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( FCOTSALL NOTES. Br "O/i-oo The Milk in th,! foottall cir^o for the pfcafc I w days has baen aoou the frivolous protest lodf!d U:,? IiUadni > Shifts against '-he match Dritli Ba-jgor in the third round o1 the W"lsh ,tn:ac Cop. It wi'» » remembered that on thit i>cc&«ton liftugcr dcfcate-i the Swif! at fjJ&ciadno t the tuno ot OQO gfthl to :Ji!, <\nd br,hout fhfgmo ptayed it a men only. The Swttfs oofuraittet- coald uot reiidh tha malt at all, arad theyt.d«fenn'Qe*i to DO ALL IN TH";?- POWER to SUSTAIN he ptoteil WHICH tbey i a ma'ter, amor.gBS other "bil, cam-5 bsrol" Footba.t ASJO; \UIO i on TBURADIY week a Wrp..L,ID. but DnL¡!o/l dt*fia>fe was dona at this Dieting, rvn<i on Uift following Friday i morning Mr rJamvBtiire, the secretary of tn- u:!r&LlJ Mr it Aswav*' ton • Uuiieciueu. Committee meets club representa- tives at Chester at seven o'clock to-morrow (Satur- day). The committee of the Bangor olub ap- pointed Messrs Hampshire and Watson to represent theta at the meeting, and Mesars Knight and Wood were selected by the Swifts oommittee. The meet- tag at Chester occupied a considerable length of time, and after hearing the evidence from both the representatives the Association decided in favoar of Bangor. I understand that the Swifts' representa- tives were awfully cat op, and when the news was received at Llandudno it didn't go down at all. On Saturday, under the auspices of the Bangor Football Club, a junior competition for boys under 18 was held. The prizes offered were eleven silver medals with Rold centres for the first team, and eleven silver medals for the secoud team. This is the first competition of its kind held in Bangor, and it proved a great success, financially and otbsrwis, and there is no doubt the home commit. tee will promote a similar competition next year. The following teams entered: Casuals, Penmaen Swifts, Crewe Villa Reserve, Burnley Bwifts, Celts, Penrhyn Ogwen Juniors, Glasgow Rangers, Druios, Mountain Swifts, Lavan Villa, and Queen a Park. First round Casuals beat Peomaen Swifta by two goals to nil, Crewe ViUa Reserve beat Burnley Swifts by two goals to one, Celts beat Penrhyn Ogwen Juniors by two goals to nil, Glasgow Raug- ers beat Druids by a oorner kick to nil, Mountain Swifts beat Lavan Villa by two goals to nil, Queen's Park a bye. Second round Casuals beat Crewe Villa Reserve by one goal to nil, Glasgow Rangers beat Celts by two goals to nil, Queen's Park beat Mountain Swifts by two goals to nil. Semi-final: Casuals beat Qapeu's Park by eight goals to one; Glasgow Rangers a bye. The final is to be played on some future date. On Saturday there was a splendid game witnessed at the Racecourse between the Llandudno 8wifts and Wrexham. The ground was hard, owing to the frost, and rendered play difficult. The home team pressed ssvere'y, and at the end of about a quarter- of-au-hour's Vav Beeston, one of the half-backs, scored with efoug dropping shot. Soon afterwards Trevor Owen headed a second goal for Wrexham. The teams crossed over with Wrexham leading by two goals to oil. Robinson, one of the home backs, did not reappear wben the game was resumed. He was hurt in the back on thn previous Saturday, and deemed it best not to strain himself, in view of an important Welsh Cup tie. Wrexham maintained the npper hand, and putting on anotbei point won by three goals to one. The match played between 8. Asupb and Rhyl on Saturday, on the ground of the lormM, enued in favour of S.. Asaph by one goal to nil. The re-p'ayed tie in the second round of the Welsh Junior Cup between the Llandudno Swifts Reserves an 1 Fliut Reserves was decided at Lian. dudno on Saturday. The game, in the first fcalf, was of a very quick character, aud, if anything, the Swifts hdti slightly the best of matters, but at the call of half-time no scoring had taken place. Seemingly the decisions of the referee did not give the keen spectarors of Llandudno sati-laotiou, aud Mr Re.feree, at half-time, informed them that if the hooting was continued he would have to stop the game. Flint showed excellent play, and before their opponents were well set they drew firt blood. Llandudno were equal to the OCC"810n, and directly afterwards Path equalised. Tne visitors were again suec-icsful in placing the ball into the net, and won a good game by two goals to one. Flint on Saturday journeyed ova to Holywell to play their return league match. Flint started, and even play ensued,and at the callcf bill-time Holy- well were leading by one goal to nil. To-day (Saturday) the Bangor team will journey to Brymbo to play their tie in the fou,tt, round of the Welsh Senior Cap, and the lollowing have been selected to represent the home team Goal, W. Arridge; backs, k, Lewis and W. Williams; halves, Backland, Sam Roberts, and W. H. Jones forwsrds, Newman, T. Thomas, Stewart, W. A. Hughes, and R. Owen. Ruthin are to be down at Bangor to-day to play their league matcb, and as the first contingent of Bangor will be at Brymbo the Juniors will have to try conclusions with the visiting team. Juniors: Goal, Phil. Jones; backs, Joe Roberts and W. Davies halves, G. Harrison, Llew. D. Jones, and E. W. Elias forwards, Sheeran, R1. Williams, D. R. Williams, Robt. Williams, alld T. C. Lewis. NORTH WALES COAST LEKGUE. BKSCLTS UP TO DATB, Matches. Goals. p W L n F A Pts Flint 6 4 1 I 34 3 9 Rbyl. 6 4 1 1 21 13 9 Bangor 4 1 0 3.. 8 6..5 Llandudno 5 2 2 1 13 12 5 Holywell 6..1 5 0.. 3 29 2 Ruthin 3..0 3 0.. 3 18.. 0 N.B.—"Onlooker" will be most pleased to receive from local secretaries results of matches.—Address "On- looker," North Wales Chronicle Office, Bangor,

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