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.NORTH H ALIOS. 7' f)  L(y, ?)'f'?  "? To he L('ji)/:rll'lII of fcars, Mansion House of Bodloudeb, \un the Town of Cmmni/, in the county oj Carnarvon. flllir HOUSE consists of a Dining Room, 18f. j),?.,r.r.?t?tI{?n,t8f.by)?.;Draw i,)?' Room, 2lf. <Un. by lsf.; seven Bed Rooms be- ?h!?; Servants'H<?m'i)oM'-<')-.?pcr'sKonm, Ser- valts\ Hall, with guoù convenient Kitchen, :.|i(lOllici s stables, Coach house and Cow houses, intensive Shrubberies and Plantations, with two Lodges, ami a walled Garden are annexed. he with about 2,) acres of Lallll.. The House is beautifully situ- ated (in the Dunks of tlw River Conway, and com- mauds a fine view of Conway Castle and the Suspension Bridge. It is also close to the sea, and well adapted for sea bathing. jJ-V. John Owen, of Nant, near Bodlondeb, will shew the promises, and for further particulars, ap- ply to Mr. THOMAS WILLIAMS, Solicitor, Heauuia lis, Anglesey. CARNARVONSHIRE. S —— Freehold Estates. TO ur SOLD BY AUCTION, B\" Ir. THOMAS PAYNE, At l (ioal lilli, at Carnarcon* in the county of Car MrrM, .Mi PU I DA ? (? 5th '? of SEP TF.M- Jil'lHy )S, at twelve o'clock at noon, in the follow ?;?A' ,)M2S,<f«MV?('o\/Mf/fn<M«o)t,))(?tt-? hfore the time of satey and subject to such cOllditiollS as sliall be then yrodtu-ed. IN THE PARISH OF CLVNOG. No. Occupiers* Same*. Quantities vfLotx. A. it, j\ '1 M ONACHDY GWYN, John Jones 417 3 18 •J llron vr lirw VV'ni. Williams., lit 1 27 3 limn yr E rw Bach.. Thomas Evans. 5 1 111 4 CefnorCae pwssant..Thos. Williams. II ;t za 5 Cae (ilas David Thomas, lu 2 3:i C TwoCioftsinClyn-? Mrs Thomas. 0 0 17 1105 Village 3 omas, IN THE PARISH OF LLANWNDA. 7 Pengwern, with Cot- t?g, called Ty lie f }Hum. Williams 'JJ 2 „; wHhl, amI Liml' um. I lams itn, &c. 8 (ilan v rhos. eXdl1_ siveoa lield calle<lr Cac tyn y IO11,con > JI. Owen CI ii 19 taining la. 2r. Op, added to lot I I.. J !) Gen fron Hugh Hughes I IS 1 Cae Ellen Bwcle W111. Evans. 7 I 2(> 11 Bwlcli v l'engworiO bae h inchulii af M b Jollcs & 2 S'??'?a Murgan Jones. 52:1;1 tv'11 y l"ii 3 12 I.iettv I'adog Ii. & J. Jones 2 1 21 1:! I.leiniau Robert Hvaus)2?? II Ty cerrig Robert Jones. 3 1 0 IN THE I-ARISII OF I.HNFAGLAN. l'j An allotment on Pant. Unoccupied.. 0:1 3ti IN THE PARISH OF LLANDWIOG. IG A Parcel of Land on IT W'II' 1(' I 1(; MM'oar'ylaVDv inasdpniIl'l," e £ II. Williams,. Hi 1 2 ) 17 Ditto 18 2 10 IN THE PARISH OF LI.ANAlil.II 111RN. IS Pcntrcbach, with an- undivided of an Allotment on Vl'hos. Hobfrt-TC 2 21 Cefn Hlios, of 12a I In Tan y gors, with an undivided one third ?' !'?hF?.<i??.CUenr':vans..30 3 4 ('t'thc)ast-"t?'' ?)' I fd Allotm nt ) o Terfvn ) tltiau!)!wyl; ,ithtfi(,remainiiig undivided two- ?"in)? t)? last, ^-Griffith Jones 2-> 1 ):; mentioned "Moiety. I of the Allotment | on Cefn Rlios J IN Till: PARISH OF LLANFIIIANC.EI. V I'ESNANT. 21 Tydilyn y famaeth, excepting a Mca- ] d<wca))<'d Wcrg- loddfawr, contain ing7a.3r.?p. added t"lot,bntinrlnd- t' It O\pn anrl1 "I 0 ".) ing a parcel of land (i. (ir fli catfcdt'hthu?a, containing 1 la. "r. ljp. exclusive of 3 acres thereof added j to t? ??".?.  