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I FOOTBALL NOTES. I [BY REFEREE.] Though the weather on Saturday was adverse to out- door operations, yet the fixtures in the first round of the Wales and Border Couaties Challenge Cjp Compe- tition were played. Favourable weather at football matches is not always indi.penset?le; and, in some instances, I find the matches proceeded with, and the enthusiasm of the football crowd unabated notwitb- standing how Jupiter Pluviusacts. Contrary to precedents, the contests were all decided on Saturday. and the victories in almost every case were decisive; Of course, in local football circles the interest in the Wehh Cup Competition was almost exclusively cen- tered in their favourites, the Bangor eleven, who were again unforiunate in having to piny on their opponents' ground (Rhyl). As was stated in this column last week, the cup- lioldtrs were much hand capped on Saturday, they not having had the opportunity of practising together previous to the cup tie. This and the fact nppertainiug to the Bangorian- being minus the services of three of the last season's team, had obviously reached the ears of the Rhylites, for some of them were coo fl. dent of success. A few of our local enthusiasts have been expounding their opinions to the same effect, that the Bs tigor F C. could not get along in the compe'ition without the services of the three who have retired but I am of opinion that they will now acquiesce with a Rhyl scribe, who admits that he had under-rated the team, and that they may yet prove dangerous rivals for possession of the Weis Cup. It must have been especially gratifying to Bangorians to find that their representatives were again on the winning aide, having emerged from the conflict with a majority of two goals. It was'a v. rd? 'table feat on their part to effect thL? ovle; o7 t?i:irpponeuts, ;I:L wWeht have heard so much lately in the columns of our contem- poraries. I have previously had occasiou to call attention to the brag and bluster of a Rhyl correspondent regarding the playing of the Rhylites. Mr Editor, if you will allow predictions on my part in this column, I will venture to say that we'll have no more of It The train containing the cup-holderj "od their sup- porters having arrived late at Rhyl, a start was not effected until 3.20. J. L. Morgan, the Rhyl captain, having won the toss, decided to play in the first half with the incline and wind in hii favour. Morgan, the Rhyl centre, sent the ball rolling, and it wasat once percsJlable that the cupholders' playing was far from being creditable, and at,no stage in the first half did their play approach the scientific. Uuder the circumstances nothiue different was ex- pected. The Rhjrlites were successful in scoriug four goals in the first portion of the game, whilst the Ban- gorians were only able to record one, and one was disallowed. The Bangor eleven expressed disapproba- tion at the decision of the referee in allowing two of the goals for Rhyl. Elated by their 6uccess in the first half the Rhylites were naturally jubilant, but their gleefulness was but for a short duration, as in the second half the Bangor- ians showed some determination in their play, and gave their opponents more than they had bargained for. It was in the latter part that they exhibited the skill and dash which characterised their playing last season. The combination of the forward element ww superb the half backs feeding them finely, and the backs aud custodian were playing in such a way that it seemed impo?sible to overcome their stu '17 and resolute defence. Six times did the ball elude Glass, the Rhyl goal- keeper, but one wa3 disallowed. The forwards were almost continuously bombarding the Rhyl citadel, and when the whistle sounded the completion of hostilities the Bangorians had won their first fight by six goals to four. Whon all did so well-from S. Willman to J. O. Jones -it would be invidious to administer individual praise. Suffice it to say that the winning points were gained by the brothers ..foneRI-th junior scoring thra ."? the senior two, whilst D. Lewis registered the othel goal. Rhyl was best represented by their captain (J. L. Mor- gan) and Charlie Jones, left wing, and who also scored the goals !or their team. The Rhyl eleven were as fol- lows :—Goal, W, Glass; backs, J. Kilshaw and J. Ll. R berts; half-backs, W. Vanghan, A. J. Jones, and W. Hughes; forwards, Tom Vaughan, J. Davies, J. Lewis Moigan (captain), W. Williams, and Charlie Jones. Um- pire, Mr J. D. Whitley. Ompire for Bingor, Mr J. Roberts The conduct of the Bangor" gods" at football matches is not al that could be desired, but they have never degraded themselves by throwing missiles, &c, at the victorious eleven. Yet, this was the case on Saturday at Rhyl, the conduct of some of the spectators being very unseemly. Whilst the Bangorians were adding to their list of goals a number of persons seemed to be allaying their angry feelings by making the Bangor custodian their target. If the Rhylites can't honourably submit to their superiors, it's high time they should cease to paiticipate in this popu- lar pastime. As the