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FOOTBALL NOTES. [BY ONLOOKER.]. The Bangor Juniors had the Oonnah's Quay eleven on Saturday week as visitors in the second round of the Welsh Junior Cup. Both elevens were on the ground at the time announced for the proceedings to commence, but Mr Berry, of Khyl, failed to put in an appearance until half-an-hour later. The same gentleman has been Jate on three different occasions when due at Bangor in the ourient 1 season ana it is mgn time that occurrences 01 I this nature should be brought forward before the Association. On being asked the reason of the delay Mr Berry replied he had missed the train and could not possibly come any sooner. It is a surprising thing that Mr Berry should lose the train every time he has to be refereeing at Baagor. There waa a tremendous crowd anxiously awaiting the game to start,and the difference in the appearance of both eleven was freely discussed by the spectators. The visit- ing team was much heavier than their oppon- ents, and one gentleman remarked that if Connah's Quay possessed such stalwart men in their junior eleven he should very much like to Bee their first contingent. The home team won the toss and defended the town goal. The Quay started and came well up into the home quarters, but Joe Roberts came to the rescue with a huge kick, which was nicely met by T. C. Lewis and some neat and quick passing was seen on the home left. The ball was carried well down and Sheeran shot a trifle wide of the desired mark. The visitors came up once again with a rash,and Joe Roberts again distinguished himself. The play for a considerable time wall in neutral territory and both aides fought hard. An opening at length fell to thehome lot and Sheeran and Dick Williams dribbled clean down the field and the latter with a sweep- ing shot drew first blood for Bangor. This excellent bit of play was loudly applauded and put new life in the game. The Quay centred but failed to make headway. Hart iBon cleared well away, and D. R. Williams sent a beautiful pass to the home left. The ball was well centred by Lewis, and Sheeran with a most judicious shot placed the ball for the second time in the visitors' net. The Quay eleven made desperate efforts to pull up, and a smart run was witnessed on the visitors' left, but Elias proved a stumbling block and sent clear. Richard Williams then took a clean run down, but the visitors' left full averted all danger by sending well up; but the ball was met by Llew. Jones, who crossed to Richard Williams, and amidst great cheering scored the third point for Bangor. Bravo Dick! Lewis and Bob Williams on the left were most conspicu. ous, and their passing was greatly applauded. The Quay were constantly pressed in their own quarters, arid the Juniors had very narrow shaves on several occasions from scoring. No further scoring took place up to half time, when the result stood thus: Bangor Reserves three goals, Connah's Quay nil. At this stage of the proceedings the Juniors rushed off the ground to the CaU to partake of a hot cup of coffee; a similar refresher was supplied to the visitors. D. R. Williams soon set the ball rolling, and the home forwards made a clean sweep up to their opponents' goal. The ball, however, was well cleared by the centre- half, but Will. Davies returned with a beautiful shot. Down it came from caI again, a-d sttrl\:d the centre ïnll\f::i:ntu:sî The former,however, got the best of matters, and with 'a splendid drooping shot scored the fourth goal for the invincible Juniors. The play now became very fast, and Lewis and Williams on the right again displayed home grand com- bination. The visiting forwards broke well away, but W. Davies checked them well and sent over to Robert Williams, who ran well up and centered to Sheeran,and with a terrific shot Sheeran added the final point of the game. Hands fell to the lot of the home team in mid- field. Llew took the shot and crossed to the right, but nothing resulted. After the game had been in progress for only 15 minutes in the second half the visiting team left the f round in order to catch an early train home. he Juniors were only just getting into heat. and I am positive if full time had been played the score would not have been far short of that against Mold Red Stars. Final result: Bangor Reserves, 5 goals Connah's Quay, nil. I understand a protest was lodged against the mitch owing to the late arrival of the referee. If the protest is sustained the tie will have to be replayed at liangor. The visitors could have gone home with a liter train had they chosen, but I have been informed that they had to return by the 4-25, in order to be home in time to record their votes. Fine Juniors ain't they P Really there is a grand junior eleven in Bangor, aod it would take a very good team in their own class to beat them, home or away. Look at Phil Jones. He is us; safe as a bouae in goal, and again Joe Roberts beats any back I have seen in a junior team. His shots are strong and well direoted. Will Davies is also a good fellow on the left. The trio of halves (Elias, Llew Jones, and Harrison) all play a remarkably good game. The forwards without an exception play a dash- ing game, especially Lewis and Bob Williams. They pass well, and are not selfish, which is a great thing. D. R. Williams feeds his forwards exceedingly well, and Sheeran again when any- where near is most dangerous. He scored some beauties on Saturday. We all know what Richard Williams is. He is a brick, and sticks to his post like grim death. The visiting team, as I have stated before was a much heavier elevon,and it was really thought at the commencement of the tie that Bangor