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KAlWAGE OF I PRINCE HENRY OF PLESS AND KISS CORNWALLIS WEST. At Bt. Margaret's Church, Westminster, on Tues. day, was oelebrated, in tbe preaenoe of a crowded and fashionable congregation, the marriage of Prince Hans Heinrtoh of Plese and Miss Cornwallis West. Priuce Heinrioti is the eldest son of his Serene Highness thb Prince t'test. the head of one of the oldest Silesiau families, and tbe bride is the eldest daughter of Colonel Cornwallis West, M.P.. Ijord-lieuteuaut of Denbighshire. As the day of tbe wedding had been fixed by his Royal Highness the PttoM of W&)ee, tnd there was t atroaghke)) hood of eeverhl members of the Royal Family beiLg rooeut at the ceremony, tbe event had exoite(?Mooh interest. In oonscqnenca, long before the hour appointed for the service at St. Margaret's, large crowds had assembled, aud on the opening of the doors both the side aisles were quickly filled, the nave and some seats in the choir being specially reserved for invited visitors. The churob itself w..ø beautifully decorated with plms aud white flowering plants, the char.cel rails being deuk"d with white lilies and ohrysaotbemum*, banked with foliage plants. Half-an-hour before the cere- mony the whole body of the obnrch was filled, with the exception of one or two seats reserved for distinguished friends of the young couple) and the spectacle was one of great bri.liancv. Fending the arrival of the wedding p,.rtv ihe organist, Mr T. G. Baynep, played several volun- taries. Owing to the crowded state of the aisles many of tbe congregation mounted on the s'ats a* the sides, an incident which induced Archdeaoon Farrar to address a few words of admonition. Speaking from the chancel steps he said, t. I do earnestly entreat this large congregation not to enter into conversation, and not to stand upon the seats." The suggestion, however, had but a momentary effect. A few minutes atter two o'clock Prince Henry of Pless arrived with Count Conra,t Hoohberg, his groomsman, and his tall and hand- some figure made him at one conspicuous as he stood in front of the chancel waiting the arrival of the bride. With oommendable punctuality tbe bridal party reached the west door at half-past two, and almost at the sime momsnt the Prince of Wales, attended by General Ellis, as Equerry in Waiting, drove up to the veatry door, and toon his aeat in the front pew, facing the ohanoel, being imme- diately joined by the Duke aad Duchess of Con- naught, attended by Colonel Ejjerton. The Duchess was charmingly attired in dark green, with a reseda mantle of the same bordered with feathers, and with a light blue bonnet, contrasting well with the dress. There were also present the Duke of Teck, M. Waddington, the Turkish Ambassador, the Portuguese Minister, the Prince and PrineeBs of Pless, Countess SJlms, the Marqnis of Headfort, Lady Virginia Bandars, and many other distin. guished members of socitty. Of the family party, Mrs Cornwallis West, was the first to arrive, look- ing oharmingin a pale pink and green shot brooade Sown, with capes edged with Sable, and high pufftd e,. of green velvet. The bridal pai ty was met at the west porch by the Right Rev. the Bishop of 6t. Asaph (A. G. Edwards, D.D.), the Ven. the Archdeaoon of Westminster (Dr. Farrar), the Rev. W. Wilkinson, and by ttie momKoro of b. oboir, aud walked in process:ou to tho chancel raib. the oongregation meanwhile joining in the hymn, The voice that breathed o'er Eden." The bride's wedding-dress was of the purest Empire style, the gown being a fourreau in rich pearl-white eatin edged withaclsud of silk Malines tulle caught with garlands of orange blossoms. This having a low bodioe, had an nn ler-dress of massive silver embroidery in Empire design, giving to the dress a most picturejique appearance. The train, five yards in length, was of beautiful brocade