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LOCAL AND DISTRICT NEWS. THE London Bachelor or Science examination begins at the University College of North Wales on Monday nest. BAsonR CATHEDRAL. Sunday, 11.30 a.m.: Preacher, the Lord Bishop. Four p.m. Preacher, Rev. T. Williams, M.A., canon in residence. FATAl. ACCIDENT.—On Tuesday afternoon last Owen Jones was killed at Talysarn Slate Quarry, a lart;e pi oe of rock falling upon kim. MR J. Baxi KoBitftTS, M.P., on Thursday night addressed a pablio meeting at the i'anybont School, Carnarvon. Wis regret to learn that Mr T. Hathaway, C.E., of Bryndbinio, Upper Bangor, is still in a precari- ous condition of health, alld that but faint hopes are eutertained of his recovery. WELII TERRIERS.—We see that Mr W. A, Dew's Bangor Boy" won first prize and medal, and that Ma j or Savage's J?k Bach won fourth I e r: :evp?sp:'Ih:o' Ma;of:: IN AID OF A GOOD CAOSK.—To-morrow (Sunday) the Lord Bishop of Bangor will preach at the Cathedral for the benefit of the Carnarvonshire and Anglesey Infirmary. THE REPRESENTATION OF THE CARNARVON BOROUOHS. -It is stated by a Liverpool Liberal paper that the Conway Branch of the Carnarvonshire Liberal Association has adopted Nlr Lloyd George as the candidate to be nominated at the coming meeting of delegates, at which the final choice of a candidate will he made. PROPERTY SALE.—On lhursday last Mr John Pritchard held a successful sale at the Bull Hotel, Llangefni, of the property known as Simdda Wen," Llanfeohell. The bidding oommenced at £1000; and after a keen competition the property was secured by Mr Humphreys, of Rbosygaer, Gaerwen, for £2500, Messrs Peace and Ellis, Wigati, and Mr J. H. Meek, Baugor, acted as solicitors for the vendors. THE WIIONG WAY TO RODEN.—The Bangor magi- strates, on Tuesday last, lined Louis Bernard, a Frenchman, 2s 6d and costs for being drunk and disorderly, and begging in the public streets on the previou8 night. Defendant admitted the offenoe, and said tbat he was anxious to proceed to Dublin in order to obtain money from his brother, with which to enable him to proceed to Rouen, his native town. ALLEOED COERCION By CARNARVONSHIRE CALVINISIIC METHODISTS.—The 'iwalia says: "A bookseller ia Carnarvonshire has just been received to ttie Calvin- sric society, one of the conditions of membership im- posed upon him by the minister being that he should cea-e to distribute the (lIcalia, the 1.1<111, and the Liverpoul Cou ier, and limit his news- vending connection and energy to thrl Nationalist press," THE WELSH SERVICHS AT BANOOR CATHEDRAL.—The National Church says :—Baugor Cathedral at the Welsh service is a remarkable eiht. With every scat oooupied, and every man, w?. and child apparently ioiDin with heart and voice in p,.y.r and prai?e, a casual English visitor cannot but be stirred by what he hears and sees. No amount of singing seems to tire a Welshman or Welhwoman. After four services, in all of which 80mo at least of the choir had a-isisted.the practice for tne following Suudny was taken with a sense of hearty enjoyment and a zeal most refreshing to witness. HANGOR SCHOOL BOARD.—On Monday evening Mr John Price preside 1 over the monthly meeting of the Bangor School Board, when triore were present: Messrs Donald Cameron (vice-chairman), Griffith Roberts, and Mr Gray (olerk). -On the motion of Mr Cameron, seconded by Mr Roberts, M. H. Ains- cough's indentures were signed and sealed hy the Board. -The School-at tendance Officer ( Mr W. C. Jones) reported that the attendance had not been very satisfactory during the previous month. The number on the books were 989, .1 the avera g e attendance 1036-8, as against 1927 and 1317-9 during the corresponding period of hst year He said, in accordance with the instructions of the Board, he had taken a cen«usof the children resid- ing in the district, and he found the total, including Otauadda district, Westend, Penyehwintan, and Taicoed, were 614 and the total number attending the various schools was 335, leaving 279 who did n,)t attend school at all.