in Abbot street, Wrexham. GOLDEN LION W HOLESALE WINE & SPIHIT v AULTS, H I G H S T R E E T, WREXHAM. ANKERS'S WINE, SPIRIT, AND PORTER BUSINESS Is now carried on by his Nephew, Mr. W. ANKERS, at the GOLDEN LION VAULTS, HIGH-STREET W REX HAM, ADJOINING THE MARKET-HALL. Families supplied with the Choicest selected Stock of Foreign WINES and SPIRITS at tha Lowest Prices. Dealer in LONDON and DUBLIN PORTER, and BURTON, BITTER, and MILD ALS. MR. CHARLES R I C 11 A R D S (DRAPER,) AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER. OR. begs respectfully to inform the Public that in addition to his business of a DRAPER he has taken out ?. a License as AUCTIONEER and APPRAISER. He has a practical knowledge of ?1 value of ?AR??G STOCK and of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and he hep to 9Sure those persons who may honour him with their support in his new vocation, he will devote his best attention to their interests, combined with strict and punctual settlement of all sales committed to his charge. He undertakes to prepare Inventories and Valuations for Probate, Administrations, &c. He takes this opportunity to tender his grateful thanks to his numerous customers for their kind support during the time he has carried on the Drapery Bnsiness, and hopes by continued attention and a choice selection of the very best goods, to merit a continuance of their kind favours. High-street, Wrexham, July 13th, 1859. j^OCKWOOD AND A R R I M 0 N 11 EGERTO. N STREET SAWMILLS c H E;S;T E R, HAVE CONSTANTLY ON SALE EVElRY DESCRIPTION O.F FOREIGN TIMBER', Americanand^Baltioin.Logs, Red, "White and Yellow Deals, Baywood, Mahogany, and Birch, in Boards and Scantlings, Steam Struck "Mouldings of Every Form and Variety, SpUt;and;Suwn Laths, Oak,"andJEln^ oards, SEASONED AND^PREPARED FLOOR BOARDS,IDOORS, SASHES, ARCHITRAVES, 1 SKIRTING' STAIRCASES, SHOP FRONTS, AND ALL KINDS OF JOINER'S WOITK 'OF Fl RST-RATE QUALITY' PREPARED BY AM PATENT MACHINERY At UNRRECEDENTED"LOW PRICES, a full List of which may be had on' application,. IVXRTTHINO DEUVEMD FREE OP EXPENSE AT THE RAILWAY STATION1. ALBION CANDLE WORKS. 14, J 0 H N B E I R N E 14 CANDLE MANUFACTURER., TOWN-HILL WBEXHAM. RUABON JIOUNDR Y, (ESTABLISHED IN 1817, rOBMEELX IN THE OCCUPATION OF MESSRS. Be & w. JONES.) K E N EI C K& EVANS, IRON AND BRASS FOUNDERS, MANUFACTURERS of STEAM ENGINES, Steam Boilers, Pumps (from Sin. to 15in. diam) Working Barrels, Clack Pieces, T Bobs, Pit Head Pullies (of all sizes,) Cranes, Winces, Weighing Vachines, Blende and Clay Rolls, Water Wheels, Land Rollers, Railway Truck Wheels, Tram-road Rails, Bridge Girders, Plain and Ornamental Railings, Entrance Gates, Boilers to contain from 9 to 300 Gallons, and ever) other description of Castings or Wrought Iron Work. N.B.-Turnin- and Bonng to order, by a powerful self-acting Lathe. A first-class draftsman in attendance upon the premises. 0 E < K N I B B S 9 HIGH. STREET, W R E I H A M BEGS .respectCully to inform his Friends and the Gentlemen, Farmers, Tradesmen, and others of the Town -of JL) Wrexham and the surrounding Localities, that he has just taken out a License tD commence business as AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER, and trusts by unwearied and strict attention to all orders entrusted to him, and bs promptness in settling aU an ounts to merit and obtain a share of their patronage and support. i AOe Valuation for Probate of Wills, Succession and Residuary Duties, prepared on Betsonable'' torm". Office, High-Street, Wraham. July 11th, 1859.J MONEY LENT ON PERSONAL SECURITY. THE WREXHAM LOAN AND JNYESTMENT QOMPAN Y (LIMITED), A RE prepared to advance any sum from ?5 to ?100, on personal or other secunt?. f)r twelve months, repny- -d. able ia wcett?, monthly, or quarterly Intalments, at a low rate of iuterest. GaA B!Ua D:sco?ntetl on very moderate terms. The strictest confidence observed.