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MA a AlkSam J GEORGE'S í PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. II MWY gwarthtawr ynt < mt tMtf aur cooth-arbodamnt Hywyd.' t ArwyddionCyffredin Piles a'r Grtt ? POEN yN Y CEFN, Y LLVJ'YNAU A"R COILUODION, OWFII POETM, !!MM!R ATALFAM W BMSREN VN S (SYPFROUS A PHOENUS. GWAEW, Gwyw, cmlr-. Y CYMJ< YN OnMYtBO, KHWYttEao, NWPYa ? TitAUL,, SURNI -YN YR YSTUMOG, DWIJO ANNEOWWWM, 11Iftrft.AD WAlitWAMD A r-HY'"WLY' ;JLMt ANNYOUNOL VN Y OiBNAU. BILIOUSNESS, V &ENDRO, NYCHBOID, WFFYG ANADL. &ii:. I I Georges' F!LE& GRAVEL lllS.. ? t= ? t ? ?t .? il .? !? g 17. B'.MHAvmn?, !? g ? SaMDes, Nj QinNM'aPAjsx ?S t ? ? BSmg? ?ri?? 1013. ??t S a? ?w?SYx,— /i; i.¿'Ih_' I B Ym y dydi?a h??., ?n. y ?? <?.Qw o dys?i??au i. w?ha?i C?Sy?N?aea?? ?D? oddif? cbTiT ?? S <?*. ??wyt???pM?m?,?adM?c?m?!n?M?dMh??n?y t?hmd??? ?????ha?M?m h?n ? ?? ?wir ?&hf?? ? y PIL? ? MAVm.. D? ?? ? y bw?d? y?ri?n? aMi, ?o? h?? E g h.yn. G? em eioh P&L&B? ?e dB? ddag- T?yMdjd a.r bu?m, a <?!mMadwy?us JM? i did'win&u o b?S gan X ??<m?wayehtMii @miiI<M-m?yRefa eyam?ii K?pM?f&M??,ady?d? ymdaMoes? ma we?hwv'n? ? m?hn a rhm i&obad erM@d, pMi Mdidm y cMi b?wi teg MD?t. Yn y?wmMgaI, eredf&f? c;wh?bcdtol ai &)d ? g y f?Mygimi?h ?n ? ? faroh?d h?d?w ? y PIL? ?r GRAVm, J? ? b??f jgS ?' ?'? ?'?? S3 y ?. ? X S ae.'b ch ddøfnyddio'r SlySigBi- ham fsl y n; parod wyf i wymebu unrhyw <m i i worth ma-w g éiolt pelw=. qeg yw i mi dduBY4, mr Y;Sgrmwulir yn hDII01 o hosMtf fy horn, hob fD nghymee mewn ? ? B twilyw SoceM gun B)8b. Ni wp nolh fy mod y;a YW-ciftnu dooh. OyzrkyrfWJd a i YPwriftmu gen 31 Uu Mawr u i t&.JI (liwaru.ad y PiJas ,Jr Gmrv.laddøth o daa fy 80 1w pwsonol dtmoB Hy -RS emf ca y4Upiwoh ty, nyStyr ym wfoah, mm nm gwMl wyf am d&w"d ty, mwbw yn grmno. ffdwxf, Mr awdoch yu ffyddkm, ? S<SILMAM QilYLEII. 5S 9 S !t =")I ?tt?g?ttM?h w'MthCat'Mr &?? rw chseS mme -Trl Rwf. S S?S. l.—SMTge's PB? a?md Gb"a.val PiDa (?b-ei wes). I ?. S.-?OK?'B E?a? ?iBB (iaM ?se). JSJ ?.?-?Shwrga'sPiBs&M' the Pi?Q&Mg'ooh). BwMSMr y MEJUBM Nrdgbdus IRYIN JIll mhb ma3 R sMfw? N?yeh? Is. 3«. a aa. yv tm. Sjyda? p?t <!p- ? i?.'to.t ?.a?. 'g? WCHMWCIA MELYCHWYit, R <S !? I j?B.C?OMB?Mn???d! iS t J. E. George /?.K. f.S.. Hirwamj Aberdare? ? 1 :j;; Patents and all rights reserved in all countries.) Two Tablespoonsful of N.P.S." VINEGAR And Water will ma& a Pint of Beautiful MALTED TINEGAR at a cost of 2d only. It is Silly to pay more. 4 Kinds-(I) Table or Household. (2) Sauce, a Real Good Sauce in itself. (3) Pickling, Ready Spiced. (4) Salad, Sweetened with Saccharin. All Water White, or Pale Straw, Amber, Brown and Dark Colors. For all Purposes, Home, Hotel, Institutional, Manu- iaicturing, Army and Navy, Shipping, Expert, Fryers, Peas, Oysters, etc. All one Price. NO TROUBLE.—Make Vinegar as you want it. Always Fresh. Not a Substitute. Absolutely Pure. Treble Distilled. Malted after Distilation. preserving the Digestive and Nutritious properties of the Malt, which no other Vinegars do. No PreserTatires. Will Keep. Price. per Bcttl.M., lOld., 1/ 1/2. 116, 1/8; 2/ 2/6, 3/4, 4/4 6/8. 13{2¡ 26/- & 511- The larger tke Size the Cheaper. From all Chemiats, Grocers, Oil and Colour Men, etc., or the ?6 aize and up direct, Foat Paid (makes It to 3 gallons). Ask or send for—and see you get it. TRADE DISCOUNT :—For £2 -S5 .Sl$ Y,25 .S50 j&lOO worth. 