caught to the shoultiers with a large silver oollar, and edged to correspond with the fourreau with tulle and gar- lands of orange blossom in profusion. Giving a quaint and finished appearance to the train was the quilted lining of white eatin-an original idea. Another striking feature of this toilette was the Empire veil of tulle showered with silver apangleB. To finish the picture, the bride wore a crown of diamords, the gift of the bridegroom's father, and necklace, buckles, and aigrette of the same gems. The brocade which formed the train was designed and woven by one of the first houses in Lyons •peoially for the occasion, and was borne by two miniature pages. The boy Master Walter Howard, cousin of the bride, was attired in Empire white satin ooat and breeches with silver buttons and buckles, a waistcoat of silver brocade, and a white cocked hat with plumes. The litMe girl, MIse Gladys Howard, wore a white satin skirt, draped on one eide to display the foot, and caught with a silver girdle. The bridesmaids were Miss West (sister of the bride), Miss Madge Brooke, Lady Mary Sack- ville and Lady Margaret Sackville (oousius of the bride), Lady Margaret Hare, Lady Lettice Gros- venor, the Hon. Catherine Beresford. and Hon. Amalie West. Eaoh of the bridesmaids was dressed in rich white sstin, made in Empire style, the skirts falling straight from the waist with shart train, trimmed with tbreo frills of satin the body full from the neck, with the ribbon tied round a short waist, and finishing in rosette and long ends to the bottom of the skirt, and sleeves having a tiigh short puff on the shoulder, but tight to the wrist, finishing in points over the hand. An Empire cap of white satin, trimmed with seed pearls and silver embroidery, and a plume of white leathers, oompleted the costume. As ornaments each wore an enamelled daisy brooch in a diamond and pearl orown, the gift of the bridegroom. The Bride. The wedding oeremony W88 conducted by the Bishop of St. Asaph, assisted by Archdeaoon Farrar and the Rev. W. Wilkinson. Tbe service was choral. The bride was given away by her father, and after the hymn, "The King of Love my Shepherd is," had been sung, the Bishop pronounced abe Benediction, and the bridal party proceeded to tbe vestry. There they were joined by a number of friends, and the register was signed by the bridegroom and bride, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Connaught, and the Duke of Teok, This done, the organ pealed out Mendelssohn's Wedding Marob, and the party moved in procession through the cbanoel and down the centre aisle to the wet porch, the Prinoe of Wales escorting Mrs Cornwallis West, the Duke of Connaught, the Prinoesa of Plese, the Prince 01 Pless, (be Duobees of Connaught, Colonel Cornwallis West, the Countess Sdms, the Duke of Teck, Lady Virginia Sandars, and the MarqoiB ef Head for, Lady Olivia Fitzpatrick. Arrived at the porcb, which was surrounded by a great gathering of the public anxious to see the bride and bride- groom, the party went off to the town house of Miss Fleetwood Wilson in Portman square, where Colooel Cornwallis West held a reception, the oewly-married oouple leaving later in the day for tbe Riviera for the honeymoon. It is their inten- tion to divide their time between England and Silesia, their visits to this country and, of course, to North Wales, where is the seat of Colonel West, being timed for the hunting seuon- this being a favourite pastime with Prinoe Henry. The travelling dress of the Priuoess Henry of Pless Was of Ruasiaa green velvet, tbe skirt edged with Egyptian embroidery in the most delicate tints interwoven-with gold, bordered on either side with a piping ot otter and buttoned up the front with quaint old enamelled battona. On the bodice wao a plastron of the same Egyptian embroidery, fastened with a band terminating in long tabs of velvet edged