victorious team were donning their "civilian'' attire, after the completion of the game, a Rhyl player entered the room, and without uttering a syllab'e, kicked Richie Jones in the leg. Happily, no serious injury was inflicted. He deserves to be prosecuted, bat I understand R. Jones does not desire to take stringent measures against him. Curiously enough, Bangor is the on:s club in the first round that has beat their opponents away from home. Rhyl ought to consider themselves fortunate in having to play on their own ground. If they had to play their tie at Bangor, they would, no doubt, have to go through the same ordeal as they went throngh on a former occasiou. The victory the Bangorians achieved ought to inspire them to gain further honours, but strict attention to practice is absolutely necessarv to maintain their reputa- tion as the Welsh Premier mub." Gloddaeth Rovers and St Asnph met on the ground of the former on Saturday in the same competition. The game proved to be very rough aid one-sided, and finally ended in a win for Llandudno by 11 ols to Another club hailing trim the sime city encountered Colwyn Bay, and faied quite as bad as the other eleven. :I :l;r 10 i:,8ât:a:;eeY: There were only two matches in Divibion II, viz., New- town v. Jiuilth and Aberdare v. Shrewsbury. The first- named contest was played at Newtown in stormy weather on Saturday. No goals were scored during tho first p&rt. On crossing ever the visitors pressed, but were unable to score. Within a few minutes to the call of time New- town scored tho winning point amidst much excitemen&. It may have been consoling to the SI, Asaph players to find that Aberdare wi ru defeated by Shrewsbury in a more decisive manner than they were. The Shrewsbuiy meii were far too clever fnr Aberdare, tho former piling up the grand score 01 15 goals to nil. In Division IIL there were four fixture. In this division, Rhodjllen Victoria and Vale of Llangolleu met on the ground of the former, and resulted in a victory for Rhostyllen by eight goals to t "0, The match between Rhos and Overton ae played at Rhos. Some exciting play wag witnessed, but the game was very orderly. Result: Overton, 2; Rhcs, 1. The game Druids v. Wynnstay was rongh,and untilllfter half-time was played in a downpour of rain. Result Druids, i: Wynnstay. 0. A rough and exciting game was played by Oswestry and Chirk, two teams that have been respectively holders of the Welsh Cup. Chirk showed some skill in their passing, and had the best of the game. Neither side .cored until within a quarter of an hour before the whittle sounded, when C'emenson put the "globe" between the posts for Cbirk. In Division IV., in whith there were three competitions. Nautwioh Wmtched in favour o! Wrexham. The game between Over Wanderers and Westminster waa playea on the ground of the former, and ended in a win for the home teem by 4 goals -o 3. The losers have made a protest on account of ths grom d. IU the match between Northwieh Victoria and Daven. ham United, reserve players only of both teams took part in the contest. Playing ui an even character was wit- nessed, but finally resulted u Lavenham winning by two goals to one. As the result of the above matches the following will enter the football arena in the second round ;— DhUiua 1, f;i,iùI¡ 11. Diiilion 111. hM,n IV Bangor Newtown Rhostyllen WrexhtLm Llandudno. Shrewsbury.. Overton Over Colwynl'ay. Druids Davciiham Portmadoc chirk Crewe The following appears in a c0ntemporary,but;:o whom t refer I am at a loss to understand —« Football is in certain parts of Denbighshire attaining an extraordinary state of affairs, in fact its followers must consider it not as a sport, but as bullyiag. Two well-known teams, hailing from the same quaint little village,plaved off tbeir Welsh Cup tie on Satarday. Previous to the match, it was well-known that their friendly relations were nny. thing but sweet, A referee was required, and, as far as we are able to say, the match came oil without one." In the leaguejchampionship the poaitiou. of the dubs remain unaltered, with the exception of Wolverhampton Wanderers, who have now gained tho same number of points as the Evertoniaos. Appended are the positions up to last Saturday Evertm I'laptU Weii  Orii fQr 7,; pf. Everton 8 4 2 2 ID 15 .,10 W 'Ivtrhampton W? 8 4 2 2 '7 12 0, Pr.t.. North .;lId. K 4 J 0 2a 9 8 ??to. 'Viil 7 3 2 2 21 19 8 D"by County 7 i 2 )3.. ie.. a i:bnue: ¡ i 10 Notu Ceunty 7 S 3 1 .7 12 7 W?t Bmmwich Albion 6 3 3 0.. 9 Accrlugton 6 1 2 3 12 18 6 Stoke 1 3 2 « 18 4 Burnley 7. 0 4 3 10 19 8 Bolton Wanderers 6 1 4 3 17 2 Shrewsbuiy have been ordered to play >'antwich &gain in the Enlish Cup CompetItion without the ineligib.e men that played on the first occation. They are, however, sanguine th« t they wi.l be the winners. A nother qualifying competition in colnection with the Eniíu\uai:cpt;n(t;)t:n (b:ic round. I notice that in Division VIII. \he following clabs will compete :-Northwich Victoria v. Wrexham, D ven- ham United Crewe Alexandra. CheJter v. Burslem Port Vale, and Chester St, Oswalds v. Shrewsbury or Naniwich. ° <w& ar

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