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NOKTIi WALES. V Tu I-it, for a Tu rn of Years, THE ^Mansion House of Bodlondeb, the Town of Conway, in the county of (amarcon. rriHi: HOT sr. consists of a Dinine; Room, 18f. H.Yh.f.; lircakfast Room, 10f.; Draw ii?.Kw)n,?)f.'iu'.by)Sf.;setpnHe(t){ooms, be- sides Scrv?uits' Rooms, Housekeeper's Room, Ser- vants' Hall, witli good ami convenient Kitchen, a??Oittcc'St?hk'<Co?hhousean4 Cow-houses. KxteiiMvo Shrubberies and Plautatiou, with two Lodges, and a walled Garden are annexed. The Tenant mav be accommodated with about 20 acres of I.and.. The House is beautifully situ- ated on the Banks of the River Conway, and com- Uland, a lillc view of Conway Castle and the Suspension Bridge. It is also close to the sea, and wdl aehptcd for sea bathing. gCjf John Owen, of Nint, near Bodlondeb, will shew the premises, and for further particulars, ap- ply T i Mr. THOMAS WILLIAMS, Solicitor, lieauma ris, Anglesey. CARXIR roA SHIRE. W Freehold Estates. T O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, HY >ir. TIIOMAS PAINE, Al th,- G,t I it i,, tl,, M,?M,M?A'?))'</?.M</a./o/?.?7'U }ii. 182S, at tieetec o'clock at noon, in the follow- ing or sta ll other lots as shall be Jixed upon at or before tin■ tillle of sale, and subject to such conditions as shot! be then prod uced. J THE PARISH OF (TYOG. 1'.0. Xtimesof Farms. Quantities of Lots. A. R. P. ) jVIoNACUDV GWYJJ, John Jones.417 18 2 liron yr IJrw Win. Williams.. 13 1 27 3 Hum\r Env Bach..Thomas Evans, o 1 16 t('et'n"r?ae[.wss?nt..Th<?.WUU.)Uts.t<?iM 0 Cae (itas. David Thomas. 1.5 2 .3;3 <j Two Crofts in Clyn- ? Mrs Thomas.. 0 0 ,7 nog illage ) 1\11 s. Thomas. 0 0 I, IN TLTE PARIS 11 OF LL\ N W S'DA. 7 Pengw em, with Cot-1 tasecaUpdTyne ( vlld and Lime hitn, &c.0- J S Glan y rbos, exelu 'i ve,,f afield tailed/ Cae tyn y 1 11, con > taunn?t??r.Uj). added to lot H. J I • Hum. Williams 92 2 16 > M.Owen CJ 3 19 9 (ieu fron Hugh Hushes 00 I 18 I 1 Cae 10lien Rwcle Win. Evans. 7 1 26 I Utiwtthyren?verm hath, ill, af ?-td'c-'Hcd Cae t,? V IE 11 » Morgan Jones, 0 2 331 12 I.lettv Fadog Ii. & J- Jones 2 1 21 13 Mciiiiau Robert Lvans 12 2 2i) 11 'l'v ccrrij Robert Jones. 3 I II IN THE PUIISH OF LLANFAlil.AN. l,j All allotment on Pant. Unoccupied.. 0 3 30 • • IN THE rAIUSH OF I.LASDWKOG. A P:,r,l i' I,I,.d on > ,j Williams.. 1(1 1 2 Jloria Dmasdinlle 5 I lams. 17 Ditto Ditto is 2 10 IN Till; PARISH OF LI.ANAI'.LIIAIARN. IK Pentrebach, with a,i utxhvidt'dM?ich? otauAUutmt'nt'? CptnKht.s.of?.L I ?. 81) J inTantgors.v:?'.?? undivided onl' luird/ of the other Moiety V of the last mention I cd Allotment J with the undivided two- thirds of the last- ) mentioned Moiety, <ttheA))?t)umt on Cefn Rhos.) Tlios. Roberts 7<i 2 21 Ellen E\'all.. a'l ;1 ,j 3 1 • Griffith Joia-s 2") 1 13 IN THE PARISH OF L'.ANFIHANCiF.l. V ITNNANT. 21 Tyddyn y famaeth, excepting a Mea- ) dow called Werg- lodd f:T, contain ing~a.3r.0p. added to lot £ 2,but includ- ing a pared ofl:;nd I called t?thu?ha, t'unt?inm.? 1 la. 2r. lOp.exclusive of 3 acres thereof added  h. 22 Pant glas.including") Werglodd l'awr, C-taiiiing '?a 31. tip. and also a Par- ) cclof Land called FrithbeU?cont.dn- ing 27a.3r. 3op. 23 Gadlas, »ith 3 acres } ofa r?cctu<'L:m? contiguous thercto, i called Frith ucha.. It, Owen H<1 ¿:H 2:) ?' (.. "(?'i?H'?? -Gavnor Griiffth 63 1 2S ) -John Williams 4 1 17 ) The Buildings, with very few unimportant ex cations. are convenient, substantial, slated, and in good repair; Monaehdy s wyn and Pengwern (Lots ):.nd 7) being old family mansions. A great part ,,f the (??t,t? adjoi: s or is contiguous to the turn pike road bt.tHt.nrwi'hcti and Curnanon. and is at moderate distances from those towns. The lands ar, c apable of considerable improvement, and lime and mauure may be conveniently procured, and at small