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THE FAMILY FRIEND. AN KSTABUSHF.D MAGAZINE published on the 1st and 15th of each Month, Price Two-pence, Thirty- two Pnges. beautifully printed, ami neatlv covered. The following is a typo of THE OPINION formed of THE FAMILY FRIEND, and expressed by upwards of THREE HUNDRED NEWSPAPERS. We knowol no Miscellany more deserving of wide-spread circulation than The Family Friend. It i. empbati. cally the Magazine for a FA:I.Y. Its pages present something for all there is no member of the domestic circle forgotten, nnd no chs. of Society overlooked. It is ITSELF a Gentleman's Mar/mine, a Lady's Maqazine, a Savallt's Manazine, and a Working Man's Friend. It is a Mother's Magazine, a Youth's Magazine, and a Child's Companion. It i. R its title correctly declares, a Mag.17.ine of Domestic Economy, Entertainment, Instruction, and Practical Science.' We have received it into our home ciicle with great pleasure, for it is not only a Family Visitor, but really a Fami'y FHIKVD. WO cannot describe its contents, they are an omnium gatherum; a repertory of things pleasant and profitable, of thins gay and grave; selected with remaikable good taste, and edited with much tact and judgment. It is a work capitally adapted to cheer the happy fireside of home, and to aid the developement of social affection." — Bradford Observer. The Work may be hall complete up to the end of 18-30, in Three Volumes, price 2s. 6,1. each, beautifully Bouiid-a Handsome Keepsake to be presented by Friends to Families.—Now Subscribers should commence with the Number for January, lS-31. THE FAMILY TUTOR, AND SCHOOL COMPANION, will be commenced on the 1st of January, 1851, and continued on the 1st and 15th of each Month, in P.ins price 2J. each, uniform with THE FAMILY" FRIEND. THE FAMILY TUTOR, as its name will be a work of a hi<;hly insti uctive character, and will realize as far as can be accomplished in print, the advantage of a PRIVA TE TU TOR to every reader — a 1 ut«r whose teachings sha'l be lively, kind, and comprehensible—making the acquirement of knowledge a PLEASUltL, not a TASK. In the Editorship of the FAMILY TUTOR, the Editor of "The Family Friend" will he a'sisted by Ladies and Gentlemen of acknowledged eminence in connection with Education:\1 Literature and Institutions. The first Volume will contain —A Complete English Grammar, improved and simplitied -Familiar Letters on Chemistry — Tales of History and of Travel—The Physical History of Mm—'The Physiology of Health and Disease—Vegetable Physiology and liotany—Celestial and Terrestrial Phenomenon of the Months —Zoology— Mathematical. Geometrical, Arithmetical, and other Problems—Elocutionary Exercises—" The Tutor and his Pupils," being Answers to Educational Questions-.nd a vnried Mieoolln-iy. The Hound Volumes, published Half-Yearly, price 2s. fi. THE 1-'A.Ml 1,1' it'l'ou will tie .adapted as a CI,ASS-HOOK for SCHOOLS, and will also form an IX- STRUCIIVK and ENTERTAINING COMPANION for the FIRESIDE. Published upon the loth of December, FAMILY PASTIME, OR HOMES MADE HAPPY, consisting of enird' 01}go,11 Anagiams, Enigmas, Charades, Conundrums, Fireside Games, Practical Puzzles, &. & (or which PRIZES to the Rmount of FIFTY GUINEAS liave been awarded by rhe Editor of THE FAMILY FRIEND. Price ifd., G1 pages crown Svo, stitched. The SJ!ullOns, price 2,1. stitched, will be rub'.ishcd 011 the loth of January, 1 S31. j L..ons, London: HOULSTON & S TON E.MAN and al! Booksellers. NEWSPAPER FOR THE FARMING AND GARDENING INTEREST. January J:h, will be published, price Sixpence, free by Post, each Volume couipletc ill itself, ENLARGED TO TW'I'NTY-FOL'U FOLIO l'AOE, THE FIRST NUMB E R F 0 R 1851, OF THE GARDENERS' CHRONICLE AND A Gr R I C U L T U R A L G A Z E T TE; A WFFKtY nrCPUD OF RURAL ECONOMY ANI) (;1:EIL\L NEWS. THE HORTICULTURAL PART EDITED BY PROFESSOR LINDLEY. TIIE F AIMING PART (tinder t:1O Editorship of a Practical Farmer) treats of— I The Practice of Agriculture Agricultural Science Animal and I'eget?ible Physiology Improvements in Implements described by Woodcuts whenever requisite Better modes of Husbandry Hesm's or i/xperimental r arming Growth and Rotation of Crops Management of Stock Veterinary Science N'eterin,,ti-y SL! i ence Irrigation foresting I1"Orcstin" Farm- Buildings Labourers Treatment of Poultry Agricultural! ¡'lic:t'Îo!1 In short, whatever affects the beneficial employment of capital in land. Reports are reguhrly given of tho English. Scotch, and Irish Agricultural Societies and Farmers' Clubs- London Market Prices of Com, Hay, Cattle, Seeds, Hops, Potatoes, Wool, Coal, Timber, Bark, &c., and the Weekly Averages. As regards the GARDENING part (under the Editorship of Dr. Lindley), the principle is to make it a Weekly Record of everything that bears upon Horticulture, Floriculture, Arboriculture, or Garden Botany, and such Natural History as has a relatiuu to Gardening, with Notices and Criticisms of all Works on such subjcçts- Connected with this part are WEEKLY CALENDARS OF GARDENING OPERATIONS, Given in detail, and adapted to the objects of persons in every statioa of life so that the Cottager, with a few rods of ground before his door, the Amateur who has only a Greenhouse, and the Manager of Extensive Gardens, are alike informed of the routine of Operations which the varying seasons render necessary. It moreover contains Reports of Horticultural Exhibitions and Proceedings—Notices of Novelties and Impro,ements-in fact, eYery- thing that can tond to advance the Profession, benefit the condition of the Workman, or conduce to the pleasure of his .Employer; Woodcuts are given whenever the matter treated of requires that mode of illustration. REPLIES to QUESTIONS cjnnected with the object of the Paper are also furnishcd weckly, Lastly, that Jescriptiou of DOMESTIC and 1'OLITICAI. NEWS is introduced which is usually found in a Weekly Newspaper. It is umi-cessury to dwell on this head further than to say, that the Proprietors do not range themselves under the banners of any Party; their earnest endeavours are to make Tun GARDENERS' CHRONICLE and Ar-ni- rn.TUHAI, GAZETTE a fulllllll comprehensive liecord of Facts 0111)'-11 Newspaper in the true sense of the wonl- leavin" the Reader to form his own opinions: their object being the elucidation of the laws of Nature, not of Man. ° The Reader is thus furnished, in addition to the peculiar features of the Journal, with such information concerning the events of the day, as supersedes the necessity of his providing himself with any any other Weekly Paper. A