—It was decided to open tho new school at Glanadda on the 22nd instant.—Ori the proposition of Mr Griffith Roberts. Mary Jones, pupil teaoher, W8N transferred from Glanadda Schools to St. Paul's Scho .ls.-Tlm clerk was in- structed to write to the Education Department ask- ing for permission for the children who now attend St. Paul's mixed and infant schools to be trans- ferred to the Glanadda new school. A WELSH CLHROVSIAN IN AMERICA.—From the Dtcatur Newt of September 7th, we clip tfce follow- ingRev J; C..1ohues, the young English clergy- roan who ht»s recently become a permanent citizen of this city, has already impressed birrself most favourably upon the community aB a sociable gen- tlemao and a gifted preaoh»r. Mr Johues is x. native of Conway, North Wales. On August the 12th he was ordained to the ministry in Mobile by Biahcp R. H. Wilmer, of the diooee8',j AI.haru8, and by 1 dm appointed to the parishes of Trinity, Athens, and Scottsboro. He has preached two sermons in Decatur, wonderful sermons, too, for one of his age and experience in the ministry-in fact, they would h.,? be. Credit to .1d?,t aud b.:h:e:o,Ib:aËpa g::ho e)I ¡ dne not belong to the stiff kill glove aristocracy "oJ often found in clerical robes and 80 often tn the way of ministerial nsefnln8ss His diguity is of a flexible character and adapts itself to surroundings He knows how to sit oil the cnshion Rda and engage the edacated and affluent, and he is not ashamed to tarry on the curbstone and talk to the mendicant; if necessary to the upbuilding of the chnroh and the accommodation of th^ae who seek his oonncal.be will "perob upou a dry goods box and thump it with that part in which Achilles was vulnerable. Mr Johnes is not stuck up," and for that reason every- body likes him. BANOOR ADJILIAUY CP THE BRITISH AND F.rssioN RUSLK SOCIETY.—There was a large attendance at the aunual meeting of the Baugor Auxiliary of the Kritish and Foreign Bible Society, whioh was held at the Penrhyn Hall on Meuday evening. The Rev, Johll ISvaiis (Eglwv,bRchl presided, fwd ,unmH,.t tboeepreseut were :—Mr T !Lewis. M P Rev. W. I)token* Lewis, D.D., the Rev, Daniel Rowlands, M,A., Rev. J,1hn Williams (Tabernacle), the Kev, M O. Bvaas, Alderman Edw'd Jones, Me H )It, Mr John ?,ice, Mr David Williams, and others.— From the report of the secretary ph Henrv Le?il.?l it apneared 1!.t there was a balance of £ 36 9< 2 l? and the collections during the year had amounted ta L88 6, 41, whilst the sum rcceiuod for bo ,k Hold" was E22 8s Td bringing the totaj receipts lip to L:147 4, Id. "(;1 8, 7d had been paid to the Parent S^ci*ty, aud £45 10s in re-peotof b¥ok4 ,,«wived. Afterpaving other expenses, they fl)unt! tbat they h,d a balnre m baud of £33 84 9d. -On H\.0 motion of Mr T. Lewis, M.P., seconded ov the Rev. Daniel R()w!a.u1., the report was udopted The &ev, John Williams moved" That this meeting re^ /ioes in the continued prosperity of the Bible Soeiety. an d ptsdges itself to support its operations an estend itii influence."—The resolution WHS seconded by the Rv, Dickens Lewis,who spake at so-ne len ?th.- -Vr Holt proposed, and the Ret. If. O. Ei'aus seconded, vote of thanks to the president, secretary, trt,amorers, nollootor-, and o(,smittee.- ()fj the mcition of Mr John Price, seconded by the Rev. Dr. Dickens Lewis, the same oompljmspt was bestowed tipan the chairman. COUBSINO.—Bangor Coursing Meeting will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 20th and 21st of November. Mr Hedley will act as judge. IN our account of the harvest festival in St Mary's Church last week, we omitted to mention that the pulpit was most tastefully decorated by Miss Swaiuaon, Gordon-terrace, Garth, Bangor. SCHOLASTIC.