expellee. On most of the larms planting may he successfully carried on, and to It great and pro- fitable extent oil Monaehdy 1 \\yn and Geufion. The farms in I.lanaelhaiarn and J.lanwnda, &c. border on Carnarvon lIav, and arc near the Straits of Menai. Particulars are now in the press, and will shortly he published, and may be obtained at the principal Inns at Carnarvon, Pwllheii. Beaumaris, Raugor, Holyhead, Conway, Abergele, St. Asaph, and Den- bigh, &c- For further information, apply to Mr. Enss, Tv'll V coed, Pwllheli; Mr. PAYNE, Auctioneer, Dolgellau and 3Ir. EDWAISOKS, Solicitor, Denbigh, at Cvhose office Jtlaps of the Estate may be in- spected. Denbigh, Junc25tft, IS28 ¿,r ON SA LE, GLASINFR YN, (Near this City.) rpm: lands are well wooded and watered, and coi si?;t of sixty-five acres or thereabouts. The house and offices are modern and substan- tial, with an over shot gorse-mill, walled garden, shrubbery, orchard, &e. and likewise a pew in Bangor Cathedral. Apply (if by letter post paid) to PETER WRIGHT, Esq. Solicitor, Liverpool; Mr. JOHN HI-OIIKS, Solicitor, Bangor; or to Ml. WHITE, on the pre miscs. JBantttrr, -itIt June, 1828. BANGOR. V- — To be Sold by Private Contract, f¥lHE Fee simple and Inheritance of all that I eligible Farm and Lands, called GOITRA, situate in the parish, and within two miles of the City of Rangor, containing by admeasureineiit.55 acres or thereabouts, now in the occupation of Mr. Hugh Jones, under a lease for a tei m of which (it years are at this time unexpired. The land is ood, and in a high state of cultiva- tion, and the house and oflices are commodious, and in excellent repair. The Tenant will shew the Premises, and par- ticulars may be had, on application to 31F. JOliN HUGHES, Solicitor, Bangor. Merionethshire Estates. l"* TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the fwttsp of Mr. Davi<! Privharrf, Tan y- bwlth hut, in lite saitl county /f'i'ioudh, on Thursday 'M?7t/<ff./<;y'.?t./M'?.t!<?s. be!ifern the hours of 3 awL «> iu lite ojhno on^ in one or more lots, awl t /0 such cOllddÙms as shall be the,, agreed ujmn :— r|WF, I ee-simple and Inheritance of and in all J those MKNSU.UiKS, TKN 1:31 ENTS, and | FARMS, with the Appurtenances known by the several names of CAKRKY NiNON and 1'tlNV BUY X, adjoining Tmeth bach, and situate lying "nd heing in the pari-h of I.\anfihangd.v Traetha, in the said county ol" I\leviom-th, eontainino; hy ad- measurnnont IOla. Ir. lip. (more or Jess) of ara- ble, inead«»\ pasture and voodland, in the occu j?t'i(?it'f?)r.i{.d)?rts and his under tenant. The Tenant will shew the Premises, ana f«»r further particulars apply (if bv letter, past paid) at the Offiee of Air. HKNIO KI .MS.IV WII.I.IAMS, olicit4IJ", IVnrhos, near Carnarvon, wlieic a map thereof is left for inspection. Notice to Creditors alld Debtors. ¡, —— UOiil'RT JONES, of Bangor, in ? f the rounty of Carnarvon, shopkeeper, hatli bv Iiiitictiturt-, bea.-iiig date t]iL: Istli (lity- (of -Itily iusta,.t, issued over all his stock in-trade, jffiods, personal estate and effects, to Enw iuo SHKI PARD, of Illev, ill ti.. county of Gloucester, woollell-int nufactnn i-, and TIII.M^ JONKS, of l.lanrwst, in the couniy IIf V..ut.igll, millwright, for the equal benefit of such of his Creditors as shall come in and executc the same on or before the 1st day of November next; Sutia' is In 1,I¡y (iirt/I, ThaI. 11", said Indenture of Assignment now lies at my Olhe. for the perusal and silIatnre of the Creditllrs of the said Robert Jones; and such of them as shall neglect or refuse so to do, nr assent tlwrdo in writin'. within the li,it,d for that [)U'r)??..?:Ht.? h talli/ c?i.)d.dfrumaH bcnclit and advantage arising thereunder. Ami Xolicc is hereby further Uinn, That all persons who are indebted to tlw said Robert Jones, are desired to pay their respective debts to iiie, on or before the 1st day of .September next, or in default thereof they will be proceeded agaiud to ncorer the sume. W li.UStf WILLIAMS, Solicitor tll the Assignees. 