would suffer a crushing defeat, but such a thing was not to be. The Juniors fairly outplayed their opponents and they were glad to leave the ground after a quarter of an hour's play in the second half, as they saw what the Juniors were up to. Bravo Juniors. If you play np to yonr present form, the cup is yours. Some say that yon are no good away from home, but you show that you can play equally as well away as at home when an opportunity arises. The Bangor first team had no fixture on Saturday week, and the players witnessed the game, and it is to be hoped that their forwards have gained a few points in combination. Rhyl journeyed to Carnarvon on Saturday week to play the Ironopolis team. There was a splendid gate, and the visitors were fully repre- sented, but Carnarvon were minus their captain. The homesters won the toss and kept pressing np to half time when the result stood in their favour by three goals to none. The Carnarvon team still held the upper hand in the second half, and scored an equal number of goals, whilst the visitors only managed to beat the Carnarvon custodian on one occasion. The game therefore resulted in a victory for the Ironopolis team by six goals to one. Flint tried conclusions with the Mold eleven at Mold on Saturday week. The turf was in bad condition; Flint had out their best eleven, Mol. on the other hand were strongly represented. The visitors showed exceedingly good form, and when the whistle blew for time they claimed a victory of three goals to nil. Flint Swifts went over to Llandudno on Saturday week last to play their tie with the Llasdudno Reserves in the second round of the Welsh Junior Cup. Both sides showed excel- lent play, and at the call of half time no score- ing had taken place. In the second half the Llanijadnck Reserves showed mcoh batier form, and from a neat pass from Tnrner, Allman placed the ball into the net, amidst great cheer. ing. Even play ensued np to the end of the game, and the Llandudno Beaerves earned a hard fought tie by one goal to nil. The match played at Rhyl on Saturday week between the home Reserves and Denbigh Athletic ended in favour of the Rhyl Reserves by seven goals to none. There was a very interesting game at Ffridd- oedd on Saturday week between the University College eleven and the Bangor Druid Rovers. The teams were evenly balanced, and a most pleasant game ended in a draw of two goals each. There has been a lot of talk lately about the cup match which is to be replayed between the Swifts and Bangor at Llandudno, on Saturday next. I understand Bangor have made a few changes in their eleven, and a keen tie is antiei- pated. Owing to the inclemency of the weather on Saturday the match between Bangor and Car- narvon Ironopolis had to be postponed. Beaumaris played their return match with the BangorReserves on Saturday. Both elevens played an awful game, and the final stood as follows: Reserves, four goals; Beaumaris, one goal. Flint journeyed over to Rhyl on Saturday to play off their tie in the Soames Charity Cup. There was a perfeot gale of wind, and good footballing was out of the question. Rhyl scored two goals in the first half, Isaac Wil. liams obtaining both points. The final score was:-Flint, three goals; Rhyl, two. A protest was lodged against Flint for playing an ineligi- ble man. The protest lodged by the Connah's Quay ?.. 1 11 eleven against the match played witn tneoan gor Juniors in the second round of the Welsh Junior Cup has been sustained, and the tie is to be replayed at Bangor to-day (Saturday). The protest lodged against the Swifts Reserves by the Flint Reserves has also been sustained, and the tie has to be replayed at Llandudno. The following is the draw for the third round of the Welsh Junior Cup Llandudno Swifts Reservers or Flint T. Bangor Reserve or Connah s Quay; Caergwrle Wanderers v. Coppenhall Reserve Welshpool United v. Wrockwardine Wood Reserve; Adwy Institute v. Brymbo Institute Reserve. Shrewsbury Reserve a bye. The ties have to be played off on or before Janu- ary 5th. On Christmas Day Mr Stringer, of Bangor, held a junior and senior football competition in ( a field in Upper Bangor. Several teams had entered for both competitions, and the play in some of the matches was most amusing. Friars School team won the junior competition and were awarded a silver cup and eleven silver i medals, and Dean-street were successful in the senior competition and they were also awarded a silver cup and eleven silver medals. Professor Phillips, of the University College, kindly dis- tributed the prizes. The fourth annual football competition was held under the auspices of the Bangor Football Club on Boxing Day, when prizes to the value of 220 were offered. Nine teams had entered under the following names: BangorWorkmen, Corinth- ¡ ians, Colwyn Bay, Mountain Rangers, Penmaen Swifts, Bangor North End, Glanadda Celts, I Crewe Alexandra, and Mountain Athletic. The weather throughoct the day was something shocking, and the turf was in an awful condi- tion. Notwithstanding there was a good crowd present at the opening stages, and by the after- noon there was a splendid attendance. The competition commenced at 9.30, and the first tie was between the Bangor Workmen and Colwyn Bay. The latter played a sterling game and Idefeated their opponents to the tune of two goals and two corners to niL Next came the Moun- tain Rangers and Corinthians. The Corinthians, who were composed of the players of the Bangor team, fairly outplayed the Bangers and won by six goals to nil. The tie between Penmaen Swifts and Bangor North End ended in favour of the Bangor team by four goals and three corners to nil. A keen tie was witnessed between