22 Pant glas,including") Wcrglodd Fawr, j containing 7a 3r. Op. and alsoa Par- fliaynorGriflith ;53 1 2S ccl of I.and called ing 27a. 3r. 3,}p. J 23 Gadlas, with 3 acres S ofa Parcel of Undr jolmWj]]iam3 J7 contiguous thereto, f 0 In ¡am., I calleù Frith ucha. ) The Buildings, with very few nnimplortant ex ceptions, are convenient, substantial, slated, and in rf I IInd 7) being old family mansions. A great part of the estate adjlJia or is contiguous to tlw turn l'ikt. road between l'wllhcli and Carnarvon, and is at moderate distances from those towns. I lie lands are capable of considerable improvement, and lime and manure maybe conveniently procured, and at mall ex pence. On most of the farms planting may b, successfully carried on, and to a gre??t and pro fitablc extent on Jlonachdy gwyn and Geufron. The farms in I.lanaelhaiarn and I.lanwnda, &c. f.htbteextcntt'nMnnachdygwynandGeufron. of Mcnai. Particulars are now in the press, and will shortly he published, and may be obtained at the principal Inns at Carnarvon, Pwllheli, Beaumaris, Bangor, Holyhead, Conw ay, Abergele, St. Asapb, and Vcn- bigii, &-c. For further information,apply to Mr. EVANS. Tv'n y coed, Pwllheli; Mr. PAYNE, Auctioneer, Dolgellau and Mr. EDWAitnrs, Solicitor, Denbigh, ;it ;vhose ollice Maps of the Estate may be in- spected. TO BE SOLD, PENDYFFRYN, A VERY desirable Residence, with 130 Acres, A iii a ring fence, on the coast Of Carnarvon- shire, near the new post-roarl frolll Conway to Bangor. Bfg" App'y to the Proprietor on the Premises. ON SALE, GLASINFRYN, (Near this City.) nrtHE lands are well wooded and watered, amI <unsist of sixty-five acres 0)' tii, reabouts. The house and offices are mouern and substan- tial, with an ovei'shot gcTse-mill, walled garden, sVr;'1 hei orchiud, &'J. and likewise a pew in Bangor Cathedra1. Apply (if by letter post paid) to PETER WRKJIIT, Esq. Solicitor, Liverpool; Mr. JOHN II"GIIES, Solicitor, Bangor; or to h. W IIITE, on the pre mises. Bangor, <jth June, 1828. TO ROAD CONTRACTORS. ¡V HulY/¡('(ld (1f/([;¡I'l'/('.I'lJ1/f ROlld. ANY person desirous of eontrating with the ('ommissioners of the said mati, for the repair and maintenance of that portion of the road which t'xtends from Chirk Bridge to Shrewsbury, for one year, from the first day of September next, may see a specilication of the work to be perform ed, on application to Mr. HEARNK, Abbey Fore gate, Shrewsbury, or to David RoTierts, at the Llwyn Toll gate, Oswestry. Proposals must be sent to me at Holyhead, on or before the 1st day of August, 1828, sealed, and en dorsed Proposals for iTolylicad Road Repairs." The Cmnmissioiiers will not consider themselves bound to accept the lowest oiler, hilt will either take or reject it, as may seem to them the most expedient. JOHN PROVIS, Clerk to the said Commissioners. V js<;li:si:y Freehold Estates. TO BE SOLD BY VtUVATE (-ONTHAC'T, F11HK ree sini])le and InlicritaiK-e oT and in all JL that Capital MIOSSl'ACiK & 'J'KNivHI-iM', with the Appurtenances, ('OTiDA N A, in the parish of Coedana, in the counts' of Anglesey, consisting of excellent arable, mcadow alld pas tuiv land, in a high state of cultivation, contai\i- ing hy admeasurement *230 acres, or thereabouts, (more or less) in the occupation of Miss Morris. This Estate is situate about two miles distant from Llanerchymedil, and live from l.lanitefni, two post and iharket towns—the buildings thereon are in good repair. A considerable part of the ptfichacc money may, (if required) remain on mortgage thereof. For a view of the promises, and further parti eulars apply to ¡ss 3Iurris, at (' and to treat for sale TO Mr. HKNUV lti WILLIAMS, for ;11,! 