PR(SI-F.UTUS, with List of Contributors, may be had on application, or by letter, at the Office, 5, Upper Wellington Street, Covent Garden, London. Parties intending to Commence with the New Volumo had better give their Orders at once to anyn-ewsvcn cr. '"< -l:r-' female Kcauty Restored ami Pre- served. DR. COCKIH'RN'S CELEBRATED ORIENTAL BOTANICAL EXTRACT, Under the Patronage of her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen, her Majesty the Q'leen ol the Belgians, the Empress of Russia, her Royal Highness the Duehes, of Kent, her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, and also the leading aristocracy both of the English nnd Continental Courts of Europe. The above Extract lI'i:1 be found, after ovciy other means have been tried, the only icmedy that can with safety he relied upon, and applied without the least inconvenience for effectually removing all Blotches, Freckles, Pimples, Tan Spots, and restoring the Complexion to its natural bloom of health; The application of the Oriental Botanical Extract is of a most agreeable nature, and after once or twice using a pleasing change will at once be perceived, and in a few days the complexion will assume a delightful roseate and youthlul appearance, and prove its surprising efficacy. The preparation will be found highly beneficial in preserving the complexion from the disagreeable appear- ance it olten pres-eiits from exposure to the sea air, and also frequent recourse to bathing, and the Oriental Botanical Extiact is especially recommended to be used immediately after by all persons who are in any way troubled with cutaneous eruptions, and who resort to salt water remedies. Dr. Cockburn can with great satisfaction add, and also prove by thousands of testimonials received by him from all parts of the kingdom, that the surprising and soothing qualities of the Oriental Botanical Extract knows no equal, and has never once been found to fail, but after various other quack and ruinous remedies for the complexion had been resorted to without deriving any benefit, but in many cases causing the patient grent trouble and expense, the Oriental Botanical Extract triumphed in II complete anll permanent cure, Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by the Sole Proprietors, George II, Cockburn, and Barclay and Sons, Farringdon-street, London, in bottles, at 2s. 9d. and 4s. Gd. each, with full directions for use, also by San"er, 159, Oxford-street; Keating, St. 1 aul s Church- yard i l'rout, 2i9, Strand; llannay and Co., G3, Ox- ford-street; Butler and Co., Cheapside; Savory and Moore, New Bond-street; Atkinson, New Bond-street, and all other Chemists in the kingdom, FERRIS and SCORE, Chemists, U-\IO.olREE I, j BRISTOL, Wholesale and Retail Agent* C. BUTCIlEl!, Chemist, Sole Agent for CIIELTEX- STEEL and CO?rY., Chemists, So:e .\gwts for BATII. HITCHCOCK and COMPY., Chemists, Wholcsale and Retail Agents for TAUNTON. EVANS and HODGSON, Chemists, Wholesale and Retail Agents for EXETER. TESTIMONIALS RECENTLY RECEIVED. Extract of a letter received from Liverpool, March 19th, 1850. Dale-street, Liverpool, March 18th, IS01). Dear Sir,1 shollld feel myself ungrateful, after the scrvice I ha* received by the use of your Oriental Bo- tanical Extract, did I not thank you. I have to state, that seeing it advertised in several Liverpool papers, I was persuaded to tiy it, although I felt fit the time it would be only a W.1ste of money and trouble, having had w many thing. before, ?ti without doing me th h]c?ad st so?good but at last I determined to give it a fair trial, and accordingly obtained a 2s. 91. bottle from Dle?r,?. Eyre and C'o.,one of )-our a?ent? in our town, and I can now sav with much pleasure that after a few application: I perceived a pleasing change, and in a 1 time -,I cure was the result, for which I beg once more to'return vou my best thanks. I am, Dear Sir, yuurs respectiulli-, (Signed) PAKKEK. Ex:ract of a lc:ter ;ccile,1 from St, Alban's, Jaa, ,1(h, 1S50, Miss Wiltshire presents her compliments to Mr. G. II, J. Cockburn, and begs him to accept her best thanks for the surprising efficacy she has derived from using his Oriental Preparation, and she can only say that whenever an opportunity occurs of recommending it, that she shall do so with the greatest confidence, knowiug that it is quite hnrmless and most bnefieiul, Manor House, St. Alban's, Jan. 3rd, 1850. Extract of a letter received from Edinburgh, March 11, 1850. Edinburgh, March 9th, ISoO. Mr. George II. Cockburn, 27, Aldgate, London.— Sir -1 take with great pleasure an opportunity of for- « testimonial respecting the great benefit I have TceWed from the use of your valuable Oriental Botani- cal Extract, and I shall never fail to recommend it for use to all my friends who are troubled with any unplea- sant eruptions on their skin, for I can say that after try- ing almost every other pieparation for the complexion, and deliving no good from them, I was induced by a lady to make a trial of your truly wonderful Extract, and I cannot express my feelings in admiration sufficient for the good result that ensued for previous to making use of it I was ashamed to go into any society-my complexion and skin being quite discoloured, and covered with a great many pimples and other disagree- able eruptions; but after only using it twice, I even then perceived my complexion much better, and, in a short time, so far improved, that all my acquaintance were surprised; a lid your Extract, to apply, instead of being a trouble, is quite a pleasure, and an addition to a toilet. Hoping you will not feel offended, Sir, at this free- dom in addressing you, I am, Sir, yours greatly obliged, (Signed) MARIANNE DURANT. Extract of a letter received from Cumberland-terrace, HegelJt's'ra!'1¡. London, Ycb, 10th, 10;)0, George [I. J. Cockburn, Esq. 5ir,-I have much pleasure in forwarding you this testimonial of the won- derful efficacy of your Botanical Preparation for the Complexion. I was, previous to my using it, troubled with many eruptions on my skin; but I am most pleased to say that after making use of a few bottles of your Extract, according to your directions, that every unpleasant appcaraaec (Iignppetired and I shall not feel any objection, if you think fit, to make this public, as it ought to be generally known. I am, Sir, yours faithfully, l Sigtled) C. A. SEYMOUR. Extract of a letter received from Newcastle-on-Tyne, March lith, ISoli. lIIr, Cockburn. Sir,—Having been recommended to make a trial of your Botanical Preparation, I purchased of one of your agents in this town a