with otter. This toilette was completed by a long Louis XVI. coat ef the same velvet, having large revers. collar, and sleeves of the embroidery to correspond with the dress, and also edged with otter. The bridegroom ia the eldest son of the Prince of Pless, whe is the head of one of the oldest and ;icliesr families in Silesia. It was first ennobled in 765O when the tit!e of Baron von Fnratenstein was Conferred. This was followed by that of Graf von Bcchberg ill 1€66, while tht rauk of Prince was added in 1850, by the then King of Prnssia, and the atyla of Durohlajoht (Serene Highness) was con- Cleded inl861. Tbe SehloBs of FateteMtein. the family nest, is a magnificent Renaissance structure, which has been enlarged and superl iy re-deoorated by the proont owner. The gardens are famous, and the park is the most beautiful in Silesis, while the vast picturesque forest whioh surrounds it swarms with &me Pf)BMP?"a??<'?:ay)'a)'tw'Ma at the Court of Berlin, and the Emperor William ba< bceB Mreral times a foest at Furstenstein. The bride is tire eldest dllijfbtfr of Colonel William Cornwallis J7«t» HP., tor (1M West division of Psobighshire, J.P., for Hants and Denbighshire, and Mrs Corn- wwllis West, of Ruthin llastle, Denbighshire, and Nfwianils Manor, Lymington, Hants. I The Bridegroom. Among those present at the reoeption in Port- mau-Bquare were the Prinoe of Wales, with General Ellis in waiting; the Duke and Duchess of Con- naught, attended by Colonel and the Hon. Mrs /Vlfred Eaerton; tbe Duke of Teok, Prinoe and Princess Edward of Saxe-Weimar, Prinoe and Princess of Pless, and Count Conrad Hoohberg the French Ambassador, the Russian Ambassador and Madame de Bta-il, the Tarkih Ambassador, the Hpauish Ambassador, the Netherlands Minister, the Portuguese Minister, the Greek Miuidter, the Danish Minister and Madame da Bille, the Brazilian Minister, Count Metternioh. M. Ribker-Jenisoh, Commander Hasenolever, Count Quadt Wykradt, and Geheimrath Scbmettau, representing ths German Embassy, of whioh the bridegroom is a secretary M. Kroupensky, Count Kiusky, Count Mensdorff, Count, Szdpziry, M. C. d'Orelli, Mr Henry White, comlDlIonderand Mra Emory, Mr R. MoUor. miok, Count and Conntess de Florian, Prince anl Princess Malcolm Khan, Countess Tomialli and Couutess Virginia Lazztn, Count and Countess Solmg, the Marquis of Headfort and Lady Adelaide Taylour aud Miss Wilson-Patten, Earl and Countess Delawarr, the Barl and Countess of Norbury, Lady Evelyn JeLkina and Lady Charlotte Graham-Toler, the Couutess of Miyo and Lady Florence Boarke, the Countess of Listowel, Viscount and Visoountess Cantelupe, Viscountess Coke, Dorothy Visoountess Cantelupe, Lord and Lady Doronaster, Lady Gar- vagb, Lady Randolph Churchill, Lady Deoies, Lord Saokville, Lady Hothfield, Lady Sophia Maonainara, the Bishop of St. Asaph, Baron de Bunsen, Laiy and Miss Calme-Seymour, Hon. Henry Bourke, lion. Mra Sackville West, Hon. Hallyburton and Mrs Campbell and Miss Campbell, Sir Algernon and Lady Borthwiok and Miss Borth- wick, Sir Robert and Lady Cunliffe, Hon. Mr Baok- ville West, General Sir 0. Craufurd Fraser, Sir Theodore and Ltdy Martin, Mr and Lady Virginia Sandars, Mr ard Lady Jane Taylor and Miss Taylor, Mr and Lady Georgian* Peel and Miss Peel, Mr and Hon. Mrs Madooks and Misses Madocks, Colonel and Hon. Mrs Oliphant, Arob- deaoon and Miss Farrar, Mr and Mrs Geo. Drum- mond, Mr and Mrs Moreton Frewein, General Keith Fraser, Mr George Wyndham, Mr William Glllett, Sir Hamilton Ai-16, Mrs Mackay, Mr and Mrs George Forbes and Miss Forbes, Mr Myddelton- Biddalpb, Mrs Pocklington, Mrs Ronalds, and others. The long list of wedding presents, which were laid eut iu the billiard room, and ocoupied all the available spice, includes Their Royal Highnesses the Prinoe and Princess of Wales, pearl r pa necklaje with blue enamel (which was accom- paeied by a cordial