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AMLWCH. I TS8 CHURCH.—Advent servioea which are fairly attende(I are held in the parish and Port ohurohea. On Friday last the Rev. D. Lloyd Jones, vicar, preached to a full congregation, there being a larize dumber of Dissenters present. CHI(ISTM.te.-The abops are prettily dres3ad, and everything bespeaks Christmas coming, but the weather is disastrous-we are flooded everywhere. Father Christmas is so much an indoor guest, so fond of feasting and fun. and distributing presents that we can welcome him warmly despite wiDtlliud rain. Chrietmas with all its iiejoicings brings also madness, for it is a time that the raoie thoughtful of na feel keenly the bitter remembrance of those who ODoe shared our Christmas festivities. We wish all, young and old, thorough enjoyment, pleasure, and happiness, and that we may oommemcrate the greatest day our world ever knew, as beooming THE POST-OFFICE.—After much oonjectare and discussion as to the merits and demerits of the various candidates for the appointment of sub- postmaster here, the lot has fallen npon Mr Owen Dew, who many will remember as the first station- master at Amlwch in the days of the Anglesey Central Railway, and who in that and in Bobscquent cffices has always proved himself to be a moatreliable and worthy man,suitable and competent for the post he has just attained. The premises opposite the Castle Hotel, where the duties will be cummenosd on Monday Lext, are central and roomy. While we rinfl in the new we regret the old. Public feel- ing has been strong in favour and in the hope that Mr Wiilitm Jones would continue in office; sterling, cpright, and important we frit our business secure and fcacred in his keeping, and we are very sorry to wish him gocd-bye as a postmaster, who has faithfully served a fickle public and a strict Govern- ment for over twelve yeare. Prior to Mr William Jones Mr David Jones, the printer, was postmaster, he having succeeded Miss Judd, who retired after having, iti connection with her late father, Mr Samuel Judd, bad the post-office here 38 years. It waa then within a few yards of the premises now selected. TOE AMLWCH HOME ARM AND INDGSTMES ASSOCIA- TION.—Through the interest and instrumentality of several ladies of the town, a Beries of cirving classes have been b. Id here and many young people and adults have embraced the privilege and made great progress in the ait. It has been decided that the wood-carving done by the members of the classes should be exhibited next Easter. Also that for the sake of cncouiagiug industry Kvd talent the advantage should ba giveu to the children attend- ing the elementary schools and older people within ten miles of Amlwch, to exhibit their work in various branches, namely, j different kinds of 6ewing, knitting, housework, writing, drawing, painting, models of ships and machinery, rope. leather or iron work, and matters in connection with agriculture, shipping, etc., for which prizes of moderate value, from a guinea downwards, will be given. The prizss for wood carving and cooking will he decided by the associa- tion. It is also suggested to aid a loan exhibition of articles, illu>trating the natural resources, trades and industries of tha district, together with the works of art, curiosities and obj ;cts of interest generally. Mrs J. W. Paynter, junr.. 13ryntirion, and Mrs Matthews, N. and F. Bank, are the bon. secretaries, and Mrs Fanning Evans, Mona Lodge, and Mrs 0. Eo Jones, Ty'urheol, are the hon. trea- .st-rers. Either of these ladies will be pleaded to receive any suggestion or proposition in connection with the undertaking, and hope to have the sub- etantial aid cf the ladies of the neighbourhood as well as the promise of a prizj and the loan of any objects for displav, whioh would tend to enhance Che value of the exhibition, aud make the same a tuccesi3.