small bottle of the Extract for the Complexion, and to remove a great many eruptions an,1 freckles on my skin, and which I can only say, with thanks to you and pleasure to my- self, exceeded my most sanguine expectation; for I had, before making a trial of your valuable Extract, resorted to several things advertised, but without making any change on me. I shall not, Sir, feel any hesitation to answer any reference you may think fit to make to me and allow me to thank you again for the great benefit I have received from the use of your valuable preparation, and I remain, Sir, your obedient and humble servant, (Signed) THOS. If. CLEMENTS. IMPORTANT NOTICE. Dr, G. II, J. Cockburn begs to inform the Nobility, (ientry, and inhabitants of North Wales, and adjacc it localities, that he still continues to be cunsulted by letter, when a personal visit is inconvenient, on all Diseases and Eruptions of the Skin, and which at the present season of the year demands the greatest atten- tion. On their remitting him his usual fee, JJr, Cock- burn will thank all his patients, applying to him for advice, to send him every particular relative to their case, position in society, age, and habits of life, Post-office Orders payable to Dr. G. H, J. Cockburn, 27, Aldgate, London. The Orientalllotanieal Extract is prepared according to the age of tho patient requiting it; Dr. Cockburn, therefore, requests parties to be particular in obtaining it according to the following instructiolls;- No. 1, for persons from 12 to 18 years of age. No. 2, 0 IS to SO No.3, 30 to 50 LOCAL AGE1iTs,-Ir, Robert Griffiths, Chemist, Cat- narvoii Mr. Thos. A. Roberts, Conway; Mr. Hughes, Bangor Mr. W.Edwards,Denbigh Ir, H, C. Hughes, Holyhead Ir. John Beale, Wrexham Nlr. E. Ward, lirecon iNIr. Walter Shimpson, Merthyr; IIIr, J, W. White, Citi-inartlieii Mr. W. Williams, Cardigan Ir, O. E. Davies, Haverfordwest; Mr. R. C. Treewecks, Pembroke i Mr. Thomas Evans, Swansea; Mr. John Moore, ewtou; Mr. Thomas Stephens, Merthyr Tyd. vil Messrs. Ferris and Score, wholesale and retail agents, Bristol; iIlr, James Chilcort, Leominster; Ilr. Clias. Wood, Hereford; Ir. Phillips, Newport; and all other Chemisis and Druggists in the kingdom. But should any difficulty occur in obtaining the Extract, the same can be obtained direct from the London Estab- lishment, on a Post Office Order or Stamps being sent for 5s. F. G. J0NE8, 5, Paradise-street, Liverpool, Wholesal- and Retail Agent, through whom Agents can bo sup. plied. 0 0 N.B,—P. O. Orders payable to Dr. George H. J. Cockburn, Aldgate, London. Mr, WILLIAM IIUGIIES, Chemist, is appointed Wholesale and Retail Agent for BANGOR, and has just received a fresh supply of the above celebrated EXTRACT. TO AGRICULTURISTS. CHEAP AND EXCELLENT MANURE, A I R. A. R. )LHlT¡, of the North Wales Chronicle C,tl'. street, Bangor, begs to announce to Land Owners, G,ntlemen, and Tenant-farmers, that he has been appointed Agent, for the whole of North Wales, to the Bituminous Shale Company, for the sale of their Cheap and Excellent Manure, and will be happy to receive orders which will be promptlv executed. The Bituminous Sh ile, commonly called Kimmeridge Coal or C,ay. is a combination of animal and vegetable remains, found on the coast of Dorsetshire in R tract of land near Wareham, 01 which the Rbove C'lmpny are lessees. Having first undergone a process of distillation, by which are produced, in considerable quantities, a Mineral oil or spirit, and Asphaltum the Carbonaceous rnsiduum, in a pulverized state, is carelully manufactured, with other matters, into a MANURE which has been used by numerous persons on various crops with most satisfactory results. It has been foun I most successful where drilled in with the seed; having forcing properties which assist j materially the early growth of the plant, it is strongly recIHnmendeù by the Company for pasture lands, clover, turnips, and all green aod root crop@, The VCI} moderate price at which the Directors are en- abled to oiler to the Public this newly-diseovered com- pound (viz. £2 10s. per ton) can scarcely fail to insure its bein;? illiiost applied, especially as it has been found in it, cHeets to be superior to any other arti- firial Manure now in use. It mw aNo be remarked, that as the Shale itself is in- exhan,tiblc, so the supply of the Manure will be uniform, and without any risk of deterioration or variation in the anah > h. TJ:STDIO); I.\1.S, Cuthbert J ohl1sou, Esq" one of the most recent autho- rities on manuring, especially notices the effect of raw lIngmuml Shale on a crop of hay, gives an analysis of the ground article, and recommends Carbonization, as adopted by the Company. W¡lJjam Bullock Webster, Esq., of Hounsdown, near Southampton, an eminent agricultural engineer, ha sp.'kou in favour of ll11 Manure, as follows I "There can be no doubt but that the Manure made from the lie^iduum is iii?i?t \aluable,particulad)' for strong clay soil". I have seen such good results from it in tho production of grass allll all kinds of root crops, that I feel quite ccrtaiu of its value. It must also, I think, be a givat sweetener to a sour soil." Mr. James Cutluil, of Denmark Hill, Camberwcll, an emincnt XursclJman autl Florist, has given, unsolicited, the following testimou to the value of the Shale )[anure February 8th, 1850. I am quite convinced of the richness of your Manure. The rn>i:i of the various plants which I tried with it, ran through it and out through it ill all directions, but I have Wen thinking of a plan that would make it still richer; I shall take an early day next week awl call upon you; I shall be too proud of anything I can do or find out to promote the sale of this most valuable article." The following additional testimony has been published by the same gentleman in an interesting pamphlet on the culture of fruit and regetable. This year, Mr. Braithwaite sent me a cask of Schiste, a Bituminous earth, and I tried it, and found the effect excellent upon young cucumbers, melons, strawberries, and indeed, upon plants in general." The following letters have been received on the sub- ject of the Manure from gentlemen who have used it to some extent; and, by their kind permission, the Diree. tors are cnahlc,1 to anilthemsehcs of them. (COPY.) 11 Wolverton Park, 2ith May, 1 .jO, 4< My dear Hkan1o,-I must tell you I have taken great notice of the progress of your Shale Manure. On the ,1th l'ebruar), I laid down on fifteen acres of Grass- lawl, the common dressing of farm yard iiiaiiure and about the 2it!! of March, I covered twenty-five acres ad- joining, with 5 tons 4 cwt. of your Shale Ilanure from present appearances there is every prospect of the latter being an enormous crop, and infinitely superior to that treated with the farm manure, notwithstanding the former was a month earlier on the ground.