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JRj,Lotin' .the jealousy of a common coarse mind orott ft gentle nature either drives it mad or to the 7;:ND„a_The u.ual County Court n held at Ihe Shire Hall, Llandilo, J. John., Esq., Judge. There ?.? only eight plaints entered and one adjourned L. from t?t ?, none of which were of public interest. Umi^Moii.—About 200 men and women had a merry night gi,en at the above ,¡Hage on Wednesday last by one of the proprietors Mr. Thomas Robert*, to celebrate the recent important discovery of ore in the neighbo hood, which we announced some few weeks ago to our readers. T?'MrdW?n ?L-s?,ER.-A ?c.nd b.tt.Uon of the 2:¡n! Welsh FlIsileers is about 10 be raised ill W:,les' B-=\Ve)sh ?l-'nsitfera is about to ^rssz. of l,ea,1 quarter. r? -L ?N."Pu,t lItonmnllthshire, t _r„innpl Herbert. Lpwards uf 2oU cUlnmana 01 Jlt:lIt.V" r—issioned omc."s ?nd men are located there as a nucleus, and recruiting is going  HA,nt* On MondSy" ?"- Friendly Society held ? ir anni.ers.ry ? walked tnpruce.?on tlroin/h ;he.e headed by bras- oand, alter wlnti the members sat down to a •P'™ WS} ??-?'? .'?' T?e" Bell Inn. he^ e is in a flouri?ihi-g "I,berijig -? members, with a fu.?d a. i"g to about £OO. DESBIGIISIIIKE YHOM \NHY CAVALUI.—Last week the Uuabon troop of the above corp', c-mmandedI by ?,; ?"H???..? .?'? .? .L' grounus in front ofDa.-n?oc Hall, for the purpose of ??? .? ?th; '?oh a preliminary drill, prep?atury to ti?r being ca led p on the 10th of June next. Both men and horses looked exceedingly well, and went through the various e.olu- tions with considerable accuracy, The troop was afler- wards treated with refreshments by their worthy Captain, whose generous hospitality on these occasions has become proveibial in this pait or the county. LLANIHLO MISSIONARY SOCIETY.—A meeting was held at the Shire Hall, in this town, on the 21th inst., in aid of the above society. U. Prothero. I'.sq :11.11., occupied the chair. Addresses weie delivered by the Yen Alchdelcon Hone, of H.des Town, ltevs. J. II. Philips, M.A., l'ict ;n Cas lie, Pembrokslrire E. Evans, vicar, I.lauegwad J. Hughes, vicar, Llandovery; ami the Hev. — Adiev, (lale minister of Ceylon^. After which the Rev. j. "Griffiths, wear, Elandilo, proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman, which was seconded by the ltev. Lewis Morgan, vicar, Llandebie when the meeting terminated. The attendance was large and respectable. LLAMunm)n.Y.?-tocilx.?"r.—On Friday the 21?t., LLANRTIAI.tl)R-YN-Io?IIN' the scene ot f?e)<nf"iS. in coneequenee of the marriage of Mr. J. Pierce, eldest son of Mr. Pierce, Fron-goch, to Miss Charles, Glanwrch, niece to Mrs. Williams, Vicarage,Hirnant,Montgomery shire. Some splendid arches, ot llorai anu eveigieiu designs, had been constructed, the bells sent forth their merry peals, from the hih pinnacle of the parish temple, fire-arms were exploded, and on learing church the amiable bride was presented with a magnWcent boitqitit of beautiful flowers, emblematic of the happy event. After partaking of a first-rate breakfast, the young couple left en route for the Isle of to spend the hoiie) niuoti. ODD I"ErLoW.SliTi,A tea party of the Graiitl United Order of Odd Fellows took phce, on Monday last, at the Bowling Green Inn, Wrexham, the pro- ceeds of which are intended to form a fund for the re- lief of the disabled members of the district. The" Fes- tiral" was patronised by Sir Watkin WillUms Wynn, Col. Biddulph, Mr. T. Muinwaring, and others, and was well attended, notwithstanding the threatening nature of the weather. About a thousand persons sat down to tea, on tables placed on the green, and a great number of persons afterwards assembled together, but the drizzling rain effectually damped all ardour for dancing. The band of the Koyal Denbigh Rifles was engaged for the occasion, and as usual gave much sa- tisfaelion by their really excellent playing. M'IIITMONDAY IN BANGOR.—Monday last, as usual, was observed in Bangor and the neighbourhood as a general holiday. Early in the morning a good number of strangers, apparently from the manufacturing districts of England, made their appearance, eagerly seeking for pleasure and amusements. The. Cnion rriendly and the Rechabite Societies held their anniversaries on the same day, the members of the former walking in pro- cession through lhe town, headed by a brass band, after wbiih they repairetl to their club-room to transact the business of the society. The Kechabites met at the Hall in the morning, an,1 having discussed various topics apper- taining to the welfare of the society, concluded the day 's bnsiness fit an early hour. The railway station, during the day was crowded with excursionists to and from the various towns on the Chester and Holyhead line. LLANIJILO IVOHITE CLUB —The anniversary of the above Club, took place on Monday, the 24th inst., when all the members met at the Red Cow Inn, Llan- dilo, where they formed a procession, and proceeded to Ffairfach Independent Chapel, led by the Llandilo Brass Band, when a very appropriate sermon was delivered by the Rev, J. JUlie" B.A., mlnhter of Hermon Independent Chapel. After which they par- aded the town; and afterwards adjourned tu the Red Cow Inn, where a sumptuous repast was provided for them, by the worthy Hot and Hostess, Mr. and rs. Jones, to which ample justice was done. This Club has greatly increased in strength of late, and is at pre- sent ill a very flourishing state. Tthey are going to hold an Eisteddfod here, towards the 30h of June next; and we hopo every success will attend it. WREXHAM.