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T. Richards & COMPANY, BANGOR, r FASHIONABLE MILITARY AND NAVAL TAILORS, CLERICAL PROFESSIONALS, AND CIVIC ROBE MAKERS, LIVERIES, &C. ESTABLISHED TWELVE YEARS. DESPATCH IN EXECUTING ORDERS. 997 J&ale# bn Auction. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. MR JOHN rRITCHARD begs to an- lfl nounce that lie will Sell by Public Auction, without reserve, on the Otli day of January, IS69, the whole of the new and very superior London-made House- holil Furniture and other Effects, at the Rectory, J refnw near llanrwst. Particulars in future advertisements and CdtnlOpUGS* IlftDAWA Plasllwyd Terrace, Bangor. 1600 DWYGYFYLCHI.—TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by T?fR GEORGE FELTON, at the Ers?ino 1'. Arms Hotel, Conway, on Friday, the 22nd day of January 13o!l, at ? o'c?.ek in the aftemoon, (unless pre- vioiuly"disposed by Private Treaty, of which due netico will lie given:) r LOT i.—All that freehold messuage called SYCH. NAXr COTTAGE, with the two fields adjoining, con- tainingin the whole by admeasurement 3 roods and 10 perches or thereabouts, situate in the village of Hwy. gyfylchi, aiid adjoining the old read from Conway to Rmgor. The situation is most healthy and charming, commanding a tine Landscape and sea view, being within a short distance of a splendid bathing ground and the accomodation of the Messuage is sufficicnt for a moderate 8jed familv. ™ LOT 2.—All that Leasehold Water Corn Mill and pre mises commonly called NEW MILL, with the faxed machinery therein, and the cottage and garden called PENTRliKKLlN, and four fields adjoimng, continuing in the whole by admeasurement 3a. 2r. 9p. or thereabouts, now in the occupation of Elizabeth Pntchard, her under- tenants )r asiu. '?i?YotT?d' under a Lease for the term of ?O years, from the 29th dw of December, 1829, subject to the yearly rent of yToT 3-Au th? Freehold Wool Factory with the fixed machinery (if any) therein, containing by admea- surement la. 2r. situate in the parish ..f Dwygyfylchi, and now in the occupation of Mr John J enes. For further particulars or to treat by Private Contract apply to Mr William Jones, Solicitor, Conway; or to the Auctioneer, Mo-tyn Estate Offices, L'andudno. 1628 $u&Uc Xottttfc MONEY TO LEND. P I AAA TO Lend ? Freehold Property, X+lM >U in one or in varieus sums. Apply toMr. S. 0. Williams, S.h?tor, Llandudno 18 MICHAEL KENNEY, Bill Poster and L Ocueml Adverti-i? Agent for N°rth^ ale3' Contracts entered into for P'?"S bills in Great Britain and Ireland All O'ders mtrusted to M. K. from other towns hy Rail 01' Post promptly attended to. P.S.-Ju connection with the United Kingdom Bill P0 Association. Addret-MLCAU.L KE..?-. C.eU.ppa, B.ng.r. 10 AMLWCH PAMSHCHUKCH. T > BUILDERS. THE VICAR, (on behalf of the Building TComiiiittec,,) is desirous of receiving Temlers for c?tain Mason's and other works. The Drawu? and Specifications may be seeu at the Vicarage, Amlwch, on ? ??1 ?'onday. the 21st inst. Tenders Mated and en- dorsed n-?? tbes?tto.heRev. J, Hichards, the Vicarage, Amlwch, on or before Tuesday, the 12th day of Jan?ry 180> The Committee do not biud themselves to accept the lowest or all)' tenÚer. L-1?liDY & O'DONOGHUE Aiv'iitects, Bangor: and Albion Chambers, 11, Adam Street, Adclphi, Londou. Baiigov, December 18th, lSGS. ° ROBINSON, HOME AND EXPORT SLATE MERCHANT. LONDON: 4, COLEMAN STREET, E.C. I MILLWALL DOCKS, AND CORN MARKET I STREET, OXFORD. 1620 TOLLS TO BE LET. I N-qtICK is hureby ?'ven, that the loJlla t\ anoint! 't the Toll Gate upon the Beaumaris and Menai Bri<lo Turupike Road, will be Let by Auction to the )? t) dder at the Williams Bulkeley Arms Hotel, ?th t.'u of Beaumaris, on Thmsel"y. the 24th day of December ?ext. bctw?uthe hou? of Meveu in the ["re. ?'rhrce iu the ..ften?D. in the manner directed ? ?e A t Xd in the 3.d year of the reign of His late ?. e?tv King George the Fourth for regulating lurn- pike Roads," which ToU. pro?cedthc last ye?r the sum ?1?, above the expenses of collecting them, and will be ?tup at that sum to be let for one year, from the first day of ,) au \I"ry uext. ???"t his '?' M?.?-" be required to pro, duce or ?me his sureties, which if not satisfactory, his bidding will uot be taken, and whoever happens to be the best bidder, muscat the some time, give secur ty with sullicient .sureties for the due payment of the Kent by quarterly instalments, or in such other proportions as snail then be ticelitred. .hall theu be FJCHARD WILLIAMS, Clerk to the Trustees. Beaumaris, 20th Nov., 1868. 15ü9 BANGOR AND BEAUMARIS UNION. TEN 1) Ell S FOR PROVISIONS, ltc. i LL twrsons desirous of contracting with Atl, Guar,Uans for the supply of the Bangor and Beaumaris A. ^rrn,teo Months hum thc JOth day 01 December iMMnt, with the following *[tiolM, viz. 1<:st. Qt. Est. Qt. Est. Qt. lb. lb. Bread b(lj Sweet milk Si* Pepper 2 ?'; un Buttermilk 2M> Salt 308 oattueal lb. Qt, lfcefAMutton ISM S.? »;■ P?.OU-  Suet 77 Mustard 3 Ib ?. ? ?? ? ? ?.r- i7 SoftSo?p .o   Ri c 2a stz%r?;h }'638 471 ?. "43 Cwt. Hlack Lead. ?,, 6 Coals 01# Vinegar 8Qts Sugar 266 lb. ?:?: ? Ca?Uc.. ? Andotherarticles consumed in the house I 0yds (!altco, Moleskin Liusey.Strong Lincn^OydsStriped Ijvd%Stril,e(A Flannel, ?"t ''Htk ?i.? ShoM, Cto?. -Mbs Worstod Y.rn Scoun..t; Mamt?.Com? <:?,arert.quMt<.?<end in their Tender, under seal, addressed to me at the Union Houst% t?nxor on or bdoN ? ?, the?Jtht?t ,ia order to be hM before the Guardiaus at the Meeting tu be hcMNt the Board Hoom.onWEuxEsDAY.the 3 ^imulea wHIbe required 01 all those "rCelos of which they may be given, and also securities for the due performance of the Cl\Htraet. Forms ? Tender may be had on application at thb Union Jloiiio, Bangor. TIIONIAI,, 0 Cittk to the (;aHdt&ns. B >ard Koom, Union House, Bangor, 10th December, lStteL

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