* Very truly yours, PAGET. Note.—It may be here stated, that the result of this crop fulh bore out the ahorc testimonial. The Auberies," Sudbury, Suffolk, July 29th, 1850. Sir,—I have tried the Shale Manure on Turnips, with and without Farm-yard Manure, in a field with several other experiments of different artificial Manures, and am happy to say I can report most favourably of it those manured with the Shale having bearded from two to four days sooner than any of the others," I am. Sir, Your obedient Servant, CALKDON ALEXANDER." "Winfrith, Dorset, July 2t)thf 1830. "Sir,-Tlie Shale Manure I purchased of you has given the greatest satisfaction. I consider it a cheap and powerful manure for Turnips. I am, Sir, Yours, 6.:c. THOMAS RANDALL.V N.B.—The quantity used was 3 cwt. per acre, with about 3U bushels of Ashes," Philliols, Dorset, October 1st, 1850. "Sir,-1 had 10 ewt. of your Shale Manure, which I drilled with ashes on 2 acres of light soil, and it pro. duced a very good crop of Turnips. I remain, Yours truly, THOMAS INGRAM." The price of the Shale Manure is C-2. 10s. per Ton- including bags, at the Wharf used by the Company in London. The quantity to be used is from three to five cwt. per acre, according to the nature of the soil and crops. VARNISH PAINT. Mr. Martin also has to offer, from the works of the same Company, a Capital Varnish Paint, which is well adapted for private use and may be applied to Ir-in, Wood and Piaster, and has one great advantnge-that it dries in the course of a few minutes. There are more things in the world, Horatio, than was dreamt of in your philosophy/'—SIIAKSPEARE. Just Rc-pubUshcd, Price Qd.t Post-free, Sr/ THE HAND-BOOK FOR EVERY MAX, on, certain Diseases, Hints on the Cure of certain Diseases, liy A PRACTICAL MEDICAL MAN, WITH remarks on Impuissance, or Physical inca- pacity, explaining the best mode of treatment for removing the evil effects of self abuse, giving a sta- mina to the whole nervous system, and a healthy and invigorating tone to the Generative Organs. With the remedies necessary for the permanent cure ofgonor- hsea and fleets. co We have perused the Hand-book for every Man nnd if the statement of the co Times" of Wednesday last regarding the depopulation of the Mussulman empire be correct, the Pamphlet before us is of vital importance in a national point of view, as comprising the health and happiness of the whole human race."—STANDARD. The Hand-book for every Man, in a medical point of view is worth a thon.and prescriptions; it elucidates the baneful and horrible effects of a solitary vice, which (proved by the co Times" newspaper of July 20th, in its correspondence from the Mussulman empire, if p erse- vered in, depopulates and lays prostrate the youth and vigour of whole nations), all who run ought to read, and having read, ought to treasure up as a jewel of inestimable value."—UKUALD. The information contained in this book for six- pence, is of that practical nature that we should think that I every man' would lose no time in putting him- self in possession of the vahable hints which it con- tains." — CilKO.NICLE. "THE MUSSULMAN RACE. Broussa, Anatolia, June 26. The diminution of the Mussulman population in Asia Minor is alarming. Between Tockat nnd Broussal found villages almost entirely abandoned by the inhabitants, in consequence of the severity with which the recruiting for the Nirzam, the Turkish regular troops, is conducted in this part of the country. It would be an interesting study to seek out all the causes whIch contribute to the dreadful mortality which prevails amongst the young Turkish soldiers. The food which is distributed to the garrisons is of sufficiently good quality, and contagious maladies have been unknown to Turkey in Europe dur- ing the last five years. Some European physicians are of opinion that these young soldiers, not being married Jik thc ancient Janis,arie;, abandon themselves to in- "ainuus vices, and so destroy their constitution. But whatever may be the cause of this mortality, the conse- quence is the ever-increasing weakness of the Turkish empire. The fact is nowhere more perceptible than in the interior of Asia Minor, whence the greater number of conscripts are drawn in Constantinople. At present several extensive villages are to be seen in Anotolia from which all the young men have been withdrawn. This remarkable circumstance has not f escaped the Kourd chiefs of the neighbourhood, who rom the tops of their mountains regard with profound attention the decay of the Ottoman Empire.The Times, Wednes- day, July 20th, 1842. London W. Strange, 21, Paternoster-row and W. Hughes, Druggist, Castle-street, Bangor. SOLD BY ALL MEDICINE VENDORS, In Boxes at Is. 2s. 6d. and 4s. 6d. THE CELEBRATED CAMBRIAN MEDICINE! A preventive and cure for all Disorders resulting from a Disordered state of thc Stomach and Liver, and Impurity of the Blood. Patronised by the Faculty, Nobility, Clergy, and Public at large. Prepared from the Original Prescription of the emi- nent Physician, (the Abernethy of Wales) Dn, LL. ROBERTS, M. D., OAKLAND. P.Y THE riioritlliTOll ONLY, ROBERT ISAAC JONES, TRE' MADOC, NORTH WALES. THE practical Trial of Half a Century, with the more general test of ELKVKX YEARS by the alHicted Puo. lic, has now established their reputation. Containing no Mercury, but composed of the most rare and expen- sive Vegetable preparation of the British Pharmaeopma, combined with a valuable SNOWDONIAN HERB, forming a mild, laxative, tonic remedy, admitted bv those who have tried them to be superior to all other similar preparations. AN IMPORTANT TESTIMONIAL From G. Lewis, Esq., of the Oriental Bank of London, addressed to the Editor of this Paper. To the Editor of the Xoith Wales Chronicle.' Deak Siu,—I feel it my bounden duty to make known to my beloved countrymen, and the public gc. nerally, the great benefit I received from the celebrated Cambrian Pills, prepared by Robert I-ie Jones, E^q., Cambrian Pill Depot, Tre'm.idoc, prescribed by myoId neighbour, the eminent Dr. Roberts, Oakland, Llan- rwst, whose immortal and ever-living name is endeared to all that knew him, and whose decease was the great- est calamity the surrounding country ever experienced, especially the poor. I had been for years troubled with indigestion, and paid immense sums of money to