—Application to be made to the Secretary, THOMAS JONES, Offices-Temple Place, Wrexham. ACCOUNTANT. DENTISTRY. iTTENDANCE IN WREXHAM NEXT WEDNESDAY AND JSVERY WEDNESDAY THROUGHOUT THE I YEAR. LIVERPOOL ESTABLISHMENTS :-n. DTJKE-STREEf, (directly opiosite Barry-street). London Establish-menta:—33, Ludzate Hill, and Recent street. MESSRS. GABRIEL the old-established Surgeon and Mechanical Dentists, present their compliments to the ITJL inhabitants of WREXHAM and vicinity, and beg to state that they visit WREXIIAV1 every WEDNESDAY, andmit.) be consnlted at LION HOUSE, llisth Street, on theloai of Teeth, ke., fro:n 10 to 5 each day. The necessity has lony been felt throughout many parts of the country of bcin liMe to obtain the services or a Dentist of some standing in his profession, withont the necessity of a visit to town, or without haviri,, to pay an j exorbitant charge for such services, this desideratum Messrs. Gabriel will at oaee supply. Messrs. G. are the patentee* of an entirely new description of TEETH and GUMS, which are fitted with absolute precision anJ success, such indeed as are by any other means unattainable; they are fitted on the most tender gams with out springs or wires of any description, and are as firm and useful in the mouth as the natural masticators; and, in order to render them within the reach of the most economical, they are supplied at charges strictly moderate. le3m. G.'A pamphlet (gratis) fully explains the system which has been approved by the highest medical authorities and the press, and will be sent post-free. em. Gabriel beg to say, that, as a guarantee against failures (as is often the case with other dentists), patients are at liberty to return any case not perfectly satisfactory, and another will be made in its plaue, free of extra charge. Messrs. G.'si 'pitent white' enamel, which effectually cures decayed front teeth, can only be obtained at the following establishments 134, Duke-street, Liverpool, and 33 Ludgate-hill and Regent-street, London, where they may be con- sulted daily,ifrom 10 to 6, free of charge. ObserveAttendance in WREXHAM every WEDNESDAY at Lion House Hih-street. SCALE OF CHARGES. A Single Tooth from £ 0 3 6 Upper or Lower Set 2 2 0 A Full Set Upper or Lower. 4 4 0 Stopping Decayed Teethessesses see tell to be lose 0 2 6 CONSULTATION PREH. Scaleing, Cleaning, Extracting and all operations appertaining to Dentistry at very moderate charges, Stopping with GOLD, WHITE ENAMEL, PREPARED GUrrA PERCtIA, to. Patent White prepared Gutta Percha for stopping Decayed Teeth, prica with full directions for uses lsGdper box Royal Tooth Powder for beautifying the Teetti and Gams, the best extant," Is 6 J per box. Messrs Gabriel's New Discovery patented White Enamel, same colour as the teeth. with fall directions for use price 5s per box. CAUTION see that each box bears the name of the solo inventors and proprietors, Messrs GABRIEL, London and Liverpool, and every Wednesday at the Lion House, Wrexham. Mr. Rowland, Chemist, sole agent for Wrexham, for tha above Preparations. Le ters by post'receive attention. References to patients. Specimens can be seen Notice everv Wednesday at the Lion House, High-street, Wrexham. WREXHAM. CELEBRATION OF ST. DAVID'S DAY, iseo. THE ANNUAL DINNER In commemoration of the Patron Saint of Cymru, will take place at LOVATT'S OLD SWAN INN, WREXHAM, On Thursday, 1st March 1860, When the hostess and presidents hope to see at the fistive board a good muster of the patrons of St. David, and the friends of the Old Swan. PRESIDENTS ALDERMAN JOHN CLARK, Mr HANMER, Cach and  Horses Mr H. w- JOT?