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SCOTTISH WIDOWS' FVXD I \T jji'j; ASSURANCE SOCIETY. J piRT1, WHO MAY BE DESIROUS OF EFFECTING .Ai" y i < WITH THIS Sof IETY ARE PARTICULARLY ,Ti:D Tc) OT¡(,¡;, THAT PROPOSALS MUST EE I31FoRF THE 31ST DtCEMDER CURRENT, I) '1'1' SECURE Tin: BENEFIT OF THIS YE.U! 8 rsTUY. Sui ice to Members. ■f Rqitrt by Messrs. Broirn, MelriVe, mid Brand, i h i ii issued, and any Member who may not hare .I e eon*. run have )?I? on application at lit»* • H,u,i Offivr. JOIlX MACKENZIE, Manager. Wn. MNDESAY, Secretary. AiidreW Square, Edinburgh, Hith December, 1050. A nt FOR CHESTER AND NORTH WAIES, .1.11:5 SMITH, OLD BASK, CHESTER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, t;. "m awl Anchor Hotel, PWLLU ELI, on Tues- dav, tae 11th day of March next, SHME Valuable FREEHOLD PR<HM'.HTY, in ¡.,J the Town and neighbourhood of I'NN'?LIIELI iI' 8u,:h L..¡s and subject to such Conditions as shall be -,jreed ul?o?i at the timc of Sale. 1'h,' 1'lO\n Property consists of Houses aud Land, to i*o extent of Six Acres or thereabouts, most admirably t i.iptetl for Building. De Ccuulry Property consists of about 400 Acres, divided into conveniently sized Farms, lying on cach i 1" of the turnpike road from Pwllheli to Carnarvon; .u: ilITe? mi es and a half from the former town. :> one of the Farms is a promising Slate Quarry, v nhich a considerable annual rent may now be ob. T:i Vendor will treat privately for the whole, or for thi Town and Country Property separately. For further particulars apply at the Office of Mr. faunas Ellis, Solicitor, l'wllheli. 1 Vcember, 1050. LINEN AX1) WOOLLEN" DRAPERS AXIl SILK MERCERS. To BE DISPOSED Of BY TENDER, j.v order of the Trustees of Edward J. Roberts, of Denbigh, North Wales, General Draper, fTMIK ENTIRE STOCK OF GOODS, situate in the xi ??i-ket Square there, amounting at Cost I)ri" to !•;•= us.. 31., and consisting of Broad and Narrow • i s 1 weeds, Vestings, Prints, Grey and "'hite ( oburgs, Orleans. Silk and Cotton llandker- t' t. Neckerchiefs, Ribbons, Lace, Linens, Hosiery, bonnets, Meu's Hats, &c. The Stoct is well assort* d and in excellent condition. Tee Purchaser may have the use of the Shop aud Dwel- ling House attached for one month without charge, and Furniture find Fixtures therein, if desired, at a Valuation, and the Totiautcy of the Premises from the Lon,II"lthcreaÙcr. Tue Stock will be laid out for Inspection between the k-vrs of ten and four o\k on Monday the autll and T:••1 the Hist, and on Wednesday the 1st and Thurs- e Ji:d days of January next; aud sealed Tenders c:r-e 1 Tender for Edward J. Kober!#' Stock," ad- (\ to Thomas Lorimer, Accountant, 30, Brown- surer. Manchester, will be received by him up to Satur- v t! 1th of January next, oil which day, 11 o'clock t'ae Tenders will be opened in the presence of the and the purchaser declared. 0 1: the days of inspection of the stock, an inren. • vr i reot will lie on the premises, and for further rs apply to Ifeisi-s. Williams al.a Edwards, A (\ Denbigh, or to the said Thomas Lorimer. Vil.r. ny WILLIAMS AND PARIW. \IX ,\BLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY TX FLINTSHIRE ,V DENBIGHSHIRE. 'I' i i: oLD BY AU( TION, By Messrs. WIL- L1AMS and PAL RY, on Wi:O.\E.-i>ay, the 2:1th ■: ,Janll"ry, IS.M.at c'lireo o'clock in the Afternoon, r. 'iv ROI.IL OAK INS, in Mold, in the following or o'.her LlOh, and subject to such conditions as shall iv ;rei 1 upon at the time of Sale. 1. ■!■ I. The Observatory or Penygroes, situate in Tr-lyn, near Mold, consisting of a HorsE and Bi, ILt)- • 3nd t; acrcs 2 i-oodsintl 22 perches, or thereabouts of L s now in the occupation of Mr. Roger Bellis, and L r 2. A Close or Parcel of I.and, called Caehcrson, [(: t. t!¡e last Lot; containing I acre li ro »:ls and 11 J s or thereabouts, iu the occupation of Mr. John t '11\ L: All that Messuage ,r Farm called Caeymrvson, i.ii: Ticyldvn aforesaid, with Dwelling-house, Ont- ,ith 1),,7,?lli,h.uw, 0 ?i t I ?vo Cottages, and 10 acres I rood and 10 ] • [¡"" or thereabouts of Land, in the occupation of ad John Foulkcs, and his undertenants. L r L All those Four FIELDS near the last Lot, con. iaKsy lo acres 1 rood 10 perches or thereabouts, in the li.' :i' of the said John Foiilkes. L. r All that FU:I.D called Cacmyny,!d, situate i.u Tr. yddyn aforesaid, containing 3 acres 1 W(Hllm,1 :'o ] ■relies irthereabouis, with a thriving Plantation, in tht occupatton of thc said John Fu,1!l;cs. i'V above Lot, are within half a Mile of the Church an-i \'illage of TrevdJyn, and adjoin Land belonging ot '••• Lev. E. Davies, Mr. White, Nr. Peters, and Mr. «' .ii Davies. The first lot is a desirable residence for a >u,:¡:; and genteel