—Mr R. Hughes, late pupil of Bot- twnog Grammar School, was last week eleoted to an exhibition at the North Wales University, Ban- gor. J. G. Owen, from the same school, has also obtained a scholarship at Christ College, Brecon. CLERICAL PREFERMENT.—The Rev John Wolsey Unwiu, B.A., rector of Frankby, Birkenhead, has been appointed rector of Overton, Flintshire, in the place of the Rev G. J. Howson, now vicar of Crewe. The value of the living is £600 a year, and the Duke of Westminster is the patron. GLANADDA BOUD SCHOOL.—This sohool, which has been erected by Mr Evan Williams, contractor, Garth, will be opened on Monday, the 22nd inst. We understand that Miss S. Williams, of Wednee- bury, Stafford, has been appointed head-teacher of the school, Go AND SEE Williams' Grand Show of Furs Williams' Dress Goods 1 Williams' Mantles Williams' Jackets Williams' Corsets Williams' Umbrellas! Williams' Mackintoshes I Williams' for all goods cheap I Mauohester House, Bangor. advt AT the Bangor Petty Sessions Tuesday, before Mr Pierce and Mr Pughe, the following persons were fiued for having been drunk and disorderly;- Samuel Lewis, 5s. and 8s, oosts Jeremiah Griffith, 5s. and 8s. costs Margaret Ellis, 2s. 6d. and 9s. CJ> Riohl\rd Williams, 5s. and 7s. costs; John «ioueii, ia*ur"r, kyis'a v ArLe J0- i a • •• SUSPICIOUS DEATH OF A GAMEKEEPER AT WREXHAM. —An inquest was held near Wrexbam.on Monday, on the body of William Dodd, a gamekeeper in the employ of Captain Ormrod, of Penylan, whose body had been found in the Dee under somewhat suspicious oircumstanoes. There was a wound on deoeased's head and bloodstains on his coat which a medical man stated could not bave oome there unless the deceased was standing at the time he received the injury to his head. An open verdict was returned, CONCERT AT YSPYTTY IFAN On Friday evening a concert was held in the Schoolroom of the above place for the benefit of the day sohool. The chair was taken by Mr Jeremiah JODSS, Pennant. The following took part in the singing Miss 11:; Jones, Pandy; Miss R. Madocks and J. Jenkins, Llau- rwst; D. Pryce Davies, Peumactlno; W. Jenkins, and E. Lloyd, Pentrevoelas; and they were all acoompanied on the pianoforte by Mr D. Parry, organist, Llanrwst. It is pleasing to say that this conoert was highly successful, the music being especially well-rendered and thoroughly appreciated by a very good audience. GALLANT RESCUE.—On Saturday morning a man 47 years of age, named Marshall, a house and estate agent, living with his wife and family at 128, Queen's Itoad, Brighton, while suffering it is said from an attaok of delirium tremens threw him- self into the sea from the deck of the sieamer loaic," bound for New Zealand, while the vessel was lying in Plymouth Sound. Mr E. R. McKinstry, R.N.R., thAseoond officer of *he Ionic," immediately jumped into the water after him, aud in spite of the man's resistanoe succeeded in saving his life. Mr McKinstry was loudly cheered for his gallant act. We take the above par- ticulars from the Times of Monday. Mr E. R. McKinstry i. the youngest son of the late Colonel McKinstry, of Summer Hill, Upper Bangor. LLANBEBR CHURCH, RUTHIN.