different Doctors, and for different Pills, but I cuuld never get anything to ren- der me the least benefit, until I heard of the celebrated Cambrian Bills, and determined to give them a trial; and after taking a few boxes, I became strong and active, and as healthy as any man in the mettopolis. I always keep these Pills in the house, for occasional use, and it is my decided opinion, that no family should be without them, for they are the most excellent family medicine ever composed and offered to the public. I highly and conscientiously recommend the cele- brated Cambrian Pills to the world at large, and give the highest ere iit to the praise-worthy gentleinaii, R. I. Jane;, Esq" for hisl unfatigued exertion, and good service in bringing this great desideratum before his countrymen and the world. I am quite at a loss for better means to place this imperfect testimonial before the eyes of my beloved countrymen, than through the medium of your widely and extensively circulated journal. journal. I am, dear Sir, Yours very respectfully, GRIFFITH LEWIS. Oriental Hank, London, August 12th, 1850. CAUTIO.V. -These Pills having obtained high repute, and being extensively sold throughout the kingdom, some unprincipled persons have tried to imitate them, purchasers should observe the following particulars That the genuine Pills are in a turned Wood Box, wrap- ped up in a Green Paper, sealed with the Proprietor's Seal, and bearing the Signature of Robert Isaac Jones," on the Government Stamp. SOLD WHOLESALE nY ArrOIN'TMEN'T By Barclay and Sons, Farringdon-street; Sutton and Co., Bowchurch-yard; Dietrichen anil Hanay, G3, Ox- ford-street, London-Evan., Sons, and Co., Lord-street; Jones, Ilall, and Co., Redeross-treet, Liverpool—But- tler, Sackville-street, Dublin-Itaimes and Co., Edin- burgh—T. and A. Warren, Reilcliff-street, liristol-atid at the Cambrian Pill Depot, Tre'madoe, North ales. Where there is no Agent, or none of the Pills kept in the neighbourhood, if 14 Postage Stamps for the Is. I Jd. Box, or 33 for the 2s. 6d., or liO for tho Is. Gd. be posted to the Proprietor, Tremadoc, the Pills will be sent free per return of post. N.B.—DIRECTIONS ARE GIVEN WITH EACH BOX OF PILLS. IN CASES OF SECRECY COXSULT TilE TREATISE On every Stage and Symptoms of a CERTAIN DIS- EASE, in its mild and most alarming forms, just published, bv ?Meear?. LEWIS & Co., SUHGEOXS, No. 44, Nelson-street, Two doors from Great George's Square, near the Rev. Dr. Itaffies's Chapel, Liverpool, Members of tle Royal College of Surgeons, $c. WHO may be conruited personally fiom 9 in the Morning, tiUOat Night, and on SUXDHS from 9 till 2, and given with each box of LEWIS'S EUADICA- TIVE VEGETABLE PILLS, price 2s. 9d., Is. Gd., lis. per box, containing a full description of the above complaints, illustrated with engravings, shewing the different stages of these deplorable and often fatal dis- eases, as well as the dreadful effects arising from the use of Mercury, accompanied with plain and practical di- rections for the effectual and speedy cure with ease, secresy, and safety, and are well known throughout Europe and America, to be the most certain and effec- tual cure ever discovered for every stage and symptoms of the above disorders. In those dreadful cases of sexual debility, brought on by an early and indiscriminate indulgence of the passions, frequently acquired without the knowledge of the dreadful consequences resulting therefrom, and which not only entail on its votaries all the enervating imbecilities of old age, and occasion the necessity ot renouncing the felicities of marriage to those who have given way to this delusive and destructive habit, but weaken and destroy all the bodily senses, producing melancholy, deficiency, and a numerous tram of nervous affectior,s. In these distressing cases, whether the con- sequence of such baneful habits, or any other cause, a certain and speedy cure may be relied on by taking Messrs. LEWIS" CORDIAL BALM OF llAkASIUl. so highly recommended by the faculty. sold ill boltle" at I is. and E 1. per bottle, and by a strict attention to the directions pointed out in the Treatise, which funy explains the dreadful results arising from these melan- choly causes. In most cases one personal interview is sufficient to perform a perfect cure with every safety an d secresy. and secresy. Nmv HEAny, THE SIXTEENTH EDITION EL.\IWED of a Medical Work entitled, THE CONTROL OF THE PASSIONS, A True Guide to Health and Long Life. Price One Shilling', by 1'0,1, Is, (;.1, And may be had direct t?nth.Author'sHc.idenee, No4t.NetMn.street. T??D?ffr?m,rcat(..eorge.i Square near the Ucy.nr.K.u?-?ss(ha-)?T.rpjo! TMEUICALU?OKonther)t\??H'f.?!\of MAtUUACH. Infdieitous and 1 npr.vluetive I nions, and on the Secret Iiia?Enitiei and of Y,lutli and Maturity, usually acquired at an CM.) poiuM ot Hfe. which enervate.thaphyi.tc?.?.[?m?.?'.t.'??. diminish and enfeeble the natural leeangs and the vital energies of Manhood wit h pnu tual o.^ l vi- rions on the Treatment of Nervous Debility »nd Indi- gestion, whether arising these cx,-ics, :lose S:uj). or the influence of tropical climates Local an' ("\llsti. tutional Weakness, Syphilis, Mructure, and all and Derangements resulting tr,m Indiscretion. With Coloured Engravings, illustrating the A n!\tomy, 1 hjsi- ology, and Diseases of the Le-producti ") Or¡;an., 'ex, pl??.?i,,g their >trul/urc>, uses and func^tions, n,l thc various injuries that arc produced m th e?n by soja,n>' habits, excesses and inlections. CONTENTS or HIE WOBK. ChaD'Djdib-"???"?'?"?'?'?'?' inordinate, indulgence of the P"ssions, -UAsriiATHi. WITH COLORED EXOHAVINOS. Chap..