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PLAS RRONDEG, CHTTHCH WALES, LLANDUDNO, T'O BE LET, Furnished, for the Midsummer Holidays. Apply atthe flouse. FRENCH AND ITALIAN. DR It 'VNNEQUART gives lessons in both languages. Ap- ply to l)r. H., Grove House, Llandudno. WANTED, I FURN!SIIF.D COTTAGE, with nt )eM than ?il Bcd-mnmt. F??Abergek. an-t B?or. Neighbourhood of H.ndudM pre f"rd ?d'r?s-G.. Po.t OfRM. LIgh, Lancashire. THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, PRICE 63., fTHIF. MEDICAL GUIDE FOR VISITORS AT l.f.AND'TDNO ?y J, hi, COL.?, N !.D., F(!.d.3ff,Ly"I,d of theBny.) CoUe<-e of Phy.ieian. '"London. &c. post free I to any part of tlUnUed Kingdom I.hnd..dno '? ""??" to wy pMt o< tht Mted K'n?dom on the tecetpt of Be"n penny po stage stanip?. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET, CONSISTING of Drawing Di,?i?g..ad Breakfast R. i. U Bedrooms, ?il" ? ??'ll I"g? ?i '?i'Y rooms, command- 1 ane?enf..? ?i?,v of the country and both bay. Apply to Mr. THOS. WILLIAMS, Chemist, Church Walk.. Uan- dudno. APABTMENTS, CAXTON HOUSE, CORNER OF BANK PLACE, CASTLE STREET, Bangor, North Wales. | V [\ EATLY Fr tet), Spacious, and Lofty Apartments for Pri- ?\ ?ate FamitiM-the most open and a?reeabte "tu'ti?? in Btn?or. Apply to A. R. MARTIN, Station r. ?ZZ???y'? C?7?4-L LIBRARY, ?S?H-S?<< (late C?M'eA ??S) Llrmdudno. I TEUMS P" volume, or set of volumes, (including selection T? ?'tn ?e')''?A"r.-n'n'Y°a Sa??'.p?)? 'a Week Two Shmingt a Mnlh Fi, e Sh¡lIin. a Quarter. HERBERT ELLERBY, BOOKSELLER AND STATIONER Ofwhommav be had M p., Guide Hooks, and Views of Llan- dudno and North Wales, on Note Papfr. on Cards, or in Books. Also. Martin's Week's Wandering* iw „ „ great variety of Stereoscopic-Shdes constantly on axle also Thotographs of Weløh Secnery. MORRKLL'S BOARDING HOUSE, Church Walks, Llandudno. IN order to meet the requirements of Visitors, Mr. MOBRHLI. I ??opeu'ed? e?ah)'?'.? ? ?'V'A?H BOARDING HOl'SK "here Ladies and Gentlemen, 9j8itil1 this pi, re, and f.,hi.n.1, rrort for bathiny,' ean he received, by ,he dav week, or month, wneie als • they t.U find eterydome!Uc c t d attention, combined wHh i?.d,r.t? chains. The establishment is situated within three minutes nalliof the Public Baths, l ibraries, and Promenade. A Drawing-room with view of the Bay. To Tourists. FIFTII EDITION- JUST PUBLISHED. THE BEST AND CHEAPEST GUIDE BOOK. Martin's Week's Wanderings, AMIDST the most beautiful ,ee"eryor NortliWal,?,,?ti, 11 I A in Baneor and the N«?isrhl>ourhood. Price One bhtUi.?; ,n .ad tt,? liood Price One Publi?hed by A" R. MARTIN, Caxton House. Bank Place, High- street, Bangor. THE LLANDUDNO PUBLIC BATHS, READING AND NEWS ROOM, LIBRARY AND BILLIARD ROOM. suBscuiPirox To READING nnd ?EWa ROOM. ?. per We*k. Ditto and Library 2s. 6d. per Week, or 8,?. 6d. per Month. S!°°" ?. (for 2) 4?. H.. „ Do. (t..(ahmity)S9.6.). „ 20. SUBSCRIPTION to Library only, without Mude's Book*, 6d. a "e.k. or I ?. per Week with Mudie'a Books. BILLIARD ROOM,—la. per Day, 3 6d. per Week, 10.. 