-?, Draper Mr PHILLIPS, Vron Mr SNAPE, Bookseller DINNER TICKETS, FIVE SHILLINGS EACH. ^j (Ale and desert included), T o be haa at the Old Swan Inn, for which an early appli- cation is requested. St. David's Day falling this year on Wrexham Market Day, the chair will be taken at Six o'clock precisely. N. S. S C 0 T C II E R, JEWELLER AND SILVERSJIITH. HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM, HAS just received a large assortment of Ladies' and JLL Gentlemen's PORTMANTEAUS, and INDIA RUBBER TRAVELLING BAGS, at reduced prices. N. S. S. Takes this opportunity to inform his friends that he has added to his stock a variety of GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, ENGLISH, FRENCH, AMERICAN # GERMAN CLOCKS, which any purchaser who may not approve of, can either exchange or return Silver Cups, Tankards, Cruets, Spoons, &c., together with Electro-plated sets of Tea and Coffoe Services in new patterns, suitable for Presents or Testimonials A Large Stock of WEDlHG InNGS, the prices of which he has reduced. HENRI'S HORSE AND CATTLE FEED. HENRI'S PATENT CATTLE FEED is the most  perfect preparation of the day for HORSES, COWS, CALVES, or SHEEP, as hundreds of Testi- monials certify. Price 42s per cwt.—HENRI'S PIG MEAL, 24s per cwt. HENRI'S PATENT MEDICATED HORSE FEED, administered nightly, will quickly restore Horses that are sick or off their feed, into splendid and healthy condition without interfering with their daily work. In stables where this is used, swollen legs, cracked heels, or sur- feit never appear, Boxes containing 56 Feeds, 12s. HENRI'S FEED is the only one patented (1855) and is sold, with a Guaranteed ANALYSIS, by HENRI'S PATENT CATTLE FEED COMPANY, Steam Mills, HULL, the sole manufacturers, to whom or their duly appointed Agents, orders must be given, and Post Oliice Orders made pay- able. LONDON DEPOT, 40, KING WILLIAM STREET. 9" Agent for Wrexham: JOHN MORRIS, HIGII-ST. MR. SAMUEL GRIFFITHS, (FARMER) AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER, ARGOED, OVERTON, BEGS respectfully to inform his Friends and the Gen- Btlemen, Farmers, Tradesmen, and others, of the Village of Overton and the surrounding localities, that he has just taken out a License to commence the above business, and trusts by unwearied and strict attention to all orders entrusted to him, moderate charges, and prompt- ness in settling accounts, to merit, aad obtain a share of their support. From his practical experience as a Farmer, he has the greatest confidence in assuring them that his judgment of Stock, &c., will bo found in every way to meet their approbation. Office, Overton, December 12th, 1859. WILLOW HOUSE BREWEITY. RICHARD EVAN S, (LATE OF TUB HOP POLE). BEGS to thank his Customers for the liberal support Bhe has hitherto received; and also begs to inform them that he has removed from the brewery he lately occupied, under Charles Bate, to his new and more commodious premises adjoining the Willow House. t. Farmers and the trade supplied with choice Ales, and TaMe Beer in Casks, from nine gallons and upwards. [A