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CARDIFF. I SHIPPING Caseb.—At the polioo-oourt, yester- day (before Messrs. R. 0. Jones, H. Bowen (Mayor), G. Bird, and J. Pride), Daniel Sullivan, a sailor, was charged with deserting his ship, called the Upab, of Newcastle. The articles were signed in London by the prisoner, and the ship proceeded to Cardiff, where he deserted. The defenoa was that the prisoner went on shore to buy some olothes, and got a little drop too much." The case was dismiBBea, &8 me eviuonoo uiu UUit DU.UDu.a IfU, (harge of desertion. David Nolan was oharged with neglccting to proceed to sea after signing articles, In the Marina, of LiverpooL The prisoner joined the ship in Livsrpool for a voyage to Rio de Janeiro, via Cardiff. At the last-named port the prisoner neglected to go on board, and was appre- bended at the Sailors' Home. The prisoner said he did not go to his vessel because the authorities at the Sailers' Home had refused to give up his clothes. From tho evidence of the deputy superintendent of the home, it appeared that the prisoner's clothes had been detained by him (witness) as security for the debt contracted by the prisoner while waiting for the ship in Cardiff. The magistrates were of opinion that they could not send the prisoner to gaol on the evidence, and the case was dismissed. ALLIIOiD Fraud BY A Sailob.—James Colly, a sailor, was charged with unlawfully obtaining a chest belonging to Charles Hemming from the cloak-room of the GrJst Western Railway Station, with intent to defraud, on Wednesday laat, The sailor Hemming left his chest, containing his clothes, at the Great Was. tern Railway Station, and as he had been taken into custody for striking bis mate, he gava the ticket for one chest to a Bailor named Cymer to get it out far him. Cymer gavo the ticket to the pri- soner to take to the prosecutor at the police station, but the pri@oner, instead of doing o, presented the ticket at the station, and applied lor the chest, 5"" tbat the owner was likely to have three .o.t,?, pr?'.oumot, and he would take oare of the chest for him. He was then given into oustody by the porter in charge of the room. The prisoner, in defence, Baid that he applied for the chest to take core of it for Hemming. He was oammitted to take his trial at the next quarter sessions at Swansea. Knockino A Woman Down.—Henry Bird, a young man described as a labourer, wu charged with :tri:ilrd:od (I:ar:J'E1::n Bowden living in David-street, an Thursday evening. The prosecutrix had a very serious bruise on one of her eyes, whinh she stated had been caused by the prisoner striking her. The case was fully substan- tiated against the prisonsr. and he was sent to gaol for fourteen days' hard Sabonr. Assaulting tub Pglick,—Edward Lewis, a horse dealer, was charged with assaulting Polios- constable AHeraan (17) on Wednesday, the 23rd ult. Mr. Blellooh appeared for the defendant. The oonstable taw the defendant in the Westgate- hotel at ten minut6s to eleven o'clock at night, and requested him to leave, as he was making a great noise there. He refused, and the policeman put his band on the shoulder of a man named Talbot, who knocked him down twice. Talbot had been fined for assaulting tho constable, and from the evidenoe then adduced it came out that the defendant Lewis bad struck the constable. Mr. Mosley said: On tho cioht of the Mth ult? there was ? row outaide ste Hotel, uIh"thewdef"e;dat o: was the ohief actor in the row. He inoitsd the mob to ridicule the police, He (witnMe) did not see ijjc do :t!:fO\es:s uso hm tg::tv: freely and cause an obstruction by not moving on when told to do so. The defendant was also charged with causing an obstruction. The magistrates said the evidence did not warrant theui in going further into the charge of assault, Witnesses were oalled, who proved that the defendant did not cause an obstruction, and he was dismissed with the caution that he was to be more careful next time. Tin FINDING OF A SKRLtTpN.—Yetterd?y, whilst some workmen were engaged in making an ex- c&Tation for the fo..datiou o f now building to the north end of Cardiff Cuatle, they cam" npou a human Fkeleton, almost inlfict, in a somewhat good state of preservation. It is supposed to bo that of a irau of the ordinary height. The leg bones were found to be crossed over each other. Every care was taken in removing i, but with only partial suooess, as the upper par' of 'be frame fell to pi8C8l1 A bukei of otbor hnman remains weie found, ud wiU be kept fof the pnrpOM of being MtmUMd by rrd"B.i ?ho appears :tùO: ':igi in 3 kinds of relic. o! the put