1,, ?I r. IIIt' IIIE I IN" Merionethshire Estates. iy ,ro TIE SOU) BY AUCTION, At tlw hints? <>f Mr. Dariit I'rirhitnl, ritllid I'tin y htrlrk Inn, in the said counti/ nf Mcriomth, on Thursday the Ith daif of Ani/tat, 1828, hi'tn-n n tin- hours of :S and ;j in th>■ afternoon, in one or 1J1ort lob-, and subject 10 such conditions as shall he then atjreed upon :— F|W<0 l ee-simple and Inheritance of and in all I those MKSSUAGES, TKNK31KNTS, and F.lDt: with the Appurtenances, known by the several names of CAKKI-'YXNON and Pi'.N'Y UKYX. adjoining Traeth bach, and situate hiuq- and beinsr in the parish of J.lanfihaug-"] v Traeth a, in the said county of Merioneth, containing by ad- measnrement HIla. Ir. 111" (more or less) of ara hie, meadow, pasture and woodland, in the oeeu pation of Mr. Roberts and his under tenant. The Tenant will shew the Premises, and for further particulars apply (if by letter, post paid) at the Oiffce of Mr. HENRY KOISKV WIIUAMS Solicitor, Pcnrhos, near Carnarvon, where a map thereof is left for inspection. Anglesey Estates. TO RE SOLD HY AUCTION, At the Hotel, in the Toiru of Camarton, in the coun- ti/ (l < 'arnarvoit, Oil Saturday |m W, the 2(>i day of _Jubl 182M, hetieeeii the hours of; and .j in th,, a( ferl(:on., Sidjeei to sin k nmtlilii.ns us shall Iw p,:o- ditred, and in the follon int/ oi such other lots as shall he -'hen. ayreed upon LOT I. mllK Fee simple and Inheritance of and in all )t))atncwht-rpc)?)?';SSrAC):wUWi.L f,IN(J-HOl'SK, (iARDi: N, and Outbuilding I thereto helongine, called (illl.l.IXKXi I)1)U, together with a COTTAOI' called Ty newydd; and ',at tho?c eight sctcrat pieces or parcels of arable meadow, and pasture Land, knmrn by the St?eni mmesof CneMae??tcd. Cae Macscaled, C u rodin (ialeh, Cacra:?. ('.?-?t\ Cacnesaf, Ty n(.wu!d Caerbe.hla, and l.lainyrodingaleh toge- therwith a J.inie-kiln thereon, situate lying and heins in the parih of I.lansomwen, in the said count" y of Anglesey, and within a ("I'll'Ilielit dJS- tance <.fTatyf.?) Ferry, containing by admFa sur?n?nt 3S acres, or thcrca?nts and in the se feral tenures and occii]>ations ol Owen Williams, Owen Jones, and Robert Roberts. LOT n. All that FIELD, piece or parcel of Land, called Waentanylon, situate in the said parish of Llan- ueinwen, containing by admeasurement Ja.2i. lOp. (more or less) in the occupation of the said Owen JOBes. The first lot adjoins the property of the erv Rev. the Dean of Bangor, the Rev. Evan Uoyd, and Mr. William Humphrey, and on part tbereot there is an excellent quarry of building and lime stone. The occupiers of the lots will shew the Pre- mises, and for further particulars apply (if by letter, post paid) to Mr. HENRY RCMSEV WILLI- AMs, Solicitor, Penrhos, near Carnarvon, with whom a Map thereof is left for inspection. IS BANGOR. To be Sold by Private Contract, fTWE Fee simple and Inheritance of all that cliihle Fann and Lands, called GO ITU A, situate in the parish, and within two milcs of thc City of Bangor, containing by admeasurement acres or thereahouts, now in the occupation of Mr. Hugh Jones, under a lease for a tenn of which I¡I years are at this time unexpired. The land is good, and in a high state of cultiva tion, and the honse and ofifces are commodious, and in excellent repair. The Tenant will shew the Premises, and par- ticulars may be had, on application to Mr. JOHN HUGHKS, Solicitor, L^NGOR. IXGLISirS SCOTS PILLS. THE TRUE