—Baneful R- suits of a Secret Vice on the Mind and Body, evidenced ■" the production of Consumption Epilepsy, and other cm vul ive diseases. Insanity, Id.otcy, moping Melan- ?TndiEestions.StrictuM, Impotence, and atenhtj, with Observations on the Dalies "t' M-? L"?. and on ,e unhappiness caused by Unfruitful Unions Chap. i•i "Debilit'y and E??ion of the principal \ital ?c?'s.' thc nature and tre.tment of Imp3toncc and -llty, and t'? imperfect ?rfor.n.ncc of thc Mar?tat Te'?cd by the practice of self-indulgence. Chap. 4. -Gonnorrhœa, its symptoms, complications and treat. "e" Gleet Stricture, and diseases of the 1 rostrate. ?"'5-Syphi:is, and its attendant mabdies and Cli-,J). Cases, concluding observations, and Piates. ?untryp?'c''ts are requested to be as minute as „««' lh"le in describing their c!a?c,, 'lid m?d? flivi,,g wl eneral occupation. The communication must be accompanied with One Pound for Advice and Medicine, without which no notice can be ta,?Ln of the:r applica- tion and in all cases the most inviolable secrecy may be relied on Medicine can be forwarded to any part of the world, however distant, securely packed and care- fully protected from observations. Sole Agents for the Book and sold by J. Howell, Book- ?))pr 54 Church-street, Liverpool; Whitmol'' 119, Market-street, Ianchester; M. Drummond, Bookseller, Pr?ott and i" Loudon by Sanger, 150, Oxford-street; W&id 54, Paternoster Row; Gordon, SC.LexdenhaU- street; Kissick, 10, Tottenham-court Hod and by al1 Booksellers in the United Kingdom. Just Published, Price 12s. Gd., SPINAL CURVATURE-ITS THEORY; ITS CURE. Illustrated by Cases and Coloured Plates. By GEORGE N. EITS, Surgeon to Harrison's Spinal Instit ution. (From the Cambridge Chronicle and University Journal," Jan, 21), 1050) The subject of which the above work treats is one of the most important which can engage the attention o the philanthropic physician. From thc positi,¡n of the author as surgeon to the institution founded by the late Dr. Harrison for the cure of Spinal Curvature, his ex- perience must he Rreat, and even from that circumstance alone he is entitled to expect attention to his work. Judging by the cases which are so clearly illustrated by the plates, the success of the modes ot treatment is won- derful, ald seem to bca ample testimony to the soundness of the principle on which thesystcm which he has advan- ced is founde d We would recommend a Pi rusal of the work to all those who are afflicted with malformation of the Spine. They will have no difficulty in coming to a conclusion for tln-mselves." ( From the Oxford lerld" of March IG, 13.n,) This work treats of a most interesting subject of practical surgeiy. It is devoted to the consideration of the theory and the cure of Spinal Curvature -a disease of a very formidable nature, and one wh:eh, we believe, has become ye,y prevalent of late years. It gives a description of theanCltomy of the spine and the parts ill relation thereto, and the subject is illu.trated by casts j and coloured plates. The author states that few families in this country are without some cause of interest, more or less, in this subject. 'How frequently,' he says, must have observed children at a vcry early ap. lose both the physical beauty of childhood, and the peculiar ga:ety and buoyancy which ever characterise that period, when attended by health, and become, so to speak, oid men and women perhaps in consequence of some tall, thuught at the time of its OCClIlTenCC to be a trilling circumstance, and left neglected, but which gave the spinal column a wrong bias, at a time when such an inj ury is likely to become the bcginning of effects felt afterwards for life.' An allection of so formidable a natnre well deserves the attention which is here bestowed upon it." (From the "Ihcks Ilei-aid" of Jan, 20, IIJW.) A new work has just issued from the press, bearing the above imposing title, from the pen of George N. Epps, of Audley-oquare, Surgeon to the Institution for the Treatment of Spinal Curvature, founded by the late Dr, Harrison, celebrated as the author of the most (if not the only) successful mo,le of treating deformed Spines. The cases conducted to a successful issue (judg- ing by the plates) are calculated to excite amazement, and almost to justify a hope that the system, applied with sufficient ability and experience, wotild coiii iletely eradi- cate those dreadful deformities so prevalent in England. | London: Sherwood and Co., 23, Paternoster-row; and Bailliere, 219, Regent-street. ON NERVOUS AND GENERATIVE DISEASES. New Edition, Illustrated with Forty-five Coloured En- gravings, and containing the NEWLY DISCOVERED PREVENTIVE LOTION. Just Published, the 51th Thousand, price 2s GJ., in a sealed envelope, or sn by the Author, post-paid, for 40 postage stamps. MANIIOOI the Causes of its Premature Dc1ir.e, I with Plain Directions for its Perfect Restoration. A Medical Review of every Form, Cause, and Cure of Nervous Debility, Impotency, Loss of Mental and Phy. sical Capacity, whether resulting from youthful Abuse, the Follies of Maturity, the Effects of Climate, or Infec- tion, &c" addressed to the Sufferer in Youth, Manhood, and Old Age with the Author's Observations oil Iar. riage, its Duties, and Disqualiifcations the Prevention and Cure of Syphilis, Spermatorrhoea, and other Urino- Genital Diseases; as adopted by Deslandes, L:illemand, and Iticod, Surgeon, to the ll,)Sltl*??il Veiierie:i, ?coi By J. L. CURTIS, ?BGrox, 15, Albermarle Street, Piccadilly, London. With this NEW and ENLARGED EDITION of MAN- HOOD, which is now tral/slated into five lal/gllages, will be given the Author's Prescription of a Disinfecting Lotion for the prevention o! all Secret Disorders, which, by its cxn30rJin;ItY powers in decomposing the Virus as attested by the opinions of Lallemand, and the most eminent Surgeons in Europe, will go far to prevent the ravages which for ages thesc Diseases have entailed upon mankind. At home for consultation daily, from 10 till 3, & <3 to S, REVIEWS OF THE WORK. We feel no hesitation in saying, that there is no member of society by whom the book will not be found useful—whether such person hold the relation of a pa- rent, preceptor, or a clergyman." —Sun, Evening Paper. "This work will do much to prevent the vice which, by its prevalence among the young, has so ir.uch influ- ence on the preseni, as 011 the tutarc well-being of manj — Sacaland Military Gazette. "Curtis on Manhood.—Fortunate for a country would it be, did its youth put info practice the philanthropic and scientific maxims here laid down —one cause of ma- trimonial misery might then be banished from our land, and the race of the enervate be succeeded by a renewal j of the hardy, vigorous spirits of the olden time. Chronicle. "I consider the TREATISE ON MANHOOD decidedly tho best extant in the French or English language. The subject is important, some of the hihest medical au- thorities pronouncing the vice on which it treats, as the great scourge of civilization. "—From A. Sidney Dùane, M.D., Xew York. Published by the Author,sold also in scaled envelopes, by Strange, 21, Paternoster-row Hannav, 63, ()xford-st.; I Mann, 39, Cornhill, London Ileywood, Oldham-street, i and Armstrong, 23, Bond-street, Manchester Howell, 6, Church-street, Liverpool; Campbell, 130, Argyle- street, Glasgow; Itobiiison, 11, Grcenside-street, Edin- burgh Berry and Co., Capel-street, Dublin and by all Booksellers and Chemists in the United Kingdom. 