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I Football.

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Football. J TO SECRETARIES OF FOOTBALL CLUBS. I BecrtUirte* of FNt6a.U .,u vitk retulU of eArir motefcet in*erttd it) hV;r 001" .ld"'MØdrd: tame ØI toon a» pottiblo øfUr tMI are ptaftd* Stria eompU411C8 vUlt tA" rule necwary 1-1 avoid rUNppoinlnMnI. rtI to k wrUtetJ (U brief ell poWU. FOOTBALL NOTES AND NEWS. [BY REFEBBI.] The game of football has this season become more popular in the eastern portion of North Wales than ever. Such clubs as Wrexham, Chirk, Shrewsbury. Oswestry, &c., have perpetually been encountering agaiust foes worthy of their steel, and ecarcely a week has elapsed without the printer's ink has been brought inro requisition to chronicle the reports of the said contetts. Indeed, blank spaces are almost invisible on their fixture cards. I ?a .,?ot possibly include the name of the Bangor team amongst the above. :Ïe:mth:t= I m?y rare at B?ngor?te)y. and the few teams that hv. contested against them were of unequal calibre to the cup-holders. It was thought at the outset of the season that the Bangor Football Club would trade on the reputation they to deservedly earned, and that capital fixtures would be compiled bnt those persons who ventured to make snch favourable predictions have been doomed to disappoint- ment. "Why." they queried, can't fixtures be made with such clubs as Northwich, Crewe, Wrexham. Chirk, Newton Heatb, and Bootle P'1 In my opinion there's nothing to mar snch matches being airanged. Welsh cup-holders have often been con- testing against English clubs Chirk, Druids, and Wrexhaui have appeared frequently on English soil when they had the coveted trophy in their possession. It is even stated that challenges from well-known teams have been received by the Bangor Football Club. Why haven't they been accepted P A matter which seems somewhat trivial, but is really worthy of consideration, i. the equipment of the Pangor team. An almost unanimous feeling prevails amongst the cup-holders with regard to the ebangeoftliegudv- looking jerseys (red and blue stripes) which have in some cases (ione duty for an innumerable number of years. If the Bangorians wish to make progress with the times, alteration of the old red and blue is certainij indispensable, I understand that light blue was the colour of the Welsh eleven that playedStaffordshire,and the three Bangor representatives that took part in the combat were each presented with a jersey. Light blue or a similar shade would look very becoming to the Bangor tMm. I can't help thinking th&t this allusion to the attires may meet with a favourable response from one of the numerous gentlemen who have the interests of the Ban- gor Football Club at heart. In other towns presenta- Igi. ef this kind are common. However, it is to be hoped that the cup-bolders will be donned in pleasant- looking attires in the penultimate tie,-their appear- ance. of course, in that tie being almost a certainty; but it would not be far short of s scandal if they were permitted to defray the expenses incurred for jerseys out of their own pockets. Who'll come forward To-day (Saturday) is the last available day for the playing of the third round in the Wales and Border Counties Challenge Cup Competition. In Division III. Chirk have already disposed of their antagonists (Rhos- tylleul,and thcfollowing encounters remain to be played to-day Division I.—Bangor v. Portmadoe, at Bangor Division II.-Newtown v. Shrewsbury, at Newtown Division IV.-Wrexham v. Hartford and Davenham United, at Wrexham. The matches in Divisions II and IV. promise to be close and exciting but, with the advantage of playing on their own ground, Newtown and Wrexham ought to carry the palm. An unconcerned feeling prevails in local circles res- pecting the visit of Poittnadoc. If the Portmadoe eleven will effectually overthrow the Bangorians to-day it will be an unexpected and surprising feat. The Portmadoe men remark that they will give the cup- holders more than they have baigained for. Look out, Bangor! I regret. to announce that four of tho Bangor Cup Team will be unable to participate ia the match against Portmadoe to-day Messrs S. Willmann. J. S. Jones, and R. O. Roberts being ill; whilst A. E. Vincent is a* ay from home. The Cup-holders will, therefor, be greatly handicapped, especially in the back division. The return fixture between Shrewsbury Town and Chirk took place on Saturday last at Shrewsbury, before a good "gate." Both teams were minus their usual goalkeeper. Povoy missed the train. and Gillam was hurt while playing for a scratch eleven against Oswestry on Thursday last. The game throughout was very evenly contested, and ended in a win for Chirk by one goal to none. The Shrewsbury men played a much improved game, but, were weak in front ot goal, missing several very easy chances. The play of W. Owen, the Chirk centre, was much admired. J. Joues, for Shrewsbury, played a magnificent back game, kicking and tackling superbly. The match, Hartford and Davenham United v. Chester St. Oswalds, formed one of the combination matches with Hartford and Daveham and Northwich Victoria, so a mixed team played St. Oswald's, though it was in no way a representative one, as Rowbottom and Maddocks were both absentees from the ranks of the Upited and Hunt from St. Oswald's The ground was in bad condition, but a good game was witnessed, considering each side played ten men. The United, however, held the upper hand throughout, and at the call of Time" ran out winners by five goals to none. Those old opponents, Chester and Wrexham, met at Chester before a fairly good number of spectators. The home team were unfortunate in having Roberts and Caily on the injured list, but good substitutes were found The Cestrians kicked off, and Wrexham for the first fifteen minutes had the b,?t of the game, but shot ver y badly. After this the home team, warming to hh :;r8hd ::e of their old form, :ti:faff time led by three gonli to none. Resuming, the Wrexham team were fairly outwitted by the clever tactics of their opponents, and retired beatea bV seven goals to none. For Chester, Dixon, in goal, had nothing to do, the backs playing grandly. The greatest treat to the Chester supporters was the return to form of tho forwards, who combined beautifully, and the creditable iesult ought to inspire them to a con- tinued union, and must be very g atifying after their poor form of the past few matches. For Wrexham, Fred Evans was without doubt their best man, the weak spot of the team being the very poor shooting of their oxwards, who were dreadful in front of goal. Another Welsh acquisition to the ranks of the Crewe Alexandra is Dr. A. O. Davies, a player who has on many occasions taken part in International contests with Wales. He will play in nearly all their remaining Alliance and other matches, and will also assist the Switts in the English Cup ties. With the welcome assistance of Dr Davies Crewe Alexandra played a grand game against Small Heath on Saturday, on the latter's ground, in the Alliance Com- petition. and fully deserved their victory of twe goals to none. The Small Heath team included two reserves, but the railway men, judging by their foim, must have won under any conditions. As the matches in the League tournament are drawing to a olose, the interest in the competition grows more intense. Speculations respecting who will be at the top of the poll are rife, Kvertoa being favoured mostly in the prognostications. Looking at the fixtures still remaining for settlement, it is hard to understand how Everton can fail to finish at the head. Blackburn Rovers have to play their last five away from Blackburn, whilst be Everonians have two of their five down for Anfield-road. Two of the NorthEnd four matches are also away, so it is evident that the advantage cer- tainly lies with Evet ton. Aston Villa were easily defeated by Everton on Satur- day. the score being Everton, 7 Aston Villa. nil. he Birmingham eleven liave protested on account of the wretched state of the ground, which caused one of their best players, Archie Hunter to have an epileptic fit. There has been verv little alteration in the positions of the League clubs, for, with their clever victory over Wolverhampton Wanderers, North End still head the list, a point dividing thpm from Everton. and Blackburn Bevera being the same distance behind the Liverpool club. Accrington have mede wonderful strides, Ld are now sixth on the list, and Aston Villa appears al likely as not to be in the la-t four, for Notts, with four matches iu hand, are only three points behind. ft_ f!.? W. LM J?t ,¡, Pti. P,.O.o North End 18 ..K |6 11" .7 ..It J 5 | 5e 2 £ ,.I.kb- 17 11 J ? ? ? ll'b I- W is J H tl D.rby County .16.. 8 5 S 34 40 ..1 Acorludou '8 7 4 41 39 ..18 W.& B.i,h A .11 t 7 2 »8 41 lb Aston Villa. » « •• » •• ■ ?» ■•«••}« ?& J -:7:: -?; BottM Wanderer* i« J  Sloka le 2 12 2 Is M 6 Inn. 0 •• <»

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