autograph letter Irom HisRoyalllighness. Their i o.al Hlg nrss-s the Duke and Duchess of Connaught,) silver and trrtoise shell clock (accompanied by an autograph letter ftom his Royal Highness). IIi; S rene Hiehneai Prince lienry Hans of Pie" sapphire and diamond siiigl-' stone necklace. ùi itnond and turquoise necklac Diamond and paarl tiara. Diamond and sapphire bracelet. Di mond and ruby bar brooch. Diamond and sapphire ditto. Diamond ring. Diamond and ruby ring. Diamond and rubv watch bracelet. Diam nd and pearl peucil bracelet. Six pearl plus. Necklace 01 large single tün diacn nds. Mrs West, pdarl and goldcliain. Brussels lice flowers. Col uiel a,a Mrs W. st, turquoise and diamond titra. The Djwag- r Duchess of liedf rd, two silver-gilt candlesticks. The Cu.-tess of Boctive, three s:iva toppad cut-glass a, hAtl s and powder box. L ri Saikvillt, puridoe and diamond brooch. lady Gana^h, chanel silver box. Lady Oil ia Fitzpatrick, two silver photo fra res. Mr Archibald and Lady Oeorgina Peel, lamp and red-leather bkttiog book. Lady Sophia Macnamara, embroidered sitin bbtting book. The Countess of Listowoi, turquoise and diamond pia. Earl Delawarr, silver sugar basin and opoon. Laiy Cl rke, set of silver tea kDivfS Lord Laoiington, two silver repousse va;es. Lajy Adeline Str.ckUnd, silver dish. Count Strickland, dlver paper-\ni(e. aiy !II ,r¡ Sackville, Prenrh miroor wreathed with ,ioets. CÙUDtSj De La Warr, clock. LtHb Culme Seymour, enibrold red aatin cover. Dcrothy Viicou'ites s Cantelupe, eibar clock. The B»roness Henry de Worms, gold cupping hil'ing wreath of diamond fiow ts. Th, Countess of Derbr, diamond and rod enamel bracelet. The MJqnil of Headfort, diamond and turquoise ehamrock br.cel t. Lady Martin, Shakespeare's femala characters by Helen 'au it. L.F,'dI..itd I.a 1J Wantae..il." gilt ba.igl,,?. Lady Isabel Clayton, open worked silver basket. L.dy Li-C1rd, diamoad and topal bracdet. aJSJ diannnd and ..?!hy.t bracel,t. The if on. Laiy Filmer, table lamp with pink globo. Lrd and Lidy MUOUHSUT, BRIGS pht. made by the Keswick S bool of Art, Cumberland. Sir Arthur and Led) Hayter, antique drinking cup. Lady L)eci?, ?ilv,er pio-cushioa. L?,p?. P,Ue8Jli;iïtr b.,k,t. Lady "?ltna Clement*, silver match box. Lady Borthwick, painted lace far,. Lord and Lady Harlech, silver sc*nt bottle. Mr and Mrs Adeaue, Tennyson's poems, bound in blue and gilt. Miss Ama'ia Goodard, water colour sketch. Mrj Yn Wtirt, set of bilvtr coffee spoon*. Mr an Ilhe HOII. Mis ionel £ ackvUle Wtst, diamond studded hat pin. The Hi n. Amalia Sackville West, ailvershoe pincushion. Mrs Beresford, DresJen figure scent bottle. Miss Pamela Wyndham, antique silver spoon. Miss Fleetwood Witaon, a wat"h brooch set in brillianU. Mr and Mr. J. P. Heg-Itine, silver coffee pot. Mr and M,. P. H. Chambres, pt, of jewelled condlestlcb Major and Mis Charles Ber-uforJ, silver photograph frame. Mr Fred Bertsford, old silver double cup. Miss Gabriel R b rts, silver fla%k scent bottle. Mr liusey Bhedden, ailtz b-ttle. Mis John Lane Shrub, old silver wind mill pepper-pot. Mrs Peacock, cheque. Miss hercSA West, cralad pearl brooch and earrings. M 8 John Brooke, p-arl and clinne heart and chain. Mr and Mrs Sejmour Hughe#, of Kinmel, silver magnifying glass. M r alld Mrs Robert Fitzpatrick, silver box. )1.. Singlcton, brocado photograph frame. MrCailo Hoffmann, manicure box. Colvntl H. Douglas Itooke, gold tipped rising cane. Mis Salusbury Tuelwali. cjrvel ivory Chinese jir. The tenants on the Kewland Manor Estate, and well-wishers at Milfoid-^n-Sca, Hant., three ellv," gilt flower and fruit dess rt baskets. Major and His Blunt, Viennese China vast. Mr n(1 Mrs Muir, old Dresden vase. M? 0uniting Butt >n, g:oup of old Dr"hn fig. is?llr,liug two ?i r? pUtes which bdoDged to the Empress j?p Inc. Mr and Mn Barcley, Brussels lace painted fan. Captain and Mrs Rote, antique s lver