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FUNERAL 4 OF THE ?? ?fM ?(M? ,$q. OF CAERYNWCH. On Tuesday last, the 4th inst., the mortal re- mains of the late RICHAIID RICHARDS, Esq., for upwards of 16 years Representative in Parliament of the County of Merioneth, and son of the Right Honble. Sir Richard Richards, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, were consigned to their final resting- place at St. Paul's, Bryncoedifor, a district Church in the parish of Dolgellau, erected and endowed by his niece, the Counters de Morella. The funeral was of a strictly private character, although at- tended from the family mansion by a few of the Tenants of the Estate, and afterwards, by permis- sion, joined at Pontnewydd, about 2 miles from the Churjh, by a line of carriages, followed on foot by the representatives of the several Aiding Socie- ties, and a great number of the respectable inha- bitants of Dolgellau and the surrounding country, desirous of paying their last tribute of respect to their lamented and respected friend and neighbour. The funeral service was read by Archdeacon White, and the body was interred in a vault prepared for its reception in the grave of the late Mrs. Richards, the beloved wife of the deceased. Of the late Mr. RICHARDS, it may be said, with great sincerity, that, in all the relations of life, he was exemplary. His discharge of the duties of distinguished and highly responsible offices was marked by the most careful regard for the inte- rests of those who had a claim upon his time and attention; while his impartiality, integrity, and love of justice, were among the most prominent features of his life. In the bosom of his family his kindness and sympathy for those about him will long be remembered with affection and grati- tude, and his cheerful, courteous, and amiable de- portment will endear his memory to a widely ex- tended circle of friends and acquaintances. He was a sincere aud faithful friend-a kind and good neighbour-and, in his many acts of charity and benevolence, judicious, discriminating, and unos- tentatious. His death was, latterly, not unexpected, -and, perhaps, least of all, by himself. He died, as he had lived, in the fear and love of God, and in the hope of a blessed resurrection to eternal life, through the merits of his Redeemer. Mr. RICHARDS was born at Caerynwch, em the 22nd of Sept., 1787; was educated at Westminster, and at Christ Church, Oxford, where he obt&ined classical honours; and, it is worthy of remark, that the five sons of Sir Richard Richards, who were members of that University, gained, between them, four first class, and two second class, degrees. He adopted the Bar as his profession, becoming a member of the Inner Temple. In 1814, he mar- ried Harriett, eldest daughter of Jonathan Den- nett, Ecq.; she died at Caerynwch in 1852. After successfully applying himself to his professional duties for about eight years, he was appointed Ac- countant-General, and Master of the Court of Ex- chequer, which responsible situations he continued to fill until, in the year 1841, he was nominated by Statute one of the Masters of the Court of Chancery. Mr. RICHARDS, on the retirement of Sir Robert Williames Vaughan, Bart, of Nannau, in 1836, was elected Representative in Parliament for Merion- ethshire, his native county, having sl18tainHl a con- test with Sir William Wynn, then Governor of Sandown Fort, in the Isle of Wight, when he polled a majority over his opponent of nearly 5 to 1. He continued to hold his seat in Parliament, uninter- ruptedly, till 1st of July, 1852, when advancing age induced him to retire. During his representa- tion of Merionethshire, Mr. RICHARDS was a con- sistent supporter of Conservative political views, and of the agricultural interest. He leaves one son and three daughters; of the latter, two are mar- ried, and are, resj>ectively, the wives of the Rev. Edmund W. Orlando Bridgeman, nephew of the Ear] of Bradford, and of the Hon. and Uev. Arthur G. Douglas, son of the late, and brother of the pre- sent, Earl of Morton. His son is Chairman of the Quarter Sessions of the County of Merioneth. [A notice of the funeral also appears in another part of onr paper, but we have thought it right to insert the above account, as it contains a brief memoir of the late Mr. Richards, who was universally held in high esteem. En. N. W. C.]












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