—CONSECRATION OF ST. MARK'S CIICRCII. —The ceremony of the consecration of the church dedi- cated to St. Mark, was performed on Friday last, by the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop. At cleven o'clock his lordship, attended by the archdeacon, the vicar, and a number of other clergy and laity, entered the church and proceeded to the communion table, where the churchwardens requested the Bishop to consecrate the church. The usual ceremony was performed, and the instrument of the eudownment and consecration were presented in their customary manner. When the consecration was completed, the morning 6ervico follow- ed, when the Lord Bishop preached from Psalm exxii, H, Pray for the peace of Jerusalem." The collection made at the doors after the service, amounted to upwards of £;;7. In the evening a sermon was preached by the Archdeacon, when a collection was also made, but the amount was much smaller than that of the morning. THE" EAOLE" LtNP. OF AUSTRALIAN PACKETS.—TIIE ALBION.—This first class ship is now on the berth, in the Prince's Dock, and, in consequence of her recent perfor- mance, to and from Melbourne, she is an object of at. tention. Last July, when this noble vessel sailed for Australia, we foretold that she would make a rapid passage, an,1 we were not mistakeii-slic beat every ship, of every class, that left England, even a fortnight before she sailed and on the voyage home she was equally suc- cessful, arriving some days before ships, considered verv fast sailers, that left more than fifteen days before her. So much for her sailing qualifications, which are now established to the satisfaction of every one. There are other points, however, that are as desirable in a passen- ger ship, and the Albion possesses all, in a degree that cannot be surpassed. In the first place, a glance at her dimensions will show her extent; she is 20S feet long, 40 feet beam,and 25 feet deep, with a carrying capacity of over 3,000 tons. She is an A 1 clipper, of the most approved and improved description, with enryapplianee that science can cotnrrand and in consequence of her quick passages, has become a really renowned vessel. A look through the ship will at once convince any person of her superior capacity a a passenger vessel. Iler 'tween decks are very nearly nine feet high, with light and ven- tilation on the most approved principles, the teerths i.re ample, and titted up in a style that leaves nothing to be desired by passengers. She has a magnificent poop, ninety feet Iiiig, upwards of eight fect high, and the d'tierent compartments are arranged and fitted up in a stylc of eomfort and elegance that cannot be surpasscd. f he state rooms are not less than ten feet by six, lofty airy, cheerful, and healthy the retiring room? bath rooms, closets, &c., belonging to all parts of the vessel are very judiciously arranged, and, indeed, nothinz his been lelt undone to make the Albion a most desirable and comfortable vessel for passengers. There are no less than six cabins in this great ship, all titted up in appropriate fashion. On deck there are the grand sa- loon, first, second, and third cabins and immediately below, the intermediate and steerage—all equally i-ood in their way. Two other features, not less requisite are the and the nctualing of the ye-set. As Captain ^mT'V,t?e neE,1 be .aid. IIi, snceessful b-ulini, of the Mi|), the flattering tessimonials he has received from a 1 the passengers, his humane attention to every oneconhded to Ins care, and big pulite conduct towards all, has gamed for him a lasting name The provisions are not only of the best description tint can be had, but the quantity is as ample as the house of Messrs. Gibhs, Bright, & Co., always supply and which has invariably given universal satisfaction, aud it Is a remarkable fact, that in the chief essentials of diet the spcond inter.uedi.?. and steerage p?sen?rs are a.towe. as much weekly as a higher class, luxuries, of cour?' excepted. Alt,?t?.? Albi, is an exce))s?" ?! de,n..b)e vessel for Au.tralian passengers, and as she advertised for the 13th úf June, and sails nun?u?i hose intending to go out for the colony, wil do well look after her at once—Liverpool Paper. Mje-VUin fcCtr,l,M,Ure 7o^tlntwf tt1¡:IU(ha\t i,:rocialt';o:vo'r (;I'e;lcstiy o the r?-?.,y (,( f?, 1,, or r(!r?e,ty Ofa disor- I'at,r?t L, P"?$L'Bses ajust}nt of suit.. .bi, att?Ltl ilit ?Aj?,t"t )f II }¡,um<Ul bod?. he grt secret of the  of t1e ?.?.?'?o'n t??rsr<r??'"?'?. which are )bvi. first It be applied m a moment unsightly foft, -,V 1, f PP0"-displays no protttl)er?tn?-s-all?t 11 I)e rt "'Kl,t- u i, a tr?l?sfor @lifferitl- fact, tP?'?tilve perfection of truss-tnaku?.





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