CARD.] C. & M. A. ROCKE, CLOTHIERS & OUTFITTERS 18 TOWN.HILL. COAL, SLACK, LIME. LOADS promptly delivered in the town and neigh. ij bourhood. Orders received by the Agent-B. M. Jones, Timber Merchant, Charles-street. MR. A. C L A R K E. ACCOUNTANT, AGENT, &C., Qfjtct No 2, liryn-y-ffynnon Terrace, Wrexhaig. L A M P OILS!! D. JONES IRONMONGR, 12, TOWN-HILL, BEGS to state that he has just received a fresh supply Bof Paraflue, Pbotogen, Petrolene, and Belmantice, which he is prepared to sell at 3J. 3d. per gallon. Also, a large assortment of LAMPS adapted to burn the above oils. COUGHS AND COLDS. ROWLAND'S PECTORAL OXYMEL is the best Medicine for Coughs, Colds, Asthma and Bron- chial affections; is pleasant, safe, and efficacious, and has afforded relief alter numerous other remedies hav failed. In bottles at Is. ljd. and 2s. 9d. Prepare only by W. ROWLAND, Dispensing Chemist, High street, Wrexhamb I HOUSE-WARMING DINNER AT THE GREEN MAN, HOPE-ST., WREXHAM. MR. JAMES THOMAS begs respectfully to an- -iJLL nounce to his friends and well-wishers, that his HOUSE-WARMING DINNER will take place on TUESDAY, the 7th February, 1860. PRESIDENTS M. Mprris, Esq., Oak Lodge; R. W. Johnson, Esq.; Mr. Councillor W. Rowland; Mr. Coun- cillor Overtoil; G. Plant, E, zq,, Broughton; iNIr. Thos. Williams. Dinner on the table at G o'clock. Tickets, Ale included—3s. Gd. each, to be had at the Bar of the Inn. FAMOUS MELTONMOWBRAY PORKPIES JAMES OLLERHEAD BEGS to announce to the Public generally, that he Bhas now commenced, and will continue to receive his regular supply of the far-famed MELTON MOW- BRAY PORK PIES, and that he will always keep on hand a stock of his own UNEQUALLED "ORIGINAL AND HIGHLY CELEBRATED FINE WRSXHAM\^INGERBUEAD" High-street, Wrexham «• » t, 5L WO R K S OF JOHN CALVIN On the very favourable terms on which the Publishers are enabled to offer the Works of the Great Reformer, every Library should possess a set. Complete set, in 51 volumes, demy Svo, handsomely bound in eloth, a 9s Commentaries, separately, in 45 volumes, 27 17s 6d. A selection of G volumes, 21s (or mo.e volumes at the same proportion), with the exception of the Insti- tutes, 3 volumes, aud Tracts, 1 volume. The Institutes separately, 3 volumes, 24s. The contents of the Series are:—Institutes oi the Christian Religion, 3 volnmes Tracts on Reformation, 3 volumes; Commentary on the Pentateuch, 6 volumes; Joshua, 1 volume; Psalms 5 vols; Isaiah, 4 volumes; ocremiah and Lamentations, 5 vol. Ezekiel, 2 volumes; Daniel 2 volumes Minor Prophets, 5 volumes; Gospels, 5 volumes; Acts 2 volumes; Ro- mans,1 volume; Corinthians, 2 volumes Galatians and Ephesians, 1 volume; Phillippians, &e, 1 volume Ti- mothy, &c, 1 volume; Hebrews, 1 volume; Catholic Epistles, 1 volume. Single volumes, G3 each. Remittances may be made either direct or through a respectable Bookseller. Edinburgh: T. and T. Clark, 38, George street. CHEMICAL & DRUG ESTABLISHMENT, AND OIL WAREHOUSE. JOHN FRANCIS, (From Folwell, Williams, & Co., London), DISPENSING CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, 54, HOPE STREET, WREXHAM. THE Profession and Public may rely upon absolutely I. Pure DRUGS and CHEMICALS, and accuracy iu the preparing of Prescriptions and Recipes, which so ma terially aids in successfully treating diseases. Toilet requisites, Sponges, Flesh. Tooth, Brushes, Respirators, Chest Protectors, Surgical Apparatuses. &c., Donwpathie Cocoa, Arii'ca Pi-el)a?