family, and immediate possession call L C. Parts of Two excellent pieces of Land, ad. «".r.ing Ventrecelyn house, in the parish of Llanfuir %a Clwyd, in the county of Denbigh, containing 12 acres rood and 1!1 perches, bo the same more or less, in tie occupation ed Mr. Ralph Lenis. LAll that Allotment called KING'S ALLOTMENT, :1. I'arish of Bryn Eglwys, in the county of Ilcnbigh, .rtaining O.'i acres 1 rood and perches, or there- ",I:$; now divided into Nine pieces, including about 1" ,:(s of thriving Plantation in the holding of tle said V Ralph Lewis, and adjoining land belonging to Col. \a, sir John Hay Williams, Edward V'yd, Es j. of 1^ :t. and J. J. Foulkes, Esij. i ..is L('t is situate li miies from liuthi:), oil the Turn- l',a,1 from thcnce to W rexham. r further particulars apply to the AffTIoxKEl-.s, at where a Illap of the Property can be seen Mr. 1 11.1.1.\1\15, Garreglwyd, Mold, )11', Itnln:I:T-, l lk. Chester, 0\' Messrs. 1U.OXAM aud Ei.Uj.UN, Y Liur idn's Inn Fields, I.ondou. FLl:\1"i[lI1:E DISPENSARY. b'.ILL in aid oftlic Funds of this I ,1 i y wili take place at the ROYAL and Wiin E 11- T. L. 11olywclI, on TilI'ltso.vv, January 1: u.. let- t'ie fellowiiig distinguished patronage :— I'ATr. ON ESSl.'S, The Lady Harriet Mostyn. Tiie Lady Helena Cooke. The Lady Sarah Hay Williams. The Lady Dinorbeii. T he Lady Mostyn. 1' T H(I. i i.e Right Ilpn. the Lord Mostyn. The lion. Thomas Pryce Lloyd. Sir John llannier, Bait. )1..I', Captain Morgan. l i! 1 i AlT.0Nr.SS FOR THE EVENING, Mrs. Mather, Glynabbot. S"[ E \1 D) Captain Mostyn, Saiihaehvyd. 1!i.(.i,tJ tv C(JIJH);("(; (l SillC o' I'tOCk. i:. ,1,S' tickets. i. lid. Gentlemen's, 10" <»d.; to lie '• L.t Secretaiv, ut the i;iSiii.iuiou, and at he L?r r.e Hotel. rr I ;,ii..J.¡i!1' cdcbratct! ()u: V.iUe Ban.1 will be in iiUte. ItICIIA1:n PARRY JOXES, .¡¡i¡¡((, Room, Ilolvwfl), Secretary, l- c I. 1W. MOXE Y. THE several sums of £ 2,500, £ 800, £ 400, £ 400, £ 200, and £ 200 arc now ready to be advanced on Mortgages of approved Freehold Property. N.B— The i'iWO will be divided into sums to suit applicants, each sum not being less than i 150. Applications to be addressed to Mr. PRICE, Solicitor, Ruthin Ruthin, Dec. 17th, 1050. ESTATE OF Mr.. HEXRY BICKXELL, DECEASED. ALL persons having Claims against the Estate of the lute Mr. Henry Bicknell, of the Penrliyn Arms Hotel, Bangor, are requested to send particulars thereof for investigation, to the Executor, Mr. Charles Bicknell, of the Penrliyn Arms Hotel aforesaid. And all persons indebted to the said Estate are desired to pay the amount immediately to the said Executor. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ALL persons having any Claim against the lato "11', JOHN PRITCHAI.D, Bookbinder and Stationer, Ban- gor Street, Carnarvon, are requested to send the same to me, on or before Monday, the 13th January, 1851. cure. on a), JAMES FOSTER. Xatiunal School, Carnarvon, 24th Dee., 1051. LEGAL NOTICE. ESTATE OF THE LATE EVAN ELLIS. \LL persons indebted to the Estate of the late Evan Al-'Ili,, of In, Stanley Street, Liverpool, Cabinet Maker, who died on titli day of June last, are required forthwith to pay the amount of their respective Debts to the Administrator, Mr. John Ellis, 3, Ilanelagh Place, opposite the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, and all persons having any Cluims against the Estate are requested forthwith to furnish them, io order that they may be examined and paid. lXttLESUi: ftlMRTER SESSIONS. NOTICi: IS HEREBY GIVEN, RPIIAT the GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of _L the PEACE, for the County of Anglesey, will be held at the County Hall, in Beaumaris, on TUESDAY, the 31st day of at the hour ot lUo'clock ill the l'ore;,oon, at which time and place all Business, Matters, and Things appertaining to the Assessment, Management, alhi Application ot the County Rate or Stock of the said County of Anglesey, which by any Statute or Seatntcs nuw in force, the Justices of the Peace are authorised to do and transact at the General Quarter Sessions, will be commenced, done and tran- sacted publicly in open Court. OWEN OWEN, Clerk oJ the Veace/or the County of Anglesey. Beaumaris, 9th December, lSúO, CARNARVONSHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS. XOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, 'piIAT the GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS _L of the PEACE, for the County of CAHXAKYOx, will be held at the COUNTY HALl" in CARNARVON, on THURS- DAY, the 2nd day ot JANUARY lBiB, at the hour of 10 o'clock in the Forenoon, for the dispatch of the Civil atd Crinh\"I l'usines8, ii.1 will be continued by adjourn- ment fr- 111 the 2nd day of January uf"re8!