6d. Bil,t,IARD RI)O?f, P* ?'r'H? -War.)) 2. or Six for 10a. 6L, aborethe6thl,. 6,1. FMh Cold I.. ach. 6hoKer (Warm or Cold) Ig. 6d or Six for 8s. SAMUEL BARTLEY, STATIONARY, BERLIN, AND FANCY REPOSITORY, MOSTYN STREET, LLANDUDNO, CIRCULATING LIBRARY, A well-assorted Stock of Drapery Goodst Berlin Wools, Gauntlets Gloves. Hosiery and Haberdashery, Welah Lin-Jeey and Woolsey Dresses and Aprons in great variety. WELSH FLANNELS. A?.t,n?*1 of WIl Ho* Ok Carvings in Brooches, Shawl ?'Pi?.raprTC?tttT!,&<< Any thing C?r??d to Od,r by a Welshman in the neighbourhood. Genuine Teas and General Groceries. Fancy Biscuits, Spices, Pickl1 Sancts, &c. iGENERALasMrtmentof'Stationar}. Guide Booki, Views of ?Dandtxtno and other Views in W&)M,onNote Paper, CMdt, Books, and Large Lithographs. LLANDUDNO. HUGHES' LEMONADE AND SODA WATER. MH,S. E HUGHES & CO. n Ete \ie,t,¡I\ to inform the Gentry of Llandudno, and > 11, public generally, that they are till manufacturing the ,UT? ??'' ?'???.??W?'f? ° o? ?he ?ElT 0'?IKS? HEAD, and w?lh confidence rccornmend th §ame to their notice tIIbt>inS{ wholly free from ac.lulte13ion, as will be seen from the fsllbwing testimonial:— (COPT USTUfONIAL.) ?Jn?r?' T?n'?tdnn. May tS?h, 18"9. HaTin?etrefuOy anaheed the Soda W t ? and t.:Wnt.cing Lemonade, prepared by Mrs. K. Hughe*, and Co., of Llandudno, I hue much aatiafaction in stating that they are free from adul- d f ,he be,t q,,&Iity,  J. M. COLEY, M.D., Member of the Royal ciI 3t,T:i."?'London. &c., &e. NEW CHEAP MUSIC, IN 'DAVIDSON'S MUSICAL TREASURY' FOR JUNE. Published at 19, Peter's Hill, Lonon. E.C. and may be had of A. R. Martin, llank Place, Bangor. OLADY FAIR, the celebrated 1,1, "1 Trio, by Thomas C) ?' Moore. ?o. H? ??n.jM?ic? Treaury: 3d.  Sound the )oud timbrel," the celebrated Sacred Solo and Chorus by Thomas Moore, No. U3., 6a "I'm off to Ch?,r a,?!i "Mingo's wide Awake," by E. W.M'a'?..<° the Two for 3d., No. H4t. "DnrkiM' Christm Da> ?y E. Mackner, and "The Little Dog'* Tail." the Two fur 3d., No. 1112. The Gay Young Rook," popular Sung of the Coloured Opera Troupe. NaV 983-4, Price 6d. Opera, embellished H Micbeth Quadrille, from Verdi's popular Opera, embtUished in Lithography, Nos. !I39-40. Price 6d. THOMAS WILLIAMS, Dispensing and Family Chemist, CHURCH WALKS, LLANDUDNO. B EGS reanectfullv to intimate that in consequence of frequent apfplications made to him for flomcepathic; remedies, &c,, he has B'?n''?? ? ::i:c\ i;O,n(:I.t":OIr 1:qI)):It'!i:i''lt fo'?he°????d? o;; ?Y ?H?n?h?re?i.it?. T. W. ).a?? devoted mnch study to this subject, is e:,o di.,pe..? H?..p?thi p,egcrip- tions 'and e (?nt ?ist n2 one but hi. in th?i, p,?p.,i,,?, li .P,?, by ""r" i"i" personal attention to tlm depart .?,,t, to n?,it and obtain that kind and liberal ..pp.,t hi?h he h? hitherto received f,.?n the i,?h.bitanU of Llandudno, and it? visitors, in ihe other branches of his bitine.?. GEORGE BEVAN & Co., LATE THOMAS BAKER AND COMPANY, WINE AND BRANDY MERCHANTS, AND WHOLESALE BOTTLERS OF MALT LIQUORS, I CHURCH WALKS, LLANDUDNO. T.TRT OF PRICES, WINES. | Fine Old Bottled Port 48.. to 84s. Pints  Z08, Half "'0 20. to 60-. Sherry, Pale or Brown t0 COs. „ Marsala "0 •••• 3^6. ro 34e. SPIRITS. Superior Old Brandy, Pale or Brown, per dosen 72s. It „ U per gal:on 31? Fine bld London Gin" „ per d-n 303. i'' gallon ?' Jam?ies !Zum P" «<»*» '^9- »> >• Per gallon IBs. Whiskey' Scot?'hcr hi.h „ per dozen 36. • h rer Dillon 18. ALE AND STOUT. LoudonandDuMinStoutperdM.nquartt 7.. 