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KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. HEAL l'll RESTORED and maintained by the use of L L these Fills, prepared solely by John Kaye, Esq. ot Daltcu-Hall, near lludderslield. They are unequalled in simplicity, safety, and beueticial effect, and in eases of accute as well as cnrouic diseased, especially tliosit rising from impurity of Blood, Indigestion, and Comli. pation, are he best medicine that can possibly be em- ployed FEMALES, AETIZANS, MECHANICS, all persons of Se- dentary Habits, and the general public, will find them of the Srldtest service in correcting and preventing irrega- larities in the performance of the various functions of tile human body. Buy one Box and read tll, teytimot4 al enclosed. DISORDERS OF THE LIVER AND STOMACH. most persons will, at some period of their lives, suffer from indigestion, derangement of their liver, stomach, or bowels, which, if not quickly removed, frequently settles, into a dangerous illness. It is well known in India, and other tropical climates, that llolloways' Bills is the ouly, remedy that can be relied upon in such cases. Almost every soldier abroad carries a box of these Pills in hit knapsack. In England most persons know that these Pills will cure them whenever the liver, stomach, or bowels ar&. out of order, and that they ueed no physician. Sold by allchemists and other dealers in Patent Medi1- cines at Is lid, 2s 9d., and 48 6d. Wholesale Depot, 24 ead-street, London. LEA & PERKINS' CELEBRATED W ORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE. PRONOUNCED BY CONNOISSEURS TO BE THE "ONLY GOOD SAUCE" ,&.),"1) APPLICABLE TO EYEBY VARIETY 01' DISH. Ji s&sBi EXTRACT of a LETTER from a MEDICAI. GBUTLKMAS at Madras, to his Brother at Worcester, May, 1851. "Tell LEA & P ERRINS that their SAUCE is highly esteemed iu IlIdla, anu is. ill my opinion, the most pa- latable as well as tlie most. wholesome sauce, that is made." The success of this most detfciuu3 and unrivalled condiment having caused many unprincipled dealeris to apply the name to Spurious compounds) the PUBLIC. is respectfully and earnestly requeued to see coat the names of LEA & PEKRINS are upon the WitAPPE16 LABEL. STOPPER, AND tiOTTLK Fanuf .ctured by LEA & PERUlNS, Worcester. Sold by IJROSSE & BLACKWELL, London; and tIE rea ,ectable Druggists, Grocers, and Italian Warehousemen throughout the World. MJU&UKJL, BELL), AND h'RUIT BUSINESS, Y. STRAHAN (LATE GARDNER TO T. IIIVEN, ESQ., STAXSTY HALL.) 37, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM, Next door to Mr. SMITH, Draper. HA, S n OPENED the above Premies with a NEW IE[ STOCK of GARDE AND AGRICULTURAL SEEDS, FRUITS, &c., and hopes that his long expe- rience as a practical Gardner, will enable him with confidence to recommend such articles only as will give satisfaction, and hopes by strict attention to miCit I share of public patronage and support Y. S. begs to say that now is the time for Planting all sorts of ivuit Trees; and to Sow Early Peas, for June Flower Show. Trained Fruit Trees, Standard Apples, Peaches, Apricots, Plums, Cherries, Goose- berries, Cunants aud Strawberries. Standard Roses, Thorns, or Quicks, and all kinds of Evergreens, ltb u Wb, Seakle, Asparagus, and everything connected with the Nursery business. N. B—Y. S. is prepared to execute any orders he mty be favoured with, and to send out Jobbing Gardeners al -s. 6d. per day, under his person at superintendtnee Agent for MAllK. and WAIID'S RAT POWLAIL BURROWS AND Co., WHOLESALE WINE MERCHANTS, LIVERPOOL. Stores, Luu: STREET.-Olfices, 54, DUKE STRlI. flUE Proprietors beg most respectfully to call the attention of the Trade, Noblemen, Clergy, and the Public in general, to their extensive Stock of Choice Wine. of Rare Yiutages. B. and Co. are not disposed to comment upon the puri- ty of their Wines, which is daily most laudably acknow- ledged by the public and eminent medical men of all countries, as the increasing patronage of the highest families in the land is a sulfijieut guarantee. They beg to call particular attention to their pure TONIC WINES, as oeing so valuable to Invalids aud persons of weak stomachs. A Sample Case, containing three full sized Wine Bottles, will be forwarded to any address, on receipt of P. U. U. for 6s 6d, or a duzen for,24s. It is a well-known fact that impure and adulterated Winea are the greatest foes to health, producing scidity in the stomach, and debilitating the digestive orgoolo, while Pure Wines will accelerate the digestive powers, invigorating, streugtheniiig, and bracing the nCrfODI system. Their Tonic Wine is admitted to be most essential to Invalids, both old and young, and should never be absent from the homes of the weak and sickly. It* properties are duly acknowledged and appreciated by the leading men of the Faculty, both at home II abroad. To prevent imposition, each Bottle ia sealed with the name of the firm.-All orders to be made payable If Henry Burrows. This Paper is Printed and Published by George Bafl*y« Hope-street, in the Parish ot Wrexham P-qjr WiexhaBU this day, Jaawuqf 28th, isoo,