\id, to be held nt the County Hall aforesaid, on FRIDAY, the lird day of January aforesaid, at the hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at which last mentioned time and place all Business, Matters, and Things appertaining to the as- sessment, management, and applieation of County Rate or Stock of the said County of Carnarvon, (which by any Statute or Statutes now in force the Justices of the Peace are authorized to do and transact at the General Quarter Sessions, or at any adjournment thereof,) except as here- inafter mentioned, will be commenced, done, and trans- acted publicly in open Court. AND XUTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEX, That at the hour of One o'clock in the afternoon of Thursday, the said 2nd day of January, the Jnstieestbcn and there assembled, will proceed to take into con- sideration a proposal for providing, or altering, cnlarging, and improving a LOCK-UP HOUSE, at the Village of BETHEMJA. in the said County. Dated this 12th day of December, lo-O. RICHARD A. POOLE, Clerk of the Peace. Colitity of Merioneth. N O T ICE IS II E RE BY GIVEN, rilHAT the ADJOURNED GENERAL QUARTER JL SESSIONS of the PEACE t?r the County of MERIONETH, will be held in the County Hall, Bala on Thursday, the 2nd day of January, 1851, and the Fi- nance Committee appointed t" andit all Accotiiits,ivill meet for that purpose at 11 o'clock in the Morning, when all liusine-s relating to the Assessment, Application, or \I aiiauemcut of the County Stock or Rate will com- mence. AND NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN, That the GENERAL Ql ARTElt SESSIONS of the PEACE will he held at the County Hall aforesaid, on Friday, the 3rd day of January, 1851, at 10 o'clock in the Mom'imr and all Business relating to the Assessment, Application, or Management of the County Stock or Rate will commence at 11 o'doek, A.M. All Depositions and Instructions for IlIdictmcnls are to be sent to tbe Clerk of the Peace three (laN s be- fore the Sessions. DAVID WILLIAMS, Clerk of the Peace. December 10th, 1050. FLINTSHIRE ROADS. is Hereby Given, that a General Annual 1\ lctting of the Trustees, under an Act passcd in the third year of the reign of his late Majesty Kiug William the Fourth, intituled, An Act for Repairing and Improv- ing the several Roads called the Flint, Holywell, and Mostyn Districts of Roads, in the county of Flint, and for making new deviations and extensions of Roads to commuiiicatc with tLe said Districts, will take place at the house of Mr. John Marsden, the Royal and White Horse Hotel, in the Town of Holywell, on Wednesday, the 2i)th day of January, 1051, at twelve o'clock at Noon, for the purpose ùf Receiving, Auditing, and Settling the Accounts of the Treasurer, Surveyor, and others, em- ployed in the Receipt and Expenditure of the Monies belonging to the said Trusts, and for transacting such other matters and things relating to the said Districts as z,l there Dated tiiiv Ctlth day of December, 1050. EDWARD JONES, Clerlt to the Trustees. NOTlCK IS HEREBY GIVEN, rrtHAT the Trustees under an Act passed in the third |_ year of the Reign of his late Majesty King William the Fourth, intituled Au Act for more effectually re- pairing and improving the several Roads comprising the Flint, llolvwYll, and Mostyn Districts of Roads, m the County of Flint, and for making new deviations and ex- tensions of lv .a ls to communicate with the said Districts," will meet at die IlVuse ùf Mr. John Marsden. the Royal and White Horse Hotel, in the Town of Holywell on tije t iiiiitli day of January next, at Twelve ú\i0Cl;. at noon, in order to consult about erect- in" au additional Toll Ear or Gate, upon a certain part Road belonging to the Mostyn District or Division of the'said Roads, situate between Coed Mav. r Farm, and the Greenfield Turnpike Gate, in the Township of Grcenfr Id, and Pari hot Ho'jwill, in the said County, and that it is intended tv (:epllUH1, levy, and collect at such new Toil Bar or Gale, the same Toll. and Duties as are now t r. able at the several other Gates bc'onf.mg to the said }:lict: and N tice L hereby funher Given, 'hRt ,1w 'Ù l?'Ia wi:! 1'rocce I the c??cc of To.tHouics and other Conveniences thereto, and also take ii. er.d inelo-e suitable GY:den spvU for such Toll Houses as they may direct aud appoint for that purpose. "??'-?-"?' 20ih, 1830. EDWARD JONES, Clerk to the said Trustees. EISTEDDFOD TREF MADOG, rw CHYNNAL YN ALBAN ELFED, 1851. "A NODDO DUW A NODDIlt." AM yr Awcll oreu ar Heddwch. Testun y Gadair. 