—A beautiful stained glass window has been reoentlv inserted in the nave of his church by Miss Bell as a memorial to her sister, the late Mrs Bauon, of Clwyd Hall. The window has been executed by Messrs Shorgley and Hunt, of London and Lancaster, and the work- manship is excellent as to both colour and design. In the centre is a figure representing Faitp, with a scroll above on whioh are the words, II She is not dead but sleepeth." and underneath is an inscrip- tion as to the object of the erection of the window. Though Mrs Baoon had ceased to reside in the parish, she oontiuued to attend the servioeB of this church, and to take a warm interest in and to sup- port Church work conneoted with it in various forms. SAD DEATH OF A BANGOR MAN IN AUSTRALIA. On June 8th Mr Griffith Parry, Bon of Mrs Parry, King's Head Inn, Bingor, who emigrated to Australia some 5J years ago, met his death in a most distressing way. Whilst journeying from Sydney to Carcoar on his horse, which is about three miles from the former plaoe, he was suddenly precipitated to the ground, and severely injured. He was conveyed to the Carcoar Hospital, where it was found that the poor fellow, in addition to the injuries he sustained, was suffering from ooncus- sion oC the brain,to which ho succumbed a few days afterwards. The sad event was communicated to his family in Bangor by the secretary of the ho.spi tal. Deceased had been, for many years prevIOus to his departure for Australia, employed in B--g-: as a plumber. General synapathy is shown towards the family of the deoeased in this neighbourhood, of whioli he was a native. ST. DAVID'S COLLEOE, LAMPETER.—Scholarships and Extiibitio?L3, Septeriber,1888. -The Pri noi pal baB issued the following list :-William Williams (Blaen- pennal), £50, senior scholarship for classics L. J. Roberts (Aberayrou), £30. Traherne, for modern history: R. E. Owen (Aberystwith), 00. Butler, for olassics (I.Grace (Thwaite Suffolk), £30, Butler, for ohemistry and physics; A. Illiugworth (Soar- borouh),£30,Butler,formodern history; James-Tones (Llanllwnil, £25, Phillips, for classics; A. T. Hum- phreys (Swansta), £25, Salisbury, for mathematics D. F. Allen (Neath),R25, Vvan Jones,for theology; J. J. Jones (Llywel), £24, Phillips, for classics; D. O. Marsden (Lampeter S.D.C. School), £24, Phillips, for modern history; G. J. Jones (Tregartb. Bangor), £24, Phillips, for theology; G. Mathews (Neath), £20, Eldon and Martha More, for theology and Hebrew; E. Williams (Mardy), private study, £20, Simonburu, for ohemistry and physics; W. A. Morris (Silian), .£17. Wauuifor and College, for theology and Hebrew; Evan Thomas (Llanllwni), £15, Eldon, for Welsh; Joshua Davies (Llanllwni), £10, Eldon, for Welsh; John Evans (Abergwili), £12. for theology; D. W. Thomas (Aberdarej, Hi0h School, Oswestry, and University College of Wales. £12. for modern history and literature F. R. Williams (Llajelly), Llandovery Sohool, E10. Derry, for classics John Davies (Llangeudeirne), Carmarthen Grammar School, tg 9. 61, Ruford, for general subjects; J. C. Jones (Pon triivd fendilzaid), ;C5, for general sub- jects; W. T. Davies (Carmarthen), Ruthin Sohonl, £5, for general subjects: W. J. Evans (Glandovey), Ystradmeurig School. £5. for general snbjects; T. Richards (Aberystwith), Aberystwith Grammar School, £5, for general subjects; commended, F. D. Pieroe ALLEGED POACHINO ON THE PENRHYN ESTATE.—AT the Bangor Sessions on Tuesday, before Mr Charles Pieroe and Mr William Pughe, John Ellis. hawker, Kyffin Square, was summoned by Mr William Thompson, head-keeper to the Right Hon. Lord Peurhyn,for trespassing in pursuit of game.— Mr Thornton Jones defended Ellis. who is about 25 years of age, and has been convicted of poach. ing nn no too. than ten d16.inClt occRi.lns.-S>\muel pryke, game watoher. sii 1 that on the 6th inst. he was in the parish of Aber, and when close to the Railway Bridge at Talybunt he saw the defendant ill an enolosed oover. He WitS throwing stones at pheasants, many of which he disturbed. Subse- quently Ellis was BPcllrel bv his father (Robert Pryke) and William .Tarvis.—Robert Pryke. assist- ant game-keeper, said upon examining the pockets of the defendant he fonn,1 f2,e new nets and two stones.—Cross examined: Defendant was accom- panied by his wife. He took them both to the polioe station at Talyhont and ha4 them searched. He ,lid not ill-use either of them.