Windsor cow. Mrs Ipatber bag. Mr and Mrs David Fuliertou, two George I. silver dessert spoons. The Miss a Fullcrton, brocade photograph screen. Mr Heory Jt-nninsand Colonel Jendn" two GJedrgel. silver dessert spoons. Mrs Rooke, silver button hook. Mrs Mackay, diamond daisy pendatt brooch. Mrs Druiumond, book of poems. Mrs Roberts, Hotel, Cerweo, antique China puzzle jug. Mr Stone, taker pencil C'S.. Captain Frank Ocle, old silver tray. Mrs Pocklioiton, silver tray The Hon. Mrs Mtddocks. bra s inkstani. CJlouel and Mrs Baiton, Indlau table covr. Mr* Albert Nueut. ell Cbint iukstaad. Mrs Trevor Yapp, pearl and diamond brooch and set of pearl pins. Miss 11a Von Kleist, blue enamel and diamond bracelet. Mr Theodore Rottw, hand-painted fan. Mr Willura Endicott, ruby and diamond brooch. Mr Montague Guest, gold safety- pios Mr and Mrs Henry Daniell, cut glass scent bottle.. The Rev. Dr. White, Goldeu Treasury Book of Poems by Patyrove. Mrs Watson, embroiderad fcrap b^ok. Captain Warren Peacock, hunting crop. Mrs Warren Pcacock, umbrella Mr R and t, Hon. Mro Blezard, white feather fin. Miss Lena Ellis, s lver calendar frame. Mr an 4 M rs Beresford, two silver sauce boats. Mr. SUughton, old silver sugar basin. The Hon. ClauJ Viviin, antique silver cream jagand znoetart pot. Mr Skeffinift>n Smytlie, "Id go'd vioaigore\t.e. Mrs Arthur Kenn»rd, photo fumes. Mrs Milep, silver looKiug glass. Mr Blesard, embossed silver looking-glass. Lieute> ant-U>lonel Fitzroy Clayton, two s lver candleatlcke. Miss Goodrich, Chippendale frame for miniature. Mrs Goodrich, old C.dna olock MrRussoll, set of china. Mrs Burton, Filv?r tr. :s1t: Biddulp l,bulli?g watch. Mr r. H. Crozier, coral and pearl brooch. Mrs Stratford Dudga'o, paper "nlfe carvedaad painted. Mrs Adair, old Chelsea enamel inkstand. Mr Blake, ridiug whip The Misses Beresfird, bee and painted bn. Mr E. O. V. Lloyd (High-sheriff of Merionethshire), old chino coffee let. Mrs Lleyd (Berth), ivory ajud silver papar knife. Mrs j A. C. Rickman, box and trained picture of Ruthio Castle- Mr A. George Lysfcer, leather and siver bound blotting book. Mr G. F. Lyster, silver looking glass. Hon. k. Percy \I yndhara, silver Normandy clock. Miss Tcit bOIUe, Miss Nora Tayleur, photo frame. Mrs Naylor Leyl..?i, diamond butt,?fly. N- =10 Roberts, diamond d,.g.. C,A W Coionel Ralph Vivian, writing case. The B. r and M ??'C I let 1, ll pair 1 ,il ?dl??,tickg. Captain and U,?? Elli,, yellow I.,pr. b,,h"t,.d The mftgutrates of Denbighshire, a set 01 richly chased aiiir b.t. "f di, ,,d 'lb, t,do Th..o-eh.ld 8 r,,a.. t R"iTC. Lia?rmon and New- lands Manor, and tlw.e of His Serene Bi hum Prince Henry H_. ,be..Uftl t,?rt?i? h.11 tuig1,t W.r, comb and c jrliug tongs and lamp profusely ornamented with gold,with coronet in red enamel and pearls, and the name 0 Daisy in diamonds. The ladies of DenbigbAbli-?, diamond and turquoise hto-k t,1:eb::h;r:;=otaiib: As A f bracelet. KiN tight, Bible. I M, Oecwe WESt, il,,r-tcppol M?F.8t4bbcrt,gHt?o? Ql,i, I FRbr\ ol'ra ;.)' by Watts. Dr. and Mra Collin., peMfl broocb. MrJo?nE-ans.C?.r-? Mr.iM. Mr K Willhmo, Oø"ff, .,t silver gilt frili baskets. Captain FOKter, oM øDn" box. Mrs MJntenore, oH hiin(?d Pinel ruby brooch. ii? Hon. Walter Vi.ian, t.,ti ..hdl silver gilt brushes and oval tray, .Ittl,7gyt??., Ki?.?l, .;¡.e..ilt I,th,. brush. Mr Lloy-.i, ?ortliya ghool, silver to.iSV fork. I Mr John tViili*ma, *'°?' ?'?' RaaboD, silver paper knife. Very hand?me set of silver, & from the Llanumcn WD" tr > Tenants, tradesmen and well-wishers of Ruthio, six maosire silver gilt candleflLÎckst suitably enRrav8(1 also an illtiminv, td adc!ref»s with artistic border, painted by Mr F. Walmsley, to be presented shortly. i M I" Robert ion, 27, Clwyd-street, Ruthio, three dees rt knives. M r Morant, silver scent bottles in satis





















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