2TL £ 20 a Thlws Aur. Rbodd Mrs. Madocks. Am y Bryddest oreu ar Ddoethineb Duw-LI5 a Thlws Arian. Rhodd Am y Cywydd goreu ar loan yn Ynys Eattnos-E7 a Thlws. Rhodd Am y Bryddest oreu ar William Alexander Madocks, Ysw., A.S., (sylfaenydd Tremadoc)— £ T.r> n Thlws. Am yr Awdl oreu, Marwnad Dewi YVyn o Eifion- £ 10 a Thlws. Ithodd- Am y Cywydd goreu, Marwnad Robert ab Gwilym Ddu o Eifion— £ 10 a Thlws. Rhodd- y Morvvr. 1'1' goreu ar unrhyw fesur rhydd-E5. Rhodd Am y Saith Bennill genu—Hir a Thoddaid (wyth llinell yr uu) ar Gtvytnp Jei-ico-i2 2s. a Thlws. Rhodd Am y Deuddeg Englyu goreu i'r Hyspysai Gwefrol (Electric ltliodd- Am y goreu, unrhyw fesur rliydd, i'r Plentyn Am- ddifad, (nid i fod dros 100 llinell); Merchcd yu unig yn ymgeisyddion— £ 3 a Brooch gwerth 43. Rh.dd Am yr Englyn goreu i'r Wenyncn—Tlws. llhodd- For the best Treatise in the English language-On the Working Classes in Wales, compared with the same elapses in England, Scotland and Ireland-Prize £20. Am y Traethawd goreu ar y Moddion mwyaf cffeithiol i wellhau moesau ac arferion y C. ,mry-(,wobr LIO, Am y Traethawd goreu ar Ymddibymad gwahanol Ddosbeirth Cymdeithas ar eu gilyld-Gwobr ;L7 a Thlws. Am yr Anthem Gymreig oreu ar iveddi Habbacuo- Gwobr £5. I'r Cor Cymreig goreu— £ 10 10s. 1'1' Chwareuwr goreu ar y Delyu Gymreig— £ 10. I'r Datgeiniad goreu gyda'r Tannnu— £ 3. For the best Painting in Oil by a Native Artist. Sub- ject-the Arms of Prince Owen Gwynedd; and those of the 15 Tribes of Wales, properly quartered, on can- vass, 6 feet by 5 feet. The Painting to be the property of the Eisteddfod. Prize £ 10. Am y Ccrfiad goreu ar Dderw— £ 3 3s. Am y Cerfiad goreu ar Faell £3 3s. Am y Dcg Llatho Wlauen Wen oreu, o wneuthuriad Eifionydd ac Ardudwy—Gwobr £ 3. Am y Par goreu o l-anau Cochde'u—Gwobr E I Is. N.B.—Any further Subjects, for which Prizes may be offered, and the time of delivering in the compositions, will appear in future adhcrtisements. It was suggested, when the Subjects and Prizes selected would be advertised, to leave a blank space after each, in case of any gentleman or lady feeling desirous of award- ing any of the subjects separately. The blanks in future advertisements to be filled up with the natres of the donors, in the same manner as the Chair Prize. HONORARY SECRETARIES. SAML. HOLLAND, Plas-yn-Penrhyn, ELLIS OWEN, Cefnymeusydd, EVAN ANDREWS, B.A., R. Llanfrothen. THOMAS JONES, Assistant Secretary. Cefnymeusydd, Dec. 11th, 1850. OWEN GRIFFITH, ANATOMICAL AND SURGICAL MACHINIST, Tryfctri, near Carnarvon, THE Patentee of the Ease and Safety Trusses, and the Inventor of an elegant Invisible Metallic Crutch; of a Moveablc-position Bed for Invalids; of improved Artificial Legs, &c.; -tiid .f original, Effective Mechanical Instruments for remedying Distortions and supporting and strengthening the Spine, and other parts of the Human Frame. Pessarys on an Improved Plan. Distortions in the Legs and Feet of Children effectu- ally Cured, Persons at a distance may be supplied with Trusses that will exactly fit, by forwarding the measure of the circumference of the body, an inch below the upper edge of the hips, together with a description of the nature and extent of the rupture. THE TRUSSES ARE SOLD BY Mr. Richard Roberts, Chemist, Aberystwyth. Mr. Tlios. Stephens, Chemist, Merthyr Tydfil. Mr. 1. S. Evans, Chemist, Cardigan. Mr. Robt. Hughes, Chemist, LIangefni. )11-. R. J, Jones, Chemist, Tremadoc. At the Manusactory, &e. HARVEY'S FISII SAUCE. ELAZENBY' and SON deem it necessary to reiter- E. ate their caution against spurious imitations of this approved Sauce. Every bottle of the GENUINE description bears the name of WILLIAM LAZEN- BY" on the back, and the signature of "ELIZABETH LA ZENBY" on the front label. Their ESSENCE OF ANCHOVIES is still prepared with peculiar care, and held in the highest estimation as Sauce tor every descrip- tion of Fish. Manufactured solely at their old-established Ware- house, ti, Edwards-street, Portman-square, London. •nKaT iTANNIA LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY H? Frince. Street, Bank, London. Bmtfwred by Special Act ^TH^I^S ^IN^b 1V1 lrTb -'Ti IKoKX\. IX *F?A'T'AG'ES OF TI-IIS INS'RTUTION. TI HALF CREDIT RATES OF PREMIUM. P assured according to these rates are allowed ciS^thout security) for half the amount 01 the first "evea Annual PremIUms, paying mtcrest theieon at the r??F?per Cent. per Annum, with the option of o!f the arrears of Premiums, at any time or hav- uig  -,llt deducted from the sum assured should the TM'ey become a claim. FOU SMURIKO LOAKS ,\D DEBTS. ATabJc adapted especially for the securing of Loans and Debts, by which the fullest security is obtained on very few, but gradually increasing Premiums. Poicto revived, without the exaction of a fine, at any time %itiin twelve months, if health remain unimpaired. .1, rQ g of Directors in