SCOT'S PILLS, invented by Dr. ANDEIISON, Physician to King Charles the First, are prepared by ll. II. IXOLISH, No. 165, STRAND, London, and by no other person in the World. They are particularly useful in liilious. Gouty, and Dropsical Complaints, Heatlaehc, Indigestion, Want of Appetite, Giddiness, all Disorders of the Stomach and Bowels, and all Obstructions. Families, Travellers, & Seafaring People should never be without them. N. 13. They are recommended in I.iquorif e Pow, tier, to prevent them sticking together. May be had of all respectable Medicine Venders in the Kingdom, Price One Shilling and Three Halfpence a liox. Be careful to observe the Bill they are wrapped in is signed II. H. INGUSH, and that his Name is on the Government Stamp. SCOT'S PILLS. EXTENSIVE SALE THIS DAY, &.I- AT BODLONDEB NEAR CONWAY, IN THE CürXTY OF CAIIXARVON, ALL the Valuable, Modern, and well selected HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE a very fine toned Piano Forte a variety of Cut glass, in de- canters, goblets, tumblers, &e. two Plersure-buats complete, in sxecllent repair; also two excellent Miteheows. in fullprolit; two Store pigs, and a (|iiantity of Farming Stock, Implements of Hus- bandry, and a r:lricl.Y or other articles, which will he expressed in the catalogues, The Properly lilA, Mills, Esq. deceased, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, os THE PUE;\1If'ES, Bv MR. JOHN HUMPHREYS, OF DENBIGH, This present Thursday, the 21th I828, and itn foUowituj days. 1 £ 5?r The sale to commence each day at 11 o'clock. Catalogues of which may be had at all the prin- cipal Inns in the neighbourhood, and of the Auc- tioneer, at Denbigh. Denhijilt, June 17th, 1828. ANGLESEY. —— TO M: SOLI) BY AUCTION, At the Hulls Heady in the Town of Beaumaris, To- the hoius of three fftu!.1it'f' o\0uk in the afternoon, snbjcrt t<> conditions t<> /«' then and there produced; in the four folloiriiuj lul., LOT I. rilHK F ee simple and Inheritance of and in th,t I J. MESSlJAGi:, TENEMENT, and LANDS, itnate lying and being in the parish of Ll:Huroed, in the county of Anglesey, called TROS-V GORS, now in the possession of 31 r. John Lloyd, con- taining: by statute measure lOa. Ir. 8p. or therea- bouts, be the same more or less. LOT H. And also of and in all those four FIELDS, ad joining Lot 1, called NANTIIEILIN, now in the possession of the said John Lloyd, containing by statute measure I Ia. ;)1'. Sp. or thereabouts, he the same more or less. J.(1T nr. AllthatMESSUAGE,TENEMENTSc LANDS, situate lying- an,ll>eing in the parish of LIang-oed, called liRYN'COCH, now in the occupation of Richard Williams, for the remainder of a certain leasehold term 01 iOO y ears, granted on the :d day of October, liSl. LOT Ir. That FIELD, situate lying and being in the said palish of Llangoed, called CAE PENHUU BART, now in the occupation of the said Richard Williams, for the remainder of the above term of 000 years. The Premises comprised in lots 3 and .1 are sni) ject to an annual rent of ten shillings and eight pence. The before mentioned Premises are convenient- ly situated for the carriage of lime and sand as ¡i¡aume. and arc within proper distances of good Market Towns. The Lands are in a high state of cultivation, and the Buildings thereon in good repair. For particulars apply to Mr. EVAN EVANS, Soli citor, Carnarvon.


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