6 ri?tn dale slr/'d, Carnat i on, )?A./t<;y,' iMM. THE COUnT FOR RELIEF OF INSOLVENT DEBTORS. N. II. See the notice at the cut! of these adi ertisemeitts THE Matter of the Petition and Seheduinof Ttlic Prisoner hereinafter named (the same having hcell filed in the Court) is appointed to be heard as follows:—At the adjourned General Quar- ter Sessions of the Peace, to be liolden at the Shire Hall, in the Town of lieaumaris, in the county of Anglesey, on the :<ith day of August next, at ten n'ctok in the u.orning precisely. MARY WIT,MAMS, widow, late of Beauma- ris, ill thr county of Anglesey, saddler. TAKE .NOTICE. I. If (/11.'1 Creditor intends /11 ojypose a Prisimir's discharge. notice of such Intention must he giren to Ihe said Prisoner ill writing, three eltar days before the dai) ofheariut/, exclutiie of Suntiuy, and ejcluxire both of the day ot giving such mitiee and of the said day of hi a ring 2. Hut in th,, case of a Prisoner, whom his Crcdi ?).< hare remoeetl, bil an Order of '?? <?- from a aaol in or near London, for hearing in the country, :r1, 1/I,Ii,'e of ?)'0'H<;nM ??. .<?r?K<, if ?irot 0? c?ffr d,,g ki6,e the ?/ < hearing. 3. Thc /\?'7i-'M a"? ??e.?H? "'tH be pro<?K<? ?'? the prefer ofiiær f?r inspection and examination at <? 0?? ? <Af fOM)< in London, ?<??, 'M ncsdo' t/1, and Fridays, between the hours of te,? ?,?d (in,(„,d cophs of the Petition and Schedule, or such ;?? </<t.?,? <.? shall be required, mtt be provided by the ?ro?r f?ef' neM?i? lo ti?? Act 7 Ceo. 4. c. 57. sec. 76. -V. B.-Entraizee to the Office in Portugal Street, Lincoln's Inn Fidds. !It 4. The duplicate of the P,,titi- a,?d ?W??? .11 Aof? ??.? HM<< K-r)<t'H?, ?'M thf produced for inspection and examination by the "?* of the Peace, y.?M Clerk, or <?/tt-r?rM'! ,ith '?MH the same shall hiuv been directed to be lodyedjor such purpose at the office of such Clerk of the Peace otfwr Persony and copies of the Petition and Sched} ule, or sllrh part thereof as shall be required, will be thers provided according to the Act 7 Geo. 4. c. 57. sec, 77. or the Act 5 Goo. 4, c, 61. sec. U. as the casenuiybe. i/' TO BE SOLD, PBNDYPFRYN, A ERY desirable Residence, with 130 Acres, A m a ring fence, on th coast of Carnarvon- shire, near the new post road from Conway to Bangor. CT Apply to the Proprietor on the Premises. ANGLESEY V — Freehold Estates. "'? BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, I 'J'HE Fee-si1npte and Inheritance of and in all that Capital MESSUAGE & TENEMENT, with the Appurtenances, called COEDANA, in the parish of Coedana, in the county of Anglesey, consisting of excellent arable, meadow and pas ture land, in a high state of cultivation, contain- ing by admeasurement 230 acres, or thereabouts, (more or less) in the occupation of Miss Morris. This Estate is situate about two miles distant from Llanerchymedd, and five from Llangefni, two post and market towns-the buildings thereon are in good repair. A considerable part of the purchase money may, (if required) remain oil mortgage thereof. For a view of the premises, and further parti- culars apply to Miss Morris, at Coedana and to treat for sale to Mr. IIFXHY RnlSEY WILLIAMS, Solicitor, Penrhos, near Carnarvon. THE COURT FOR RELIEF OF INSOLVENT DEBTORS. X. B. Sec the notice at the end of these advertisements. rTlIIE matter of the Petition and Schedule of the Prisoner hereinafter named (the same having been liled in the Court) is appointed to be heard as follows:—At the adjourned General Quar- ter Sessioiis of the Peace, to be hidden at the Grand Jury Ruoin, Carnarvon, in and for the county of Carnarvon, on the 22tl day of August next, at the liotir of ten in the forenoon precisely. JOH N EVANS, late of the city of Bangor, in the county of Carnarvon, Labourer. TAKE NOTICE, I. If any Creditor intends to "ppose a Prisoner's disrhtirjte, notice of such intention must he given to the said Prisoner ill ",rilillY, three clear day, before the day of hearing, exclusive of Sunday, and exclusive both of the day o f giving such notice, and of the said day of hearing. 