attendance daily at 2 o clock. AgV.of the Assured in every case admitted in the Medical Attendants remunerated in all cases for their reports. attract from the Half Credit Rates of Premium, Annual Premium required for an Assurance of i:100, for the Whole Term of Life. .Age. Half Premium for Whole Premium Age. seven years. I after seven years. £ S. D. £ S. D. 30 1 1 9 2 3 0 40 19 2 2 18 4 '60 2 2 0 4 5 0 CO 3 (i 0 0 13 4 E. R. FOSTER, Resident Director. ANDREW FRANCIS, Secretary. Detilled Prospectuses, and every requisite information as to tfio mode of cffecting Assurances, may be obtained upon Duplication at the ortice, I, Princes Street, Bank, London; or of the following Agents:- B»iijs#r—Mr. Morris Griffith, Solicitor. Che2er—Mr. Matthew Harrison, Wreiham—Mr. S. T. Baugh, Penyddole Cottage, i Manchester—Messrs Rowley and Taylor, Solicitors. Sou&port—Mr. Robert Johnson, Lord Street. Holywell—Mr. Rupert Smedlev, Solicitor. Llverpool-Mr. John Bewley, Brunswick Buildings. GLEN FIELD STARCH. THE Ladies are respectfully requested to make a trial .1 of the GLENFIELD PATENT DOUBLE-RE- I FINED" POWDER STARCH, which for domestic use oowjtands unrivalled. TESTIMONIALS. The three following highly-respectable Testimonials are adduced to show the estimation in which tho Glen- field Parent I)ouble-Reane(i Powder Starch is held by thosetwho are in the habit of using it regularly Testimonial from the Lady Mayoress of London. The Lady Mayoress begs to thank Messrs. Pantin and Turntr for g. box of Glenfield Patent Double-Refined Powder Starch, manufactured by Wctherspoon of Glas- gow. The Laundress has reported the Starch to be of very superior quality, and the Lady Mayoress will have much pleasure in recommending it.—Mansion House, 31st July, 1849. Testimonial from the Laundress to the Countess of Eglinton. I have much pleasure in bearing testimony to the su- pedor quality of the Glenfield Patent Double-Refined ?-ider St&rcn, which for strength, pnrity of colour, and i!1 '¡nl: a clear, elastic, and beautiful nijh to laces and liruiiV. have e,,e, seen equallcd, (Signed)—ELIZA- k- T REID, Laundress to the Countess of Eglinton. Eglinton 'CMttc, Jul 164?. Eglinton Castle I the ?i atron of that excellent institu- 'l)etf1;5't:llil\' of that excellent institu- tion, the."Mallchestcr Female Asylum." The well- known superior manner in which washing and finishing are done at this establishment enhances the value of this testimonial Female Asylum, Emden-place, Manchester, March, 1842.-To Mr. J. S. Gregson, Agent for Glenfield Powder Starch, 71, Spear-street, Manchester. Having used the Glenfield Starch at this establishment for more than twelve mouths, 1 have great pleasure in expressing my unqualified approbation of its excellent quality, and the beautiful finish it gives to laces, linens, 6X. SIGNED BY THE MATRON 0 V THE ASYLUM, PLEASE TO ASK FOR THE GLENFIELD PATENT DOUBLE-REFINEI) POWDER. STARCH. Sold in Packets at Id., 2d., 4d., and fid. each, by nearly all the respectable shopkeepers in the United Kingdom, The Trade supplied in Liverpool and neighbourhood by the following Wholesale Dealers Mr. P. Hare, Soap Manufacturer, Ranelagh-street; Mr. Joshua Alletson, Chandler, 5, Great George-place Mr. J. B. Homer, Chandler, 1G3, Scotland-road J. l\l"Vlu\U, Chandler, Hi!, London-road; )It-, Win. Ire- land, Chandler, Great Charlotte-street; Mr. R. Win- gate, Druggist, Lime-street; Messrs. Glemlenning and Wilson, Soap Manufacturers, 0, James-street, and 10, Mill-street; Messrs. P. and U, Thompson, Chandlers, lvhiteeliapol It-, Win. Haughton, Chandler, Chester- street, Birkenhead; and The Liverpool Apothecaries Company, Colqultt-street, Liverpool, who will also sup- ply the Trade in Cheshire and North Wales, and by nearly every Retail Shopkeeper in Liverpool; also by the Slanufacturer, )11', Robert Wotherspoon, 40, Dun- lop-street, Glasgow, Messrs. Evans, & Co., Wholesale Druggist, Hanover-street, Liverpool Mr. J, P. Turton, Xo, 3, Temple Place, Liverpool. RUT HI N SAVINGS BANK. PRESIDENT, Sir WATKIN WILLIAMS WYNN, Baronet, M.P. VICE-PRESIDENTS, The Right Reverend The LORD BISHOP OF BANGOR. The Right Honorable LORD BAGOT. The Right Honorable LORD KENYON. F, R. WEST, Esq., M.P. TRUSTEES, The Yen, ARCHDEACON NEWCOME. Ill. if. WYNNE, Esq. THOMAS DOWNWARD, Esq. General Statement of the Accounts for the Year ending November QOth, 1850. £ S. D. Tu Balance due on 20th November, 1^49, including Interest, as per last return 19,020 2 7 To Sums received of Depositors within the year ending November 20th, I V,50., 3,459 5 0 To Interest received on Government Hc- ceipts v.ithin the year ending November C07 2 8 20th, It:u. GO¡ 2 () To Interest on Sums drawn fr by the Trustees upon the Commissioners with- in the said 7 U I £ 23,701 19 0 £ s. D, By Cash re-paid Depositors from X 0- vember, 2utli, 1849, to November 20th, 1850 3,933 19 9 By Secretary's Salary, GO 0 0 By Rent and faxes 10 0 0 By Printillg and Stationery I) 0 9 By Postages 110 0 | By Banker's Coiiimission 2 15 0 By Advertising 4 2 0 By Miscellaneous 0 17 0 TOTAL AMOUNT OF CASH. Government Debentures. Xlg,317 10 4 Surplus Fund 172 10 9 Cash in the hands of the Treasurer 102 0 10.V -"19,072 13 1U £ 23,701 19 0 ROBERT JONES, Treasurer. Balance of Cash brought forward £ 19,G72 13 11A No. of Depositors. 