—^William Jarvis said, when he aw defendant, he took holll of his collar and asked him what he was doing in the oover. H" replied. Ot., I was nicking a few res." -P.C. Hughes (30), stationed at Llanfairfeohan, said he apprehended the defendant on the previous afternoon. He was hawking herrinjs and wrapped up in paper, and in the. same basket containing the fish, was a bare. The hare had recently been killel. —Cross-eiaBiined: The hare was not placed under- neath the herrings, and might have been more effeotually oonaealed. —Mr Th1)rnto" Jones, for the defence, said ins could not help feeling that a good deal of prejadice must necessarily have been im- ported into this case bv the introduction of a hltr. The qaestionsforoonsideration .vere: Where wasthis man on the dav in question, and what instruments did be use coining within the section. Thev oonld Dot contend thaf a stone Wie an instrument, and keepiifg within the ex-ft wording of the charge ha submitted that, there was no eatse against the def-ndant. however sus- picious the cirenwst nn-es might bs He strongly commented upon a warrant instead of a summons biing isme!. 11:1 -aid that, bith Ellis aud hi* wife had been harshlv dealt with by Prvke and his assistants.—After a brit-f consultation witii his colleague, the Chairman ssid We have carefnllv onusidered tbili Ctse We h-iv a doubt in our minds that a stow oaii b., considered as coming under laltch a designation as dotr, gun or other engine." and in view of H very reeent deoision which oame under our notice, it bears out what Mr Thorn, ton Jones has R'\id: "d in view of thit we think we would not be just flsf in convicting the accu-ed, Mr Thompson, the presecufor, anm>unetd hiainten- tioo of taking farther prooeedinfiis against the defendant, whioh ths CI,airman said he WAS at liberty to do. MR LASCELLES, of Penmaendyfi, Merionethshire, shot a woodcock at Caecinock, near Maoliynlleth, on September 29th. This is oonaidered very early in the seaaou. THE LATE LORD SACKVILLB.—The fuueral of Lord Sackville took plaoe at Withyham, Sussex, on Friday last. The Queen was specially represented by Earl Waldegravo. A BOAT I CAPSIZED IN COLWYN BAY FIVE LIVES LOST.—Through the capsizing of a boat in Colwyn Bay, on Friday week, five hands of the steamer Tol faen," of Carnarvon, were drowned. The weather at the time was very stormy. The bodies of the men have not yet been recovered. CLERICAL.—The Itev. fhomas Powell Williams, B.A., University College, Durham, late curate of Thornley, has aucepted the curacy of St. Paul's Church, New Swindon. Mr Williams was formerly headmaster of Holywell National Schools. Tus liev K. Herber Evans, D.D., on Thursday commenced his course of lectures to the students of the Ba' gor Congregational College. He chose as his subject, "The preacher's first lesson How to think to as to have something worth saying, and how to say it so as to claioo a hearing." IT is rumoured that the rectory of Llanddyfnan- cum-Llanfairmathafarneithaf, vacant by the death of the Rev. W. Anwyl Roberts, has been accepted by the Rev. E. Sinnett Jones, curate of PoDmaen- mawr. The value of the living, which is in the gift of the Bishop of Bangor, is £2BO ORDINATION.—The Lord -Bishop of Bangor will hold a special ordiuation at the Cathedral to. morrow (Sunday), when Mr John R. Roberts,Merton College, Oxford, will present himself as a candi- date. We understand that Mr Roberts will be %• i i '« curarw of Llanfairfeclian. fUI! Aviuitii Jtv-iic* Charles will take the North aud South VVttit- 'litems. Prisoners only will be tried at these ausizes. Under the new arrangements the business of these assizes will not be begun before the end of November or beginning of December, instead oi the middle of October as hitherto. CHCRCHNKWS.