6d. I.?P. P11.1t: 4,. 6d. Il'II ?"? J. :i@: î:: ? i; ? ? 6, Bass and Co.'s"Burtou AW, per dcz. quarts 7.. 6d. Imp. pints 4s. 6d. iI jitt: 3n. 6d. El) I N IU liGII INN itper do??. 4,, 6a Hnrtnn Al? Kitdetkin ?. to Ms. Dublin Stout. ?'. Edinburgh Ale H O¡Õl. Dino ditto Firkins lOse FRENCH WINES. Champagne, first quality, ^er doz. qts 72s. to 84e. n ft >t per two di'Z. pints *48. A Light Suuimei* Wine, per doz. t It II .0 p«-r two dot. pints Ms. j Ct.ARHS.SAUTEltKE.CHABHSANUOTHhKWtNhh. Bottlei of each named above at &ame V,ic .e. .?idlh, ..ppl,I. Forth? convenienca of Visitors, Draught Al? and Stout i,? any quantities. PIANO FORTES ON SALE OR HIRE. S A I Nl I GEORGE'S HOTEL, SAINT GEORGE'S TERRACE, MARINE PARADE, LLANDUDNO. ISAIAH DAVIES, PROPRIETOR. TATCTF TVHOTF. AT HALF-PAST ONE EVERY DAY. TT DT and Cold .It W.1 B..? on ,he BlioiU-st notice. The L?.ity and oth r Papers, by Express, taken in regular y. oo ,,g ..d?.,k.p Coach- ouseb. Plimtoj)p, &c., witi careful drivers. P IANOFORTVS ON SALE OR HIRE. QUEEN'S HOTEL, LLANDUDNO, NORTH WALES. E. HERSEE. SITUATE on the Beach, in the centre of the Bay, commanding fine Sea and Mountain Views, and commodiously arranged to meet the requirements of Familicg, Tourists, and Invalids. POST HORSES, WITH STEADY DRIVERS. CARRIAGES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. BATH CHAIRS FOJt INVALIDS. Families in Lodginze onpplied with nINNEHS. WINKS, SPIRITS, Al.Es, and STOITT,on the most reasonable terms. Packets to Liverpool and Menai Biidge daily.—Nearest to the Railway Station. THOMAS WILLIAMS, DISPENSING AND FAMILY CHEMIST, Church Walks (opposite Mostyn and Tudno Streets), Uandudno. PRESCRIPTIONS accurately dispensed under T. W.'s immediate superintendence, with the piirest Drugs and Chemicals. A1 ,i,n, and external applications care f.y labelled (WITH AT.ON ) on ??,h b.ttle or parcel, to prevent mistakes in the I nursery or the økk room. WILLIAMS'S CELEBRATED LLANDUDNO BOUQUET. Superior Lavender Water. Hair, Tooth, and JSad Brushes, Comb, i ilk 11.1hi!, Cans. &?. Genuine'Kau Cologne, a bottle, I And great variety of Mher perfumes. Camphorated and tl? ?r Tooth P.d ?.. I NEBOLINE for removing Eruptions, Sunburns, &c. For Ladies after bathing, walking or perspiring in tne ncai oi ^ummer, u i» ui great importance. I Dr. Oregon's Stomachic Powder I Scidliti Powders. I.emou and Kali. Soda and Potash Waters. Lemonade. Ginsrer Beer. &c. Bermuda Arrow "I", Hard's Farinaceous F-?d- [ j patent Medicines, St?". B,i?i?h Wines. u-  WILLIAMS'S AntibiUiou.. C??i and Dinner Pills—Diarliai Mixture; CROSSE & BLACKWRLL B ",cKln, ".uc. ron? MPAt. Jellies, &c. Eaet (Uiina Ginger in original Jars. THE LLANMD? AND CONWAY ?S??'