010 Whose respective Balances on November 20th, 18iiO,(ilud, ing Interest) did not exceed £20 each .< £3,1\1-1 9 10 180 Ditto, ditto, above 121, and not exceeding £ 50 each 5,002 15 2 02 Ditto, ditto, and not exceeding C IIJO each. 3,792 0 4 17 Ditto, ditto, above £ 100 and not exceeding £ 150 each T'l. 2,139 15 8 5 Ditto, ditto, above &1;,0 and not exceeding £ 200 cich bill 119 5 Ditto, ditto, exceeding ;L200 1,125 17 11 U/9 Total number of I)epi)sitt)rs 10,070 1 G131- !) Charitable Societies 197 11 3 23 Fiioudiy Societies 3,138 3 11 911 Total number of Accounts 19,400 11 10-^ Add Surplus Fund 17210 9 19,579 8 n Suri'lr/i acn i'.e.l in the year ending November 2^ t'a, 1050, and re-served to meet currcut expenses £ 93 5 4 R. MILES WYNNE, Trustee. SAMUEL JONES, Manager. I JOHN MADOCKS, Actuary, TO EDWARD HUMPHREY GRIFFITH, ESQUIRE, Hiylt Sheriff of the County of Merioneth. WE, the undersigned, request you to call a County I f Meeting for the purpose of addressing her Majesty with expressions of loyalty and attachment to her Royal Person and of the indignation with which we view the recent assumption of authority by the Pope of Rome in appointing a Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, and Bishops of other Districts of the Kingdom, and confcr- ing upon them Titles from English Towns, and of our desire of snpporting our glorious Constitution, by which no foreign Prince, Person, Prelate, State, or Potentate, hath, or ought to have, any jurisdiction, power, superi- ority, ecclesiastical, or spiritual, within this realm. [Signed by about 250 Inhabitants.] In compliance with the above requisition, I hereby appoint the Second day of January next for holding such Meeting, at the County Hall, at Bala, in the said County. Dated this Wth day of December, 1850. EDWARD HUMPHREY GRIFFITH I-ligh Slici-iff. IMPORTANT LETTER. JUST rcccived, another Proof of the wonderful effi- cacy of the Celebrated Oriental Botanical Extract. EXTRACT. Dr. Cockburn, M.D., Southport, Sept. 9, 1850. Sir,-I beg most respectfully to forward you this letter, with many thanks, and hope you will pardon tho intru- I sion, but having derived the greatest benefit from the use of your invaluable Botanical Extract, I think it but justice to make the same known to you; for before j seeing it advertised in the Southport I'isitor, I had used almost every other preparation tor the complexion, but never found the least good result from them, At last I was induced to make a trial of your Extract, and, ac- cordingly purchased from lr. Kershaw, in this town, a small bottle, who, at the same time, informed me that it gave the greatest satisfaction to all who used it, and I am truly glad to state that in my case it was most suc- cessful, nor can I speak in praise high enough for the great benefit I have received from using it, also the application is very agreeable nnd pleasant. Should you refer to me I will answer the enquiries with much plea- sure. (Signed) II, é. Mr. WILLIAM HUGHES, Chemist, is appointed Wholesale and Retail Agent for BANGOR, and has iust received a fresh supply of the above celebrated EXTRACT. TO AGRICULTURISTS. CHEAP AND EXCELLENT MANURE, MR. A. H. MAltTiN, of the A'?,.th IVa/es Chronicle im OJfice, CJstIe,street, Bangor, begs to announce to Land Owners, Gentlemen, and Tenant-farmers, that he has been I)p.i.t,d Agent, for f N.,?llill Wales, to the Bituminous Shale Company, for the sale of their Cheap and Excellent Manure, and will be happy to receive orders which will be promptly oxeeuted. The Bituminous Shale, commonly called ICimmeridge Coal or Clay, is a combination of animal and vegetable remains, found on the coast of Dorsetshire in a tract of land near Wareham, of which the above Company are lessees. Having first undetgone a process 01 di.tilL.tiul1, by which are produced, in considerable quantities, a Mineral oil or spirit, and Asphaltum; the Carbonaceous residuum, ill a pulverized state, is carefully manufactured, with other matters, into a M A N U It E which has been used by numerous persons on various crops with most satisfactory results. It has been found most