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LLANGEFNI. THE RENT AUDIT OF SIR RICHARD B. W. BULKELEY, BART. The above rent audit was held at the Bull Hotel, Llangefni, on Monday and Tuesday, the 7th and 8th instant, when about 170 sat down to a most sumptuous dinner, prepared by Mr and Mrs Crewdson, the worthy host and hostess. Sir Richard himself was unable to be present owing to indisposition, and which was greatly felt by all his tenants, and a gloom was cast over all the pro- ceedings. A. Laurie, Esq., ably presided, supported in the vice- chair by Richard Williams, Esq., Bodafon. The Rev. A. Ellis said grace and returned thanks, and on removal of the cloth, The Chairman said-Gentlemen, I charge you to fill your glasses to a toast that is always drunk first on these occasions, that of our Sovereign Lady Queen Victoria. I have no doubt that we are all loyal subjects. Gentle- men, I give you The Queen. The Chairman—The next toast that follows is The Prince and Princess of Wales and the rest of the Royal Family, and I hope that the magnificent reception given them at Carnarvon,—second to none given them where- ever they go, will be the means of bringing them Boon and often amongst us. The Chairman—The next toast I propose is one that usually follows, namely, The Bishop and Clergy of the Diocese, and Ministers of all Denominations. They have sacred and very responsible duties to per- form, the proper discharge of which ought to command our reverence and respect. With this toast I shall couple the names of the Revs. Mr Ellis and Mr Donne. Rev. A. Ellis in reply, said—Mr Chairman, Vice- chairman, and gentlemen, I beg to thank you most cor- dially for the manner in which you have proposed and drunk our health, though the majority of the gentlemen present differ from me in matters of opinion, but such gatherings as these guarantee that we shall always live in peace and in good feeling towards each other. Rev. J. Donne replied on behalf of the Ministers of all Denominations. The Chairman—Mr Vice and gentlemen-I charge you to fill your glasses to the toast that I am going to propose next, namely, Sir Richard Bulkeley, Baronet. I am confident in saying, that though absent to-day in body, he is present with us in spirit; it is only a few days since he was in hopes of being able to fill this chair I so very unworthily occupy. He always looks forward to the audit at Llangefni as one of the most interesting days of the year, but I am sure you will rejoice with me tJ know that he is getting better. We will drink better health to Sir Richard Bulkeley. Rev. A. Ellis—Mr Chairman, by your permission, I have a toast that I wish to propose, and I am certain that you will receive it most cordially. Mr Chairman and gentlemen, I beg to give you The health of Lady Bulkeley. W. Hughes, Esq.—Mr Chairman, by your permission I beg to propose a toast, namely, Captain and Mrs Bul- keley, and I know that it will be heartily received, after the most enthusiastic manner in which the health of Sir Hichard and his good and generous lady have been drunk; for I am certain, from what I know and hear of Sir Richard's heir apparent, Captain Bulkeley, that he will be as good a landlord as Sir Richard Bulkeley Is, any day. John Edwards, Esq., said-Gentlemen, the Chairman has placed in my hauds a toast, that is the health of Captain T. Bulkeley and Mr C. Bulkeley. I am sorry that the toast has not been placed in better hands; pro- bably the Chairman has placed it in toy hands because I feel some interest in sporting if so, I foul myself moat happy iu proposing their healths, as I know them to be thorough good sportsmen. Gentlemen, I therefore beg to give the good health of Capt. T. Bulkeley and Mr C. Bulkeley. Mr W Hughes—Gentlemen, I have a toast to propose, and I charge you to drink it in a bumper. We all know the benefit of having a good and generous landlord, and unless we get as good and generous an agent the tenants will sure to suffer, and we are favoured with having both, and I am certain that every heart cordially unites with me in wishing Mr Laurie good health. The Chairman, in reply, said-Mr Vice, Mr Hughes and gentlemen, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the happy and unanimous response you have given to this toast. The duties of an agent are onerous, I confess, and to discharge those duties efficiently is no In' I" 1- .J' -j = 1 L easy task out certainly oir uicnara » practical Know- ledge, as an agriculturalist, has been, and still is, of im. mense value to me. It is my most fervent wish to fol- low up that golden rule, to do to other" as you would have others do to you." Before sitting down, I shall give you success to Agriculture and prosperity to Baron Hill Tenantry in Anglesey. I believe Sir Richard has more tenants of wealth, energy, and enterprise than any other landlord in the county. You have had a great deal to contend with during last season, it was so un- usually dry, paralyzirg the cattle trade entirely, which we all depend so much upon nevertheless, you have, as usual, come promptly forward to square accounts, which I now thank you for, and be assured that I only reiterate the sentiment of your worthy landlord, when I wish you all, individually and collectively, long life and prosperity. I shall couple this toast with the name of Mr Williams, vice-chairman. Mr Williams responded, and thanked them for the kind manner in which they had proposed and drunk his health. The Chairman—Gentlemen, the next toast that 1 shall propose is The Town and Trade of Llangefni, coupled with the name of William Hughes, Esq., Bank. Mr William Hughes, in reply said—Mr Chairman and gentlemen, I have resided now for seventeen years in Llangefni, and during that time great improvements have been made. The other day I met with a man that remembered Llangefni with only three houses, and dur- ing the time that I have resided here,' the schools, and nearly all the other large buildings have been erected, and the business of the town has greatly increased. There is no person in Llangefni that has its success at heart more than I have. I long to see the day when we shall have a market hall built. Sir Richard has promised to build one, and I am certain Sir Richard will keep his word. Another thing that I want to have is a powerful fire engine. Mr Owen, Nantnewydd, and my- self have already collected X 120 towards that object. Sir Richard Bulkeley has subscribed C20 Sir R. Grif- fiths, Pencraig, JES Lord Boston, X5 Lady Wiilough. by, 45; and the Hon. W. O. Stanley, X3 and I hope some of the gentlemen present will do the same before they leave. thely 'be Chairman having given The health of Mr and Mrs Crewdson, the worthy host and hostess, and Mr Ciewdson having responded, the company soon after broke up.

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