-ationv, Ic. CLOGS. THE TRADE supplied with CLOGS, CLOG-SOLES, TPATTENS, Src., upon the most reasonable terms. For further particulars apply to JOSHUA HARRISON, Newton Heath, MANCHESTER. DR. DE JONGH'S tKnight of the Order of Leopold of Belgium), LIGHT-BROWN COD LIVER OIL, Prescribed by the most eminent Medical Men throughout the world M the safest, ■itxWiest, aud most effectual remedy for Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma, Coughs, Rheumatism, Gout, General Debility, Diseases of the Skin, Rickets, Infantilt Wasting, and alt Scorofiilous Affections. DR. lip JONAH'S Oil is the most eilicacious, the most pal- ttable, nd, from its rapid curative effects, unquestionably he most u. iMoraical of all kinds. Its immeasurable tli ra neutie sup-:nonty over every other varietv is "stab I ishul by innumerable spontaneous testimonials from Physicians and Surgeons of European reputation. SELECT MEDICAL OPINIONS The Lat3 JONATHAN PEREIRA, M.D., F.R.S. Proyssor at the University of London, Physician to the London Hospital, fa., Ac. It was fitting that the author of the best analysis and investu ati.ins into ill properties of this Oil bhould hims If be tin- purveyor of this important medicine. "lkiuwthatno one can be boiler, and few so well. ac- quainted with the physical aud chemical properties of thi medicine as yourself, whom I regard as the highest authorits n the subject. '• Tbe Oil- which you gave me was of the very [ finest quality whether considered with reference to its colour, flavour, or hemical properties, and I am satisfied that lor medicinal pur- oses no finer Oil can be produced." G. H. BABLOW, Esq., M.D.. F.R.C.P., Physician to Guy's Hospital, Author of A Manuel oj the Practice of Mcdicine," &c., &c. I have fuquently recommended persons consulting me to make use of Dr. do J onih's Cod Liver Oil. I have been well satisfied with iti effects, and believe it to be a pure Oil. well litted for those cases in which the use 01 that su'/stitute is indicated." i CHARLES COWAN, Esq., M.D., L.R.C.S.E. Senior Physician to the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Con- lulling Physician to the Reading Dispensary, \fe., \fc. Dr. Cowan is glad to find that tho proiession has some reasonable guarantee for a genuine articl, The material now sold varies in almost every establish- ment where it is purchased, and a tendency to prefer a col- ourless and tastless Oil, if not counteracted, will ultimately jeopardise the reputation of an unquestionably valuable ad- dition to tho Materia iledica. Dr. Corwan wishes Ur. de '(qugh every success in his meritorious undertaking." EDGAR SHBPPARD, Esq., MD., M.R.C.S. Translator of (iibert on Diseases of the thin," Be, querel and Ilodie/s Researches on the Blood," kc., !fc. Dr. Sheppard has maue extensive use of Dr. de Jonah's Light-Brown Cod Liver Oil, and has great pleasure in testifying to his superiority ever any other preparation to be met with in this country. It has the rare excellence of being wet borne audassimilateu by stomachs which rej ect the ordinary Oils. Dr. Sheppard has no hesitation in stat- tn? thM he believes au imperial pint of Dr. de Jutlicil's Light-Brown Oil to be of more value tt?n an lwpcna quart of any other to be met with in Loudon." "Sold only in Imperial Half-pints, 2s 6d.; Pints, 4 0J. Quarts, 9s. capsul led, and labelled with F)r. s nature, without which none can posatbly be genuine by respectable chemists. SOLE CONSIGNEES. ANSAR HARFORD & Co., 77, STRAND, LON- J DON, W.C. Agent by appointment at WREXHAM Mr WILLIAM ROWLAND, Dispensing Chemist, High Street. J To Nt;ss •* 1\ ADAM,- I leel it essential lhat I should cantionyou J. X in relereuee to llje expressions to which you have gil,'ell uHral\ce rel?i.e to n,e> It is eq?tly cumpulsory tbat I should pro\ect ,uy ?va character an 1 credit; there rors i unicss Jon adopt B different conrse, with a strietc-r adherence to verity, I shall deem it bill prudence to again advise you by this imme medium, The Press." I am, Madam, (as for the last 18 years), Yours sincerely, Wrexham, Feb, 3, 1860. R. g, J. YOUNG ME.T':j CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION?" ON TUESDAY EVENING, February 7th, 1860, a LECTURE will he delivered in the Music-RALL. WREXHAM, by RICHARD C. RAWLINS, ESQ. SubjectWork and Win; or George Stephoiuoit and the Railway System." Admission .-—Front Seats, M i Back Seats, ad. Members admitted Free on presenting their TiokotS of Membership. To commence at 8 o'clock. MR. SIMMS, (Organist of Wrexham Church, and Professor of Musio at the College, Chester), BEGS to announce that: he will resume hia -D on the Piano Forte, Organ, and the Theory of Music, on Tuesday, January 31st. IJST Schools attend on the accustomed Terms. 7, King-street, Wrexham. BROADGA fE HOUSE SCHOOL. BREWOOD, STAFFORD. MR H. SMITH, C.M., PRINCIPAL. TERMS—15 to 20 Guineas per Annum, incluaivo, THE Pupils in this Establishment receive, at < J- moderate expense, a sound, liberal, and practical Education, calculated to fit them for the duties of life, and combining moral and religious training with all those branches most useful iu fitting boys for mercantile pursuits. Circulm of the Schojl, with the highest testimonials and references to clergymen aud distinguished parouts of pupils will be forwarded on application to the PrincipaL as above. Brewood is situated in the midst of a delightful neigh- bouibood, surrounded by parks and mansions, and haft long been celebrated for its schools. a be g#, TO BE LET and entered upon on the First day of JL May next, 1860, a BLACKSMITHS' SHOP, with Bellows, Anvil, Vice. Screw Plates, Water Trough* together with a House with 2 Bed-rooms, Bake-house, and Boiler, and Garden attached, at PLASDEAIN COTTAOI near Rhosllanerchrugog, parish of Ruabon. It it an ex- cellent opening for a steady man, situate on two or three Cross Roads, twenty farmers mod to get their work done there, now they have to go a distance of 3 miles ta get their wo: k executed. Best Coals about a miiuoff others half a mile. Good fresh air. Apply to Mr Robert Davies, Plas Drain. TO BE LET THE GRIFFIN IN,t Llanbedr, near Ruthin, early J. possession mcy be had. Appliction tolbe made on the premises. A GARDEN TO BE LET. Apply to Mr. Chtr!?  Bate, brewer, Wrexham, TO BE LET, OR SOLD. A GENTEEL VILLA RESIDENCE, situate ia GROVE PARK, Wiexham. Apply to Mr. HICUAED BUNN. WANTED by a young Gentleman, respectable and W comfortably FUilNISHED APARTMENTS, Sitting aud Bedroom, a mile or two from Wrexham pro- ferred. Terms about 10s. per week. Address with full par- ticulars, J. H.E., "Advertiser" Office, Wrexham. MONEY to lend on Mortgage of Freehold Property? J-?LL Two sums of £500 aud one of £ 300.—Apply to I Mr J. JOXES, Solicitor, Wrexham, MONEY TO LED, from £ 10 to £ 400, on personal itJL or other security, to be repaid by easy Monthly of Quarterly instalments, extending over a period from one to three yaars. Loans granted within one week from day of application. Confidence strictly observed.- Apply, by letter or persmally, to Mr. EDWARD CLOWU. No. 56, Booth-street East, Oxford Road, Manchester, Established the year 1843. [a be aTh, TO BE SOLD. A Useful Pony Gig.