successful where drilled in with the seed having forcing properties which assist materially the early growth of the plant, it is strongly recommended by the Company for pasture lands, clover, turnips, and all green and root crops. The very moderate price at which the Directors are rlJ- abled to otter to the Public this newly-discovered com- pound (viz, £2 10s. per ton) can scarcely fail to insure its being almost universally applied, especially as it has been found in its effects to be superior to any other arti- ficial Manure now" in use. It may also be remarked, that as the Shale itself is in- exhaustible, so the supply of the Manure will be uniform, and without any risk of deterioration or variation in the analysis. TESTIMONIALS. Cuthbert Johnson, Esq., one of the most recent autho- rities on manuring, especially notices the effect of raw unground Shale oil a crop of hay, gives an analysis of the ground article, and recommends Carbonization, as adopted b the Company. William Bullock Webster, Esq" of Hounsdown, near Southampton, an eminent agricultural engineer, has spoken in favour of this Manure, as follows :— "There can be no doubt but that the Manure made from the Residuum is most valuable,particularly for strollg clay soils. I have seen such good results from it in the production of grass and all kinds of root crops, that I feel quite certain of its value. It must also, I think, be a groat sweetener to a sour soil." Mr. James Cuthill, of Denmark Hill, Camberwell, an eminent iN ii rseryinaiiq ii(I Florist, has given, unsolicited, the following testimony to the value of the Shale Manure February 8th, 1850. I am quite convinced of the I'iclme" or" your Manure. The roots of the various plants which I tried with it, ran through it and out through it in all directions, hut I have been thinking of a plan that would make it still i-iclier I shall take an early day next week and call upon you I shall be too proud of anything I can do or find out to promote the sale of this most yaluable article." The following additional testimony has been published by the same gentleman in an interesting pamphlet on the culture of fruit and vegetables :— This year, Alr. Braithwaite sent me a cask of Sehiste, a Bituminous earth, and I tried it, and found the effect excellent upon young cucumbers, melons, strawberries, and indeed, upon plants in general." The following letters have been received on the sub- ject of the Manure from gentlemen who have used it to some extent; and, by their kind permission, the Direc- tors are enabled to avail themselves of them. (Cory.) Wolverton Park, 27th ray, 1850. Ily dear Ricardo,—I must tell you I have taken great notice of the progress of your Shale Manure. On the 24th February, I laid down on fifteen acres of Grass- land, the common dressing of farm yard manure and about the 27th uf March, I covered twenty-five acres all. jidnius, with 5 tons 4 ewt. of your Shale Manure from present appearances there is every prospect of the latter being an enormous crop, and infinitely superior to that treated with the farm manure, notwithstanding the former was a month earlier on the ground." Very truly yours, PAGET. Note.—It may be here stated, that the result of this crop fully bore out the above testimonial. The Auberies," Sudbury, Suffolk, July 29th, 1850. Sir,—I have tried the Shale Manure on Turnips, with and without Farm-yard Manure, in a field with several other experiments of different artificial Manures, and am happy to say I can report most favourably of it j those manured with the Shale having bearded from two to four days sooner than any of the others." I am, Sir, Your obedient Servant, CALEDON ALEXANDER." "ïnfrith, Dorset, July 2Jih, 1050. << Sir,—The Shale Manure I purchased of you has "iven the greatest satisfaction. I consider it a cheap andpowerlul manure for Turnips. Sir, I am, Yours, &c. THOMAS RANDALL." N.B.—The quantity nsed was 3 cwt. per acve, with about 30 bushels of _tshes." Philliols, Dorset, October 1st, 1.150. 4, 8ir,-I had 10 cut. of your Shale Manure, which I drilled with ashes on 2 nelos of light soil, and it pro- duced a very good crcp of Turnips. I rennin, Yours truly, THOMAS INGRAM. The price of the Shale Manure is C2. IOs. per Ton- including bags, at tho Wharf used by the Company in London, The quantity to be used is from three to five cwt. per acre, according to the nature of the so;l and crops. VARNISH PAINT. Mr. Martin also has to offer, from the works of the same Company, a Capital Varnish Paint, which is well adapted for private use and may be applied to Iron, Wood and Plaster, and has one great advantage-that it dries in the course of a few minutea. NOTICE NOTICE JUST NOTICE | Afj Very, very superio-fed LONDON NATIVE OYSTERS, and a first-class Billingsgate OYSTER KNIFE, packed in a neat mat envelope, sent free of carriage, per address, within five miles, for Five Shillings; or on receipt of 75 postage stamps, or post- o(tice order for the same amount, sent, free of carriage, to address, in any direction, on line of railway, within one hundred miles, from. C. SHAW'S METROPOLITAN SHELL-FISH ESTABLISH- MEXT, (fÐ I)irectly opposite the Old Rainbow Hotel), 31, T'ASVETT-STREET, LIVERPOOL. 