—We understand that a request has been sent from the parishioners of Llaufihaugel-y- Creuddyn to the Rev. R. A. Williams (Berw), curate of Abergynolwyn, desiring him to allow them to petition the Bishop of St. David's to appoint bim as a successor to their late vicar, the Rdv, Benjamin Edwardes. BILLIARD MATCH AT RHYL.—An important and interesting billiard match took place on Thursday last at the Royal Hotel, Rhyl, between Charles Ainacow, champion of North Wales, aud an ama. teur, Ainscow conceding his opponent 400 poiuts start in a game of 1000 up all in, the latter winning easily by 89 pointp. Time occupied, 2h, I 15min. CARNARVONSHIRE AND ANGLESEY bFIRHUU- Weekly report, October 8th, 1888.-In-patients, 12 total number of out-patients admitted since October 25th, 1887, 1252; total number of out patients admitted during the past week, 14; home patients, 21. Visitors for the ensuing week, Mrs J. W. Pughe and Mr H. Lloyd Jones; hon. physician for the ensuing week, Dr. Richards; hou. snrgeon for the ensuing week, Dr. H. R. Hughes.—C. GUET EDWARDS, M. B., house surgeon. MENAI HABITATION OF THE PRIMROSE LEAGUE.—As will seen by our advertising oolumns, a tea party and entertainment will be givenill connection with the Menai Habitation of the Primrose League on the 22od inst, at the Penrhyn Hall The enter- tainment will be followed by a dance. Those who wish to be present at the dance can obtain tickets from Miss Lewis, The Deanery (secretary), and Mrs Douglas, Belmont (warden). 1sT CHESHIRE AND CAHNARVONSHIRB ARTILLERY VOLUNTBERB.—Battery Orders Gun practice at the Point, Beaumaris, at 2 p.m. on Saturday, 20th Ootober. As this will be the only practice during the year, every member i" urgently requested to attend to qualify for efficiency, otherwise he will have to pay the grant lost through his non-attendance. Band to attend. Undress uniform.—By order, 1 n:!Vlt:j,, c::i:ifBg;B;r.t; 10th Ootober, 1888. "JACK THE RIPPER" AT BANOOR.—A correspondent writeB:—A rumour is now current that Jack the Ripper," the notorious London mnrderer, has paid a visit to the invariably quiet neighbourhood of Bangor; and, moreover. it is further asserted that he has actually entered certain mansions in tbis neighbourhood and demanded money. How much truth there is in this rumour I do not kuow, but there is On9 improvement noticeable, and that is, the streets are not as frequently paraded as was the case in the past, and punctuality is more strictly adhered to with regard to servants of both sexes. HIS HONOUR JrDGE HORATIO LLOYD. His Honour Horatio Llovd, Recorder of Chester and Judge of County Courts iu circuit No. 29,whioh embraces the districts of Cheshire and North Wales, and who is also a magistrate for the counties of Chester, Car- narvon and Flint, and deputy chairman of Quarter Sessions for Cheshire, entered upon his 60th year ou Saturday week, the learned gentleman, who is eon of the late Mr Edward Watson Lloyd. Prothonotary and Clerk of the Crown for Cheshire and Flintshire, having been born on September 29th, 1B29.-London Chronicle. A TERRIBLE ACCIDENT.—A fortnight ago, whilst Lawrence Greenland Charles Walling, respectively engine-driver and stoker in the employ of the Lon- don and North Western Railway Company, were proceeding with the eight a.m. train from Leeds to Manchester the cylinder of the engine exploded, and both men were terribly scalded. The driver lived three days, bnt Walling, who was conveyed to the HuduersfMd Infirmary, lived nine days, and died on Saturday last. Walling, who had been in the employ of the company for fourteen years, was a son of Mr Thomas Walling, Glanadda. Bangor. He leaves a widow and seven children. The remains of the deceased were broughi toBangor, and interred on Wednesday last in the Glanadda cemetery, where there was a laree gathering of friends. It is said that, had not Walling been so anxious about his