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I THE CARNARVONSHIRE ELECTION. Sip.In your paper of the 5th inst., there appeared an advertiameut with the names of Messrs Barber and Hughes attached to it, denouncing a handbill which had been printed and circulated just before the polling day for this county, in which the Hon. Mr Pennant was re- presented as having modified his views on the Irish Church question, as an impudent forgery. As the general public might be led to infer from the language of the advertisement that the handbill referred to was prepared and issued by Mr Pennant's political opponents, I at once instituted inquiries on behalf of Mr Jones- Parry, the sitting member, and I ascertained that the handbill in question had been drawn up by one of Mr Pennant's own ageuts, aid had been printed (though the name of the printer was suppressed) by a printer employed on behalf of Mr Pennant, and who voted for him. I therefore wrote to Messrs Barber and Hughes informing them of this, and requesting them as a matter of fair play, to set the public right on the question in your last issue. They have not done so, aud I am therefore reluctantly obliged to ask you to publish this letter, with copies of my letter to Messrs Barber and [I ughes, and of their reply, which I enclose. I will only add that however much the practice of squib-writing may have been abused during the late elections, I cannot believe that it would occur to any respectable supporter of either candidate to forge the name of his political patron or his patron's opponent.— I am, sir, your obedient servant, EDWARD BREESE. Portmadoc, 17 th Dec., 1868. Portmadoc, 5th December, 1868. DEAR SIRS,—I observe in today's North (Fata Chronicle your advertisement respecting a handbill issued in Lleyn which you state is an impudent fernery," I have reason to know and can prove that such handbill was printed by one of the printers employed on behalf of Mr Pennaut, and who voted for him, and that it was so printed under the instructions of one of Mr Pennant's legal agents. Messers Jones and Jones of this place can I believe, inform you who the parties are. As your advertisement would by many be interpreted as inferring that the handbill was issued by Mr Pennant's opponents, I must request that you give me an under- taking that you will in the next number of the Chronicle explain that the haudbill was not issued bytMr Pennant's political opponeuts, but by injudicious supporters, other- wise, I must myself advertise the whole transaction with the names of the parties, which I have no wish to do if Mr Jones-Parry's supporters are set right.—I am, dear sirs, yours faithfully, EDtx. BREESE. Messrs Barber and Hughes. Bangor, 9th December, 1868. DEAR SIB,—We would have answered your letter of the 5th instant earlier, but that we have both been from home, and did not see it until this morning. From information which we received after having de. nounced the handbill on the question of the Irish Church, bearing Major Pennant's name as an impudent forgery," we are disposed to think that such handbill is not the work of Mr Jones-Parry's avowed supporters at the same time we must repeat our denunciation of the handbill as an impudent forgery, published without the sanction or knowledge of Major Pennant, or of his committee, or of any person or persons authorised by him.—We are, dear air, yours faithfully, HARBER AND HUGHES. Edward Breese, Esq., solicitor, Portmadoc.

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