1 Agent for BAGOR and Neighbourhood, Nlr, NVm, Hughes, Chemist and Druggist, High-street. Immense Success of the New Motte of Treatment. As adopted by Lallemand, Ricord, Deslandes, and others of the Jlopital des Y ó/Jeriens, u Paris, and now uniformly practised in this country, by WALTER DE ROOS, M.D. 35, ELY PLACE, HOLHORN IIILL, LONDON. AUTHOR OF 'TMIE MEDICAL ADVISER, ?!3 pages, on the various J. disqualifying forms of premature decay resulting from in:ection and youthful abuse, that most delusive practice by which the vigour and manliness of life arc destroyed, even before the powers of nature are fully established. It contains also Chapters on the anatomy and physio- logy of the organs otbuth sexes (illustrated by numerous coloured engravings,) with the Author's observations on )I.irriage, its duties and hindrances. Plain directions for the attaininent of health, vigour and consequent hap- piness during the full period of time allotted to our Thus rendering it what its name indicates, the friendly adviser of all who may be suffering from the consequences of early error-a work which may be con- sulted with every assurance of complete succes. May be obtained in a sealed Ellyclopc through all Booksellers, 2s. till. or to avoid difficulty,will be sent di- rect from the Author, post free, for 40 Postage Stamps. OPINIONS ot' run rlU:SS. Extract from the Medical Gazette a-id Timet.—" For- tunately for our country, a more efficient (because cer- tain) mode of treating these deplorable complaints is at last introduced and we hail the time as not far distant when such diseases shall be comparatively unheard of; we would earnestly recommend all persons afflicted with this kind of derangement to avail themselves of the information contained in almost every page of Dr. De Hoos' work, which we unhesitatingly pronounce the best extant. "Tbis is a work of superlative excellence, and one we should recommend to the perusal of all; in fact the information therein conveyed is quite essential to those of either sex who contemplate marriage, itecord. Many a Man, who unmarried and miserable, is now enduring in silent sorrow the penalties of former folly (perhaps committed in ignorance), had he possessed such a Book as this, would have been a happy husband, a honoured parent and useful member of society.' — Dispatch, January 19. Lasting benefit can only be l'easonably expected at the hands of the intelligent and practical physician, who departing from the routine of gellerat practice, devotes the whole of his studies to this class of diseases, the lament- able neglect of which by ordinary medical men, and their futile attempts tt cui-c by Mercury and otllcr equall)- dangerous Medicines, have produced the most alarming results. From the great extent of Dr. Do Roos practice for many years, and his former connection with the various Institutions both in London and Paris, for the relief of those afflicted with Dibility, Syphilis, Secondary Symp- toms, Strictures, Gleet, Venereal and Scorbutic eruptions -e. &c. of the face and body; he has had perhaps unusual facilities for observing the peculiarities and cotirequences of each particular stage. Hence he is enabled confidently and conscientiously to undertake the removal of every symptom (not excepting the most inveterate or long standing) in as short a time as is consistent with safety, or return the Money. Country patients wishing to place themselves under treatment will be minute in the detail of their case and to prevent trouble, no letters from strangers will be re- plied to unless they contain £ 1 in cash or by Post Office Order payable at the Holborn Office, for which Advice and Medicine will be sent. Patients corresponded with till cured. At home for consultation daily, from 10 tili 1, and k till 8 (Sundays excepted.) unless by previous arn- .j! ment. SKIX DISEASES, NERVOUS DEBILITY, crp.o FULA. SNN'LL.LINGS of the BONES, GLANDS &, DE ROOS' CONCENTRATED GL'IT'.F. (or Life Drops) is, as its name implies, a safe and pertniner.' restorative ot manly vigour, whether deficient from iosjj residence in hot climates, or arising from Solinr[y' Habits, Youthful delusive Excesses, Infection, Sec, 1, will also be found a speedy corrective of 8:1 those dangerous symptoms, such as pains and s-.ve: lings i!l the bones, joints and g!a:-lh, sk'n cruptior.! blotches nnd pimples, weakness of the eyes, loss (f hi^r disease and decay of the nose, sore throat, pains ia ti: side, back, and loins, &c., obstinate dif^ascs If tp kidneys and bladder, gleet, stricture, seminal weakr.o,; to as of memory, nervousness, headache, giddir.css, dro'.v- einess, palpitation < f the heart, indigestion, lowness of spirits, latitude andgenenl pro„irati >n of strength, k* usually resulting from negbct or imprv«r treatme by Mercury, Copaiba, Calebs, and other d.a-JIy poUjrs. From its peculiar properties in creating new, pure arJj rich blood, (thereby cleansing and strengthening the whole system,) it removes barrenness, a: ] sacc r«to:cs the organs to health, v,n L?!t?,r a!l o'.herrer.edi's (W:d have usually a d(?I)ressing teiid-.iic%- have h:? its almost unparalleled success. May be obtained with directions, through a: M»D|. cine Vendors, ke„ at 4s. GJ., and lis per c- f1U[ lis. quantities in one large bottle hr ZJi W which lis, will be saved, or, should any diT;cu!;y c"I:, it will be sent securely packed from the Es:a"r.t cn rec, of the price by 1'?t Once Or ler, pav-t!j ?t he H':b: Office. £ ■> c?cs of th? above Medicine, bv which £ 1 li,s, ;(11 \;c:a'?:d,t;;n ;J;?lr:e l': ,¡. nient only, PAINS IN THE BACK. GiiAV: LUMBAGO, RHEUMATISM, GOl'l', LI LT, STRICTURE. GLEET, DE ROOS' COMPOUND RENAL ?: of which there are useless imitations under c ir. many instances effected a cut ? r .n  a h failed, i\3:s ,t;t'bf¡,:ee\:):' 'a; ¡;: FACULTY as the most sa'e and djc: ':?Idy Her discovered ior the above dangerr.s c > a,d de,. eases of the Kidneys and Irinary i. itneraliy, whether resulting from imprudence or otr.e.-w.te, which if neglected, frequeutly end in H."n v.. :J.eI. ,jd, and a lingering death I It is an cstablis i i- ti.a*. most cases of Gout and Rheumatism ocur: "0; iita c.diie age, are combiiic- d willi age, are combined with dUec»cd uiine, :.ow i.ccosiiy is it then, that persons thus afflicted .i.ju.d attend to these important mattrs, 13y the saiuta; y actio:. «i tr.e:^ pills on acidity of the stom ach, they correct bi. and i: digestion, purify and promote the renal secretions, thereby pi eventing the f-.rsnation of »tc:;« and estab- 1ishin:: lor life a healthy pc-iformance of the far.ctionsof these organs. To Prevent Fraud on the Public by :¡. principled persons, Her Majesty's II .notable Commis- sioners of Stamps have directed the name 01 the Tro- prietor to be engraved .Jf. the Government Stamp ¡¡:;d to all his )le<lic;neõ, in white letters sn a red grgucd, without wLich none is genuine. May be obtained with directions & at Is. IJ< Os. 9.1. 