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ST. ASAPH. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The fortnightly meeting of the Guardians of this Union was held on Thursday last, the 17th instant. Present—Captain H. L. Thomas (chairman); Browulow W. Wynne, Esq. Whitehall Dod, Esq., Lhnerch; Thomas Sleight, Esq., Dyserth Thomas Evans, Esq.; MrT. G. Lunt and Mr John Roberta, Denbigh; Rev. Thomas Williams, St. George Mr E. G. Powell Jones, Rbyl; Mr Jos. Lloyd and Mr Hugh Parry, St. Asaph Mr John Roberts, Bodfari; Mr Brown, Tremeirchion Mr Jones, Groes, [leullan Mr T. Davies, Bettws, &c. The master's bouk and the relieving officers' books were passed, also the chaplain's report. The School master's Rel)oi-t.-The schoolmaster and schoolmistress brought the children before the Board as usual, of whom there were a larger number than what they are generally, but they were reported to be all well. The Chairman observed that there were several good boys who were fit for service should they be wanted, and he called the attention of the schoolmaster to a boy who had been taken upon trial to the parish of Tre- meirchion without sufficient clothing, aud was brought back to the house by the guardian of that parish, with only pieces of a shirt on his back, and had been for six weeks or more without a change of a shirt, and it ap- peared that he had been requested when he left, should he want a.change, that he should come to the Work- house to have a change. That was not as it ought to be -the boy might get wet and many things, which might require a change of clothes. The guardians d;d uet wish the boys to go out in such condition, and wished the schoolmaster to see that when boys and girls go out that they were supplied with proper and sufficient clo- thing. The schoolmaster promised to comply, and the matter was dropped. A shoemaker, from Bontnewydd, applied for a boy named Robert Jones as an apprentice. The application was granted. Correspondence.—A letter was read from Mr Doyle, the Poor Law Inspector, informing the guardians that he would visit the Board on the 31st inst., next Board day, or on a day that would suit the guardians, he hav- ing deferred his visit before. The guardians approved of the day before named. Arrears of Calls.-The parishes of Cwm, Denbigh, Llansannan, and St. Asaph, were reported to be in ar- rears upon the last call. The chairman observed that there was nothing to be done, but to proceed against the overseers for payment forthwith-and in this the guar- dians acquiesced. Lists of Paiipers.-It having been ordered at the pre vious Board of Guardians that the lists of persons re- ceiving relief in the various districts of the Union be published without delay-a number of lists for the St. Asaph district, showing the number of residences of paupers, and the amount of relief by each person were produced on the table. The Chairman said that the lists for the other dis- tricts were not yet ready, and it was to be hcped that when the lists should be posted up in the vestry rooms, and upon the church doors, they would be the means of shaming some people to come for relief, as they ap- peared to come at present as if they came for wages which was due to them. He suggested that the amount of relief should be added in the lists for the other districts, it having been omitted in the list before the Board. Tenders for Provisions.-The tenders for provisions for the ensuing quarter, which were accepted, were read, and it appeared that the majority of the articles arc to be supplied by Mr Jones, of Denbigh, Air Roberts, of the same place Mr Griffith, of St. Asaph, Mr Jones of the same place; and Mr Williams, of lthyl. The Oottdoor Relief L;sts.-It was reported tint a pauper in the Denbigh district had died since the pre- vious meeting of the Board, and the relieving officer for the district had taken possession of the few articles in his house, which he sold for, £ l 16s 0,1. The question was referred to the clerk for the law upon it, and it ap- peared that the right course for the officer would have been to take possession of the goods, and report at the next Board meeting of the Guardians for instructions. However, the guardians were not disposed to find fault with the office-r under the circumstances, as the Board often loose what happens to be belonging to paupers by the relations clearing them off before the guardians could proceed. Advance of Dispensary Chai-ges.-It was reported that the dispensary to which the guardians subscribed,advan- ced their charges for the union patients from 4s per week to 6s, while private subscribers' patients were still ad- mitted at the rate of 4s. After a few of the guardians had changed opinions, it appeared that there were regu- lations which restricted that there were limits beyond which no private subscriber should not issue tickets without advance in charge, and the guardians as a body having but one subscription, could not expect to be al- lowed beyond what they were entitled to according to the amount of the subscription. Some of the guardians would in that case suggest that 4s per week be allowed to applicant for admission into the Infirmary, and let them take their chance for admission. Others thought that was not an honourable way of dealing with the question, but there were other members who maintained that it was dealing with the question both honourable and above board, when there were other subscribers to the institutions who had ticketstodiApose of; there was nothing dishonourable in allowiug a person 4s a week for four weeks, and if they could find admittance through other subscribers all very well. The matter was dropped without further discusion of it. The books showed that the collector to the guar- dians had collected since his appointment the sum of X200 2s lid.



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