Crewe and the Glanadda Celts, and the Crewe eleven only just managed to pull through with only a goal to their credit. Mountain Athletic was a bye in the first round. The following are the results of the ties in the second round:— Corinthians two goals, Colwyn Bay nil; Hangor North End six goals and one corner, Mountain Athletic nil; Crewe a bye. Third round:- Crewe two corners, Corinthians nil. This was an exceedingly rough game, and the referee had to order a player from both elevens off the ground for dirty play. Bangor North End a bye. Thefinaltiewasbe. tween Crewe eleven and that of the Bangor North End (Bangor J uniors). There was a very fast and exciting game, and there was very little to choose between both teams. TheJuniors were all playing a splendid game, but unfortu- nately they lost by three goals to one. The following gentlemen acted as referees, and gave entire satisfaction: Messrs Alex Hughes, S. Willmann, R. B. Watson,and W. Price Smith. Crewe were awarded the gold medals, and Ban- gor North End the travelling bags. The com- petition was a great success both financially and otherwise, and the committee are to be compli- mented for the way in which the competition was carried out. Everything went off first class with the exception of some disturbances amongst I the excited spectators, which is nothing unusual in competitions. Queensferry journeyed to Carnarvon on Mon- day to play a friendly match with the Iron. opolis eleven. The ground was in a frightful condition, owing to the continuous downpour of rain, but taking everything into consideration there was a fair gate. Both elevens were fully repreaented; and excellent play was witnessed. Carnarvon were on several occasions very dangerous, but Queensferry had a smart young man between the sticks. From a throw in J. R. Jones got possession, and made a clever shot over his heart and scored a beauty for the Ironopolis, and the game at the call of half-time was in favour of the Nops by one goal to nil. The visitors showed much better play in the second half, and even play ensued. Carnarvon, however, did the trick onoo a gain, an Ii before the end of the game Queensferry mastered the home oustodiim. Final result: Carnarvon Ironopolis 2 goals, Queensferry 1 goal. On Christmas Day tbe Ironopolis team tried conclusions with the CarnarvonUnited, amongst whom was a number of old stagers. The game was very one-sided, but the scoring was not heavy, the result being: Carnarvon 3 goals. United 1 goal. Llandudno Swifts tried their luck with the Tranmere Rovers on Boxing Day on the ground of the latter, in the presence of a large number of adectaton. The Swtfts were fully repre- sented, but the Rovers lacked the services of seven of their first team. The opening stages were greatly in favour of the Rovers, but no scoring took place in the initial half. On resu- ming Bevan started for Llandudno, but the Rovers immediately assumed an aggressive attitude, and soon afterwards Bob Hughes, of the Swifts, was injured and retired from the game, thus leaving the Swifts with only ten men. The Rovers still attacked with great determination, and the final result was: Tran- mere Rovers 1 goal, Llandudno Swifts nil. The attraction at Carnarvon on Boxing Day was the annual competition for senior and junior players, but owing to the terrible state of the weather, the attendance was rather weak. In the juniors competition there were eleven entries, bat St. Asaph failed to put in an appearance. In the first round, Pwllheli defeated Madoc Rangers, Penygroes defeated Denbigh. Llanrwst defeated Carnarvon Rovers, and the Bangor Druids defeated the Ironopolis, Penrhyn Ogwen Rovers being a bye. Two other rounds followed, to complete the competition and the following met in a final. BangorDroids and the Carnarvon Rangers. The latter had best of matters and won an exceedingly good game by three goals to nil, and were therefore awarded the first medals, and Druids the second. In the senior competition Ooppennau opposed Llanrwst in the first round and secured three goals to nil, while in the same round Ironopolis had to remain a bre owing to the absence of the Corinthians. The final tie played between Coppenhall and the Ironopolis was most exciting, and sach was the evenness of the play that the teams consented to put in extra time three times. When the game closed neither eleven had scored, but by reason of the corner kicks obtained by the Ironopolis the home team were declared the winners. The Rhyl team played against the Wavertree eleven at the Summer Gardens on Boxing Day before a large crowd. The game was well con- tested, and Rhyl up to half-time was leading by 3 goals to 2. On changing over Rhyl pressed heavily, and won a splendid game by 5 goals to 2. The following will represent Bangor against the Swifts at Llandudno to-day (Saturday) in the 3rd round (re-played tie) of the Welsh I Senior Cup Goal, W. Arridge backs, Arthur Lewis and W. Williams halves, W. H. Jones, T. Buckland, Sam Roberts forwards, J. Roberts. R. Owen. J. O. Jones, W. A. Hughes and Newman. Bangor Resere v. Connah s Quay I Welsh Junior Cup 2nd round (replayed tie). The following will represent the Bangor Reserves :-Goal, Phillip Jones backs. Joe, Roberts and Will Davies; halves, E. W. Elias, Llew O. Jones, Gron. Harrison; forwards, Richard Williams, G. Sheeran, D. R. Williams, Robert Williams, and T. C. Lewis. The kick off will be 2.15 p.m. I have been informed this morning (Friday) that Connah's Quay do not intend coming over to Bangor, and consequently the Bangor Reserve will havea walk over to the third round in the Welsh Junior Cup Competition.



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