companion's safety at the time of the accident, he might have saved his life; but he brav"lv died in what he considered to be his duty. A HIGH COUIIT OF JUDICATURE F?IR WALES —Mr Morgan Lloyd, Q.O., in an article to appear in the forlhcoming issue of Y Geninm (The ú"k), tbe Welsh national quarterly, sets forth I h. claims of Wales to having a High Court of Judicature. He points out that from the time of Henry VIII. down to the year 1830 there were national high courts for the Principality, possesHing all the powers of the Queen's Bench and Chancery divisions, and two judges, who travelled from county to county to administer justice. It was true that those courts were not perfect and that considerable corruption was perceptible in their administration, but they could easily have been reformed and rendered a great advantage to the country. Instead of being reformed they were, how- ever, swept away, and in their places English oourts were arranged for Wales without any attempt being made to adapt them to the necessities of the people. The tendency of the present day was to establish hih courts in the chief towns of the king'iom and if Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, and Birmingham, obtained those advantages the Welsh people had a right to ask that their ancient high courts should he r"-<tahlished on a reform jd basu adapted to the requirements of the times. Judges should be appointed who had a knowledge of the language of the people, and power should he given to use either the Welsh or English IIID!!U8L:(". hr the barristers and solicitors appearing in the oourts. A JUVRNILE THIEF AT BKTHESDA.— At the Baugor Petty Sessions on Tuesday, before Mr Cbarlea Pieroe and Mr W. Pughe, William Hnghee and Robert Roberts, bove living at Bethesda, were sum- moned for committing petty larceny—Mr R. Gray appeared for Robert Roberts.—Mrs Haryreaves, living at L1anrwsl, aid that on the 18th of Sep- tember. she in company with several others drove from Llanrwst to Bethesda, and upon their arrival put up at the Douglas Arrn4 Hotel. They left their rusts, baskets, cakes and busouiti; in the convey- ance, and were absent about au h,, r and a half. Before starting she dis- covered a scent-bottle and a nnmber of cakes and biscuits missiug from her basket. Shll ps.i,12s 61 for the bottle. Before starting she gave information to the police. u Jobn Owen Jones, eleven yaar. 0f age. Raid he rememherelf William Huhes <howing him aome cakes which he and Robert Roberts had stolen, ile »!«.> showed him a ho'tle eimilr to the one produced. Ho said he hall it from a brake in the Donwlas Arms vard. William Hughes a«ked him to smell the oontenta of the buttle. He was then in oimpanv with Owen Williams. He had some of the bisonits. William Hughes kept the scent hottle.-Owen Williams, nine vesrs of fige,eaid he was near the Dnog'ag Vrms when the br-ike arrived. ,1. W. Jones and E Price WPTP alsithere, W. Hughes had a brittle. He said he had it from Robert R iberts. H (witness) R"1el) in tll" hrnke and had some of theoakes whioh were very nie».—Bvaii PtieA, twelve years of age, siid Wiiliam Hughes told him he had got a scent hot tie, and asked him to any nothing flibont it.—P.S. 4 said thit, on tlw 18th nit., he served a summons "1> William Hnghes. when he made "0 o1..ni.1. Robert Roberta denied evrrvthin. Th" n:ir:U11 8i': there s-med no donbt from the evid. nee that VV lHam Hnghes "tol the bottle. and he wis otWV"MrV for his pawn's at the "'3me time, this sort of thing mo-t he checked and they must direct tlPtt J5 be paid towards the 0->s».s -ri/>r tieirlv the who|-t nrl that the defendant's liVcer he hel l re. p!nn.ihl.. for hi. ?on's appearance to Sims up for judgment when oalled upon.—The castf ftlf&infct Robert Roberts would be dismissed-





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