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ABERFFRAW. I On Tuesday week a grand literary meeting was beid at the above plaoe, under the auspices of the I Church Sunday School. Moot of the subjects for competition were open, the rest being confined to the parish; and the Sunday School. Jhe first meet- ing wax held iia the SBuonad g a?Sc-hool o fimt meet- ing was held in tbe Board School at two p.m., and w j s presided over by the Rev. J. Richards, rector of 4L". parIsh, and conducted by the Rev. O. Hughes, curate. The following is the list of the prize win- mra:—Reciting the Lord's Prayer, for children vnder seven: 1, M. J. Jones; 2, Alfred Hughes; 3. Maggie Jones. The Apostles' Creed, for child- ren under nine: 1, Blodwen Hughes; 2, Louisa M. Williams; 3, Ifor Hugbe. Nicene fued, for children under twelve: 1, Tudor O. Hughes. Recitation, "Tynu nyth aderyn" (out of "Perl y Plant"), for children under 13: 1. Maggie Hughes; 2, Blodwen Hughes; 3, L. M. Williams. For reading the song of Deborah (Judges v. 1-17); the prize, which was given by the rector, was divided between Mr W. Parry, Church-street, and JfrR. Jones ;additional prizes were also given by the same to Mr R. Hughes, Bangor-strert, and Mn •June Hughes, Tan'refaiL This meeting concluded with the singing of "Onward, Christian Soldiers." The evenin meeting commenced at 6.30 p.m., but, long b?efre that time the spacious schoolroom 'Was filled. In the unavoidable absence of the ap- pointed president, the Yen. Archdeacon Pryce, M.A., the chair was occupied by the Rev. J. Richards, rector, who, in his openin g speech, ad- vocated the cultivation of sacred music, by taking «p some of the choruses from the "Messian," etc., -end that the aim should not be to prepare merely tor competitions. The conductor was the Rev. 0. Hughes, curate. The following is the list of the prize winners:—Pencil drawing: Mr E. J. Wil- iams, Bangor-srreet. Singing "St. Beuno:' for children under 14: 1, Lizzie M. Williaxas, PenrhLp Isaf; 2, Julia Anne Williams, Bangor-street. Re- citing "A word of counsel" (Mynyddog), for children 'Under 16: l,LiM:e M. WHUams; 2,Maggie Hughes Vtctori?-terrace. For singing "Melody" duet, I!oprall,(> a.ud alto, for those under 16; 1, Julia A. Williams and Maggie Hughes, for sewing patch on linen Miss J. E. Danes, Church-street, "ho returned her prize to the committee. For a imodel of a thached haystack 1, Mr W. Williams, Llewelyn-street. For translating cor- rupted Welsh sentences to pure Welsh: 1, fir W. Roberts, Llangadwaladr. For playing "Llwyn Onn" on the flute Mr W. Oaradog Hughes. For knitting a tie The prize was equally divided "between Miss Hughes, Cbeden, Bryngwran, and Miss Jane Owen, Bangor-street, Aberffraw. For reciting "Destruction of the 'Maiae'" (Qyncnittrd? the prize was awarded to Mr W. Roberts, LlM)g?t? -wal??dr. For rendering "Dowch at. y Ceidwaa% j £ .party of twelve children, under the I ship ut E. J. Williams, tailor, toA the prize. For two verses 'of poetry to the "New street lamp:" 1, Mr 0. Roberts (P.CJ. For the best letter dCHcribing the journey from Aberffraw Cftturch to Lln V--IFL-Y old chnrch the prize was equally .divided between Mr J. Owen, AberSraw, and Mr W. Roberts, Llangadwaladr. The best speech maker was Mi* It. Jones, Church-street, who also took the prize for the poetry to "The Churchyard." For any solo Mr o. Thomas Jones (America) took the prize. For tho best rendering of the tune "Alex- ander," for a party of eight, St. Beuno Party, under the leadership of Mr 0. Owen, was awarded the priae. The piece selected for the chief choral œmpetitiou was "Glory to God" (Mrs Watts Tum?'?. )- Only the Aberffmm4 Choir entered, under ,Ihe 'I,M?,rsh' of Mr O. Owen., and was awarded the prize. rhe accompanists were Miss Williams, Tydifyn Hwrdd, and Mr T. Owen. Adjudicators: -rbe Rvl. J. J. Jones, M.A., Bangor; D. Jones (Odwyn), lilanfacliraet-li; Mr O. Roberts, C.M., TreMrMth; Mr H. Jone«, Ty Mawr; Mrs Owen, Penrhyn and Miss Owen, Llangwyfan. Artiste Miss Maggie Pany (Megan LIXil), Mr O. Owens, Aberffraw, and Llangadwaladr United Male Voice Party. The meeting was the first of the kind held here, and was crowned with success.





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