2. Hilt ill thcrase of a Prisoner, nhtmhis Creditors haee renitttrd, by an order of the Court, ,6mll11 gaol in 01' near 1.0ndon, for hearing in the country, such notice (d opposition will be sufficient, if given wie clear dan bcfoic the < itf of hearing. Ii. 'J he ?'f'fii)MHH? .S't'Ac(;?)nM be ?)'?)ff?? the proper Officer for Inspection and Examinational the Office of the Cauri in London, /)/1 Jl"1ula!!s, Wednesdays, and Fridays, betieeen the hours of ten and four: and copies of the Peliti., and Schedule, or such part thereof as sltall be required, will be pro I dded by the proper Officer according to the Act 7, Ceo. U. c:C7. see. Tti. A. H. Entrance to the Offire, it, Portugal Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields. 4. 'J he Duplicate of the Petition and Schedule, and all b;ioh papers and m itingsjiled therewith will be pro dneedfor Inspection lllld E.1'Umillatioll by the Cieri, if lie Peace, Town Clvrh, or other person with whom the .sa/1/e shall haee been directed to be lodged for such purpose ol the Office of such Clerk (Y' the Peace or ( tqnes of lite Petition and Schedule, or such part th reofas shall be la/uircd, sluill be Ihere provided according 10 tlw Act 7 (Iff). 4. c. -i~. sec. 77, or the Act ;i am, I. c. til. scc. 11, as the case t)tay be. V Øtfaø ASSURANCE COMPANY. LIFE DEPARTMENT. I>Ei [SONS assnred for the "hole term ef Life, wiJl ..v? an addition made to their Policies every seventh year, t>r an equivalent reduction will be made in the future payments of Premium, at the option of the Assured. THE ADDITIONS in Great Britain for the sere" years ending at Christmas 182:3, were from 13 to :!7 per Cent, on the Snuis assured accord- ing to the Ages of the Parties. Policies effected with the Company between tin- present time and Christmas lSat), will participate in the Bonus to be the. declared. FIRE DEPARTMENT. In addition to the benefit of the late Hcdwiim in the Hales of Premiums, this Company offers to Assurers the advantage of periodical Returns of the surplus Premiums; and also the payment of Rent of Buildings rendered untenantable by Fire. The Returns for some years were from 10 to 2.3 per cent. on the Premiums paid. Policies falling due at Midsummer should be re- newed within fifteen days from that period. The Company's Rates and Proposals may be had .of any of the Agents in the country, w ho are authorized to report on the appearance of Lives proposed for Assurance. HENRY DESBOROUGH, JlIn. Secretary. Cheapside, London, 25th July, 1828. AGENTS. BANGOR Mr. E. Holfotd CHESTER & CARNARVON Messrs. Poole & Harding CaNULETON.. Mr. J. Jackson R. Cliffe MACCLESFIELD n. Turner NANTWICH B. Butterworth E. Edwards R. Jones SANDBACH J. Allen SHREWSBURY J. Watton WHITCHURCH — S. Walley VACANT. MIDDLEWICH—NORTHWICH—WEEXHAM. E. HOLFORD respectfully informs his Friends and the Public that he has been appointed Agent to the above Office, for the town and neighbour- hood of Bangor, and is fully empowered to effect Assurances against Fire, and to receive proposals of Assurance on Lives and oil Survivorships. E. Holford invites his Friends to an inquiry into the principles on which this Office transacts its business as set forth in the above advertisement, and which are more fully explained in the Com- pany's Proposals, to be had of him on application. Bangor, iCith July, 1828.

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