4s. GJ, and I I s. per box, through a'' Medicir.e Vendors, or should any di:Mculty occur, they wili b: s:r.t (free) on receipt of the price in Postage Stamps, ty Dr De Roos, 35, Elv I lace, Uoiborn Hill, London. Sold by HUGHES, CHEMIST i DRCtiGIST, BANGOR Roberts, CaemUt, Conway Griih'.b, Chemist, U¡gh.>trect, Carnarvon; Edwards, Chemist, Denbigh Hughes, Chemist, Holyhead; tiei'.e, C:.e:;s:, High-street, Wrexham; Ward, Chemist, IL.;1; Brecon Price Brothers, rost-o-hce, ll.i;c;.i Thomas, Chemist, (opposite A:.gel), Mtr.nre; White, Chemist, Guildhall-Square, Carmarthen; • ] liams, Chemist, High-street, Cardigan; Davies, C,:e. mist, & Potter, Herald Office. Haverfordwest; Tree- weeks, Chemist, Pembroke; Evans. Chemist, High- s.iect, Swansea; Moore, Chemist, Broad Street, New- town Stephens, Chemist, High-street, Merthyr lyJv; Ferris and Score, Druggist, Union Street, Bristol; Watton, Chronicle Oriioe, Shrewsbury Ci.ihcott, Bookseller, Broad-Street, Leominster; L.aper, C.-eaust, Broad-Street, Hereford; Farrat. Beacon Oilice, mouth; Jenkins, Commereiai-strtct, ari Pii.p:, Chemist, Huh-strcet, Newp rt, of all of wham my be had the" nit-aical adviser." N.B.—Should any difficulty occur i HÙ;; t,1; above, enclose postage stamps to tr.e Establishment. Cures for the Viwuvcfl! HOLLO WAY S OIXTIEXT. An Extraordinary Cure of Scrcfula, or Evil. Extract of a I.etUr from Mr. Strei.t, C/idlen/i.iKi, it Mat Z id 153 To Professor Hoiiow.it. Snt,—My eldest Son, when about three years o: age, was afRictéJ with a lilanduhr Sw,linõ f:¡ t\:c :cc, which after a short time broke out into an Ulcer. A". eminent medical man pronounced it asa very bad case of Scrofula, and picscribed for a considerable time with- out effect. The disease then for four years wen! ca grauuallv increasing in virulence, when besides ti-,e ulcer in the neck, another formed below the left knee, 1:I a third under the eye, besides seven others on the .0" arm, u-itli a tumour between the eyes, which wis ex- pected to break. During the whole of the time :r.y suffering boy had received the constant advice of the most celebrated medical Gentlemen at Chc1:ell!¡1m, b,. sides being for several months at the General Hespita., ,oiis that he wdjl,l when one t.f the Surgcc11\s ;1id tht he would mp: the left arm, but that the blood was so impure, that il that limb were taken off it would be then even impos- sible to subJue the disease. In this desperate itaw I determined to give your Pills and Ointment a tr:11, and after two months persevc-rauce in their use, t[, tumour gr.1Ju::iJy began to di;3¡,pear, and the discnargo fromaittheulcerspereeptib?y deucascJ, :1j at ,hc expiration of eight months they wer p(rfect:. hea.W. and the boy thoroughly restored to the blcsssings health, to the astonishment of a large circle ol acquitt- ances, who could testify to the truth i f this m:rac'J.s case. Three years have now elapsed W:th0U: any recur- rence of the malady, and the b>y is now as Is heart can wish. UnJer those circumstances I const' that I sliou.d be titi'v m-ore I -t to vou acquainted with tlrs wonderful cure, effected by )our medicines after cverv other means h3J fli'ei. (Signed) J, I[. ALI.IDAl. I Cure of acute Rheumatism of 4 Years' Standing. ?.?.?t; M /.<?T /?Ht.U)'. Jo'm 7'?<, D '?, I' Jalll/ary, IsoO. To Profissor HOLI.OWAV. SIR,—It was with the greatest pleasure that I write U thank you fir the benefit I have received Irom y -t Pills and Ointn-.ent, which have cured rn of thc Rheumatism, ndLr which I sufferedfer thi; .i|« four years, at times I was so bid a hnJly t) be ,¡:c to walk. I had t; ic-d every kind of Medicine that recommended without receiving any benefit. I at :li: thought I would give your medicines a trial, and put, chased from Mr. llollin, Chemist, of this town, twa boxes of Pills, and two of Ointment, a"d i: t.ir £ J weeks, through them and the blessing of GùJ, I wH restored to health and strength, and am now as w:.1 able to walk as ever I wis in my life. 13m w.:l! k::Jw:1 in this parish, having been sixty-five years in it, with an exception of ten years I served in the Hh I"??t of ?pttono en;e ????ve JOHN PI11- Cure of a bad Leg of more than 60 Years Sending. Mr. Barker, of No. 0, Graham's Place, D vpool. r.ca. Hull, had ulcers 011 his leg from the age of eight.cn until upwards of eighty, and a1:huugh for many years he had sought the first advice in the country, ncth.nS was found to cure them, lie very often suffeied most excruciating pain for Ion; periods together, which inca- pacitated him from attending to his business. He hid I given up all hopes of getting a cure, when at last lie was persuaded to try Ilolloway's Pills and Ointment, wli.cn he did, and however wonderful it may appear, the leg W3S thoroughly healed by their means, and by continu- ing to use the Pilis alone after his leg was well, he has become in health so hale and hearty as now to be mJte active tnan most men offifty. N.B.—The truth of this extraordinary statement car. be vouched for by Mr. J. C. Reinlurdt, 2-' hr. Place, Ifull. Cure of a Desperate Case of Ring worm, of Six Years Standing. Lima, Iof Xoiember, 1S49. Ij One of the most eminent Surgeons in Lima (tho Capital of Peru) had a child covered w:th Ringworm for |I more than six years; in vain lie exhausted all his art I in his endeavours to eflect a cure. Not succeeding, ho I consulted among his brethren, tile mosr ce.ebrated me- I dical practicioiieis of the City, but nothing was found I to do the child scrvice. hen he wr.s persuaded by H Mr. Joseph P. Hague, the English Chemist and Drug- gist, residing at No. T4, Calle de Palacio, to try lL!. loway's Pills and Ointment, hich was done, snd alter using six large Pots of the O.ntment, a proportion of the Pills, the child was rud.cally cured, to the sur- prise of the whole medical profe.-sion. The nams of the parent from motives cf delicacy, is withheld. The Pills should be used conjointly cifA the Ointment t most of the following caStS; Bad L'g Cancers -•aM* B.d Drast5 Contracted and \)I"e.Sipplul Burns Stitf-joints S 1rt-tl.I).,t::l Bunions Elepl¡ilutiaÚ:: >J:d: Bite of Moschetoes Fistulas :"0''1:\ > and 8and-Flic» Cout 8.'r, Coco-Bav Glandular Swell- Turnouri Chiego-{û)t iug r J.lt:r::i Chilblains Lumbago Wc ;n<Js Chapped-handj Files ¡W, Coras (Soft) JUxeumatUn