?A?'D  BOOKS. ????  T. W. begs to announce that he has an extensive Stock of Genu ne Teas and Cotlee Raw Crushed, and Lump' Rnd e\"cr)' de?Uon?t ?roe? ?n Deesert. Agent for Huntley and Pa!mer'a Reading Biacu ts; Prices Pat nt Candle Compo.ite? County Fire Office; and Grestaam Life Aseurance Society. MESSRS. GABRIEL'S DENTAL ESTABLISHMENTS AIŒ- LIVERPOOL, 134, DUKE STREET (.'irpctty opposite, Berry-streel) LONDON, 33, LUDGATE HILL, and 110, REGENT STKEET. ATTENDANCE DAILY FROM TEN TO SIX. Attendance in -I?. ?Tll. i B A N O O R N. W ALES. I CARNARVON, E'"v"e'r'y TUB? at ??'Pepper Street.  The ??o??i'n ?h?.??.?t Mr. The flrst TUESDAY in each Moiith, at the Roberta, Watch Maker, High Street. Uxlindje Arms, Hotel. 1 mate Booms. HM fE?nS. GABRIEL, the o1<blishe Sur?.n and Mechan.cat Mounts. prMent their eomphment. to thebit,,nt? of BANOOK and CARNARVON, and their VidnitiM. and be? to state that one of the Firm mil visit the abnve Towns resnh?). ?m?aybPO?'tcdonth. LOSS of TKEm. &e.. from 10 to 5 o'clock e.eh day. The necessity his ?ong'b"" 't' h"" man^ Darts of the countr)' of heln able to obtain the services of a D..ti?tof some ,t,?,e gi,i is prof"sion,ill,?tlh of a ,isit to town, or without having to pay an exorbitant charge lor such services. I Ins desideratum once °f" ?' Messrs, G. are ?e '?t?'M'e? ?an??i??y''?? "L'S. M'hich are ,ill t.n, -is-on '.nd success, 81ch indeed as are bv any other means "tti"" t h?y are firted on the mo-t tender gums witho utsprin?,@ or wires of any description, and are warranted to prove as firm and useful in the mouth as the na nral mastic too?o and, in order to render them within the reach of the most economical, they are stii)plit -d at c h,g,. t,i,tly iodt?rite. Meso?. p -Pt ?r'??* )!? ?p!?M ?he e?ten). ?ieh ha higlie,-t ncd,?"l tl.eand ,ill be sent p..t Se by M?.rs. Gabrie). who are mantUactnrera of every ?ciaiity afJf!rtiníng to the profeMto.).-L?M.shed 18,4. NOTICE-FOR THE CONVENIENCE OF PATIENTS FROM THE COUNTRY. Messrs. Gabriel's hours of attendance in BANGOR will be from 9 a.m. till 8 p:m. "hours of attendance at CARNARVON, from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. Messrs. Gabriel's next visit to BANGOR will be on the 4th of July. „ CARNARVON on the Sth of JulJ. AMERICAN MINEltAL TEETH. The beet in Kurope, waranleit to retain their colour, from 3a. 6J. per tooth. DECAYED TEETH effectually stopped with the WHITE EN-AMEL, GOLD, and SUCCLDrVNIUM, prevents further decaiind tooth-ache. M?St! GABRIFX'S Prepared WHITE GUTTA ° P'E?CU ENAMEL, for STOPPING DMA?ED TEETH or TOOTH. pii u xhis ?uab.e ?toppin? i placed in the cavity when perfectly e"ft, and become? hard as the t(oth itself in ten minutes after «na»wiAn and renders the decayed memuer sound anù useful in mastication. Vric b. 6d. per hO. directions enclosed. Sol? by aU ChemiU! in to"n and country, or can be had direct from the Inventors, for 20 stamps. Observ,? their n,.me on each box, witb- °? whi?l? i? ROYAL TOOTH PUWDEH, for rreienin? and Cteaninf; the Teeth .nd Gums, ie .old by aU MKSSUS GAMiIIX'S ROYAL TOOTH POWDER, for PreseTling and Cleaning the Teeth and Gums, is sold by aU Chcmhts in tnwn and counttv, at U. W. p«r box; ?' MFSSRS GABK1EI/S newly-Invented b. E.BlEr, for STOPPING DECAYED FRONT TEETH, which renders AIESSRS. GAIIRIEI,'S WIIITE E%,?AI-IEI, for STOPI'INO F)ECAYED FRONT TEETIT, Ilhi,h ,?d?r. them .ound. and doe) not turn Mach. May be had on apuhcation. or through any Chemi? in the Kingdom. Price 5.. per b '"? G. uc?Lhai-e introduced into succe?8ful practice the ELECTRO-GALVANIC PROCESS, for the p?i?l. ex- traction of Teeth and Ril operations connected with Dental Surgery. MESSRS. GABRIEL are in attendance daily, from 10 to 7, and may be consulted on the Loss of Teeth, and all operatioD. ap- pertaining to Dentistry, at their ,.b is pertainms; to Dennetn, at t -eir 134 Duk?-?t?-?t, Li,,ro..l (di Ilerry-street). 33, and 110, RIent r!?'t, London. Consultations free of a', 4 cl)srg? tiictly moderikte. GnMtbt, Chtmitt, !!ith?trttt. Ageat for Chester, Messrs. Platt & Solk, C?inistg; Wrexham, Mr. IW *iatmk Batigor, Mr. GriMtbo, Chemig, Iligh?treet, C- Mr. G. Owens, Cbl-i.L TRIBUTE OF ROPM TO lIB. lORN WILLIAMS, OF BODAFON. THE Suborriptlon Li.t..?, -till open, and Bubo.ribero' name' T"?"? "'??'* at the National Provincial bank of England al Couway. at by lb. "onorary Becretiry. at Ouwky, by GEOKGE FELTON, Hon. Beer.tary, Penrbyn, near Conway, TEAS, COFFEES, COFFEES MIXED WITH CHICORY, AND CIGARS, ALWAYS on S.te at Martin'. Stationery and Printing Esta. A L :h'It ::1ot Iro.naaf:cy H;tt:e\ia:: BILLIABDS. THE ONLY BILT.1AJ ;ALB.: IN UANGOR, k?pt uprf?); 1 tor the accommodation of ,bitarf'. at MAKTIN 9, CAXTON Hot'SB. In the centre of Bangor. Open from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. MILKER'S FIRE-PROOF SAFES AND BOXES. RECOMMENDED to AttornejS.Churcliwardenp, Agents. &e. Rmay be had on application to A. R. MARTIN (A?nttor Wales), Caiton House, Bank Piace, Pangor. SNOWDON SPARS, ANGLESEY MARBLES, PENRHYN AND LLANDUDNO BRILLIANTS, PE.NMON AGATES, PEBBLES and L?OSSII ,S and other Spe- PEi?:A,c;ttlt Ir: ČtHos: I Bank Chef. High-ttreet, Bangor. CHEAP AND EXPEDITIOUS PRINTING. EVERY description of COPPER-PLATE and LETTER-l'KKiS PItIN' r ING ""d with Neatness and 61. spatch, at MAHTIN'S PRINTING ESTABLISUMBNT, CAXTON HOUSE, BANOOK. MARTIN'S STATIONERY ESTABLISHMENT, Caxton House, Bank Plare, High-street, Bangor. ALL he View. in Wales, Welsh Costumes, and other Illus- A I¡Iíri7:bn c: \l:;noOI}: Holyhead, &c. &e. THE LLANDUDNO DIHECTORY AND LIST OF VISITORS, Published in connection with the 'North Wales Chnnicle,'at Mr. T,,o?. WILLIAMS, Chemist, Church Walk?, Lblldudnn. rpHlS USEFUL PUBHCATIO?. which has been found to he I so serviceable t Ih, interests ol the Inhabitants f and Vi?i. ton to Llandudno, during Eeveral 1rarø past, may be purchased on the nmrniny of eac h Saturday, from and after the 4th uUtie. at the Shop of Mr. T. WILLIAMS. Chemist and Druggist, Church Walks, by whom Orders and Advertisements will be taken at moderate prices, and