—Apply to Mr Rogers, Raglan Arm?, Lambpit Street, Wrexbam. SUPERIOR strong BUILDING BRICKS at h pM kj thousand, at Pha iaaa Brick and Tile Works, near Ruabon. TO BE SOLD a Five Horse THRASHING MA- CHINE, in good working condition,—Apply to Mr Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. TO BE SOLD BY PitlVATE TREATY. A VERY compact Freehold Farm, containing byad- I AjL measurement up.vards of 120 acres, conveniently situated aud within four miles of Overton, early possession may be haJ, and part of the purchase .r.oney may remain ou sicnrity of the premises. For particulars and to treat for the same apply to Mr. Timothy Robuts, Auctioneer, Overton, Flintshire. .Sihnttbus, &r„ S&tttteir. W ANTED, a respectable youth as an Apprentice.- VV Apply to R. J ones, D.apcr High street, WrM* ham. WANTED in a Ladies' School, Wrexham, VV DAILY GOVERNESS. Apply at the Adver* tiser" Office, Hope-street, Wrexham. WANTED in a GcDeni Grocery, Proviiiou, M TV B?klug Es(ab!h.hment, T?O APPRENTICES? Apply to Mr G. Griffith, Charles street, Wrexham. WANTED, a good GENERAL SERVANT, who W thoroughly understands her work also a NUKSE, who has been accustomed to Children. A satisfactory character required from each.—Apply to Mr Potter, Bookseller, Wrexham. WANTED, near Wrexham, a steady, active MAN \v to take the charge of a Cart Horse, Cows, and A Garden.—Apply to Mr Bayley, Stationer, Wrexham. GREY HAIR. CLEVER'S WALNUT POMADE restores Gray \?/ Hair to its natural colour, darkens red or light hMr$ prevents its lailing off, hnd will not slain the skin. Price Is. and 2s. 6d.; by post, 6d. extra. SULE AOBNT, KENRICK, Squire, Chemist to the Queen, London,) 19, TOWN HILL, WREXHAK. NURSERY, SEED, AND FRUIT BUSINESS, Y. STRAHAN (LATE GARDNER TO T. IRVEN, ESQ., STANSTT Bal.) 37, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM, Keit door to Mr. SMITH, Draper. HAS OPENED the above Premises with a NEW STOCK of GARDEN AND AGRICULTURAL SEEDS, FRUITS, &0., and hopes that his long expw rience as a practical Gardner, will enable him with confidence to recommend such articles only as will give satisfaction, and hopes by strict attention to ment. share of public patronage and support Y S begs to say that now is the time for Plantinc all t..f' Ul't Trees; and to Sow Early Peas, lop SOl" s 0 J: I F 'r June Flower Show. Trained rUlt rees, Standd une J: 0 PI Ch. Apples, Peaches, A[lnct, us, erraeø, GoMe- b pp. Cunants and :strawbemes. Standard Roea? T;i, or Quicks, and all kinds of Evergreens, Rhubarb? Seakle, Asparagus, and everything connected with toJ. Nursery business. N. B—Y. S. is prepared to execute any orders ha vacf be favoured with, and to send out Jobbing Gardenen aft 2s. 6d. per day, under his personal superintendent Agent for MARK aud RAT POWDER KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. HEALITi RESTORED and maintained by the nMOf JUL these Pills, prepared solely by John Kayo, Eaq- 01 Dalton-Hall, near lludderstield. They are uueqoalica ia simplicity, safety, and beueficial effect, and in OMet of accute as well as chronic diseases, especially rising from impurity of Blood, Indigestion, and Consti* palwn, are he best medicine that can possibly be em- ployed FEMALES, ARTIZ&NS, MECHANICS, all persona of Se- dentary Habits, and the general public, will find them of the greatest service in correcting and preventing ifrcgtt* laxities in the performance of the various fanctiOM of the human body. Buy one Box and rend tat Û8ttllOIt al enclosed.