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Football Notes and Gossip; (By "OLD FOOTBAULIB. "] In my last notes I stated that the fixture between the Bangorians and the eleven of the C. and C. A. Voluutetrs would be an exciting one, and would alao draw a rood gate. I shall cot say anything about the attendance, but for the playing, I sever saw anything to equal it. Borne of the players of the V olunteer, from what I bear, bad not played a game of football for soma time, but there were someoocstact players amongtt ibem, but their playing was something .ti- ful. Bangor in tte first half scored no less than nine floalp. Such a gcal-kt eper as the Volunteers had in tbe first half is very rarely met with, and I am confident that if any of the English League teama only knew of him JE5 a week would be nothing for them to give such a player. I really believe that he ooold not possibly stop a pig in an entry, it would most certainly escape between his lellP. Such was the oase on Saturday. Every goal that was soored against him were neatly put in between his legs. It was really charming. All jokes aside, the goal-keeper referred to rarely enters the football field, let alone play, Stanley, who played back for the Volunteers, went between the uprights in the e oond half. Seemingly, be was disgueted with the previous goal- keeper, and thought that matters would look better if be acted as custodian. He did play a trifle better, but at the same time the Bangor- ians piled on the agony and added balf- a-dozen more points, thus making a total of fifteen goals. Tbe only player worthy of mention in the Volunteers was KobertB, who played on the ontside left. He played a stirring game, but had no partner to support him. 8heeran did not play np to his usual mark. The halves again were completely out of it, especially the oentre, who was constantly kicking the air instead of the ball. Try and Improve Griffith. The Bangor eleven had an eaey time of it. If tbey could only arrange a match a little oftener with the Volunteers it wonld prove very beneficial to them as regards goal average. The" asainsts previous to this match exceeded the" tort," but the fors after this encounter is now a trifle more than the againtt." I was glad to see Arridge taking an active part in the game on Saturday. Although having suffered terribly from influenza be played a grand defensive game. William Henry, who has also been a victim to tho same complaint, was up to date." Allman and Buckland seem to be changing their positions often. If I had my will, I would most certainly play Buckland at centra forward and leave Allman at centre half. Bnckland with a liitle practice would make a clinking centre. He has a fine shot, and perhaps be will carry out into effect my humble suggestion. Tbe Juniors on Saturdav played the University College Reserve team, at Ffriddoedd. Both eleven were strongly represented and a keen contest wall the result, but takibg the game all tbrongh tbe Juniors had the best of the game which resulted to follows: Juniors fonr goalf,, College Reserves two goals. To-day (Saturday), the Bangor eleven will pay Rhyl a visit, this being a league fixture. The Ban- eorianseo far have only played twoleagne matches, in eaob cafe resulting in a draw. On the other band the remaining league olnba have played more games than the Bangorians, and naturally Bangor is very low down on the lift. Whoever has tbe team in hand, I hope that no effort will be spared to get up a good eleven. Try end gain some points for good- ness' sake. The Juniors will be peida visit by the town eleven of Conway, to-day (Saturday). I have not bad the pleasure of seeing the Conwayites play, but a rumour is current that it is a rather strong party. If such be the case I hope the Juniors will be equal to the situation. The Llandndno Swifts, on Saturday, found their equals in the Flint team, This was a league match, and two players were absent from the Swifts. The mlsinlllinks being Arnold Jones and Nicholson. The visiting team wait fully repre- sented. It was a keen contett, and the game resulted in a draw, no goals being soored. From reports tbe "Clarets had by far the best of the game, and the credit is due to Danger Hill" that the Swifts' came off with a clean sheet. I was sorry to see, by Rambler's notes, that Arnold Jones has met with an accident, hut I think that be has evidently been rambling from the point in stating that Arnold Jonep is a gentlemanly player. If he had added the prefix 11 un," I would most certainly allree with him on the point. I know what Arnold is, Mr Rambler. The football competition is drawing nigh at Ban- gor. From what I can ascertain, there has up to the present date several teams entered- Hundreds are daily having a peep at the prizes, which are exhibited at the establishment of Messrs W. and S. Arridge, Albion Buildings. The medals are really grand, and the bags are excel ent second prizes. such prizes, I shonld think, onght to eeoare a. IFeat number of entries. Stringer's competition on the 30th will undoubt- edly be a succesa. I have seen the medals, and personally I think they are too good for boys under 17, but Stringer is such a kind-hearted fellow, you know. Last year's competition was for boys under 14, this year it is for boys under 17. Under the eircumstances more clubs ought to enter. Yon have my good wishes Mr Stringer. Friars School team on Saturday tried oonolu- sions with the Beaumaris Grammar School (Past and Present). The game proved very 112 reht* z] Friars having the best of the game in the nMt hall aJld scored two goalp. Resuming the Beaumaris eleven bad the best of matters, and kept pressing most vigorously, but were only able to put the leather between the uprights once. Thus the game ended in a victory for the Friars team by two goals to one. WlLeH JUNIOR Cup.-Several ties were played off on Saturday. The game with the Mold Red Stars and the Rhos teim ended in favour of the former by three coals to one. and the tie between the Raabon Rangers and Brymbo Institute Reserve ended in favour of the latter by one goal to ml. Queens Ferry bad an easy time of it against the Flint Swifts. It was a one-sided game, and re- sulted in an easy viotory for the Fetryites by seven goals to nil, _==s=s==ss^

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