who will he happy to receive any local in- formation adapted for publication. The ,? bli-lker hopes that L(Jdginghon8e Keepers and others will render him all the .t'dh:tan in tlieir power to fecure the correctness of this inut', to which the utmoft attention is given, anct nhich defies competition. O,d?r, (or ?lt?,.ti?n, in copy, thronh fr,?h arri\'ah. d,,p?,. tu??., h..g,. of .id?n?. to b?.??.t in by F,?d.y morning at the latent. ,T%val  Ln Le _pprc r)y. Pri^e of the Directory—Unstamped, Two Pence per cony. D A V I D L L 0 Y D, WINE AND BRANDY MERCHANT, WHOLESALE BOTTLER OF MALT LIQUORS, MOdTYN STREET. LLANDUDNO. WINES. PER DOZRN. | Fine OMBotUed Port .84 Ditto Pints 30 J Vitto ».trpinh S0| Do. Sherry, Pale or Biown 36-60 Ditto ,iI I SPIRITS. j SuceriorOld Brandy, Pale or Brown, per dot. 72 Ditto per gall 31 Pine Old London Gin, per I doa 30 Ditto per gall. '"19,I Jama ca Hunj l?r doz. 36 1 Ditto per gall 18 Whiskey. Scotch or Irish per doz 36 Ditto per eall 18 I. ALE & STOUT. s. d. 8. 6. d. London & Dublin Stout per doz. quarts 7 6 Ditto Imp. pints 4 6 Ditto small pints 3 6 Bass 8c Co. Burton Ale, per doz. quarts 7 6 Ditto Imp. pints 4 6 Ditto small pints 3 6 Edinburgh Dinner Ale, per doz quarts 4 6 B??A?.KiM)erkin!!7-J90 Dublin ?t)?t "7 0 Edinburgh Ale. 20 0 Ditto ditto Firkins. 10 0 FRENCH WINKS. Champagne, first qualitv, p'J' doz. ?'ua? .7!i-? 0 Di,t"p?, two doi. pi.,? 74 0 A Light Summer Wine, doz. quarts 4R 0 Ditto per two doz. pint* 52 0 CLABKTS, SAULTINE,CH A BLIS A.N'D OTli Lit WIN LS. BotUea of each named above at "me prices, and the smallest quantity of an y rticle supplied, lor the convenience ol ¡i¿ ]:atht a;:cri J'11'f1n:rualec@U\'enience 01 First- Class Billiard Room attached. ENTRANCE—MOSTVN-STREET AND FROM MAHINE PARADE The most Picturesque and Expeditious, and THE CHEAPEST TOUR IN NORTH WALES. BANGOR, OGWEN LAKE, CAPEL CURIG, LLAN- RWST, AND CONWAY. THE PliJNCE OK A..I?", C 1,. -i?l. on ami T '( y:, e\'3' day :I;/(:jÍ9h'o,Ih;nB t1{ I ISH HOTEL, BANOOll, and the LUSKIN E ABMS HOTEL, CONWAY, respectively, each ..??,g (Sundays .ptd) at the hour- hereunder mentioned. Leave the British Hotel, Ban?or, on the arrival i to;ar18 }oema;:J: head and Carnarvon, omnibus from a.m. ?.ma). 0 Bethesda 10 0 ogwen 1,ake 10 45 Capcl Cuiig (the Hotel) 11 15 pm. Bettws-y-Coed 12 15 Arrive at Llanrwu (the Eagles) 1 0 Leave ditto 2 !) Trefriw t 30 Conway (Erskine Anns) in time for tie t, il. for Chester, Bangor, Hol Carnarvon, and Llan- 4 0 Leave the Erskine Arms Hof(", Conwa\,on the 3ri ii a I of trains to and a.m. from Chester and Llan- d'?) f.   !00 p.m. Trefriw 11 30 Arrive at Llanrwst (the Eagles) 120 Leave ditto 2 0 B. ttws-j-Coed 2 11 Capel Curig (the Hotel) 3 30 Ogw«n Lake 4 15 Ilethesdi 5 0 angor, in time for the trains for Conwaj .Ches- ter, Carnarvon & Holy- head 5 40 THROUGH FARE?, ?l. I Particulars of Intermediate Fares way be had at the above- I med Hotel? Fufgrmed bV the public's most obedient "l'Tvant" DEW, WILLIAMS, PEGG. & WILLIAMS.







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