319 4/- 4/3 4/6 4/9 5/- in the .S. In Bulk Quantities of 2 5 10 25 50 100 gallons (One Gallon makes Trade Prices 24/- 23/6 23/- 22/6 22/- 21/- per gall. 15 to 30 gallons.) Sample Hali-gallon forl3/-deliTered (makes 7i to 15 gallons). All Delivery, Bottles, Casks, Packages, Cases, Insurance, Show and Handbills, Directions Free. No Free Samples. No Delay. Delivered quickest way. Always Cash with M'der. (Deduct 3d. in the 8 :¡TB MerchawLts andAgenta are, allowed a further Discount of 7lIper¡[cent. from all above net Wholesale Prices. Only Ma-kerig in the World:-N.P.S. VINEGAR Co. (R4d.). Li- censed Vinegar Makers, BOSTON, Eng., Bankers N. P. & U. Bank England, Boston (Cross P.O., Cheques, etc*)) Telegrams: "AVIN." Boston. "Sole Wholesale Cash Buying Agents wanted in ta.11 Districts where not represented. Highly Re munerative, other important lines AVUi" J3.QSîQN" I, ?" J Baptismal Trousers and Gowns. SOLD POR UPWARHS OF M YJEARS BAPMMAL TBIDUL9BRS (wilh tihow aBd 8<MpMMtM8 abaehed, omti guam- haed thoroughly waterproof)-.t2 15s. BAPTiaMADGOWNS-jez as. Ofnah maat Moompainy ea.oh Order. Please state WMst Meadurement. vym A Mwe. R. WSntef Jonea Kingeton Vma; Wrexhant. JfNmVFDtMLL GOl111Dunion Caps Write for Liat of Patent "Me&T Owiftm a.ma SampleR on appro., to the Maker,rOWNSHENDS, IM.. BIRMINGHAM O.S.Morgan, L.R.A.M. t"*ANTDDNODDFA,PONTYCY R) Ofgan Rechatist, Beirniad. 878irier,- ? SCHOOL OF MUSIC PttN ? OPPOSITE THE BRITISH MUSEUM. THACMERmV HOTEL Gre&t Russell Street, London W.C.I. NEAR THE BRITISH MUSEUM. KINGSLEY HOTEL H&rt StJeet, Btoo<asbury Sq., I.ondon,W.C.l. These ,en-appeinteán.d commodious TemperanM HBte!s h&ve P&Menger Lifts, Barrooms on every Floor, rlmanses and SBacMrns Bining. Drawing, Waiting. Rg, BiHiard and Smoking Rooms. Scaitatiott, Firetrot Floors, Telephones, Night Pone, OJ(. BREAKrAST. AND ATTEND ANCE. rROM 7s. 6d. PER NIGHT PEB t PERSON raU T&ri& and Testimonials on Application TllIcrll/Tnc A titre.se. Thackeray Hotel-, I Thackeray, Westoent, Londoo." Kingsley Hotel—"Bookcraft, Westoentt London. Toliphows-T. Hotel. Museum 1230/2 lines). 1232.(2 Unea} CUNARD INE, TO UNITED STATES SOUTHAMPTON AND CHERBOURG TO NEW YORK Imperator.Sat. Jan. 10 Mauretania at. Jan 31 SOUTHAM P ON to -NifW < ORK. Royal George.Tut-s. Dec. 30. *Royal George.. Wed. Feb. 4 *Vin Hiaifax LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK. Anglo Ghilean [Freight only) Sat Dec 20 *0armania 'H ed Jan. 7 *Via Halifax. LIVERPOOL TO BOSTON Vaiduia LFreight only]. Sat. J,a. 24 LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA. A Stenmer LONDON TO NEW YORK o t Albany, Freight only Wed Dec. 17 Glensanda [Freight onlyj Sat. Dec. 20 t*Va,iacia (Freight Ouly) Sat Jan 10 *Saxonia Thurs J ",nlS fVia Havre *Via;Halifax 1.JU.NVU.N TO HOSTON Inkula (Freight only).gat. Jan 17 LONDON TO PHILADELPHIA Verbania(Freight only). Sa.t.Dec 27 LONDT iN TO BALTIMORE. Copenhagen, Freight oniy. Sat. Jan 31 BRISTOL TO BALTIMORE Doo nhoJm [Freight only].: Sat. Jan. 24 ? ??f?TO ?ADELPHI?- Doonholm [Freight only] Sat. :!Jan. 24 ? ?TT?AM? NEW?R? -? ?alacia (FreightonIy).Qat Dec 13 ANTWERP TO NEW YORK Navarmo (Freight only) Wed. Dec 31 CUNARD LINE TO CANADA SOUTHAMPTON TO HAIIFAX Roya.1 George..Tues. Dec. 30 Royal George. Wed Fab 4: LIVERROOL TO HALIFAX ? Carmamn Wed Jan 7 LONDON TO HALIFAX tvalacia .(Freight only) Sat. Jan. 19 Saxonia, (Passengers only.ThUTt Jaa tVia Havre. LONDON TO PORTLAND, MB. Willaston[Freight onlvj.Sat. Jan M BRISTOL TO PORTLAND, Ms. All Canadian SajHngs connect with Can. adian National Railways. For Rates of passage and further particu- lars, apply Cnnard'inp Liverpool- 51 g?h opsgatc. London. E.C.&: 29-31, OockaDur Street. London, S.W.I: 65, Baldwin SttSt Bristol; 18a, High Street. CardiS; 117 New Street. Birmingham: Maritime Chambers Southampton; 1 Millbay Road Plymouth- 98, Mosley Street, Manchester; 24, GRarIes Street, Bradford; or to Local Agents.