411 PETER S T U BBS, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, "ROYAL STANDARD," T" EADER of the KovK) Harmonic B?nd.TMOMAS _J STREET, LIVERPOOL, (two doors below South John Street.) ?' LUCK AT TWO O'CLOCK. BED AND BREAKFAST TWO lIILI,I(i. WINES, SPIRITS, &e„ OF THE BEST QUALITY. COMFORTABLE ACCOMMODATION FOR TITAVELLERR. Quadrille, Military, and Glee Bands furni-hed as usual. Teaaher of the Violin, Clarionettc, Flute, French Flagcolette, and Cornopean. Private Dining Rooms—Large Room for Public pur- poses. è'IK,1, f\ THE Public are respectfully informed that the ) PWLLHELI MAIL leaves the PENBHYN AR:lIS and CASTL E HOTELS, BANGOR, and the UXBRIDGE ARMS, CARNARVON, every morning ufter the arrival of the -Mail trom London, ana returns from PWLLHELI every ei-eniiio in time for the Mail Train to London, and other parts of the I Passengers and Parcels booked nt the Penmyn Arms and Castle Hotels, Bangor, the L'xbridge Arms, Car- narvon, and the Crown Hotel, Pwllheli. CHAltl,ES BICKNELL,L rroprietors. ED. EDWARDS, Uxbridge Arms Hotel, Carnarvon, 5th Nov. 1050. N O TIC E. fll IIE Public are respectfully informed, that arrange- I ments have been made with My L..r.1, the Postmaster General, for the conveyance of the Mail Hags between Bangor and Beaumaris by Coach, which will leave the I'enrhyi- Arms and Castlo Hotel, on and after the 0th January, at 0—30 a.m., enabling Passengers coming by the Mail Train to proceed oil to Beaumaris, via Menai Bridge, rCLuluiug fww the ,ViIliallJs Bulkeley Arms Hotel, p.m., ai-i-iviii., at Bangor before the arrival of the Mail Train to Chester, Birmingham, and London. Passengers and Parcels booked at the Castle Hotel, Bangor, and Williams Bulkcley Arms Hotel, Beau- maris. CHARLES mCKXELI., Proprietor. Penrliyn Arms Hotel, Bangor, lfitli December, 1S50. THE Public are most respeclfnlIy informed that it is Tthe intention of Ifessrs. ITAF. to continue a Coach, as usual, from BANGOR to PWLLHELI every day, (Sunday excepted) for the accommodation of the Public, affording them an opportunity of visiting some of the most interesting and picturesque scenery in North Wales, with every facility of Cheap Travelling. The Coach will leave Baiigioi- every at a o'clock, calling at the Sportsman Hotel, Carnarvon, at 9, arriving at the Crown Hotel, Pwllheli, at 12 o'clock. On its return it will leave Pwllheli at 3 o'clock, P,!II,. calling at tho Sportsman Hotel, Carnarvon, at (i o'clock, arriving at Bangor in time for Trains to Chester. Birmingham, London, &c. Performed by the Public's most obedient Servants, JOHN RAE, Sportsman Hotel, Carnarvon. JOHN PAIUtY, Ship and Castle, Bangor. Carnarvon, Nov. 0th, 1850. 'ÙiioRÙiox TO AUSTRALIA? &- NEW LIXE OF PACKETS ./?t  *<f? 1? FROM LIVERPOOL, for !S???? PORT ADELAIDE and SYDNEY, '??????? landing Passengers at Port Philip. REDUCED FARES. 1st Cabin, £ 45, 2nd Cabin, £25, Intermediate, £15.. Steerage, CIO. Accommodation, Provisioning, and Equipment, second to none. Tons. To Sail. COD()R. 1:;1}0 10th Jan. 1851. l' 'OO 10th Feb. OSPREY 10th Feb. A 1. New Ships, Coppered and Copper-fastened. For further particulars apply to the Owners, GIBBS, BRIGHT, and Co.,Liverpoot. W I N T E li SAILINGS BETWEEN McKai Bridge aild Liverpool. A '}¡i qLii!, rpHE PRINCL OF WALES, or other of the _L Company's Steamers, has commenced the Winter Sailings, and leaves MENAI BRIDGE on MON- DAYS and FRIDAYS, at 10 o'clock in the Morning; and PRINCE S PIER HEAD, LIVERPOOL, on WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS, at the same hour. Further particulars may be had on application to lkfr. E. W. Timothy, Menai Bridge Mr. J. Jones, Ship- agent, Cnrnan-on; or to Mr. J. K. Rounthwaite, 24, Water-street, Liverpool. City of Dublin Company's Office, Menai Bridge, December 1st, 1850. LIVERPOOL, BEAUMARIS, BANGOR, AND MENAIBRIDGE. -ÇJrS; .I    ?—.?-  THE POWERFUL ILND FAST-SAILINU STEAMER, CAMBRIA, Capt. IlCTER, NOW leaves the ?t??.\[ ?KiME on THURSDAY .l and SATUKUAY, a? 1? Moniing, .?t PRINCK'SJ PIER, LIVERI-OOL, on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS, at 10 Morning. At the Menai Bridge, apply to Ir. JOUK ILTAUES, at Liverpool, to PRICE & CASH, ¡ Liverpool, otli December, 1850.