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FOOTBALL NOTES. [Bv "En Avaat."] If I am not mistaken, either last season or the season before, Bangor beat Oswestry at Bangor by seven goals to nil, or something to that effect. Last Satuiday O'westiy came oufl on top, though not, by such a heavy margin. They deserved their victory, too, for a looser and more <ltn:o pL- than the home t?am were that iftemoon I have seldom seen. Carefully and coolly thinking over their play, I cannot hit upon .1 single member ot the Bangor team who did himself anything like justice individually, whilst the play of the team as a combination wa. simply ridiculous. Why this thusness, is more than I can guess. The men appeared unable to keep their feet, they a pe,,red unable to kick the ball properly, and they wen at all points beaten individually and col- lectively by their visitom. Several possible ex- planations of the Ixor display the home team gave have occurred to me. I once thought it was be- cause of the slippery state of the ground; but then their opponents had the same ground to play on. Tbm I thought it Viis due to a lack of train- ing, and probably that will account for a good deal. But what appears to me to be the most probable cause of the fiasco of the Bangor play last Satur- day was the change of jersey. The Oswestry colours being 00 nearly like those of Bangor, the home lot changed theirs to white, and' I am not far wrong, I think, when I say that the strangeness of the uniform had a good deal to do with the curious display which the home players gave. I am supported in this view by remembering how often the home players1 passed directly to their opponents, who were wem'mg a very closely- resembling jersey to that of the Bangor t;e? But, whatever the cause, there can be little doubt that throughout the game the Bangor men played wretchedly, even allowing for some little desperate rushes with which occasionally tney carried the fight into the enemy's ground. Yet, after making this statement, I am bound to point out that, though they were probably at their very worst, the formidable character of the Bangor teæn was shown by the very fact that, though they were playing probably as badly as they ever have played, they yet ran the very clever combination opposed to them to a goal, and, but for what I consider the referee's, unfortunate mistake at the end of the game, might very fisily have drawn level, if not actually won, especially had they played full time, instead of forty minutes each way. » And as to that little mistake of Mr Hersee's, my opinion is that he, seeing the players go off in the way I have described in my report, made up his mind that the time was so nearly up that it was ,lrdly worth while setting the game going agun by r?a)ling tbcm, aDA so he letHhem go, and fol- lowed them off the ground himself. I have nob spoken to Mr Hensee about the matter, but that is how it appeared to me, and it. is certain that neither the players nor the crowd thought the game was ended till after the Oswestry man shouted "Hurrah," and called on his mates to leave the field. » » The play of the victors was in marked contra- distinction to that of the losers, being characterised by an exceptional dash, vivacity, accuracy, and power of accurate shooting, and Teddy Owen had several raty shots- to deal with from their dashing forwards. Their half-back line was an almost ideal combinat,ion-fast, dashing, tricky, and able to kick in any position. Their backs, too, were excellent, Price being the more noticeable for his dash, while Parry shone in coolness and safe head- ing. (?h?lic is not so fast as he used to be, and te?. crowd had several good laugbÆ, at the way in whiolil Richie 01' Johnny Bach managed to get round the burly giant, but Charlie seldom gave anything away, and is well worthhis place in the best teams even yet. Curiously enough, in spite of what I have said respecting the unsatisfactory character of the play of the Bangor team, their forwards gave Tiacy, the Oswestry gonikeeper, a vast amount of work to do, and, in addition to this, he frequently ran out of goal in search of something to do. Badly as they were playing, the Bangor forwards' would have beaten almost any other custodian but Tracy half- ai-dozen times over, even on their Saturday's play. His saves were as stylish as Robinson's, Rhyl, and as effective. In fact, there is a characteristic auout Tr?y's play which I have not noticed in any other goatkcqxr whom I have ?en down here, ani find it difficult to describe. It is marked by an im- petuosity which, were it not accompanied by a certainty and accuracy quite exceptional, would be rash, but, with those accompaniments is brilliant in the extreme, and1 makes his performances treats ef tho first water. He is certainly in the first rank of custodians, and those who saw him pi ay on Saturday must have regretted that the Bangor Com- mittee failed to (llre him, as, at one time, I under- stand, was possible. » The B,r.gor second eleven did themselves more credit than did their seniors, for, playing at Holy- head, in the Junior Welsh voast Cap Competition, where, last season, they were beaten by five to nil, they marageal to make a draw of tluee goals, the equalising goal being obtained by them close on the call of time. They will now have the pleasure of p-aying the Holyhead Swifts at Bangor, when they ought to win.-In the same competition, Carnar- von journeyed to Rhyl, where they were completely outplayed, Rhyl winning by four goals to nil.- Llandudno played Colwyn Bay, and displayed some of their old goal-getting powers,by winning the match by five goals to uil.-Chirk and Tranmere Rovers had a tight gamie in the Combination rie, which ended in a draw of two goals. As the match took place at Tranmere, the Chirk aim may be con- gratulated on a very decent performance, as the IV?f?ro want some bmting on their own ground.- Playing away from home against Hudson's, Buckley Victoria upheld their reputation, though they were defeated bjr throe goals to two, for at half-time they were level with one goal to the credit of each side.—Wrexli-am, whose defeat by Bangor the other day put Bangor at, the head of the Combination for a moment or so, has quickly regained the premier position, IIlIdi it is evident that their forwards have quite recovered the temporary fuliing-off in their scoring abilities, for, last Saturday, following up their phenomenal victory of seven to nil over the powerful White Star Wanderers, tho previous Saturday, they met Warrington, at Wrtxham, and won by five goals to nil.—White Star Wandereiw were again beaten on Saturday last, this time by Birkenhead, but ao it was played at Birkcnhead, and was a cup, or, rather, hid,l-t¡e, it can scarcely be considered (li?gr?icL?ful to have been beaten, since it was only by a go:d to niL-I. aiu consumed with ouriousity as to the sort of team which figures in the papers every Saturday, under the name of Machynlleth. I see that Inst Saturday Machynllethaans beat the Shrewsbury Railway Officials by three goals to one. Oould the Bangor Committee not manage to arrange a match with C.)nlmittee not m ?Hoi yvw,il we,,t t?) I.Ft? them at Bangor HoJywelI went to WlIii( î la8 Saturday to play the Winal Railwaymcn, and were beaten by one goal to nil. The Wirral Railway men must be a pretty fair team to he able to do that. • I have had submitted1 to me a distressful com- munication from a London corres-pondent respecting the way Welshmen in London fail to act the true patriots' part in supporting the Loiulun Welsh Club there. Fmm what my correspondent- gave, I must .•av that. I agree with him that the ionduct of tho a ? -t'hilt'I person &, who, by the way, hails from Rhvl, is beneath contempt, and I further agiee with my correspondent that there can be IiO ground fur sta, ps ise that the London Welsh is doing so badly this season when its members net as they do. If, an any correspondent observes, every Wt-l hmaii in London would make It a point of honour to sup- port the London Welsh F.C., it would then be as strong as it is now weak. I hOl><\ Welfothmen in Lcr.don will see these observations, and take them to hearts I find, from the same eomlIllU1ÏNlt!ÜII. that, despite these stricture-, the "Hugger" section of London Wolshmen are still a lower to be reckoned with in London football l'lrdts, for, at Hendon the other day they gave Trie London Irish "beaus" in a match between the two nationalities.

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