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LONDON, I Monday Evening, Seven o'Clock. I Consuls fur Account were shade better, the j IdtatiollS Willi,' MV"j. In tile Foreign Stocks uce a baii>ain «a* done. the Portugu s: Bonds ,c quoted .t ,j; ). and Russian All tile ,Iuth American Stocks were stationary, Brazilian )'" oUimbian 2E, an,I Mcsic.i "t. Bunk tutt..?)?? :)j.t'rt'?t.('unsu]s.?? g :1 per 1 11!. )?.:u<d t pet <V«t. IIft-lj ?; t'w. ]HT t'l'Ht. 14 J per Cent. lied. fi."4 ,Hlk i.mii Ann, H'; J- li;. I Bund-, III. 11J lUll \ehci;iicr niJh, 72 7;J pin Consul. for Account, II" majesty's government has determined t" ill action the vh.t'i' streiujlh of the h.f to put 'mrn the lag «H<t cirlrsi<i*tic«l incendiaries "ho arc .rivv goading the miserable peasantry of Ireland to cbcllinii and systematic asoasination, and it' the ft sent laws llåu not he found strung cnour h, new I'.vs will be denialided, and no dnnbt obtained, u'liin parliament, to i'11ect this vital object. club has been recently formed for the pre jl'ilti01\ of |)niti -tant and constitutional princi- ples. Tilt, Duke of (iordoii ha" accepted the oiiice ol president, and th,Ial"t"is or Chaiidos that of ri retan anti besides tilt, are to be found ill it mailt j\ -r\ member uf the two houses of pailai iMcut for talent anil patriotism, ex eeptim: only those w ho huld otlices; and are, we believe, by a rule of the club, ineligible oil thai account. The accounts from the East represent the Rus sians as making rtpiil marches 011. the south o1'th,' Danube with tile main body of their army towards the I'alkan mountains, and as having laid siege to Silistria, all iUIIIIHtaat fortress (In the river, iu10 which the garrison Hf Brailow had thrown it.df ')i'?.??y\.rt?'arH)\)s]?s'.n)t;<nT.mt<t' Bazargik, owing to the want of water in tin-plain* )K't?i.?th.ttj.(.t.))dthc<).nu?;t?'t'-P' liable that th?tr..? ?iinc?n.t).?. tijt tin fortress of Silistria is reduced. The next advance of the Russians "ill determine which course they inhwl H pursue—-whether lo attempt forcing th( lUuUIILulI passes by Schiimia. an attempt In which tt?,.yI ah\a\'s hitherto fai'cd, ,r to proceed a??!h?'as't?ti?)'h?.?x, an.tthustutt.rn tlie mountain barrier of I'tirkey. It is confidently stated i,? the I-rcncfi papers, i?t a foice "r liom 1,1t. IT.Otnl men is about to be sent I)v f ranee to th.. .??.t.t.' drive Ibrahim Pacha fn.n)his?.n quests. France ami HlIsia arc said tn be fllrl1ih. ?n'?('?)n[('a)K?)')..t)i.t.)h<'head<.fth.'<ir?'ki.;u vernment. with icy to support him iu his jmsi t?n. The President ))as()<chnf.t the prnp""aJs made to the Greeks bv the l'orte, through the Liicck primates, to submit on certain conditions. rnonoti.vnoN of parliament. Theie was no business of importance in either house of parliament during the past week. At one o'clock this afternoon the following most gracious :.?fch was delivered by the laird Chancellor as one ,f \lw commissioners for 1he prorogation.



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